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A quick note. The poll is closed and we're going to write 5,3,2,4,1 in that order. It will take a bit because I don't want to interrupt the regular schedule but those chapters will appear and when they do I'll post them to appropriate locations. Not exactly sure how it will all work out but I'm sure I'll think of something. Thanks for voting!

Hey all, we're getting dangerously close to 100k views and I wanted to celebrate by giving you a chance to vote on a side story on a character you want to hear more from. In the chapter content below there will be descriptions of the stories I have on the back burner for world building and character development of some secondary characters. Please read the descriptions, and then vote on which character you'd like to hear more from. We'll take votes for a week and then close the poll.

Thanks to all the readers out there for your support, comments, reviews, and ratings. It's really helped us make the story better and we really appreciate your involvement in our first real writing project <img src=

If your choice in the poll doesn't get picked, fear not! Hopefully we'll hit other awesome milestones and have more opportunities to post bonus chapters later on.

Side Story 1 - Building yourself up (Eddie)
Eddie started the day getting yelled at for not applying himself more, and ended it shocked in horror at the loss of everything he knew. Waking up from his stupor, he was faced with two options: wallow in his own self-loathing, or do something amazing to honor the life he was gifted. It wasn't really an option, but what could a construction worker do in this new world filled with monsters and magic?

A story about crafting and the building of the community.

Side Story 2 - The Doctor is in (Mary)
Mary knew how to roll with the punches, and also how to properly treat and care for people who were involved in such altrications. However, her abilities have now morphed and the science that she lived by seems to be following a new set of rules. Mary is not prone to trust anything outside her own abilities, but the system is too useful to abandon. What balance must she strike to continue helping her family surive, but without giving too much control to a thing she doesn't trust?

A story about how people interact with the system

Side Story 3 - A mighty roar (Lyon)
Lyon lived through a lot of crap, but this was a new world of the stuff. He was used to being the strongest person in the room in just about any circumstance, but now finds himself at the mercy of teenage girls and unicorns. He desprately seeks strength to prevent future tragedies, but power seems to elude him. Why can't he figure this out?

A story about abilities and ability development

Side Story 4 - Hacked together (Jocelyn)
Jocelyn was almost killed, and now is so afraid that she can barely walk outside. The world went from making sense to being completely insane in a moment, and everything she ever strived for was made moot by the loss of the computers she invested her life into understanding. Rage and fear fuel her isolation, but maybe there's a way to get some of her own power back. Maybe there's a way her skills can work in this new world

A story about the guts of the system

Side Story 5 - Friendship is Unicorn! (Elly and Biscuit)
When Elly saw Biscuit, so many of her dreams came true. Little did she know that friendship with a unicorn was more than she ever could have imagined. Also, way more annoying than she figured.

A story about magical creatures and how to befriend them

A note from rykov00

Oh, and if you have more questions about the stories, please feel free to add a comment and I'll try answer any questions you may have (but will also try not to give too much away).

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