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TLDR; "Shades of the Moon - Remastered Edition" also known as Synergy has already launched!

The day has come!

Hello everyone, and sorry for being late. This chapter is the very last update on Shades of the Moon; I just came here to announce that I have finished writing the first two books of Synergy, the so-called rewrite of this story. I'm now working full force on the third book, and it's fair to say that it's an almost completely different story by this point. (Same same, but different, but still the same!)

If you enjoyed Shades of the Moon, I highly recommend to check Synergy out; it's basically a more professionally written version of this story, better in every aspect. Even if you worry about "already knowing the story" I'd still recommend reading it, since there are enough unique twists and deviations from this novel so that it ought to feel exciting.

You can find the new series here: ;


The story of my new life began when I woke up on another planet. Not the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced, but definitely in my top five.

Sometimes I still dream about a world without magic, a world where I don't have supernatural powers, where I'm not regarded as an expendable test subject. A world with coffee and internet. Oh, what a beautifully boring world that would be!

What to expect:

--> Guaranteed updates at least twice a week. (Book 1 and 2 are already written.)
--> No filler chapters. (Story structure is already plotted out.)
--> GameLit, one that’s a little bit subversive. Don’t expect pages long stat tables and number crunching.
--> Slow buildup. Although the Strong Lead category applies to the story, this is no power trip fantasy.
--> Some romance, though it will never be the main focus.
--> Humor and dark elements in equal measure, but not to the extent that I’d label this story as “Comedy” or “Grimdark”.

... and lots and lots of "Author's Notes". See you on the other side of the portal!


Oh, and I haven't deleted the previous chapter ("Afterword and end notes") yet, so if you'd like to know more about why I did the rewrite feel free to check it out! Its main conclusion is this, however: I have learned a lot about how to write stories. Synergy is going to be a story that stands on a way more stable foundation, and so I would be able to continue writing it for much longer than Shades of the Moon.

Although Shades of the Moon was quite long too (1200+ pages), the worldbuilding and the story structure were all over the place; it had way too many unnecessary scenes and dangling plotlines. At this rate it would have taken me forever to reach a proper conclusion. I've learned that when writing a web novel a surprisingly lot depends on good planning, especially because I can't go back and edit already published chapters. So I believe that having written Shades of the Moon gave me excellent ideas for the world and the story I actually want to write --- it was basically a great big setup for Synergy. Now that I know what I want and how to do it, I'm confident that Synergy will turn out to be a much better novel than Shades of the Moon could ever be.

So, this is it.

The end, and a new begining.

Thank you for reading my novels, and thank you for following me along this journey!


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