Sapti Valley, Year 112

“I have to meet the king. NOW. Find out where he is and inform him my arrival.”

Panic could be seen on the man’s face. Soon, his assistant gave him a slip of paper about the king’s whereabouts. He changed into his uniform and started rushing towards the western courtyard.

“My lord, I have received a message. The Chief of Security is coming here to meet you”. 

“Send him in and arrange a carriage for both of us. If he is coming to meet me at this hour, something has happened”.

The Chief of Security entered the courtyard sweating. He couldn't decide on how to break the news to the king. If he misspoke, it could end fatal for him. He took a deep breath and decided to be straight forward and be done with it. 

“What’s wrong chief? Is it those bandits again? Where have they attacked now?”

“My lord, your father is missing. Any trace of him is gone.” The Chief of Security knew he need not explain any further. The King should know the consequence of this. The Kingdom of Sapti has been the hegemon in this world and no one has opposed them, partially due to the presence of that old man. Now that he is gone….

But to his surprise, the King didn’t seem to panic upon hearing this. He just smiled at the sky. “So this is the time eh. Sam (Chief of Security), my father should have left a letter. It should be in his study. Please bring the letter to me. You can stop the search and no one can know about this.”



An old man could be seen walking up a hill, to the tallest point in the capital. He gazed at the city and sighed. "This could very well be the last time I can see this view. But some things... has to be done."

He could see a silhouette of a figure already waiting for him. He knew the time has come to keep his promise. The old man was waiting for this day, since he made that promise 70 years ago.

The figure suddenly moved. He threw a dagger at the old man. The old man smiled and lifted his two fingers to catch the dagger. Just when he was about to catch the dagger, it vanished and appeared in the figure’s hand again. The old man was shocked upon seeing this.

The figure stood up and walked towards the old man. “This should prove that am more than qualified.”

The old man still in shock stammered, “Of…. Of…of course. You have grown a lot since the last time I saw you kid. Take care of this world.”

The figure smiled, “Take care of my family”.

The old man vanished.


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