World After Calamity

by KurtMKing

Original COMPLETED Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Two hundred years ago, the Calamity occurred, an event which changed the terrain and climates of the world immensely, shifting continents and regions, developing new religions and altering life itself. The existence of magic and monsters was no longer able to be concealed, and until the Sage came and ended the Calamity, the world lived in chaos.

Now, two hundred years later, two primary forces in the globe, united under a single government, oversee all magical and supernatural crime and disruptions, working from the shadows and in the light to ensure the safety of all.

Something has upset the delicate balance the Sage created, however, and monsters sightings occur more and more frequently, and the signs of a second Calamity have begun to reveal themselves. At the same time, young superhumans begin training to fight against the forces causing this, to protect the mundane from monsters, and to ensure ancient artifacts are preserved and secured.

This is the story of Team Lusvar, a unit of extraordinary superhumans, the world they live in, and the missions they're sent on and trials they face.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 001: First Journey (Arc 1) ago
Chapter 002: The Start of Training (Arc 1) ago
Chapter 003: Aura (Arc 1) ago
Chapter 004: Exhaustion (Arc 1) ago
Chapter 005: Tension at Basic Training (Arc 1) ago
Chapter 006: Basic Training Battle City (Arc 1) ago
Chapter 007: A Short Vacation (Arc 2) ago
Chapter 008: Starting Training Missions (Arc 2) ago
Chapter 009: Training Mission in the Enchanted Forest (Arc 2) ago
Chapter 010: A Fire Burns in the Enchanted Forest (Arc 2) ago
Chapter 011: The Kaennikite Mines (Arc 2) ago
Chapter 012: The Locals of the Enchanted Forest (Arc 2) ago
Chapter 013: Rift Wolf (Arc 3) ago
Chapter 014: The Difference in Magic (Arc 3) ago
Chapter 015: Fuller Mansion (Arc 3) ago
Chapter 016 - Decisions (Arc 3) ago
Chapter 017: Christmas and Vacation (Arc 4) ago
Chapter 018: The Duality of Flame (Arc 4) ago
Chapter 0019 - Caleb's Return (Arc 4) ago
Chapter 0020 - So Caleb Did That ago
Chapter 0021 - Brothers ago
Chapter 0022 - "Rescuing" Caleb ago
Chapter 0023 - Rewriting History ago
Chapter 0024 - Another Dragon (Arc 5) ago
Chapter 0025 - The Rivers Crew ago
Chapter 0026 - Mock City Battle (Part 1) ago
Chapter 0027 - Mock City Battle (Part 2) and the Global Dreams Defense Federation ago
Chapter 0028 - A Bomb and Some Light ago
Chapter 0029 - The Second Great Calamity Begins ago
Chapter 0030 - Lusvar Nomari ago

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 Amazing story. Once I started I couldn't put it down!