Dragon Princess

by Kuroya

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Slice of Life
Shina, a little four years old girl witness the end of her world and awake in another body. She is the daughter of the two gods who made countless world, they are forced to send her in another world where she will make friend and enemy. Follow her story as she grow up in a world full of prejudice.
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5th Anniversary
Word Count (13)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - The Apocalypse and a New life [Proofreaded] ago
Chapter 1 - Truth and Family [edited] ago
Chapter 2 - Ordinary Life and Training [Proofreaded] ago
Chapter 2.5 - Mystel POV ago
Chapter 3 - Depart ago
Chapter 4 - Dragon Half ago
Chapter 5 - Eniel ago
Chapter 6 - Enrolling to School ago
Chapter 7 - Veralox ago
Chapter 8 - First day at School ago
Characters Page ago
Chapter 9 - Second day at School ago
Chapter 10 - Two weeks later ago
Chapter 11 - The prince and the girl ago
Chapter 12 - The prince and the girl (Shina's POV) ago
Chapter 13 - Ordinary School Day ago
Chapter 14 - The City ago
Chapter 15 - The Ambush ago
Chapter 16 - Eniel's Training ago
Chapter 17 - School Tournament ago
Chapter 18 - School Tournament Part 2 ago
Chapter 19 - Riswan ago
Chapter 20 - Friesel ago
Chapter 21 - The Forest's Situation ago
Chapter 22 - The Dark Wizard ago
Chapter 23 - Depart from the Elven Village ago
Chapter 24 - Delfia ago
Chapter 25 - Let's earn money ! ago
Chapter 26 - First Dungeon ago
Chapter 27 - Time to get Serious ago
Chapter 28 - Ways to get Stronger ago
Chapter 29 - New goal ago
Chapter 30 - Leaving the Dungeon ago
Announcement, second Fiction ago
Chapter 31 - Back to Delfia ago
Chapter 32 - Taking a walk in the Slums [Proofreaded] ago
Chapter 33 - Leaving Delfia [Proofreaded] ago
Chapter 34 - The Contract ago
Chapter 35 - Enslaved Village ago
Chapter 36 - Dark Seal ago
Chapter 37 - The Start of the War ago
Chapter 38 - Madness on the Battlefield ago
Chapter 39 - Rampage ago
Chapter 40 - Within the Darkness ago
Chapter 41 - End of the Battle ago
Chapter 42 - The Princess's Return ago
Chapter 43 - The 'Calm' Before The Storm ago
Chapter 44 - Kalten ago
Chapter 45 - Meeting ago
Chapter 46 - Fight Between Gods ago
Chapter 47 - Wrath ago
Epilogue Volume 1 ago
Volume 2 Prologue - Warriors Of Another World ago
Volume 2 Chapter 1 - Saviors Headquarter ago
Volume 2 Chapter 2 - Unpredictable Encounter ago
Announcement ago
Volume 2 Chapter 3 - Mysterious Fragment ago
Dragon Princess Reborn ago

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Some Grammer Issues but otherwise great!

Seems like a default reincarnation story until you get through the first handful of chapters, that's when it really starts to shine.

Suffers from some Grammar issues ( I am guessing its not the authors first language) but still readable for the most part .

All in all a great story and definitely one ill be watching the updates for

  • Overall Score

More drunk Shina! XD

Keep it up man~ Loving your progress so far~!!


But still... I want a drunk Shina more~~ Hope it's a 3rd person POV... :)

  • Overall Score

I really like this ff, please continue.

  • Overall Score

Really everything about this storry annoyes me and it is not just a subjective feeling.


-So, the parents, that knew that she looks like a hlaf drake send her to a place where racisma against such creatures is severe. nice. There is not a single world where racism is maybe no longer a thing? Are you trying to tell that racism is a part of humans? interesting thought, except it is probably just the cliche scenario where the MC is an underdog but not really, since she is op and the ignorant humans just don't know any better. nice

-Every one(except the main characters of course, they are the good ones) is racist, wants to use others and complete pricks. This is annoying beacause of course it makes us hate them and view the Mc in the best light possible because she is suuuch a nice person and not like thos stupid racists... lazy writing at best.

-Really, she should not have a single fucking problem when the dragon god follows her around, but gotta have drama! Like, why did he even bother to train that one demi human apart from the MC? Becaus he did not have the authority to enroll her in a school where she could have trained? Like it is a place designed for this fucks sake. And then maybe once in a while taken her out so she could learn how to kill by finding some bandids (bc from what I got, there have to be a fuckton of those all over the place.)

-Writes annoying as fuck characters for the single purpose of.... THEM BEING ANNOYING FUCKS. This comes again and again and again. Why writing compelling characters when you can write annoying antagonists and make the MC look better by comparison (ye, I know I am repeating myself, this is the point)


In the end the storry is annoying and I am screaming inside of my head a lot while reading. Oh, and the bad grammar, but this is one of the lesser problems.

Eater of Books
  • Overall Score

I honestly think I have endured saying something about volume 2 for a long time. The new arc is basically taking everything from the premise of the anime Mondaiji Tachi Ga! Ok first of all they are summoned to a new world...........that's ok so far........gunless fight against each other for power.........sounds familiar........have to help a weak guild.......sounds like the communities in Mondaiji Tachi Ga but OK.........A foolish rabbit......awfully like Kuro Usagi.......Wow the rabbit girl even has the same personality.......Like Hell it is a coincidence. Even then I would not mind so much but you just had do a horrible imitation of Kuro Usagi's personality. Judging from the rip off jokes you probably took them from the manga and basically dug yourself into a hole where you can't write anything as good as the anime. While the story isn't the best I really enjoyed it so I'm really disappointed in the way the story is going. I'm probably never reading this story again. (T^T)/

  • Overall Score

Great history diferent of the rest, Very Good

Nice history is diferent of the rest of novel i like that , looking for more chapter. Congratulations.

  • Overall Score

atrractive story line, not boring. good enough to be waitin

not boring story, got some original, OP MC  but bearable. i hope MC will be travel between dimension or world.

any way i love this story.hope author backup the story it a pitty to be lost and forgotten if something happen (ex site crash)

  • Overall Score

So far I have really enjoyed this fiction. I especially like that even if Shina is powerful for her age she can still be taken off guard and defeated. It helps to see how her powers develop and how she will grow into a future goddess. Keep up the great work!!

  • Overall Score

I like how the story is developing , it 's getting better and better with each new chapter  added ....Thank you very much

  • Overall Score

Very good, keep the chapters coming!

Some grammar mistakes, like emberresed instead of embarrased

chapters are of a good length

and i think it's nice to see the influence the mc has on people by all the different viewpoints you describe

The first chapters could use some work (fairly standard reincarnation story) but i never could stop reading after chapter 2.5 ^^