This Kitty has guns

by Red&Black

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Female Lead LitRPG Non-Human lead Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

She was a rich girl with a dark hobby. But the fate has played a cruel joke on her and her life has ended ... or so she thought. What awaits her in this new world, that for some reason resembles a game.






Authors note:

English is not my native language, so if spot mistakes feel free to point them out. It's very much appreciated.

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3rd Anniversary
Word Count (12)
Top List #1000
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Awakening ago
Chapter 2: Learning the basics ago
Chapter 3: Sold ago
Chapter 4: Stroll trough the city ago
Chapter 5: Deal ago
Chapter 6: Spending money ago
Chapter 7: Firsts steps in becoming an adventurer ago
Chapter 8: Our First Adventure ago
Chapter 9: Let's play the detectives ago
Chapter 10: The bigger they are, the harder they fall ago
Chapter 11: Aftermath ago
Chapter 12: A new day ago
Chapter 13: Teasing in the morning ago
Chapter 14: An hateful enemy ago
Chapter 15: Boring, let's go to the next ago
Chapter 16: What the Hell is that !? ago
Chapter 17: Please tell me it's dead now .. ago
Chapter 18: Free at last ago
Chapter 19: There's a first time for everything ago
Chapter 20: Space Time Magic .. Get ago
Chapter 21: When the hunter becomes the hunted ago
Chapter 22: A Hidden Past ago
Chapter 23: A Night Visit ago
Chapter 24: We Meet Again ago
Chapter 25: Training ago
Chapter 26: The Ranking Test ago
Chapter 27: A glimpse of our power ago
Chapter 28: Picking new habits ago
Chapter 29: End of the test ago
Chapter 30: Dealing with rumors and meeting Agama ago
Chapter 31: Spirit of Knowledge ago
Chapter 32: Return to the dungeon ago
Chapter 33: Double trouble ago
Chapter 34: New skills ago
Chapter 35: Bones of steel ago
Chapter 36: Red Beast ago
Chapter 37: Armed to the teeth ago
Chapter 38: Stuck ago
Chapter 39: Emergency ago
Chapter 40: Cleaning the City ago
Chapter 41: To the Outpost ago
Chapter 42: It's not wise to make cat angry ago
Chapter 43: Legacy of Dungeon Lord ago
Chapter 44: My dungeon ago
Chapter 45: Kalh'dor ago
Chapter 46: Troubles with the Stone ago
Chapter 47: Gains and losses ago
Chapter 48: Found You ago
Chapter 49: Devil ago
Chapter 50: A story of the Devil ago
Chapter 51: A new friend? ago
Chapter 52: A fine weather ago
Chapter 53: Silence before the storm ago
Chapter 54: Temptation ago
Chapter 55: Beast Within ago
Chapter 56: Reunion ago
Chapter 57: Negotiations ago
Chapter 58: Reikurius ago
Chapter 59: A little trouble ago
Chapter 60: Disturbance in the Guild ago
Chapter 61: Sacred Battle ago
Chapter 62: Old friends ago
Chapter 63: Demons and Gods ago
Chapter 64: The birth of a monster ago
Chapter 65: Tristan ago
Chapter 66: The Beginning ago
Chapter 67: You were asking for impossible ago
Chapter 68: So what is this all about? ago
Chapter 69: "B" ago
Chapter 70: Plants Vs Zombies ago
Chapter 71: Dragon breath? ago
Chapter 72: Following the Trail ago
Chapter 73: It's in the nature of a cat to be naughty ago
Chapter 74: Rei Era'dor ago
Chapter 75: I am clean ago

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I'll be honest, there are a few grammatical issues here and there, but nothing that hurts the flow of the story.

I really love this story and I hope you keep it up!

Naju Silver

As someone who loves non human MC's I'd say this story is great. Why? Well maybe it's not a masterpiece but I found so much enjoyment from it although it's a simple story. 

And the "hidden" tag powercouple is also a nice touch. 

As I'm writing this on a phone I won't go into specifics tbh but I should at least touch on the story itself.

The first 30 ish chapters were.. Awesome. But afterwards author probably hit a block and decided to involve divine beings, which was way to early to be honest.

Instead I think the author should have had the MC brought into the political spectrum and built the world and the countries while having the whole Harbinger plot more In the backround rather than the forefront. 

Of course that doesn't mean I find the current  story bad, just that there is a lot of unused potential right now in the story. 

To end the review I could talk about the grammar etc but I honestly don't care. As long as I understand and the dialog isn't like all the characters are cpt obvious/talking like some nearby is blind I'm good! 

Anyway good job author and I wish your imagination keeps on flowing ;)


Good book. The first 20-30 chapters were great for me, but then it started to feel stale. It felt like no work went into the character’s growth, and the development got stale. Read it yourself and draw your own opinions.


The mc instantly falls in love with a elf, honestly wheres the logic with it?There's none as far as I see.

I mostly skipped to chapter 19 to see them in a relationship, seeing a beastkin with interesting skills doing nothing interesting is terrible.

If this was rewritten without the annoying elf guy I would like it more.

Sadly I feel this is impossible.