Chapter 546: [ The battle Ends ]


What followed next was a pillar of flame that seemed to explode into life from around her. The heat alone from this roaring flame was enough to melt all of the trees and boulders around her. What’s more, it was not only the things around them but the monsters around them that had simultaneously began to cry in pain and agony as they hurriedly tried to run away.

As for Mireya and Elsa, their bodies started to glow crimson, and the flames that were hot enough to melt monsters bodies seemed to be turning lukewarm.

"She's hot," Mireya grinned while looking at Asmodeus.

"Ah, I Sister Feriat in our group is enough," Laura retorted from the side.

"That's not what I'm talking about!" Mireya replied with a bashful expression.

Fortunately, Asmodeus controlled the flames well and only makes sure that the flames surrounded the Iron Scaled Beast. Not wanting to involve unwanted people, Asmodeus focused her power around the Iron Scaled Beast.

It was a scorching torrent of flame that did not look like it was going to go out anytime soon. In the blink of an eye, their battlefield of extreme cold due to Frostwolves and Mireya was transformed into a blazing inferno.

Slowly, the hard iron shell around the beast started to soften, melting onto the heat. It started running around, screaming and wailing in agonizing pain. However, no matter where it goes, it was being stopped and ravage by flame serpents and Mireya and Elsa’s claws. Even the weaker monsters were pitifully being burned to ashes—

Allen, seeing that Mireya’s sides don’t have any danger anymore sigh in relief. He then nailed a monster in front of him with several sharp three-meter length rapier swords on the ground—this monster was actually level 7 with strength almost rivaling that of a level 8.

Swinging his scythe casually, the monster’s head made in an arc in the air--insta-kill!

Twirling the Death Scythe and placed it behind him, he then grasped the air.

A Firebird struck another Lv7 monster closer to him and it was baptized in hellfire which exploded once more, killing it instantly. The explosion even involved those monsters around him.

Allen expanded his body in front of the monsters as the Death Scythe in his hand suddenly slashed out more than hundreds of times. The black haze mist-like energy landed on that beast like a wave of heavy rain—though, for some strange reason, this shadow like mist would latch off towards the monster’s body the moment the scythe’s blade touch them. And when it did, the monsters that managed to stay alive after the confrontation would then started showing painful expressions.


As expected of one of my best masterpieces…! Allen grinned wickedly.

[ Death Executioner ] That was the Death Scythe’s name.

One of his creations that even for him could be said to be a balance breaker in any games!

[ Death God’s Remorse Grade: Common—(Legendary) Creator: Allen Bando

Skills: [ Hell Flames ] [ Death God’s Visage ] [ Life Steal ] [ Raise the Dead ] [ Strengthen Undead ] [ Soul Empowering ] [ Madness ]

Note: The more life it reaps, the stronger the Scythe becomes and the mind of the user would be warped. ]

A Cursed weapon—Allen really didn’t expect for him to create such thing after imbuing several of his dark and evil skills and magic in the process. It was indestructible so it was an item that cannot be destroyed.

Just half of its length alone was more than 3 meters, and the blade itself was more than 2 meters. The blade was wide, and something like a zigzag line ran down the center. It is an intelligent weapon and most of all… when it reaps lives, it slowly becomes stronger and grew in grade and probably, it might even reach the God Tier Realm that Allen had yet to achieve to create!

This weapon might become his first ever God Tier Creation…!

With Allen’s innate characteristics, the Death Scythe’s curse was nothing to him. However, if someone else held it, surely they would be devoured by it…!

It was truly a Death Scythe!

“…my blood is running hot, today…” he muttered with a faint smile as his gaze surveyed the wary monsters around him.

Creatures like demon rock bears were unable to pose any threat to him. They fell quickly to his Death Scythe.

When suddenly, while Allen was reaping lives, he heard a roar. Countless trees were snapped, revealing a dark brown hide and a single eye. A six-eight meter tall, ape-like creature appeared. From the fact that it could completely sweep aside the trees, it must have been a strength-type monster.

Allen identified it.

—[ One Eyed Ogre Type: Beast Level: 8 Offense: AA Defense: AAA ]—

An Ogre…!

Ogre is a very generic term.

This one should be classified as a type of rock ogre. Both their attack and defense are extremely strong, giving them extremely destructive power and almost indestructible body! According to the legends, they are offspring of the Cyclops and female Titan Ape type creatures. Although they possess extremely low intelligence, they possess ridiculous power, toughness and even almost instant regeneration.

The Ogre’s eye actually locked onto him. Did it sense Allen’s power…?

“…Interesting,” Allen grinned as he started running towards the One eye Ogre.

Baaang!! The Ogre actually took the initiative to attack, as it smashed down its long wooden cub on the ground. However, since there was at least roughly twenty kilometers between them and the Ogre’s Club was only as long as five meters it was certainly fell short and would not reach Allen. However, it didn’t reach him at all, as the moment it smashed its club down the ground instantly shook as if an earthquake had occurred, and even the entire mountain seemed to have shaken as well—a long, deep fissure even appeared, running towards Allen’s direction.

Allen slashed his Death Scythe and burst of wild wind shot out. A smaller wave shot forth towards the bigger one, breaking up—Allen’s attack clashed towards the Ogre’s attack, causing a massive explosion.

The big wave split, the monster’s attack, and passed by the two sides of Allen, killing the monsters and injuring those late to dodge cultivators behind him. Even the ground cave in and the monsters and humans alike with the vicinity was sent flying away.

Allen then transformed into lightning and dashed towards the monster. A white cone of vapor was created in the air, and soon an explosion was heard on top of the forest. In less than a minute, Allen whizzed past 20 kilometers and arrived before the Ogre. Sensing that Allen’s arrival, the One-eyed Ogre attacked without thinking twice.

Wiiiz! Allen somersaulted in the air, the large wooden club brushing past him as he rotated in the air, then, Slash! Slash! Slash! the Death Scythe was suddenly waved out more than hundreds of times in an instant. Flames and Ice Magic Energy flowed through the Scythe’s blade like flowing river, then landed on that beast like a wave of heavy rain.

Ting! Ting! Dang! Dang! …

Countless sparks were set off from the assault. The magic energies from Allen, to his surprise, were only able to leave a light mark on the skin of the monster, unable to break even a bit.

“Ho?” Allen sighs in surprise from the extremely tough monster.

Allen once again left afterimages, dodging the incoming attacks.

“This monster is strong…! It feels like fighting a miniboss.” Allen muttered casually as he flipped and then shot a blast of lightning. But even with that, the scalded part of the skin instantly vanished after a few seconds.

However, that was mainly because of its strength and defense. Other than its stupid power, extremely high defense and super regeneration. With just brute strength, it was nothing compared to Allen even if he won’t use any of his OP abilities.

“Brute force is also my specialty…!!” Allen clenched his right fist and then, Baaang!! punch smashed into the one-eyed ogre’s chest, slightly stunning it and knocking it back. Then, Allen made a grasping motion in the air, and a flame spear appeared on his hand.

A shooting star shot out, accurately hitting the monster’s only eye. Hearing a violent howl, Allen raised his right hand, with his palm facing the sky. The, one after another, weapons such as swords, spears, lances, axes and many more started appearing above Allen’s figure.

Taking advantage of the heavy injury he had caused, he unleashed a violent barrage. The moment the weapons number reached a hundred, he dropped down his arm and, the weapons floating in the air, rain down at the wailing monster.

“…This is the end…!” Allen’s body emitted lightning sparks and, Baang!! a lightning spark struck the sky, seemingly striking the heavens. The comfortable air began to become berserk as irregular winds began to blow. They grew wilder and wilder as if they wanted to blow everything away.

Crackle! Crackle! Crackle!

Lightning sparks appeared around him.

The ground shook!

The trembling in the ground grew more and more intense, and the air became hotter and hotter and more and more berserk. The sky also became darker and darker, and the dark clouds grew lower and lower.


When the dark clouds touched, a golden ray of light exploded downwards.

Crash!! Booom!!! a large lightning bolt came down from the heavens, striking the bloodied and still struggling One-eyed Ogre. The lightning bolt came continuously as if the heavens were punishing the monster, making the ground shake even fiercely.

But this won’t be enough… Allen was certain about it. He didn’t use any large move as to not leak any kind of aura that might alarm the other hidden Monster Kings. Fighting them with his current powers, although Allen has some confidence in his victory it was not a hundred percent—at most, only half!

And Allen didn’t want to create any kind of commotion just after entering this world.

A large lightning bolt struck Allen as he floated in the air, the lightning gathered into a long spear-like weapon and throw it towards the already standing up monster.

[ Zeus Lightning Bolt ]

The Sonic boom was even delayed for a few seconds, and just after the lightning bolt pierced the monster’s chest, a large explosion occurred, swallowing the nearby monsters. Even a large Mushroom smoke appeared; looking terrifying and downburst caused the monsters and cultivators to become unstable and slipped off the ground.

Such power can really make one feel terrified…!

Elder Chen Yutong and Lady Yifei who was fighting desperately were also keeping tracks with Allen’s every action and his battle, but the more they saw and watch, the harder it is to believe it!

In a few minutes, a notification rang out of Allen successfully killing the One-eyed Ogre, giving him quite a significant amount of Experience and Killing Points.


Then almost at the same time, a loud and deafening cry echoed in the entire forest. All eyes immediately turned towards the source and saw the Winged Mountain Serpent falling to the beautiful looking giant snake.

Though the battle seemed to be quite fierce as blood flooded from the numerous wounds on its large body, dying its colorful scales in red. Even still, if one looked closely, one could see the serpent eyes as devoid of pain as it sparkled in excitement, as it coiled around the Winged Mountain Snake, tightening its hold as if afraid of it escaping away!


Bulan raised her head towards the sky and let out a deafening roar as if announcing her victory. To this roar, all the monsters and beast immediately started trembling, faces filled with fear and trepidation.

With the large one dead, the pressure on the cultivators was greatly reduced. Each of them cried out and attacked violently. The battle gradually leaned towards the cultivators and Allen’s tamed beasts.

"Is this guy really the same generation as us?"

Many of them were thinking the same thing as they watched Allen in the sky. With glittering electric sparks around him, he looked extremely strong and powerful as a God of War, with unsurpassable and unrivaled bravery.

Although some of the monsters went into chaos due to the Winged Mountain Serpent’s defeat, that did not stop them from fighting, even more, stronger, albeit desperately. Of course, there were also those who immediately turned tail and started running away, lightening up the burden on the cultivators' shoulders.

Many monsters targeted the weak looking ones and attacked them. As they watched Allen’s display of real power, many of the participants were riled up to fight. However, they realized the truth when they engaged the monsters - they were not Allen. The monsters were killed in one hit as Allen was too powerful, not because the monsters were too weak!

This continued on after a few several minutes before things finally slowly died down. Lightning’s kill was actually more than the others, even Asmodeus, Mireya, Laura, Sheeya who focused herself on supporting and assisting others and the Frost Wolves.

In fact, only the Frost Wolves, total combined kills will then be higher than Lightning’s kill, albeit just a few numbers lower. It was probably attributed to the fact that she had been killing stealing in the guise of assisting the Cultivators fight. She was really having her fun, killing enemies…!

Without any incidents from there on, the ‘Flood’ of Monsters came to the end.

Severely wounded people appeared among the cultivators who fought against the monsters. It was a bit far in the future, but the cultivators were excited by the fact that it was the first time fighting and participating in such an intense war. It seems like with that fight alone, their powers and abilities had grown mature compared to before. Although, most of them had used up a large portion of their Houtian Qi and their energy was severely drained. They needed all the rest they could get to recover.

Some immediately sat cross-legged, grasping the several Monster Cores they have gotten from the fight and cultivate without wasting any time.

Some was still running here and there, digging and grabbing monsters cores form the bodies of the monsters, especially those obviously high-level monsters.

Some tried touching the monsters that they didn’t kill and was obviously massacred by Allen and his team.

However, Allen didn’t care, it was after all just monster Cores, it was not important to him.

Probably due to the fact that this is a Game System, he had realized that Monster Cores here has less energy and power compared to the Monster Cores from outside. However, probably due to the fact that most of these Cultivators have not encountered such high-level monsters on a daily basis, they haven’t noticed at all.

Like a leaf falling on the ground, Allen gracefully landed on the ground. When he did, Allen was immediately met up by Asmodeus and the others. All of them wore cheerful expressions without the least bit hint of difficulties.

‘Nyahh!!’ Grim saw Allen and immediately dive into his bosom, affectionately rubbing her cheeks at Allen’s chest.

“Are you okay?” Allen asked as he looked at everyone. They smiled at him.

“Never been better~”

“It’s a good way of alleviating boredom sometimes~”

“Yeah, me too~”

Asmodeus and the others answered with a hint of a smile.

Allen chuckled in amusement. Then he turned his gaze towards Lightning who was holding her rapier and thrusting in the air, golden flashes appeared in the air. She jabs it for a while, seemingly unsatisfied with the battle just now.

She had really grown up in a bad way…

In this battle, all of his tamed beasts, Asmodeus, Mireya, Laura, and Sheeya, had gained quite a significant amount of experience, and thus, due to their connection with him, Allen also receives a portion of it. And it was quite a large amount of Experience Points at that!


At this moment, Bakunawa had arrived, excited, all while dragging the Winged Mountain Serpent. She looked at Allen excited, seemingly showing her proud achievement. Allen smiled wryly as he extended his left arm and stroke the Bakunawa’s head, causing it to wiggle its tail in excitement.

Crimson energy flowed from Allen through his arm then towards the Bakunawa, and in a blink of an eye, the Bakunawa’s wounds and injuries started healing in a very quick speed that after a few breaths of time, the Bakunawa was already good as new. Her scales shining in the bright light.

The Bakunawa happily coiled its body around Allen, rubbing her head on his body, almost annoying Grim who was resting and sleeping on Allen’s bosom.

‘Nyaahh!!’ it clawed on the scaly head of Bulan, irritated by its nudging and nudging.

“Young master Ye,”

As Allen and the others chatted happily, Chen Yutong and Lady Yifei walk over. Smiles and a bit of exhaustion all over their face, yet the complicated expression on their faces were visible to Allen. Allen turned around and coldly glanced at them as well as the crowd, and saw the fear and awe in everyone’s eyes. It was better to conquer one’s heart than destroy their body.

If he were going to do something, he would do it right. Allen had taken a risk and raised his fists to someone in order to intimidate the crowd so that nobody would oppose him later. He was planning to appear in the public, thus, he would surely receive opposition and hostility. However, this moment would surely be engraved to the people present now.

His display of power right now might not enough to intimidate everyone to the point of stopping them from doing stupid things but at least, it could make a good anchor for their thoughts.

They would at least hesitate and think twice before going against him.

*** ***

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