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Hey all, as noted previously, July is going to be a bit of a mess for us. I hope that you'll bear with us as we get things sorted and and when we resume in August we'll be at our two times a week or faster rate of posting. For now, we'll be going down to a single posting per week. You may have noticed that the chapters have been getting longer in the tooth, and this is giving some space to let the characters interact a bit more. Hopefully we'll be able to finish up this first arc at that pace.

Mondays or Tuesdays we'll post a weekly chapter for the next month. Teaser for what's coming is below. If you would like to see more of a particular character, or type of action, please make a comment now. We'll be doing a lot of writing the next bit and having an idea of what people are really enjoying would be helpful as we sprint through this month.

Liz was getting in position on the stairs as the gross feel of mana surging through her body started to build up again. Their ambush was taking some time to prepare and without the constant use of her abilities the pressure was becoming unbearable. As she prepared a powershot just to dissipate the accumulating energy a sudden cool wave flowed through her. She glanced over to the new notifications that just appeared, but something odd happened as the last message was coming through. Almost as quickly as the letters appeared they began to fade and ended in a truly bizarre message.


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