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The Earth is changing. Aliens invaded, bringing with them social upheaval, advanced technology and an armada of peacekeeping robots. But Alan, a college student pursuing a now-useless degree, cares little about all of this. He has only one thing on his mind: the Game. A fully immersive virtual reality, the Game appears to be a major part of the invading civilization. And Alan can't wait to play. Soon though, he realizes the Game is anything but simple, and the stakes are higher than he ever imagined.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Start: Enter the Game ago
Tutorial? What Tutorial? ago
The Tutorial Starts! Or does it? ago
Is this the tutorial? ago
Tutorial, Start! ago
The First Step of Survival ago
Barely Surviving ago
The Key to Survival: Upgrades ago
Risk Management ago
Mistakes ago
Revelations ago
New Beginnings ago
Arc 2 Start! Back to Reality ago
The City ago
Finding the Undercity ago
The Labyrinth ago
Guild Assessments Day One ago
Basic Combat Assessment ago
A Surprising Assessment ago
Final Assessment? ago
Old Hangouts ago
Progress ago
Moving 3.1 ago
Introductions 3.2 ago
Running in Circles 3.3 ago
Not a Chapter (Hiatus) ago
Hacking? 3.4 ago
New Challenges 3.5 ago
News 3.6 ago
The Gam3: Opening Moves Official Release! ago
A Hacking Good Time 3.7 ago
Announcing thegam3.com! New chapter can be found there. ago
The Academy 3.8 ago
The Academy 3.9 ago
The Academy 3.10 ago
The Academy 3.11 ago
The Academy 3.12 ago
The Academy 3.13 ago
The War 4.1 ago
The War 4.2 ago
The War 4.3 ago
The War 4.4 ago
The War 4.5 ago
The War 4.6 ago
The War 4.7 ago
The War 4.8 ago
The War 4.9 ago
The War 4.10 ago
The War 4.11 ago
The Abyss 5.1 ago
The Abyss 5.2 ago
The Abyss 5.3 ago
The Abyss 5.4 ago
The Abyss 5.5 ago
The Abyss 5.6 ago
The Abyss 5.7 ago
The Abyss 5.8 ago
The Abyss 5.9 ago
The Abyss 5.10 ago
The Abyss 5.11 and Earth’s Gambit Release! ago
The Abyss 5.12 ago
The Abyss 5.13 ago
The Abyss 5.14 ago
The Empire 6.1 ago
The Empire 6.2 ago
The Empire 6.3 ago
The Empire 6.4 ago
The Empire 6.5 ago
The Empire 6.6 ago
The Empire 6.7 ago
The Empire 6.8 ago
The Empire 6.9 ago
The Empire 6.10 ago
The Empire 6.11 ago
The Empire 6.12 ago
Epilogue ago
Sacrificial Pieces is now out on Amazon! ago

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  • Overall Score

Greatly enjoyed reading this and looking forward to new chapters one of the best fictions on this site MAmazing read

  • Overall Score

Thank you for writting this fic

Seriously, i mean it. Your fic have pretty much everything that i wanted in a fiction:  sci-fi, fantasy and  virtual reality.Your history is very well placed (sorry im english is not my nature language so i don't know the correct word for explain) and i preetty much loved the history. For that i thank you. 5/5

  • Overall Score

Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your writing and can say this is probably the top among my 15-20 or so follows.

  • Overall Score

Dead or alive i dont know!

This novel is very broad in the sense it has so many details.

As soon as the game starts you wonder what the mc will do what friends he will get ect.

It was very fun till around the chapter the whole story turned into something els.

It wasnt a story anymore about a game with rules .... realistic rules as soon as these lines blurred it started getting tedious all previous statements and actions became useless.

Let me give you an example in a game we all know World of warcraft, many can agree that lvling is a big part of any mmorpg some try to be original making the game have something els instead of the traditional levels but in the end you will still have to grind them in many colorfull ways.

As for the example its simple if you spend 1 month trying to level your char going tru trials and what not just to find an easier method at the end namely paywalls or just some easy mode method it would make your effort worth less or nothing at all.

Thats basically what happend in this story for some reason the whole universe is all about the main char but he aint that awsome he doesnt even have any real motivations except for his statement that he likes the game for what it is meaning he has fun playing it in all its glory.


But he is human one character in the game said that the main char is probally an autistic dude he enjoys food like very expensive meat and wonders why he doesnt eat anything except tasteless nutrients but as soon as the scene changes we dont hear shit about this anymore while he contineus eating tasteless shizzle.

He acts like a virgin with a tiny dick in the pressence of females while he said he had a previous relationship so done it shipped it ect.

He doesnt want friends he doesnt want relationships he only wants to play the game we dont see any negative emotions at some point its foreshadowed that he has some heavy emotions he has trouble dealing with.

Yet any and all actions in the game feel so empty,gray,hollow ect one character appreciated the mc by showing him genuine emotions yet he doesnt need them what is it exactlly that he needs???

What fun is it reading about someone who does things that arent fun when the whole universe opend before him?


That is it for my review at the start of the review i wanted to give it 3.5 stars as it still is a very good novel but as i was writting this i realised i felt even more empty its like reading about a person who is becoming more dead my the page so 3 stars is all that i can give.

  • Overall Score

pls update faster....this story is too addictive

  • Overall Score

Best Story on the Site

I Love this story, I just wish it was updated more

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Not a Story a Universe

The Author has not created a story but a whole universe which could eaily span mutiple series from multiple authors. I would go as far as to compare it to forgotten realms in terms of potential.


The story is slow paced with short bursts of action. The MC seems like he is OP in relation to other starters due to his AI. However the MC due to being a Machine Lord cannot use psyonic powers which is a huge negative in terms of adaptability adding it to the fact that he had no background knowledge or contacts within the game before starting he is at a huge disadvantage to the rest of his generation of players.

Some people have commented on the fact that the MC is supposed to be highly intelligent outside of the  game yet depends on the AI to make his decisions for him which somehow makes him an idiot for doing so. I disagree I think it makes him intelligent. How many people in a dangerous situation would have the bravery or common sense to follow orders from someone who has more experience or knowledge about the situation than themselves. The fact that he has realised how little he actually knows and acknowledges the fact and chooses to follow the suggestions of someone more knowledgeable than him to increase his chances of survival showcases just how intelligent he really is.


People have stated on the above comments that the MC is OP and in a way he is but only compared to his generation of players. As has already been stated within the novels the Game incorporates a vast number of worlds and species as well as being of an unknown age. so far out of countless planets, we have seen 2 and out of those planets we have seen 2 cities and an under city which not realy enough information to compare his abilities to other players who inhabit the universe and declare him OP. All he currently has is potential, high potential but only compared to the players of his generation that we have seen.



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The best story of 2015

With all the fan fics written this years it is high praise to proclaim this the best, but I think you have earned it. The only thing I would suggest is to fill out the side characters a bit more maybe write a chapter from someone else's prospective.


Action need a little tragedy or comedic relief to keep a good pacing and keep the characters from feeling to two dimensional. Ask yourself questions like "dose this person have a tragic past to make them a cold blooded killer?" or maybe "Is she misunderstood perhaps she really has a maidens hart?" hahaha


Whatever comes next I don't care I'm looking forward to it all the same! 

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  • Character Score

Main character boring but everything else great


1. Original Story (for a virtual reality)

2. detail in describing world and liveliness of dialogue

3. variety of characters and lore


could use improvement:

1. The main character is a bit boring. So far, much of his success is dependent on his AI. This makes it hard for me to be attached to his character because he seems more like a spectator following an instruction manual. Most authors give their MC a background story, others would give them a unique skill of some sort. In this case, perhaps give him (if you werent already planning to) some skill unique compared to that of his AI (artistic or crafting maybe?). I also see how his background in creating AI could be interesting but not fully fleshed out yet so il just be patient for that.

This is not to say he is a bad MC. Some of his dialogue is funny and interesting, but nothing really stands out that much. I feel you could better exploit the character more because how his psychology/skills would develop would be very interesting

2. He is getting too strong too fast. Compared to his peers, he is at a pretty good level. This is not by itself bad, but I think you skipped out on a lot of content by jumping the levels. This concerns me because I want this fiction to last to that of LMS level. He is already OP for the amount of time spent in game.

Secondly, the levels also serve as a way for the MC to get stronger and learn more about the game. Becoming too strong leaves the MC somewhat incompetent compared to others of equal level. He has his AI to remedy this, but again, I dont like it if the MC is too dependent on her.

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

I've read books like Game of thrones and nodded my head in acknowledgement at the author's skills. But reading this story got me jealous. The reason for that is because I am a gamer and I'm not a stranger to science fiction, fantasy or MMORPG's so this kind of story appeals to me. 

The universe in this anthology is very expansive and the way in which it encorporates 'The Game' into it is believable. There is a wide cast of characters but I do think the author could do better than what he currently has. I do have a bit of an issue with swords and spears in an uber tech space age setting, no matter what material or energy effects they have. Anyone who knows the history of what happened when the samurai came up against firearms, understands this. 

Another thing that I should note is that with the way this is being written, it could run on for at least another 1,000 pages.
Of which I have obtained a voracious appetite for...and after 6 months of waiting, I've given up on this being updated.
My score was 4.5 but now it is getting a .5

EDIT: updated, back up to 4.5 now