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Chapter 57: Orclands (Part 5)

The battle for the Fortress of Rog is rapidly approaching.

It was afternoon. The orcs were busy following their orders. Rogar Axelord has been tasked in reinforcing/backing up Yeknom. This was the order of the Orc Warchief and he does not have any plan on failing his orders.

The Fortress of Rog was made with stone and steel. Steel pikes were planted in front of the walls and on top of them.

The castle also has three walls with equal thickness. Since the Fortress of Rog is on a mountain pass, the first wall is located on the lowest part of the mountain pass, and it is ascending up to the third wall which covers the very path and castle on the mountain pass.

Since this is the only path to go through from the beach, it is well protected by the Orcs and they have spent years, even decades in fortifying this "gateway" to the Orclands.

Yeknom's savage orcs are already in position at their ambush points. Yeknom and his men will slowly take out the backline of the Humans while they are being attacked by the Fort's defenders.

Rogar's men rounded every projectile they have in the castle to the castle walls. Axes, javelins, bows and arrows could be seen on the walls. Rocks and crossbows too.

The Orcish race has very few magicians in their army however, these Orcish Mages are more powerful than the humans in using <Fire> and <Dark> magic.

They have been positioned in strategic positions along the castle walls. Some are even in the savage orc's ambush points.

Orc Archers and Mages was the main soldiers of Rogar Axelord's reinforcement army. They knew that in a defense, if they had more ranged units, they would have a better chance at winning.

These Archers are not accurate as human archers but they carry heavy bows which can fire heavyweight arrows that can go through thick orcish armor. They can't hit their targets all the time but once they did, it was not likely to get back up.

The Mages that he brought was better than those garrisoned in the Fortress. They are the elders of the Orcish race and mostly focus on Orc and Fire magic. They can empower their Orc comrades with buff magics that come directly from their Orc God, Krodog.

"Rogar. This is not enough. I have seen their power, and they also have a huge monster on their side! We cannot win with these men!"

Yeknom was aggravated.

"Shut up, Yeknom. You speak too fast without thinking."


"Do you think I will back you up here when I do not have anything up my sleeve? I think things through and you can go back to your ambush points and do your part."


Even though he was not satisfied, Yeknom followed his orders and went back to his position.

A bright light suddenly shone on the Fortress of Rog. Evening was approaching but it seems that another sun has risen.

It was slowly floating towards the fortress. It was the "Monster". A gigantic Angel. Or whatever is that.

Small, lights in the distance which looks like stars must be the "Celestials" that Yeknom was talking about. If they are using Angels as foot-soldiers, then we have a very hard fight ahead of us.

The good thing is that they can be physically harmed but flying in and out of battle will still prove very troublesome for our Orc Warriors who are used to fight against enemies, toe-to-toe.

"Ready the ballistae."


We've prepared a lot of long range weapons to shoot down these Angels.


As I was about to signal them to fire, a bright light and deafening sound came from the giant.


The ground shook as he cast his spell blinding everyone in the fortress for a short while.

However once we open our eyes, that short while was all they need to close the distance.


Celestials were swooping down on our walls and are taking down the defenders. The lower walls were already overrun by a huge number of Celestials.

"To arms! Bring them down!"

Shoom! Shoom!

Crossbow bolts, arrows and ballistae flew in the air, taking down multitudes of these Celestials.

Once they were defeated, they just turned in to glowing dust.

"Keep at it!"

Three Celestials approached Rogar at the same time. They charged in with their holy spears from different angles.


<Formidable Tower>!

Rogar stood firm as the spears hit him.


They broke down into pieces leaving the Celestials weaponless.


Rogar took them out with one swing of his giant axe.

More Celestials came after he took out three.

"By the Ancestors..."

20 Celestials is on him now. The others are charging and some were casting spells.

"Even my skills,I can't block them all."

Before the Celestials were able to take Rogar down, fireballs hit them.

"Orc Mages!"

Some made their way to Rogar. They are few so they cannot be everywhere at the same time.

"Let's go to the main gate!"

The main gate was being attacked by the Celestials, hoping to raise the gates for their Paladins to come in.

The Paladin army is just standing outside our walls watching while we are being invaded by their Celestials.

"Do they not care if we wipe out these Celestials?"

"It seems that they don't."

6 mages were with me while I made my way to the main gate. Taking down the occasional Celestial which would come at me with my axes.

The mages would shoot down anyone that came close. They would shoot other targets if they have the chance.

<Fireball> <Fireball>!

We were closing in the main gate and the Orc Mages stationed there were doing all they can to keep the Celestials away.

<Lightning>! <Orb of Thunder>!


I jumped to the top main gate from the walls. It's top is a bit higher than the walls.

The lower walls were already breached and the Paladin Army is waiting outside the main wall.

"Come get em!"

One by one I took down Celestials skillfully with my axes. My <Axe Mastery> and <Fighting Prowess> skills are high leveled and makes me a formidable force in duels and small skirmishes.

After a few more minutes of battle, there were only a few Celestials left but a lot of us were injured. The mages are almost out of mana.

Just as we thought things were calming down.

"Oh no!"

"What is it!?"

"R-rogar.... The gigantic Angel is upon us!"

It shot a storm of holy arrows. They were so many that you will think that you are looking at the sun. They were all glowing at the same time.

"We're doomed."

"Raise your shields Orc!"


"We will not be defeated by this!"


In a desperate attempt to block the arrows, we raised our shields.



We roared as we prepared to take the arrows with our shields.


It did not come.

"What's happening!?"

A huge arm. A spirit-like arm blocked the holy arrow storm.


The gigantic angel was surprised. When we all looked who the arm belonged to, it was...

"Tanul Gakk, the troll's guardian spirit." It was huge, red and very... troll like. It is almost the same size as the enemy's "Monster".

The trolls came. We thought they would not fight alongside us but it seems that the Orc Warchief was very persuasive.


The gigantic angel drew it's bow and a large holy arrow was forming.

<Judgement Arrow>!

It shone a lot more than the other arrows, I could barely see anything.

It flew towards Tanul Gakk who then drew his spritual club to hit the huge arrow.


"It was deflected!?"

Rogar Axelord could not hide his surpise when Tanul Gakk sent back the huge arrow.

"This would be enough to keep the Celestials and Oren busy. Let's go, Yeknom!"


The entire Orcish army poured out from the gates of the second wall. The plan was to wipe out the paladins in the field while the Celestials and Oren was busy with Tanul Gakk

"Do not falter!" <Sacred Ground>!

A Paladin Captain cast a ground spell which will create an area which buffs the defensive skills of the paladins.

"Shield wall!"

The Paladins in the field just outside the second wall formed a shield wall to stop the incoming wave of orcs. They are famous for their strong defense but it was not enough.

The charge of the orcs was so powerful that it created an opening in some parts of the shield wall. Which the orcs filled with their numerous numbers.

There was Chaos in the ranks of the Paladins. A lot of them were going down quickly. They could not fight while being surrounded by enemies on all sides.

"We can do it! Finish them!"

The morale was rising! But its rise was stopped by the sudden entrance of the Paladins.

They were falling from the heavens! It must be one of their skills.

Orc Warriors and Mages were flying everywhere because they were being landed on by Paladins.

"Keep them at bay! As long as we have Tanul Gakk, we can win!"

The troll mages were responsible for summoning the troll spirit and they have to remain in their summoning circle to keep Tanul Gakk present. However, they brought Troll Warriors that could help us.

These huge lumbering beasts went straight to action and throwing the Paladins into disarray. And also, literally throwing them everywhere.

Orcs warriors were taking down Paladins... Paladins were taking down some Orc warriors... Trolls destroying a small group of Paladins... Skilled Paladins taking down Troll Warriors.

It was absolute chaos on the walls now and even inside the walls. Some Paladins landed on the courtyard where the reserve unit was waiting. It was Yeknom's group.

They were able to surprise the unaware Paladins by hiding underground. Once the Paladins landed inside the walls, a Savage Orc would rise from the ground and hold them. Another one would appear to smash them with their clubs.

The Paladins were relying on their "Monster" to push us back but Tanul Gakk is doing a great job in keeping him busy.

They are exchanging blows even now. The "Monster" would shoot arrows and Tanul Gakk would send them back or send them flying in other directions. Then he will rush towards the "Monster" to land a few hits.

Even if the Gigantic Angel was able to shoot or cast a spell on Tanul Gakk, it seems that it does not take damage. None at all.

"How can this be!?"


Baffled Paladins could be heard in the battlefield. They would be taken down immediately once they lost the confidence in their "Monster". Even if they look away only for a short moment, they would be cut down by an Orc Warrior or a giant Troll.

We can win... We just have to keep this pace...


(Hero POV)

The Circle of Light was troubled by the sudden appearance of the troll spirit.

Hero: "I want an elite group to go inside the fort and do something for me."

Ganz: "What for? Let's just get into action!"

Hero: "Nep(Daggers), Yob(Scythe) and Gnom (Sword and Shield). Come with me."

Nep: "Right away."

Yob: "Sure. What are we going to do?"

Hero: "We are going to take down the mages behind that illusion."

Gnom: "Illusion? It's pushing back the ascended Oren!"

Hero: "They are not even damaging him. They are using an illusion along with some other spells to deflect his attacks. Even when the "Spirit" lands hits, it would only push back Oren but not hurt him."

Gnom: "I see. To move forward, we need this."

Hero: "Right. Go, take them out."

Gnik: "How about us and the others? Ganz seems really excited to dive in."

Hero: "I will give you the go signal once we took out the mages. They might have other tricks up their sleeves. We cannot underestimate them."

Ganz: Fine. Thanks, Gnik for asking.

Gnik: Sure thing.

(few minutes later)

Nep's group was able to through the chaotic battlefield to the side of the Troll Mages.

They had a few skirmishes before they reached this point but they won easily.

Nep and the two were on their way to take out the Troll Mages inside their summoning circle but....


"What do you think are you doing here!?"

A huge orc carrying a lot of axes suddenly dropped down in front of us. The summoning circle is in the courtyard so the Orc must have dropped from the walls.

Nep: "Take him out!"

Before we even get near to him, and Orc came from under ground and took hold of Yob and Gnom's legs.

"Take this!"

While I was distracted by it, the Axe Orc hit my armor with a huge axe and leaving a dent on it.

Nep: "Damn it..."

I flew a few meters because of the strength.

"Hmp! You weren't cut to half?"

The axe wielding Orc looked unconvinced.

"Then... Take this!!!"


I teleported behind him and tried to plant my daggers in his back.

Cling!!!! Clank!!!!

My daggers did not dig in... A skill?

How do I do this...

While I was busy with the Axe Orc, Yob and Gnom were fighting the Savage Orc that came from underground.

Yob: "We're almost finished here!"

The Savage Orc were full of wounds and was wobbly.

Yob: "We will be able to help you onc-"


Yob flew away a couple of meters.

Gnom: "W-what!?"

We were just bullying this savage orc a few moments ago...

Gnom: "He's a berseker..."

He was glowing with a red aura.

The reason Gnom did not fly away by the Savage Orc's attack is because he had his shield.

But not for long...

While Yob tried to come back to fight again, Gnom was being barraged by a series of attacks made by the Savage Orc. Gnom's shield was taking damage now...

"D-damn! Curse you!!!"

Clank, clink, Clank, Boom!

Sounds of metal against metal and a blunt weapon against a shield was heard around the battle field now.

Boom! Boom! Badoom!

War drums are starting to pick up. The Orcs are gaining momentum and do not feel that they can lose.

Gnom: Damn!


A hit from the Savage Orc's club sent Gnom slide back with his shield up.

This Savage Orc was stronger than the others, it must be their leader.

Yob: I got your back, Gnom!

Yob threw his Scythe on the back of the Savage Orc. It made a deep wound.


However... It only made it angrier.


Yob magically pulled back his Scythe to block the Savage Orc's attack but...


He was thrown back again. A couple meters away and he even hit a wall.

Gnom: "It seems that we've underestimated you too much."

"What are you saying, human?"

<Heaven's Guidance>! <Holy Arnament>!

Gnom now has a huge flaming aura around him. It was Holy Flames. It can damage both the body and soul of an enemy.

His weapons and armor turned into pure gold and was glowing. It was not his usual pure white armor.


Still, the Savage Orc charged him.

With the shield in one hand, Gnom deflected the attack. It bounced back leaving the Savage Orc defenseless.

Gnom: Then.... <Piercing Strike>!

A simple skill trained for years can be as deadly as a high level skill.

His golden sword pierced the body of the Savage Orc and it was no longer moving.

Gnom: "Woohh..."

Or so he thought.


In a last attempt to kill Gnom, the Savage Orc pushed itself nearer to Gnom by taking the sword deeper into his body.

It was now choking Gnom with all of its remaining strength. The Orc's body was burning slowly because of Gnom's aura.

Gnom:"A-amazing... How can you..."

"Grahhhhh!!!!! Ughkkk!!!"

A spinning blade pass by them, cutting off the Savage Orc's head. It's grip was still strong for a few seconds but after a few seconds, it went weak.

Gnom: "Hahh....hah... Thanks."

Yob: "Don't mention it."

It was Yob's Scythe that finished the job.

Gnom: "How do you even... control that thing?"

Yob: "My Scythe? It's called <Magic Grasp>. I could use magic to handle things and to bring things to me or push them away.

Gnom: "I see."

While Gnom and Yob was fighting the Savage Orc, Nep was having a hard time landing a blow on the Axe Orc.

"Is that all you can do!?"

The Orc skillfully made combo after combo with his multiple axes.

Nep would dodge and deflect them perfectly but everytime he tries to rush in for an attack, he gets pushed back by the Orc's huge axe.


A blow hit Nep in the stomach. He was hit by the handle of the Giant Axe.

"You run well but weak."

"Is that what you think? Look around you."

While Nep was running around dodging the Axe Orc's attacks, he was planting daggers around the Orc.


<Steel Embrace>.

Shukkk!!!! Clink!!! Clank!!!

Daggers in the ground and everywhere Nep put them flew towards the Axe Orc hitting him from all angles. Some hit his armor but some hit the space between his armor. Most was in his neck.

"Glukk... Ahhkkkk..."

He didn't die from the daggers but he bled out. We left him to die slowly.

Gnom: "What took you so long?"

Nep: "Tsk... I had to set up my attack so that it can pierce its thick armor."

Yob: "Let's go."

They could see Troll Mages channeling a spell inside a summoning circle.

"Kill em!"

Elite Troll Warriors came out from nowhere. Swinging their clubs at high speed.

Nep: "Kuk!"

Nep stepped on the club of the Troll and run towards its neck to slice it open.


A Troll smashed its club on Gnom's shield and its arm was broken.

Gnom: <Shield Skill: Return Damage>!

<Scythe Storm>!

Yob's Scythe spun at a really high speed which cut down all the remaining Troll's surrounding them.

Yob: Time to die!

They easily took out the Troll Mages. With the fall of the Orc leaders and the Troll Spirit, the surrounding Orc Warriors were defeated easily.


(Rogar Axelord POV)

I'm bleeding out.


I saw the troll spirit disappear. We have lost.

Still the Orc's did their best in a desperate attempt to hold them back.

The gigantic angel smashed the gates and countless Paladins came rushing in. They could only send a few through the spell where they came from above.

"Warchief... I failed you."

It's a good thing I sent a runner with my message to the chief.

I kind of felt it from the start. We cannot win this battle. However, we did not surrender. We fought to the last Orc.

As I was blacking out and quickly approaching death, I felt someone watching from afar.

I do not remember who he is... but he seems very familiar.

Rogar Axelord died in the battle for the Fortress of Rog along with Yeknom the Savage Orc Chief.

In his Fortress, which he inherited from his father Rog. The hero the beat the previous Seaman Invasion.


(Hero POV)

Hero: "Clean them up. We're setting up our Main Base here."

Soldiers: "Yes, Paladin Lord!"

Ganz: "It was quite boring taking out the stragglers. I could have taken the main gate on my own!"

Hero: "You're too noisy. You want me to send you back to Haven and join Harb?"

Ganz: "This rascal... Bah!"

Ganz walked away and carried an ale barrel to his tent.

Hero: "Good job, Nep in leading your group to take out the Troll Spirit."

Nep: "No sweat. Each of us did our jobs so it was easy."

Hero: "Great. Prepare yourselves, we will be moving to the mainland after setting up the base."

Circle of Light members: "Yes!"

After the Paladins took the Fortress of Rog from the Orc's, Orcland's fall was certain.

(After a few days.)

Hero: "We will separate our armies and each army will be led by members of the Circle of Light. In this way, we can take over the country quickly and efficiently.

Gnik: "How about Oren? Where will go?"

Hero: "He will go with your group, Gnom and Gnik. You two will lead your own army."

(remember to put the army amount before posting this chapter.

Gnik: "Got it."

Hero: "Yob, Yobab and Yobob. You three will lead another army."

Yob: "We got it."

Hero: "Nep and Tero. You're going to handle third army."

Nep: "Got ya."

Tero: "I see."

Hero: "Me, Ganz and Yuon will be leading the fourth army. We will not be assaulting any fortress but will back up any armies who need our help the most."

Three armies to attack and one reserve army.

Yuon: "...."

Hero: "Yuon? You all right?"

Yuon: "Y-yeah."

I thought he would get over his trauma. He never felt death so close before and it's still bothering him. Even after the one who scaused this is already dead.

That Savage Orc... We're in big trouble if there are a lot more of them in the mainland.

Hero: "Campaign! Commence!"

Soldiers: "YEARGHHH!!!"

(Orc Messenger)

Hahhh.... hufff...

Orc Messenger: "Warchief!"

Orc Warchief: "What is it, little one?"

Orc Messengers were always small in stature. This helps them to be faster and delivering messages and also more adept in stealth.

That's one thing but the Orc Warchief was a huge orc. He is almost as large as a troll.

Orc Messenger: "I bring a message from Rogar Axelord. We.... We lost."

Orc Warchief: "... I see. Even Rogar can't stop them. How about Yeknom?"

Orc Messenger: "He also died."

Orc Warchief: "Prepare our emissaries! I want to speak with all the leaders in the mainland. Even if they are not Orc."

Orc Soldier: "Got it!"

The Warchief... They say the he's the smartest Orc that was ever born. If there was someone who can save us from the disaster that is approaching.

It's him.


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