The Earth is changing. Aliens invaded, bringing with them social upheaval, advanced technology and an armada of peacekeeping robots. But Alan, a college student pursuing a now-useless degree, cares little about all of this. He has only one thing on his mind: the Game. A fully immersive virtual reality, the Game appears to be a major part of the invading civilization. And Alan can't wait to play. Soon though, he realizes the Game is anything but simple, and the stakes are higher than he ever imagined.

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Table of Contents
78 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Start: Enter the Game ago
Tutorial? What Tutorial? ago
The Tutorial Starts! Or does it? ago
Is this the tutorial? ago
Tutorial, Start! ago
The First Step of Survival ago
Barely Surviving ago
The Key to Survival: Upgrades ago
Risk Management ago
Mistakes ago
Revelations ago
New Beginnings ago
Arc 2 Start! Back to Reality ago
The City ago
Finding the Undercity ago
The Labyrinth ago
Guild Assessments Day One ago
Basic Combat Assessment ago
A Surprising Assessment ago
Final Assessment? ago
Old Hangouts ago
Progress ago
Moving 3.1 ago
Introductions 3.2 ago
Running in Circles 3.3 ago
Not a Chapter (Hiatus) ago
Hacking? 3.4 ago
New Challenges 3.5 ago
News 3.6 ago
The Gam3: Opening Moves Official Release! ago
A Hacking Good Time 3.7 ago
Announcing! New chapter can be found there. ago
The Academy 3.8 ago
The Academy 3.9 ago
The Academy 3.10 ago
The Academy 3.11 ago
The Academy 3.12 ago
The Academy 3.13 ago
The War 4.1 ago
The War 4.2 ago
The War 4.3 ago
The War 4.4 ago
The War 4.5 ago
The War 4.6 ago
The War 4.7 ago
The War 4.8 ago
The War 4.9 ago
The War 4.10 ago
The War 4.11 ago
The Abyss 5.1 ago
The Abyss 5.2 ago
The Abyss 5.3 ago
The Abyss 5.4 ago
The Abyss 5.5 ago
The Abyss 5.6 ago
The Abyss 5.7 ago
The Abyss 5.8 ago
The Abyss 5.9 ago
The Abyss 5.10 ago
The Abyss 5.11 and Earth’s Gambit Release! ago
The Abyss 5.12 ago
The Abyss 5.13 ago
The Abyss 5.14 ago
The Empire 6.1 ago
The Empire 6.2 ago
The Empire 6.3 ago
The Empire 6.4 ago
The Empire 6.5 ago
The Empire 6.6 ago
The Empire 6.7 ago
The Empire 6.8 ago
The Empire 6.9 ago
The Empire 6.10 ago
The Empire 6.11 ago
The Empire 6.12 ago
Epilogue ago
Sacrificial Pieces is now out on Amazon! ago
2020 Update ago

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I love everything in this story but the Main Character, I repeat I detest the protagonist. The author made the densest motherfucker the lead character in his novel. The world building is 4 stars, character development at least a 3 star, the protagonist is written well, but I still irrevocably hate him. Naive and foolish, and never learns. Because of this, the plot moves at an inch crawl. And our Protagonist never makes an improvement, getting by merely on stats improving. Making combat and training arcs redundant. Overall, its a good read, but not satisfying.


Brilliant but the MC is probably its greatest weakness

The story and universe are incredibly well built. It draws you in and makes you believe that it's all real. However even for how good it is the MC is this stories weakest link. He is supposedly some kind of epic gamer in his past yet in the story he is virtually useless. He cant make his own decisions or even really think for himself. He constantly hesitates and says or does the most idiotic things possible. He wastes an unbelievable amount of time contemplating things as if the enemy will wait for him to finish his thoughts. By all evidence the real main character should almost be EVE since she is the one actually playing the game well, making smart choices, and taking action with Alan just there as her body. I'm surprised people haven't just taken her away from him cause she is, in all likely hood, more useful. Lastly though is the pointlessness of the characters class skills. He has specialized himself towards being a sniper yet only once in the story does he actually USE a sniper rifle or even do what a sniper is supposed to. So far the entire story has been about him and two pistols in  close combat, this begs the question of why have him have any sniper skills at all. Even the author keeps bringing up that he is a sniper yet they have done absolutely nothing with this information whatsoever.


So overall the story is everything you could hope it to be but the MC's apparent sniper build going to complete waste and his lack of any real form of common sense along with his reliance upon his AI really drags the story down. 


The Game ia an amazing and unique story. it's well thought out and introduces new concepts in an over saturated genre, it's both stylish and well written. i do, however, have one problem with it. the MC is is SOO annoying. he's apparently a genius who created his own A.I but is so indecisive and dumb that he annoys the shit out of you. i understand that he was written to be a shy typical gamer, but did you have to make him so irritating? don't believe me?? count how many times he says "um" or "uh", it will piss you off. The main character doesn't even think for himself, he relies on his AI or the supporting characters to make the decisions.

screw Alan, the AI should have been the main character.

despite the MC I am still a huge fan of this story. I just have to read it in small doses to prevent the rage from building up.


Good story, terrible ending

The story is very good until a certain point where everything goes downhill and just gets worse and worse until the ending which is the worst of all. My opinion on this might change when the story continues, but the author seems to have written themselves into quite the corner.


This is a well written story.  The grammar is good and it seems very well put together.  I expect great things for this story.  I bet it hits the top 50 before the next 10 chapters come out.


AMAZING!! but it could be much better....

Honestly love the novel and cant stop, but I can't help but be seriously disappointed in the MC design, and in my opinion doesnt suit the type of story i feel like you are going for, he's a major pussy and i cant help but get pissed at him because it ruines the mood of the story.

The MC is literally a piece of shit that just relies on his AI to do everything and you know what he does with an OP AI? he fucking complaines about studying and doing work when it tries to help him, and you know what his fucking goal is?? to save his planet by being a fucking piece of shit pussy that sits on his ass without trying to do it while bassically letting his AI play for him and being useless bagage for it to carry. its just so frusrating to read a really good storyline with some useless shit as the mc

I'd rather have a cold MC for this type of story with war and him being an outcast of sorts with his girlfriend dying in a car crash, it makes more sense then some shy ass retard that is fucking useless and doesnt try to change it.

Another thing that bothers me is his constantly changing weapons, i get he is meant to be a jack of all trades but this is really unnecessary, just have him stick with dual wielding a sword and pistol with sheaths on his waist and a sniper rifle on his back. Also the AI is basically DOING and not HELPING which pretty much adds onto the reason the MC feels like some useless shit besides the fact he complains about everything, the AI should just help with detection and helping him train in his class and weapons while providing info of things when he needs it. When he gets his second AI should be when he gets into hacking more and like how its doing right now,(without him using his talent for hackig when he does basically nothing when hacking)do all the hacking for him while he does everything on the combat side of things

things that can made the MC and story better:
1. cold/outcast Type of MC
2.dual wield a pistol and sword with a sniper rifle on his back(or something close)
3.Make the MC train according to what the AI(eve) found was the best and effective methods for his weapons and also to learn the skills of other classes
4.Make the AI(eve and any other AI in fact) not able to show step by step what to do in combat like how it is now, do it so they can only help with detection(of enemies and weakpoints) and assistance in shooting(and slowing down time in this case with eve's special ability)by show the distance,wind,when the bullet drops and other things like that. Also have the AI's be info providers so he doesnt need to study everything and only the basics.
5. Have the second AI(?lampba?)do all the hacking stuff cause as of right now all he is doing is learning the skill and building things so the AI can do everything else.

think thats everything? maybe a little romance would be nice but i dont see anything besides his AI getting togeather with the current MC


Really interesting premise, with the right mix of classic ideas and new themes.

Definitely a must read for any sci-fi fan


Let's start with the basics: grammar and voice are good, didn't really spot anything beyond the occasional typo.

The worldbuilding is complex, mostly logical, lots of factions with clear goals and a well defined place in the system.

Characters are well put together as well, they tend to have actual motivations, personalities and presence.

Now, to the negatives.

The story. The pace is pretty much all over the place, seemingly changing based on how much time the author can dedicate to the fiction. Point in case: the end of the "Abyss" and later on the "Empire" arcs. These came out after a significant hiatus, and simply feel like the author forced things into a higher gear, basically jumping to endgame level events pretty much leaving out expected content. And these endgame events don't even seem to be a logical conclusion to everything that was happening. No, they seem to be the equivalent of a gigantic axe that can simply cut off complex plotlines at an arbitrary point, forcing a rather hasty (currently declared as) volume conclusion. Didn't even manage to finish the Empire arc.

Small grievances, beware the spoilers. 

Spoiler: Spoiler



Good balanced by the bad

I have several serious issues with The Gam3 (which comprise the majority of this review, below), but despite all  of that, I enjoyed the story and I'll keep on reading it. The positives are many: the world building is good, the setting is interesting, I like how the character progression has been, the actions scenes are mostly engaging and not-overlong, and even though the plot has only recently started to move forward, the story still feels like its moving along. It's clear the author has a good imagination and good follow-through on his ideas, which gives him a leg up on 95% of the hacks on this site(including myself, *cough cough*). His problem is with his characters. 



The protagonist, Alan, has very little personality or backstory or motivation behind his actions. After 45 chapters the author is only now beginning to establish the smallest semblance of a character arc for him. That can be fine; sometimes it takes a long time to build up a character, to get to the appropriate climax through which he'll start to grow.  However, so far Alan is pretty much literally a sock puppet for his AI,  doing and saying exactly it says with very rare exceptions. His experience in the game so far can be equated to a child tracing over a picture, and everyone around him calls him a great artist. Very rarely do we see Alan achieve something through his own efforts, to overcome an obstacle by strength of his own character, to jump without looking, to get out of his comfort zone, or any of that good stuff.


Again, that can be fine. There's no such thing as cheating at life, not really, and The Game is a simulated universe that's supplanted the real world in importance. I get that. Also, I understand that the author may be setting up a plot twist of some sort, that its possible we're not even past the first act in an epically long story, or something else along those lines. All that doesn't matter because this is, ultimately, a story about a game , and nothing will lessen how very unsatisfying it is to read about a drone cheating his way victory. I mean that literally: most of the ways the AI helps him can be found in multiplayer cheats for existing FPS, RTS and MOBA  games. And if all that wasn't bad enough, the key to every single achievement that can't directly attributed to his AI holding his hand are because of advantages given to him directly BY THE FREAKING GAME ADMINISTRATORS(the shittiest type of cheating, lmao).


...It's almost enough to think the author is doing it on purpose, tongue in cheek. 


The AI would have made for a better protagonist.

Some of the world building is interesting, and it has a decent enough start, the problem I have with it after having read the first arc is that the protagonist is an idiot, and I can't help thinking that the AI is a much more interesting protagonist.

Then instead of choosing a class himself, which the author could have used to show the reader that the character perhaps isn't an idiot, shown through his reasoning and choices, he instead just gets a wankish super special Snowflake Class served on a silver tray and a level up for his AI, basically not making it the same AI anymore, which in conjunction was the last straw for me and I dropped the story.
Not to mention that the story was a bit rough around the edges in general and could have used some more proofreading.