Book 2 Status and Book 1 Updates


Well, January happened, and then February, and looky here, March is chomping at the bit to get away from me. Apologies to all the readers who enjoyed this and were hoping to see more on the adventures of Mark and Liz. For now, most of Book 1 has gone through a major re-edit, and I will likely take down the old version and put out the new chapters inside this current story. This will make things easier to find. I plan on doing this starting April 2nd. The major rework areas are around how crafting works in the world (A lot more involved) how the powers ramp up (A bit slower) and also sprinkling in some hints at what will be going on with book 2.

Here's the thing. I'm writing this with my kids playing the main characters in an RPG table top campaign, and I'm having a bit of a hard time getting them back into the story. If you, wonderful readers, would like to see more, please drop an age appropriate comment that I can show them to try and get their motivation back. I would love to finish things up, have the entire 3 book arc planned out, but as this is a family project, cannot continue until I get my kids back on board.

So I hope that we'll have lots of new things coming soon, thanks for reading, and hope that we can get this show going again soon!


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