The New World

by Monsoon117

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Mystery Grimdark LitRPG Magic Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

An AI calling itself Schema has assimilated earth into its system. As a consequence, everyone gained access to status screens, power-ups, and skills. This AI turned these concepts from fiction to fact. It's easy to become intoxicated with leveling up and becoming stronger. To some, it's too good to be true like living out a dream.

For Daniel, however, it's closer to a nightmare.

He's in a bit of a predicament. Cracks in our dimensional fabric have unleashed terrifying beasts from dark, abyssal places. Schema organizes these cracks into dungeons, giving the native species of the planet a chance to fight back. Daniel finds himself trapped in one of these dungeons. Not long after, he discovers there's only one way out.

Kill or be killed.

This is a lit-RPG inspired by the Fallout series of games and the Legend of Randidly Ghosthound. 

Schedule: 15,000 words(50 pages) a week, or five chapters. Working towards a daily schedule though.

I have other fictions! *They're of questionable quality*

Here's Monsters Dwell in Men

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Here's my Youtube Channel as well, Monsoon117 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1 The New World ago
2 One Lone Creature ago
3 Hitting My Stride ago
4 Break Them ago
5 Becoming a Bat Murderer ago
6 Baldag-Ruhl, of Many ago
7 The Sentinel of Monolith ago
8 Living Mana ago
9 Schema ago
10 The Lord of Worms ago
11 Tears in Time ago
12 Forged in Ebon ago
13 Spoils of War ago
14 Deceit ago
15 The Might of Magic ago
16 Torix Worm, of Darkhill ago
17 Eater of Monsters ago
18 Evolution of Armor ago
19 Althea ago
20 Dungeon Delver ago
21 Rise ago
22 Etorhma, Eater of Worlds ago
23 Finding the Formula ago
24 Fighting the Unknown ago
25 Kessiah Crow ago
26 A Boundless Storm ago
27 The Old and the New ago
28 How Far I've Come ago
29 A Pound of Flesh ago
30 Taking Off the Shackles ago
31 Runic Warrior ago
32 Plans May Crumble ago
33 Infestation ago
34 Beneath Your Skin ago
35 Letting Go ago
36 Manifestation ago
37 War of Worlds ago
38 Overseer ago
39 The Steel Legion ago
40 Yawm's Domain ago
41 Closing the Gap ago
The Story So Far: First Edition ago
42 A leap of Faith ago
43 The Rest of Humanity ago
44 The Might of a Follower ago
45 Adaptation ago
46 Fighting Evil ago
47 Gaining Tools ago
48 Unleashed ago
49 Reaping Rewards ago
50 Pieces of the Puzzle ago
51 Monsters of the Deep ago
52 True Intentions ago
53 Making Progress ago
54 How to End a Legend ago
55 The Might of Progress ago
56 Guardians of Yawm ago
57 Mountains of Madness ago
58 What You Believe ago
59 Creation ago
60 Blood Arts ago
61 Final Frontier ago
62 Not Alone ago
63 Makings of a Class ago
64 Final Call to Action ago
65 Preparation ago
66 Teaching the Master ago
67 Those Left ago
68 Tasting Deception ago
69 Chaos ago
70 Order ago
71 Another World ago
72 Last Night ago
73 What Lies Beyond ago
74 Corrupted Ruin ago
75 Who Goes There ago
76 To Make Clean ago
77 Groundwork ago
78 Not As It Seems ago
79 Might ago
80 What Follows ago
81 Rift Keeper ago
82 An Overseer's Insight ago
83 Clash ago
84 Finalizing Details ago
85 Grimoire ago
86 The Final Piece ago
87 Escape ago
88 Hide and Seek ago
89 An Unexpected Trap ago
90 The Coming Tide ago
91 The Final Rift ago
92 Dimensional Cipher ago
93 Hectic ago
94 In the Flesh(Part 1) ago
94 In the Flesh(part 2) ago
95 Atlas Dropped the Sky ago
96 The Dash ago
97 Cataclysm Comes ago
98 To Corrupt ago
99 Wrath of a Lich ago
100 An Unstoppable Force ago
101 Breaking Through ago
102 Respite ago
103 To Plan ago
104 War ago
105 Betrayal ago
106 It Comes ago
107 Ajax Volan ago
108 New Hope ago
109 Calm Before the Storm ago
110 Yawm of Flesh ago
111 An Enigma ago
112 Confrontation ago
113 Fundamentals ago
114 The Distance ago
115 Levelers ago
116 Galactic ago
117 Leverage ago
118 Deep Water ago
119 Watchful Waiting ago
120 Eyes of Old ago
121 What Lies Around Us ago
122 Amara ago
RPG-Analysis: Daniel #2 ago
123 Eyes of Eldritch ago
124 Almost ago
125 Origin ago
126 Honesty ago
127 Duplicity of a King ago
128 Fissures Form ago
129 A Chance ago
130 Hunter of Many ago
131 Weaving Threads ago
132 Expedition ago
133 The Coming Tempest ago
134 Anticipation ago
135 The Coming Tide ago
136 The Sound of Thunder ago
137 They Come at Night ago
138 Prodigy of War ago
139 Turning the Tide ago
140 No Longer Alone ago
141 His Design ago
142 One Against Many ago
143 Free ago
144 Fortress ago
145 Let Loose ago
146 Aligning Time ago
147 Disillusion ago
148 A Calm Killing ago
149 A Gift ago
150 Giess ago
151 Icosah ago
152 To Clear an Infestation ago
153 What Once Was ago
154 The Empire ago
155 Hiding ago
156 Eonoth ago
157 Fluidity ago
158 Getting There ago
159 Surprise ago
160 The Might of a Gialgathen ago
161 A Night To Remember ago
162 Different Stars ago
163 A Dark Plan ago
164 Manipulation ago
165 Skyburner ago
166 Yildraza ago
167 Thisbey Thorn ago
168 Prestige and Prominence ago
169 Weaving Threads ago
170 A Nightmare ago
171 Pieces of a Puzzle ago
172 Leaving an Impression ago
173 Riptide ago
174 Coming Together ago
175 Eye of The Storm ago
176 Destruction ago
177 To Face the Divine ago
178 A Steady March ago
179 Rivaria ago
180 Helios, Ruler of Worlds ago
181 Unchained ago
182 A Masked History ago
183 Something Wicked ago
184 The Hybrid ago
185 Conspiracy ago
186 Countdown ago
187 Exposed ago
188 Eclipse Makers ago
189 A Close Call ago
190 Operations ago
191 A Fever Pitch ago
192 A Vast Universe ago
193 A Conflict of Interests ago
194 Another Realm ago
195 A Proposition ago
196 Diving In ago
197 Under Dark Waters ago
198 Preparing for Battle ago
199 Version 2.0 ago
200 The Fallen ago
201 More Than One ago
202 Subversion ago
203 Into Oblivion ago
204 Down A Rabbit Hole ago
205 Aftermath ago
206 Meeting an Old Friend ago
207 Help Me Help You ago
208 Ripples ago
209 Sending A Message ago
210 Evolution ago
211 Logistics ago
212 Fallout ago
213 Breach ago
214 What Is to Come ago
215 Out of Fire and Into Hell ago
216 The Heavens Weep ago
217 A Shattered God ago
218 Something Else Altogether ago
219 A Wider World ago
220 Laying Out Options ago
221 The Learning Process ago
222 To Create and Destroy ago
223 His Own Way ago
224 Consequences ago
225 Moving with Intent ago
226 Against the Tide ago
227 Retaliation ago
228 An Enemy Worth Fearing ago
229 The Battle for Polydra ago
230 The Silences Between ago
231 Havoc ago
232 The Minds of Many ago
233 Elysium ago
234 Kaboom ago
235 Upbringing ago
236 Better Than Expected ago
237 Tactics ago
238 Brimstone and Steel ago
239 Racing Towards Infinity ago
240 Omens ago
241 A Dark Underworld ago
242 A Nightmare, Manifested ago
243 A Discourse ago
244 To the Forefront ago
245 Tactics, Evolved ago
246 A Reprieve ago
247 Obolis Novas ago
248 An Imperial Overture ago

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I'm edgy, you're edgy, let's be edgy together.

Reviewed at: 224 Consequences

Edgy as hell, check.
Constant grind of power, check.
Main Character basically a god but with overpowered villains to keep up, check.

Ok, i'm sold. Here is your five stars.
Btw, pardon my lazy and poorly written review, just wanna help the author 'cuz it is one my favorite stories.
(Not that anyone will ever see as it as it won't make it the top ones anyway)

Rhys Makainer
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Heavy Metal LitRPG: The Pounding of Drums, The Wailing of Electric Guitars!

Reviewed at: 219 A Wider World

This is the heavy metal of LitRPGs! In more ways than one, geddit? :D Also motivated my sedentary ass to go lift some heavy metal at the gym. It's THAT good!

Takes about 5-10 chapters to warm up, then ramps up for a great addictive action-packed ride! All the way up to Chapter 218 where I'm at. Looking forward to more!

+ MC full of persistence and grit. Very morivating!
+ Intense fight scenes.
+ Increases testosterone production by 25%! :D
+ Improvement of MC and side characters are done gradually, and shown to be the result of hard work, sheer effort, sometimes even due to self-awareness and taking risks.
+ MC and side characters make mistakes (so real!), then LEARN from those mistakes. Well, most of the time. Which is again, very real.

+ The System and Schema!
The well-planned elements, the story behind it, how well it relates to the story and character power progression, the math that must be going on behind the scenes.
+ How the author comes right out to say it's inspired by 'Legend of Randidly Ghosthound'. Other than the skill/path/perk system, The New World is very much its own unique story.
+ Things happen for a reason.
More on that later.

Tiny Nitpicky Stuff:
- Sorry Author, can't think of any except for some tiny grammar or spelling errors here and there.

My opinion of the MC is that he's focused and determined. Could be seen as single-minded, which could be good or bad depending on the reader's perspective. Because of the ongoing situation, whatever emotions the MC has would natually be more basic and primal in nature. Something like the difference between watching the movie "Gladiator" and "Benjamin Button". This is definiely the former! XD

About the side characters, there are a few of them that I like. They're unique and interesting. I enjoy their character development, change of mindset, and the flashes here and there revealing more about their past or thoughts.

Even the villians are fascinating, especially the bigger ones. The big bads? Some are so well developed, it's easy to see how they started out before becoming what they were.

Things Happen For a Reason:
There were some things that made me go "Whuh?" or gave a tiny flash of disappointment, like the decline of a certain side character I initially liked, but those things were either resolved, explained or progressed well in another few (or 10+) chapters. Just had to have the patience to read on while reserving comment, and that side character gradually became awesome again.

The OP-ness in earlier chapters (pre-chapter 50+, I think) did sometimes make me go "Er...", but it was resolved later on. Without giving too much away, let's just say, the OP-ness of the character is good when it's needed to match the OP-ness of the upcoming challenges. You can be powerful enough to defeat the enemy of today, but what if you know you'll have to deal with enemies so powerful, they're beyond the power-horizon? I don't use the word "Epic" very often, but the scale that is eventually revealed, is that. Epic!

Also, absolutely awesome one-liners!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I'm quite surprised, for the best possible way!

Well, when i first started with Chapter 1 i had the highest of expectations + a lot of praise for the beginning/start of the story. it just felt so well started and worded and just gave a great feeling of what i was looking for and excited about.

I must admit that in the next few chapters my expecations/thoughts took a 180 turn as i somehow felt that the insane amount of math/calculations were over the top and somehow took away from the start of the story that i was so hyped about, but loving stats and a good system i kept reading... and i am SO HAPPY i did.


At some point that exact same hype/feeling and just 'awesomeness' i felt at the start came back and took it up a few more notches. it became so freaking interesting/amazing/awesome and what not that i felt that those extra math/number/"build up" chapters were a good thing! now i knew how the system/calculations worked and i'm glad it was done with and i can just keep enjoying the great story!

So i'm not that far in... currently just on Chapter 19, but i can already see it becoming one of my absolute favorites!


Side note : i absolutely LOVE all the boxes and specific art/color scheme to them (+ the explanation about the different colors that i found extra smart and cool through the story)

Scesce Scesce
  • Overall Score

it seems a cool read but.. little spoiler ahead!!

Okay, this is cool from the litrpg point of view, but from the "romantic" point of view, i have read only bs, First ,  Althea became Daniel romantic partner, really????  Daniel at the begin ,  kinda of tortured her, both physically and mentally, and killed her around (and enjoyed it) , then like 80 chapter later there is that gibberish nonsense about falling in love with him , bah, this development doesn't make sense to me (unrealistic in my opi, it's like Kaneki from tokyo ghoul that becomes besties with yamori), i literally went forward skipping those had more sense for him to end up with Kessia, but then there was her "degrade" , first coward, and then "slut..ty" actitude (the thing about ajax .) .the only way to fix this, would be for the mc to get another partner, and turn this into an harem, since there would be less altheax daniel time, or either althea finally dies, but unfortunately the b.tch is immortal , my luck. all of this is my opinion, i apologize i have been to blunt.

p.s: I increased my score , because despite the romance not making any sense(to me ) , i found the ltrpg parts truly addicting , these days in fact i was hoping , to come back and find 50 published new chapters, but alas this is only  a dream,  anyway despite it's flaws i'd suggest to read this one.

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  • Character Score

Started with a bang, but peters out to a fizzle

First off, I absolutely loved the premise - apocalypse occurs, and dungeons are born, with characters struggling to survive. Sure, it's been done before, but what matters is not the premise, but the execution. However, what stops me from giving this a full 10/10 is the fact the MC seems to be about the only character that matters and there's a lack of world building. Let's take the world for one. Sure, cataclysm occurs. Dungeons spawn, people get superpowers. And what happens next to the World? Nobody cares. As a matter of fact, the MC casually parties with a coupla folks, gets out and says "Heyy, I'm from yo town too, let's hang out and chill, mmkay?". Just imagine. There are monsters and tentacled horrors going about and our MC suddenly loses his humanity, sense of empathy and literally goes "Must get stronk!". 

Alright. moving onto the characters. For most of the story (at least around chapter 35 or so), the MC seems to have the emotive range of a doorknob and whatever determination he possesses in one internal monologue seems to all but vanish in the next. We're given a narrative deus ex machina in an initial chapter on why he found power in his hands, but the fact that he casually meets with walking armageddons who somehow end up looking at him favorably is just jarring. Let's face it, say you're a world-ending horror that literally enslaves and makes other creatures go insane by your very existence, then if an ant were to cross your road you'd be all like "step, step step, squish ant casually". Instead all such entities seem to support the MC for some reason that's not explained very clearly. And despite the utter zeal with which the MC is trying to become strong, all that the readers can see is the MC being subtly manipulated by all the teacher like characters around him. We see a chapter where the MC is pretty angry at this fact, but it seems to vanish the next moment and only to have all the elder like figures make a show of authority to the MC. 

The author had earlier mentioned about how a certain other character kept shitting on the MC of another novel, but honestly, I see the MC's character traits regressing slowly here as well. What's unexplained is how the protagonist suddenly rediscovers his humanity and sense of empathy the moment he loses his childhood friends. It felt forced and arbitrary. I feel it might have been better to simply say he was devoid of his human emotions and evolved etc, as it flows better with the plot. 

Of course, all this isn't to just shit on this novel. I like this novel and want the author to at least retroactively address some of the plot holes. I liked the leveling system, but characters acting much younger than their ages is off putting and the MC having no real motive of his own and instead of following his Master like an obedient slave is not the most inviting of settings. I mean, it doesn't matter if the MC is powerful or not, but whether he can truly carve a path of his own. The reason he's called the "Main Character" is for a reason. However, the overall ambience of a war against eldritch entities with a perk based leveling system is done very well and I can't praise the author enough for that. There is also an attempt at humanizing the antagonist and painting the World in shades of grey instead of a black and white and this is spectacular for a novel. Thanks for the work, author!

  • Overall Score
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Action-Packed System Apocalypse Story

Reviewed at: 222 To Create and Destroy

The New World is a system apocalypse litRPG with a starting point and system loosely inspired by 'The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound'.  

The author quickly takes the story in a different direction and fleshes out the system until it's significantly better thought-out and more interesting than its inspiration. In my opinion, this story is much better than Randidly Ghosthound because it has a clearer idea about what it wants to be, an action-packed litRPG with a strong MC who rapidly progresses in power, and it sticks to that.

The highlight of the story is the way the litRPG system is integrated, since it is interesting, and most importantly, bonuses or powers gained have a clear and visible impact on the way the MC looks, thinks, plans, and fights. Very often in litRPGs, the MC gains lots of powers and abilities but keeps fighting basically the same way, whereas here we see how Daniel's fighting style and appearance change as every advantage he gets is incorporated and utilized.  Additionally, while Daniel is powerful bordering on OP, this is very well handled by giving him appropriately strong opponents that he has to struggle against, plan for, and adapt to. Finally, the fights scenes are very well done and consistently fresh and unique.

The story is well edited, the characters are sufficiently established for plot purposes, and the writing style is easy to follow.

If you're looking for a solid action-packed progression story that doesn't try to be much more, I would strongly recommend this story.

(As of Chapter 222)

  • Overall Score

This is what litrpg should be

This story is, to me, the gold standard all other litrpgs should follow. The MC is powerful and unique enough for you to truly enjoy the plentiful fight scenes and not powerful for the struggle and conflict to seem superfluous. Additionally, the main character(and company) are interesting enough for you to see them as their own character rather then an iteration of an existing stereotype. The author is also very consistent with posting new chapters, which is always a plus. You should definitely try it.

  • Overall Score

Good story, a must read!

The first time I tried to read the story, i thought it was a bad remake or copy of Randidly Ghosthound...And boy am I happy that I began this story anew!

Really well crafted characteres. You know what they will do, when presented with a situation, as you feel you know them like a good friend.

The last three days I couldnĀ“t do anything else besides reading this book!

One of the best on RRL...

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Ok first I would like to apologize for being lazy and not reading and second I would just like to say WOW you have so many people comparing your work to someone else's and practically shiting on your tank build character when they're are literally so many other story's with the exact same premise of what some people are saying they want in a character.

So just focus on what you want in a story and not what other people and again sorry for asking you to tell me when I should have just read reviews are for telling the author your thoughts on their story not for being lazy or telling the author what to do like SOME people like to believe.

Love your story and am upping the rating

Pootis Bird
  • Overall Score

FINALLY a warrior, endurance, constitution, strength and badass main character and NOT one of your typical  whiny bitchass mage friendship over all MCs.