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Chapter 545: [ Beast Wave (5) ]

As for Laura, she took a deep breath and when she exhales, her expression instantly changed. If master says so—time to get serious…!

Seeing Allen’s group started fighting, "We’re going as well! As if we would cower against Death!!" a loud shout emanated from the distance. The Qi cultivation required to produce that sound was very high. The sound exploded and echoed loudly. It was earth-shattering.

This voice came from near Lady Yifei, it was the Elder of the Blue Sky Lake; Chen Yutong.

Seeing Allen and the others battle, his competitive blood seemed to have boiled stronger—he pulled his sword and cried out, war-like!


“Kill those monsters!"

Suddenly, someone shouted!

“Kill those monsters!!!"

“Kill those monsters!!"

“Kill those monsters!!"

One voice after another sounded from the crowd.


After seeing Allen’s power and his summons, the dwindling and panicking crowd which was just full of anxiety and fear just a moment ago seemed to have found a pillar to cling on, exploding in fighting spirit. At this moment, a glimmer of hope and battle spirit sparked in the eyes of nearly every person in the vicinity.

Everyone followed the elder and shouted in unison.

A deafening cacophony seemed to tear the sky apart.

They were merely several tens in number and were about to face hundreds of monsters. Furthermore, the monsters and spirit beasts strength was several times their own. So, this battle was certainly one that makes others feel despair.


Allen’s existence gives them such courage to fight!

With that kind of expert in our side—who will we fear…?!

The carnage which could’ve been avoided… or at least delayed… these people changed their minds and instead faced them head on…!!

We are cultivators…!

We are also experts!!

How could they show their cowardice when other people did not...?



"Isn’t escaping and running away akin to courting our deaths? Such shame, running away with tail between our legs would make us a laughing stock in the entire continent!! When we decided to enter this Mountain, we had already forsaken our life! What’s there to fear…?!!! Follow me to kill them! Bring glory to our Sect!!"






In an instant, a huge crowd of men and women rushed out from behind Allen and the others and unleashed all their best fighting techniques towards the horde of monsters—joining the intense battle!

Their expression, aura, and presence exploding and bursting in intense heat, that can even scald the surrounding monsters like balls of fire!

Chen Yutong charged straight ahead, helping a party to take out a large monster. His figure swinging the long sword looking bold and powerful. Lady Liu Yifei brought her trusted aides as well and wasn’t the slightest bit modest in her charge. Their weapons often ran through two monsters in one strike, showing off their might!

"Please take note that the monster horde is not coming from only one direction!" Lady Yifei’s voice was heard again. After finishing her sentence, the people then saw that there were monsters approaching from every direction. “…be careful and never forget to assist the people around you! There’s no ‘what sect or what group’ you belong to now, at this moment, you are only members of one group—our group!!”

"... ..."

"If you want to survive, forget about your own differences!!"


One of the monster hordes consisted of Forest Spiders while the other batch was made up of Swordtail Rodents and Golden Striped Leopards.

Many of them who had never experienced such a massive monster horde panicked as they were surrounded by a large group of monsters.

"Don't panic. Although the number of monsters is more than the number of people we have here, we are also not pushed overs! If we set our minds straight, help and assist each other, it's not difficult to kill them. As long as we stay calm, there's no way for the monsters to attack us.”

“Now, quickly divide yourself into five groups. Each group is responsible for killing one batch of monsters and fights your enemies! Each team; please remember that your responsibility is to block the monsters as the other two groups will rely on you. Even if one monster is missed, it'll seriously affect the defense of the other two teams. Slight negligence may lead to a great disaster. Engraved that in your mind! The monsters may even break through the line of defense…"



The crowd of cultivators immediately formed a group and immediately engaged against their enemies.

Swords skills and colorful martial abilities flew around like fireworks amidst the screaming and cry of monsters and humans alike. However, as expected of Geniuses that was being cultivated seriously by each of their respective sects, although this can be said to be their first time fighting together as a group and team, all of them are extremely smart and skillful, able to complement each other. And most of all, their assist and support towards their comrades during the fight against the monsters they were facing as a group was superb…!

One had made a mistake and was almost torn apart by claws and yet he was safely dragged by someone on if his team in the right moment, and even used it as an opportunity by others to deal a fatal blow.

Palm, Claws, Elbows, Kick, sword arts, and there were even those seemingly dancing in the battlefield with graceful moves, looking like true immortal celestials!

They glided in the battlefield and using just a fan, creating numerous wind blades and blade Qis that give monsters grave injuries. Though the numbers of the monsters are just too great for them—fortunately for them, this was where Allen’s tamed beast became well-known and was even treated as Idols—

Woragons, and the enigmatic Lightning—even Sheeya and Laura was killing like chopping vegetables.

Especially Sheeya who was using brown sands to submerge and kill monsters with ease. She was almost invincible!

It was incredibly a magnificent sight!

Just how was she able to do that?

Is that Magic…?

It was truly incomprehensible and yet this kind of power was a God Send for their current situation…!

*** ***

“Brother Long, be careful!”

Lei Bao Long heard the warning and immediately felt a chill from behind.

Stomping his foot on the ground, his body rotated, then wiiiz!! a large claw struck the position he was just in. Tsk! clicking his tongue, the sword on his hand flew and then struck the bear-like monster that had attacked him.

An agonizing scream rang out, as the three-meter tall bear held his eyes that was stabbed by the sword with its both claw, slowly retreating back. Stepping forward, Lei Bao Long clenched his fist and his spirit materialize behind him.

“Dieee!!” He punched the bear’s exposed stomach, his arm shining in steel like radiance. In an instant, a large hole could be seen on the monster’s abdomen. Grabbing back his sword, Lei Bao Long rotated in the air and kick the swaying bear at the head, sending it flying away.

Lei Bao Long shook his sword and the blade trembled and the blood dying the sword blade instantly dissipated like magic. He turned around and saw that everywhere was full of heated battle. Most people formed a group and attack a monster or two, there were only a few people who acted alone.

However, the person who had been nailed in the most difficult position was the infamous beautiful lady — Liu Yifei.

She had been crazily besieged by two Peak Ancestor Beasts. Even still, she was able to stay calm and composed, as expected of her. Even a hair on her head hadn’t been harmed in this chaotic situation. Two earth-cracking Great Apes — weighing over a ton each — jumped at her from either side as they roared loudly.

Their paws hit the ground and filled the sky with dust. Even a Spirit Realm expert would’ve had a tough time while evading that attack and would’ve only managed to make a narrow escape and yet, Liu Yifei was dealing with them easily as if she was dancing, all while attacking so quickly her Guandao seemed to blur for a moment.

Lei Bao Long sighs in amazement.

As expected of the infamous Crimson Moon Lotus.

I can’t be defeated!

Lei Bao Long’s fighting spirit peak. His sword glittered with silver light. He could finally coordinate better.

Then, he took a graceful stance. In fact, his stance was an exhibition of excellent martial arts in itself.

“Xue Rou! Liu Bei! Zhan Guang, let’s kill the Golden Tiger first!” He cried out towards his comrades and then surged forward, striking the Golden Tiger.

“Yes, Brother Long!”

Having gotten Lei Bao Long’s orders, Liu Bei shouted out loudly, “KILL–” The staff on his hand was waved just like a dark coiling dragon, and without making use of any ability, his formidable physical power erupted. His combat technique seemed to be reminiscent of a certain playful monkey.

With each chop of his staff, the head of a monster was blown up and turned into mincemeat.

Zhan Guang’s valor was even greater than Liu Bei. This youth directly jumped up on a group of two or three monsters, and waving his circular shield and large axe, he swept it all around. Rapidly, no other monster was left in their direction.

As for Xue Rou, she continued to assist Liu Bei and Zhan Guang, as if dancing in the air, her long sword that seemed to be made out of jade made emerald colored arc of lights in the air as she slashed the monsters that were still alive by the two people’s attacks, stabbing and slashing at the eyes, throat or chest.

Then, simultaneously, they turned around and rushed towards the large Golden Tiger that Lei Bao Long was attacking—its power and might be completely different from the other beasts, as its golden furred body seemed to be indestructible against their weapons.

Powerful shockwaves that sounded like a gong of a large bell resounded out from its mouth, causing not only their physical body to be wounded but also breaking their mental concentration as well as if attacking their souls directly. It was a very strong monster that looked immortal…!

This monster is surely above that of a Spirit Realm Expert—it was probably been comparable or worst beyond that of the Two-Headed Wolf King earlier!

Accompanying the unceasing yells, blood continuously flowed out at the forefront of the battlefield, and the number of killing shouts increased accordingly. Elder Chen Yutong was rushing ahead, when suddenly; a roughly 1.5-meter tall black leopard arrived. However it was not an ordinary leopard as it possesses sharp scythe-like blades on each of her limbs and even its tail looked like a whip of the sword—with just wave, a tall tree was already split into a dozen of pieces. It was brandishing its two sharp bladed limbs toward one of the cultivators, adamantly chasing the poor youth.

Chen Yutong howled furiously and with thundering sounds, shot up forward using his left foot as support, his long sword slashing forward. Several arcs of light flashed and with a pu sound, that bladed leopard was cut into pieces. That youth who was just saved by him had been soaked in blood since long ago. Turning around to look at Elder Chen Yutong, saying ‘thank you’ to him before swaying his body, sitting on the ground.

“Relax and calm down… think of this battle as practice fight and gain experience. Don’t rush…”

“Yes, Elder!” The youth answered with a nod. He then stood up and once again turned towards another group, assisting them to fight a strong looking monster!

Chen Yutong then turned around and once again went towards another direction.

This was a true battle.

There were several times more vicious beasts on land than the vicious beasts flying in the air!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The stampeding vicious beasts were just like billowing thunder. Hundreds of vicious beasts rampaged forwards, wild and savage. This scene was both terrifying and spectacular, the whole earth trembled!

Although the cultivators were individually weaker than most monsters by far, with the coordination of a battle formation and equipment, they could display a total strength that was far more formidable than their individual strength.

In this moment of life or death, no one dared to hold back anything. Even still, Chen Yutong couldn’t help but sigh as he looked at a certain direction—there a youth with the familiar silver hair and black clothes was fighting without even dripping a sweat.

Looking at the few monsters around him, the youth simply swung his two to three meters tall Death Scythe that looked like that of a classic Grim Reaper and several heads immediately fell. His walking pace hadn’t been affected at all. Without any fear or danger, he crossed the battlefield full of monsters with a faint casual smile.

How is he able to have such power…?

Is this what DAWN is capable of…?

"OOOraaaahhh!!" Mireya danced around the battlefield like a predator and waved her claws, causing bursts of blood. A white flashed just appeared and monsters in the vicinity started spraying blood everywhere.

Laura, on the other hand, fought amongst the enemy ranks as if taking a walk, dodging attacks and piercing the bodies of the monsters all around her, or exploding them into pieces.

"This is like Festa di San Gennaro--it's so much fun~" Mireya giggled in amusement.

However, Laura who heard her frowned; "You and I remember Festa di San Gennaro very differently!"

Laura looked at the tens of monsters, and hellfire burned atop her hands. It turned into a rotating ring of fire and shot out, inflicting heavy wounds, even Lv7 monsters felt their blood drained as they felt their selves almost killed in one shot.

Looking at the burning monsters, she reached out and grasped the air!



They all exploded!

Allen shook his scythe and rushed out. Closely following behind him were several beautiful looking wolves and a strange yet terrifying cat.

Allen’s left foot rotated and his roughly three-meter long death scythe slashing forth in an epic manner. With every blade slice, large volumes of blood would spray into the air. Allen was most suited for this kind of rampaging killing spree, as his scythe was meant to storm forwards, cutting away everything in its path, like a reaper reaping every life in the vicinity! Coupled with his superhuman physique and reflexes, even without ability boosts, he was able to massacre the Lv6 and 7 powerful monsters like they were chickens and ducks.

The other monsters besides him, including the cat, the strange mouse and the four women, Mireya, Laura, Sheeya, Asmodeus and the rest, were obviously slightly weaker compared to him. But their killing speed still wasn’t slow. With every chop of their blades, claws, and magic, a monster would die.

Allen seemed to have been filled with an addicting bloodlust. In just a dozen breaths of time, he had killed a dozen monsters!

He killed an average of one Lv5 or 6 per breath of time! If one witnessed his battle, one can’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. With a wave his hand, the scythe would be akin to that of a Death God’s sweeping the lives of anyone it laid its eyes on!

A man and his scythe, unstoppable!

Such killing speed could be called terrifying.


Allen halted his advances and suddenly turned around. A few meters distances away from him, Asmodeus and Mireya, together was facing a top rank level 8 beast—the Iron Scale beast. It was an incredibly powerful beast that was shaped like a dog but covered with black scales.

“Hellfire, Spear of Oblivion!”

“Ice Shards!!”

“Snow Blizzard!!”

“Hellfiend, Blazing Serpent!!”

The two women started their barrage but the Iron Scaled Beast looked like an immovable mountain, not the least bit affected by the continued attacks of the two women. Slash! the Frost Wolfang; Elsa also followed suit with her two sharp claws and magic ice shards, then retreated when the Iron Scaled Beast swung its large bulky arms with terrifying sharp claws. Even her Shield of Frist would be unable to completely block that kind of attack—and that defense—!!

Ting! Ting! Dang! Dang! …

Countless sparks were set off from the assault. The power from the three of them could only leave a light mark on the scales of the beast, unable to break even a single scale. What a very tough monster…!

Even Asmodeus find it surprising that even her attack was obviously stronger than the others and was only second to Allen, was actually only capable to leave a small shallow wound…!

What kind of monsters are in this place…?!

Such monsters don’t exist in the Celestial Realm if not, all God Clans would have perished long ago! Just how the hell is these monsters capable to possess such power…?

This is illogical!

—At this moment, something struck Asmodeus as she continued to fight the monsters and her face instantly turned grave.

“Is something wrong? Sister Asmodeus?” Mireya jumped back, somersaulted and accidentally noticed Asmodeus change in expression and asked in curiosity. Is something wrong?

Asmodeus frowned for a while, “…I’m not sure since before I was revived, some of the memories are lost.”


“However, these monsters… if I’m not wrong, they are surely—Ancient Beasts!”

“Ancient Beasts?” Mireya heard her words and tilted her head in confusion. Then, she ducked as if she was just picking up something on the ground, and a long robust tail sweep over them.

“Ancient Beasts are long extinct, even in the Celestial Realm. However, it was said that they possess the blood of Primordial Monsters, Mythical Beasts, and Legendary Creatures that even the Gods themselves feared. They are called Ancient Beasts because they have already long gone in the present world. However, back in times, the weakest of these lot can easily kill lesser Gods—and this Iron Scaled Beast is one of them—if I’m not mistaken its name should be, [ Rumasura ]…” Asmodeus explained as she shot another flame spears towards the monsters. “…however, these Monsters should have been long extinct after the God Clans trying to wipe their race…! How is it possible that many of these monsters survive in this place…? Where did Master bring us to?!”

“…beats me… in any case, this monster is extremely powerful?” Mireya shrugged and tilted her head in curiosity.

“Ah,” Asmodeus nodded her head. Although most of these seemed to be just knock off compared to real ones, due to it being slightly weaker than she remembered. However, several of them was a real threat—just like Iron Scaled Beast and that one—!

Asmodeus look towards the gigantic serpent—the Winged Mountain Serpent—who was currently fighting and wrestling with the Bakunawa, biting and clawing each other’s long bodies!

“…I guess I can’t afford to hold back!” Asmodeus sighs. She thought that she step backward this time and just play around but after realizing the real identities of their enemies, her expression turned serious. She then focused her mana, a pair of horns started appearing at the top of her head and a magic circle then appeared just behind her.

"This just keeps getting better and better!"

"That's why I love my Master."

And right after that, an intense heat came from her body.

Flames that was hot enough to pierce the monster’s invincible-like body.

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