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Well, January happened, and then February, and looky here, March is chomping at the bit to get away from me. Apologies to all the readers who enjoyed this and were hoping to see more on the adventures of Mark and Liz. For now, most of Book 1 has gone through a major re-edit, and I will likely take down the old version and put out the new chapters inside this current story. This will make things easier to find. I plan on doing this starting April 2nd. The major rework areas are around how crafting works in the world (A lot more involved) how the powers ramp up (A bit slower) and also sprinkling in some hints at what will be going on with book 2.

Here's the thing. I'm writing this with my kids playing the main characters in an RPG table top campaign, and I'm having a bit of a hard time getting them back into the story. If you, wonderful readers, would like to see more, please drop an age appropriate comment that I can show them to try and get their motivation back. I would love to finish things up, have the entire 3 book arc planned out, but as this is a family project, cannot continue until I get my kids back on board.

So I hope that we'll have lots of new things coming soon, thanks for reading, and hope that we can get this show going again soon!


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Havoc the Younger @Havoc the Younger ago

Well, I'll give it a try since I love this story.

Dear, kids, how are you guys? Listen, you don't know me, but I like your dad's work. Your dad, being a great father, would like for you guys to help him help us enjoy the story he created with you guys. Please, guys. I love the little ninja that is Mark and I love the young archer that is Liz. I'd like to see how they grow, but without you guys, I can't. Help a brother out.

Signed, A big fan, Havoc.

prajit3 @prajit3 ago

hello "kids"

as for all, I know u could be older than me.................

let me put it this way, u have read books online right? or played a game?

how do u feel when a book is dropped midway? of a good game's storyline is interrupted, so that u cant know the rest of the story no matter what?

that is what u are doing to us, so please do help your father write this story.

Zedred @Zedred ago

Hey there Young Masters!

How are you? Gosh I should be sleeping, I have school tomorrow, if you are under 14 then enjoy your time because later school will be hell.

So, your father, and you, have a great story here and when I say great, I mean it, nowadays almost every other story is a copy of the last one with nearly zero originality, so this story here is a breath of fresh air from all if them.

It's the same in games for example, you are the hero and you have to save the world/your girl or get the magic ball to defeat the bad guys, all the same with little change.

Your father's game, while with an already used setting changes because you don't have the blue box with the levels, skills, etc and more importantly for me is the harem (your father gets that one).

So while not at the level of the Witcher, I'll say that it's like a monster Hunter or maybe dark souls.

Hyperion915 @Hyperion915 ago

not so great at convincing people but this story is super cool, i hope the two of you can see that as well. if not for me or anyone else reading, finish up the story for yourselves, things can only get more interesting from here on out. Thanks for the great story, ive enjoyed it immensely


rykov00 @rykov00 ago

Thanks for the kind notes all! I think that did the trick and they are expressing an interest in trying to run things back up. We're doing planning sessions to figure out how things will change up and I'll continue slogging through the book 1 rewrite. If all goes well we'll get this sucker fired back up in a few more weeks.

Wiselord @Wiselord ago

Was wondering what happened to this story and I just came back I check on it and surprise! I need to bookmark and fav though so I don't miss out on updates. Kinda late to the thanking bit, but gosh this story is great. A unique spin of an interesting premise, backed with proper, rounded characters that lead to a genuinely pleasant read. Thanks for all your efforts, I look foreword to what is to come!

Thanks for the update!


rykov00 @rykov00 ago

Okay all, I know it's later and no chapters, but I do have good news updates! We've started up playing book 2, and the adventures of Mark and Liz continue! I'm still hacking away at book 1 edits, but to be frank, this is going to take a long time to catch up and get the book 2 notes turned into something readable. The fact of the matter is life is incredibly busy for me right now, and I simply don't have the bandwidth to write at anything resembling a reasonable pace. I know it's little consolation, but I've learned a ton over the past year on writing, and I think you'll all very much enjoy the new and improved chapters when I can finally stop tweaking them and publish em. Think after summer though. We'll throw a party :)

There's a lot of other awesome stuff out there. I'd recommend Red Mage: Advent for some post apoc fix in the meantime, if you haven't already found it.

Orion681 @Orion681 ago

Hey kids. Have your dad publish this and have him pay you.


flriley @flriley ago

Dear Kids,

Your father is willing to pay cash, buy you new cell phones, and raise your allowance if you help him out to finish his story arcs. Plus he has decided to use Kindle Unlimited to release this and maybe start getting paid. Wouldn't it be really cool if he got famous and they made a movie out of his books?!


    rykov00 @rykov00 ago

    Still in the middle of starting a company and trying to do stuff like eat regularly. I have about 50% of book 1 re-edited, and a few chapters into Book 2. I'm hoping that by November life is stable enough to focus on this some more.