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The Earth is changing. Aliens invaded, bringing with them social upheaval, advanced technology and an armada of peacekeeping robots. But Alan, a college student pursuing a now-useless degree, cares little about all of this. He has only one thing on his mind: the Game. A fully immersive virtual reality, the Game appears to be a major part of the invading civilization. And Alan can't wait to play. Soon though, he realizes the Game is anything but simple, and the stakes are higher than he ever imagined.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Start: Enter the Game ago
Tutorial? What Tutorial? ago
The Tutorial Starts! Or does it? ago
Is this the tutorial? ago
Tutorial, Start! ago
The First Step of Survival ago
Barely Surviving ago
The Key to Survival: Upgrades ago
Risk Management ago
Mistakes ago
Revelations ago
New Beginnings ago
Arc 2 Start! Back to Reality ago
The City ago
Finding the Undercity ago
The Labyrinth ago
Guild Assessments Day One ago
Basic Combat Assessment ago
A Surprising Assessment ago
Final Assessment? ago
Old Hangouts ago
Progress ago
Moving 3.1 ago
Introductions 3.2 ago
Running in Circles 3.3 ago
Not a Chapter (Hiatus) ago
Hacking? 3.4 ago
New Challenges 3.5 ago
News 3.6 ago
The Gam3: Opening Moves Official Release! ago
A Hacking Good Time 3.7 ago
Announcing thegam3.com! New chapter can be found there. ago
The Academy 3.8 ago
The Academy 3.9 ago
The Academy 3.10 ago
The Academy 3.11 ago
The Academy 3.12 ago
The Academy 3.13 ago
The War 4.1 ago
The War 4.2 ago
The War 4.3 ago
The War 4.4 ago
The War 4.5 ago
The War 4.6 ago
The War 4.7 ago
The War 4.8 ago
The War 4.9 ago
The War 4.10 ago
The War 4.11 ago
The Abyss 5.1 ago
The Abyss 5.2 ago
The Abyss 5.3 ago
The Abyss 5.4 ago
The Abyss 5.5 ago
The Abyss 5.6 ago
The Abyss 5.7 ago
The Abyss 5.8 ago
The Abyss 5.9 ago
The Abyss 5.10 ago
The Abyss 5.11 and Earth’s Gambit Release! ago
The Abyss 5.12 ago
The Abyss 5.13 ago
The Abyss 5.14 ago
The Empire 6.1 ago
The Empire 6.2 ago
The Empire 6.3 ago
The Empire 6.4 ago
The Empire 6.5 ago
The Empire 6.6 ago
The Empire 6.7 ago
The Empire 6.8 ago
The Empire 6.9 ago
The Empire 6.10 ago
The Empire 6.11 ago
The Empire 6.12 ago
Epilogue ago
Sacrificial Pieces is now out on Amazon! ago
2020 Update ago

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  • Overall Score

This is a well written story.  The grammar is good and it seems very well put together.  I expect great things for this story.  I bet it hits the top 50 before the next 10 chapters come out.

  • Overall Score

Really interesting premise, with the right mix of classic ideas and new themes.

Definitely a must read for any sci-fi fan

  • Overall Score

Absolutely Fantastic SciFi

This is a very imaginative story.  It has an enjoyable storyline with realistic characters.  The world building is wonderful and very vivid.  I am really looking forward to more.  The way the story is set up leaves so many options.  It is absolutely massive with limitless potential.  It wonderfully blends magic, scifi, VRMMO, aliens, and more!  This story is among the top on this site and one of the top 2 scifis.  


I am so happy that there are increasingly higher quality stories with original and diverse backgrounds.  With the way things are going, the potential is very high.

  • Overall Score

The Best Sci Fi on this site

The Gam3 is currently the best sci-fi on this site.


The universe  described in the story is truly unique and has a lot of potential. 

  • Overall Score

Great and then took a nosedive

The first 4 arc were pretty good, the first part of 5 too, but then it just took a straight nosedive... don't waste your time on this

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Brilliant but the MC is probably its greatest weakness

The story and universe are incredibly well built. It draws you in and makes you believe that it's all real. However even for how good it is the MC is this stories weakest link. He is supposedly some kind of epic gamer in his past yet in the story he is virtually useless. He cant make his own decisions or even really think for himself. He constantly hesitates and says or does the most idiotic things possible. He wastes an unbelievable amount of time contemplating things as if the enemy will wait for him to finish his thoughts. By all evidence the real main character should almost be EVE since she is the one actually playing the game well, making smart choices, and taking action with Alan just there as her body. I'm surprised people haven't just taken her away from him cause she is, in all likely hood, more useful. Lastly though is the pointlessness of the characters class skills. He has specialized himself towards being a sniper yet only once in the story does he actually USE a sniper rifle or even do what a sniper is supposed to. So far the entire story has been about him and two pistols in  close combat, this begs the question of why have him have any sniper skills at all. Even the author keeps bringing up that he is a sniper yet they have done absolutely nothing with this information whatsoever.


So overall the story is everything you could hope it to be but the MC's apparent sniper build going to complete waste and his lack of any real form of common sense along with his reliance upon his AI really drags the story down. 

  • Overall Score
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The Game ia an amazing and unique story. it's well thought out and introduces new concepts in an over saturated genre, it's both stylish and well written. i do, however, have one problem with it. the MC is is SOO annoying. he's apparently a genius who created his own A.I but is so indecisive and dumb that he annoys the shit out of you. i understand that he was written to be a shy typical gamer, but did you have to make him so irritating? don't believe me?? count how many times he says "um" or "uh", it will piss you off. The main character doesn't even think for himself, he relies on his AI or the supporting characters to make the decisions.

screw Alan, the AI should have been the main character.

despite the MC I am still a huge fan of this story. I just have to read it in small doses to prevent the rage from building up.

  • Overall Score

Good story, terrible ending

The story is very good until a certain point where everything goes downhill and just gets worse and worse until the ending which is the worst of all. My opinion on this might change when the story continues, but the author seems to have written themselves into quite the corner.

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Great story, still need some polishing

Review from the first chapter of Arc 2) You have a really good story here. It has a lot of potential. Your grammar in general is quite good too. The story is fluid, there’s no big hole and there’s no discrepancy so far. The way you built the weapon and character system is great.

A slow story and a slow plot development is okay, after all your chapters are a bit short so you don’t have that many words written yet. I can’t wait for the next chapter :-)

Now for the less great: I find your MC and other characters a bit lacking. Okay he can be following is AI all you want, but i’d like to see more of is personality and emotions. For exemple, one of is tutorial mate says something along the line of ”your AI nany” and you say its stuck the MC because it was a bit true, but you dont develop from there. It was somewhat an action part with the tutorial going but…Apart from is name and some basics, we don’t know anything about your MC after one arc.

Also, the effect Game -> Real is not really there, but for this I hope it’s just a ‘For now’ since the first arc was about the Tutorial. For exemple, personnally i’d like to know if Eve was stored in the capsule or if she’s still in the computer assembly, if merging with Titan have changed something else than just her database, if she’ll need a bigger assy to store all that new data, will she evolve to the next class (what are the prerequisite of that btw? one of the permanent goal of an AI would be to grow after all?), what the company staff think about Icewolf bringing a new guy in. His family, is he an only child?

And your MC appear a bit OP, maybe put some big class weaknesses to compensate?

Anyway, so far, good work, and dont drop that project! It is really a gold mine what you built, and if you can work the weakpoints it’s gonna be really a great story. Oh and i must say, your character appear a bit weak in part because of the AI, some stories have equally shallow MC but it’s less glaring sadly. Your concept is a bit working against you here, but if you work that weakness, it could become one of your strong point too.


Update at 5th chapter of the second arc.
You’re quite good with cliffhanger. You put ones good enough to make us eager for the next chapter but it isn’t a cliffhanger so big and glaring that it become annoying for the reader, gratz! Apart from that, the story development is flowing naturally, it doesn’t seem forced. The weaknesses your MC showed in the last chapter are especially appreciated, because there was a real need to compensate your MC OPness. The boon of the class he got should always be compensated to a certain degree to keep the feeling that the MC is “real”. Your character development is still lacking (in my opinion), but i see a little improvement here and there with the way he react to situations, for example. He really should show more emotions, think more thoughts. Your AI almost showed more emotion than your MC in the last part of the 5th chapter.


Later thought: I think i’ll do as one of the reviewer said. Think of Alan and Eve as one character. So that make the MC less shallow a bit maybe? Still love that story, read it 3 time so far. And i really liked the introduction speech from Elissandra. A very well written piece of text!

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Other fics about VR usualy put ourselves into the future and how some genius made an AI or something like that and then the game was born, sometings arround those lines. Your idea is just veeery refreshing...


I find the MC very interesting, but then again, I put Alan and his AI in the same boat(as MC), (we just don't read about the AI thinking and stuff) so I find that it is pretty good. But otherwise (Alan) alone it isn't as interesting... he feels more likea pawn where the AI is the true player sometimes. About him growing too much I think that it is just a boost that he has to get in the beggining (bc of his AI). Also in the game there may be people level ?? so rushing to level 100 looks like is not a big of a deal, but we readers usually read about games where the MC gets to level 100 only after a lot of time, so maybe  you can make it more clear? (I don't know how to really but some people seem to be complaining).

Anyways, THANK YOU for this great fiction and for uploading it :D I got a few hours of fun reading it.

Great fiction! 

ps: My english skills are not very good so sorry for using much of the same words or anything of the sort.