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The Earth is changing. Aliens invaded, bringing with them social upheaval, advanced technology and an armada of peacekeeping robots. But Alan, a college student pursuing a now-useless degree, cares little about all of this. He has only one thing on his mind: the Game. A fully immersive virtual reality, the Game appears to be a major part of the invading civilization. And Alan can't wait to play. Soon though, he realizes the Game is anything but simple, and the stakes are higher than he ever imagined.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Start: Enter the Game ago
Tutorial? What Tutorial? ago
The Tutorial Starts! Or does it? ago
Is this the tutorial? ago
Tutorial, Start! ago
The First Step of Survival ago
Barely Surviving ago
The Key to Survival: Upgrades ago
Risk Management ago
Mistakes ago
Revelations ago
New Beginnings ago
Arc 2 Start! Back to Reality ago
The City ago
Finding the Undercity ago
The Labyrinth ago
Guild Assessments Day One ago
Basic Combat Assessment ago
A Surprising Assessment ago
Final Assessment? ago
Old Hangouts ago
Progress ago
Moving 3.1 ago
Introductions 3.2 ago
Running in Circles 3.3 ago
Not a Chapter (Hiatus) ago
Hacking? 3.4 ago
New Challenges 3.5 ago
News 3.6 ago
The Gam3: Opening Moves Official Release! ago
A Hacking Good Time 3.7 ago
Announcing thegam3.com! New chapter can be found there. ago
The Academy 3.8 ago
The Academy 3.9 ago
The Academy 3.10 ago
The Academy 3.11 ago
The Academy 3.12 ago
The Academy 3.13 ago
The War 4.1 ago
The War 4.2 ago
The War 4.3 ago
The War 4.4 ago
The War 4.5 ago
The War 4.6 ago
The War 4.7 ago
The War 4.8 ago
The War 4.9 ago
The War 4.10 ago
The War 4.11 ago
The Abyss 5.1 ago
The Abyss 5.2 ago
The Abyss 5.3 ago
The Abyss 5.4 ago
The Abyss 5.5 ago
The Abyss 5.6 ago
The Abyss 5.7 ago
The Abyss 5.8 ago
The Abyss 5.9 ago
The Abyss 5.10 ago
The Abyss 5.11 and Earth’s Gambit Release! ago
The Abyss 5.12 ago
The Abyss 5.13 ago
The Abyss 5.14 ago
The Empire 6.1 ago
The Empire 6.2 ago
The Empire 6.3 ago
The Empire 6.4 ago
The Empire 6.5 ago
The Empire 6.6 ago
The Empire 6.7 ago
The Empire 6.8 ago
The Empire 6.9 ago
The Empire 6.10 ago
The Empire 6.11 ago
The Empire 6.12 ago
Epilogue ago
Sacrificial Pieces is now out on Amazon! ago

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Very well thought out

I quite enjoy your story,

The setting while VR, isn't at the same time, and the setting is unique in itself.


the character is also unseen from other stories out there.


I look forward to seeing how this all progresses.


Thank you! 

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Very Intriguing Story

Everything is great! Everything minus the MC, anyways;  both of them. One is too contradictory while the other seems rather confused - by this, I mean that it seems to have emotions that it shouldn't really have, based on the premise that its motivation only revolves around their greater survival and success, no matter what actions the other pursues or situations they find themselves in.

  • Overall Score

This ff is great , mixing reality with fantasy. Idefinitly recommend this ff , is a must read !

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Great sci-fi fan fic!!!

I like the style and the progress I just hope you can make it last and it continues. Hope it don't end to fast or you stop writing!!!


Story is major + I love it and will want to know more.


Grammar is as good as I need it to be so can't judge it more. My own isn't the best.


Character / s I like. I kinda like op characters that is why I read most novels anyway. I just hope that he continues as op or at least stronger than most. Of cos there should and is atm the stronger and strongest enemy / entities. Just continue the story and we all will be happy. 

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That's some really good sci-fi FF! Good Job

Really good story! The start is a bit messy (before beginning the game mostly) but it soons becomes really interesting. The really long tutorial as well as the different character's background demonstrate quickly that this is not juste a game!

The actions scenes are well made, sometimes hard to follow exactly what is going on or how the MC end up there but very few. The details and nerve catching development largely makes up for it.

The MC is good but I think his personality is not very well fixed at the start because there i some changes. Also, for a regular person he is not enoughsurprised (in my opinion) by what is happening  around him. I love his personality though :p

Anyway, a big THANK YOU for your story ;-)

  • Overall Score

This is epic, don't be mislead by the titel

Actually this is a kinda blessed review as someone how spent his whole afternoon doing nothing but reading this, I think it speaks for itself how well it's written that it could engross me into that kind of journey and it doesn't happen that often.

One of my biggest reservations before I started reading is the NAME of the fan-fic I was exception run of the mil V-mmorpg and much much less then what the author has written , I truly enjoyed it so far (chapter-14).

Except some minor grammar mistakes and typos, it was still quiet well written and as I said the amount of grammar mistakes were not an issue.

I really like the length of the chapters as usually chapters are short it is harder for the story to move forward.


Good luck.

  • Overall Score

A rather unique story with all the best elements of a sci-fi fantasy read and game mechanics reminiscent of LMS.

I love it!

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Exciting and inspiring

I haven't read many VR stories but this one speaks to me.  I think the setting and the structure of the game are great at giving the reader a sense of infinite possibilities.  In addition the author uses a very intricate style for describing the flow of the battles, which leave one with the impression they just watched a very well written choreographed and shot fight scene from a modern action movie.

However the style outside the battle scenes is fairly limited.  There's not enough description of what ought to be wild and vibrant, or dark and damp.  Evidence of this is visible in the rather prosaic chapter titles. More effort could be given to depict and characterize the world around the MC.

Speaking of characterization, many of the important characters in The Gam3 don't leave a strong enough impression.  Alan himself seems mainly led by his AI, though I think I and many readers are excited to see how both he and Eve will grow. 

The authors grammar is fairly standard, with occasional typos.

The plot has been advancing nicely.  The looming forces in the galaxy pose a high hurdle for Alan to overcome.  His repeated contact with some of the strongest players in the game (and under very random circumstances) is the only detraction I will offer.  

In the end I feel somewhat addicted to this story, each week checking many times for an update.  I want to know what path Alan will take, what opportunities will open for him, and what he will do to become stronger.  I hope to see a meaningful and thought-provoking exploration of the differences and interaction between human and AI.  And, I look forward to the awesome fights and intense scenarios that Alan will get into.

This story has a lot of potential and I recommend it strongly to anyone with a love for scifi/VR, and especially to anyone who has ever determinedly said "One more level."

  • Overall Score

Great! Highly recommended

Love the characters humor and the unexpectedness of each chapter. Im usually not interested with the sci-fi aspect of fantasy (space travel T-T ), as the story's are usually bland and half the time you haven't got a clue what they are talking about or they talk too much on just the mechanics. But I have to say that this story is very well written and developed, with the AI's input and the mains humor and stupidity to keep things lively. The worlds and governments are very realistic, so you have a good sense on thing and it interlocks with reality, so it is more believable. 

I can proudly say that this is one of my fictions on this site and too keep up the good work. I can't really critise it and say where to improve because I like the story how it is, the steady pace is good, the characters are awesome, the mechanic are interesting, it's developing well. So there nothing really to say, apart from random stuff like number your chapters, but I can live without.

  • Overall Score

This story.

I cannot tell you how many hours of sleep I lost by reading 'just one more chapter'.

Sci-Fi. Check.
Adventure. Check.
Interesting Characters. Check.

I've got the official release on my wishlist.