Idmon the Skeleton

by Idmon

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

What would a minion do if his master died before him? What would a servant do without its master? What would a Skeleton Soldier do without his Skeleton King?

Have you asked yourself this question? Well if you do that’s nice. I think you already know how this story will go.


In a world where goodness already prevailed. When the just have earned their place and the righteous has struck true. Is there a place left for evil forces? I mean about evil forces is like monsters and evil beings.


The bad thing is a Skeleton Soldier is having a hard time.

And from here Idmon’s story will unfold.

Personal notes:

My name is Idmon, Halo! English is not my first language but do enjoy my work and forgive my minor errors. I work alone and I’m also the one to fix errors so bear with me. Thanks for checking this out since this is my first novel here in RoyalRoadL


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
End of All Things (of Monsters and Evil Beings) ago
Chapter 1: Awake ago
Chapter 2: Practice ago
Chapter 3: Encounter ago
Chapter 4: Village ago
Chapter 5: Market ago
Chapter 6: Meeting with the Duke ago
Chapter 7: Druid ago
Chapter 8: Bandits ago
Chapter 9: Preparation for Breakthrough ago
Chapter 10: Breakthrough ago
Chapter 11: Dead Lands ago
Adventure! (Intermission) ago
Chapter 12: Land Defiler ago
Chapter 13: Black Goblins ago
Circle of Light (Intermission) ago
Chapter 14: Forgotten Village ago
Chapter 15: Loots! ago
Druid's Student ago
Chapter 16: Dead Lands Encounters ago
Chapter 17: The Crossing ago
Souta's Training (Intermission) ago
Chapter 18: First Contact ago
Chapter 19: Unexpected Meeting ago
Chapter 20: Tunnel Battles ago
Chapter 21: Cave of Behemoth ago
Chapter 22: Outpost ago
Chapter 23 : Dwarf King ago
Chapter 24: Regroup, Hit and Run ago
Chapter 25: Alliance ago
Lord of Death (Dwarf King POV) ago
Chapter 26: The Capital ago
Chapter 27: Meeting in the Castle ago
Side story (Prelude): Forest Ranger (Souta POV) ago
Chapter 28: Un Deth ago
Chapter 29: Seventh Goblin War (First Offensive) ago
Blind (Intermission) ago
Chapter 30: Aftermath ago
Side story (Part 1): The Search (Souta POV) ago
Chapter 31: Loyalty (Bon POV) ago
Chapter 32: The Searcher ago
Chapter 33: The Searcher meets the Army. ago
Chapter 34: Lina's Room ago
Chapter 35: Head Researcher ago
Chapter 36: Situation (Dwarves POV) ago
Side story (Part 2): The Search (Souta POV) ago
Chapter 37: Dread Heroes ago
Chapter 38: Second Offensive ago
Chapter 39: The Siege of Gargan ago
Chapter 40: Defense of Horgen Part 1 (Dolf POV) ago
Side story (Part 3): The Search (Souta POV) ago
Chapter 41: Defense of Horgen Part 2 ago
Chapter 42: Meeting for the Last Offensive ago
Chapter 43: War for the South Region (Seventh Goblin War Arc END) ago
Side story (Last Part): The Search ago
Chapter 44: Unexpected Help ago
Chapter 45: Another Meeting ago
Chapter 46: Daily life in Un Deth and a Request for Help ago
Intermission: A Child Skeleton's dream! ago
Chapter 47: Journey to the Grave Isles ago
Intermission: A Gathering Storm ago
Chapter 48: Underwater Caves ago
Chapter 49: Arrival at the Grave Isles ago
Intermission: Tob's Dream (Part 2) ago
Chapter 50: The Rebel Army? ago
Chapter 51: Rite of Ascenscion ago
Intermission: Tob's Dream (Part 3) ago
Chapter 52: The Third Skeleton King ago
Chapter 53: Orclands (Part 1) ago
Chapter 54: Orclands (Part 2) ago
Chapter 55: Orclands (Part 3) ago
Chapter 56: Orclands (part 4) ago
Christmas Special Chapter 00: ago
Chapter 00: The First (Part 2) ago
Chapter 57: Orclands (Part 5) ago
Chapter 58: Orclands (Part 6) ago
Personal note from author. ago
Chapter 59: The Hero and the Warchief (Orclands Final Part) ago
Announcement ago
Chapter 60: Young Warchief and the Lord of Death ago
Intermission: The Holy Gauntlet ago
Chapter 61: The Hunter becomes the Prey ago
Chapter 62: In My Time of Need ago
Chapter 63: Idmon, Tob, and the Dark Lord. ago
Chapter 64: Dragons, Wyverns, and their Kin ago
Chapter 65: The Paladins Move ago
Chapter 66: Shiro and Idmon ago
Chapter 67: The Paladin's Meeting ago
Chapter 68: Mel, Mag and Ran ago
Chapter 69: Clash with the Paladins ago
Chapter 70: The Holy Gauntlet vs the Spear of the Void ago
Intermission: The Contract ago
Chapter 71: The Clash between Light and Void ago
Chapter 72: Aftermath of the Paladin Invasion ago
Chapter 73: The Ancient Golems ago
Intermission: Orc Village ago
Chapter 74: The Meeting of the Human Leaders ago
Chapter 75: Ancient's Temple ago
Chapter 76: The Temple's Challenge ago
Chapter 77: The Ancient Golems ago
Chapter 78: The Ancient Golems Part 2 ago
Chapter 79: The Ancient Golems Part 3 ago
Chapter 80: Ancient Golems Part 4 ago
Chapter 81: Unleashing the Beast Kingdom Part 1 ago

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Your novel is really great, but there are few flaws that puts me off. You don't explain a lot, you wrote how he casts ice magic, but you didn't tell about lighting. One moment MC spear broke, in next fight he using spear again. One sentense they are walking in other they are fighting behemoth.

What I want to say is that you rush this story little to much. take your time.

As i continue to read it one more thing is buggin me. with is conversation. They are really forced. I don't know how to explain this. It's like they have no personality. Or you are just writing those conversations as a fillers of this story.

Should really fix this.
Other than that. your story is great !


Firstly, my english writing skills are bad so, i have to apologize beforehand.

Then, well its nice written but boring at some point. Noting interesting happens for me and i dont feel curious "what will happen now?". MC is rarely in trouble, or troubles that mc find himself in are told in boring ways. But there is good things too (for me as i say before) and they are: story arent cliche (for a web novel), plot armor doesnt taste bad unlike others (i think pretty much of web novel's problem is their plot-armors are unbeliavable), characters are not bad, they not fully characters but not bad either (forgive me for comparing it again with other novels. in other novels mostly characters arent characters but only clones and dont have voices they have own and in good novels every character is special and they have a voice that you can differ them you know what i mean. in this novel it seems characters are at average, not bad not good.)


Good story of growing "minion"

One complaint: the author may want to add the "traumatizing content" tag for... reasons. Other than that, it's executed exactly as the author planned, with little errors here and there but they're nearly unnoticeable.

Read for a good antihero LitRPG story. Although... I think the author's kind of pushing it with the mass-releases of chapters. Idmon needs to chill and take a break at some point. Maybe write, review, and plan for a week or two after each massive chapter dump. Too many stories go downhill because they're rushed.

My picky self also thinks the characters and battles are a bit stiff though. That's my opinion.

Giulio Cimmino

The story is fantastic one of the best on royalroad but the aoutor takes breaks of a little bit to often I don’t want 10 chapter at day and the fact I don’t pay for read the story I can’t really get angry or something similar but make me sad to wait month of year for the next 10 o less chapter and then another pause I’m hoping that the writer start make chapter whit regularity.


Bro, your story is good but it is kinda itchy. I don't know why but when I am reading the chapters and some texts, I keep on scratching the whole time. Also, there are times that I am developing an allregy because of the itchiness of the story but don't worry, I always drink my medicine for me to keep on reading because it is somewhat itchy and allergic. But bro, as I go deep on reading, the itchiness is going worse and I don't know why. Even typing this comment on your story is itchy. 


P.S Great story bro, and I would really appreciate if you could reduce the itchiness in your story, bro. And also, I will donate some money and medicine so you could reduce the itchiness.

P.P.S Solid stuffs but kinda itch

Another P.S I gave you 4 and a half star because yes, admittedly it is one of the best but there is an itchiness.


And hey also, If I'm reading other fictions it is not itchy af, but when I'm reading yours, I kept on scratching all over the body.


Thank you for the story bro-dono. Keep on doing your stuff. By the way, this is how I critic a story. It's always by the level of itchiness. Thanks bro-sensei.




Pretty solid for a non-native. The phrasing is a bit awkward at times, but it doesn't stop the reading flow.

The characters and interaccions feel like a shonen/xianxia/wuxia/you-know-what-i-mean. That means little variety, either admiration or hostility towards the mc, and little else.

The story is not too original. Reminds me a lot of Re:Monster, which I love. The whole 'journey of a weak critter to the top of the food chain, plus the making of an army' is very overused, but done right is loads of fun. And so far it's not half bad.

Tl;dr: Thumbs up. Silly fun will be had.


Quite good, keep it up!

So I went into this thinking it was like most other novels with a skeleton MC. Turns out I got a pleasant surprise. I'm loving the story so far. Also, well done learning the language so well, I'm not a person who looks for grammar mistakes, but so far I haven't seen anything that bugs me.