Chapter 450: [ Allen Vs Hanjin ]

Booom! While saying that, Allen’s index finger suddenly pointed forward; the magic power in his entire body erupted like an open floodgate.

Crackle! Simultaneously, a bright golden lightning bolt shot down toward Allen from up above. As it descended, it attracted other nearby lightning toward it. By the time it was about to slam into Allen, it had already transformed into as thick as a human thigh.

Fear the God, fear the Buddha…!

Heaven’s wrath will scourge the evil and wicked!

The instant it was about to hit him, Allen lifted his head to looked up at the sky.

A boom echoed out, and Allen’s body quivered as massive amounts of gold and bluish sparks danced down his head and then covered his entire body. They then passed down his feet to crawl across the ground, turning the snowy and fiery ground three hundred meters in all directions into a golden lake of lightning!

“Comfortable! Haha, this is amazing!” said Allen, lifting his head up to laugh. “Bring it on!” His hair whipped around him, and his eyes filled with disdain as he laughed uproariously toward the Heavens.

Indeed, fire can’t give him much energy than Lightning!

He was still unable to fully control the fire energy within his body due to the stubborn Firebird essence that doesn’t know how to give up, he can utmost use the most basic abilities of the Firebird; absolute resistant to fire and dominion of fire!

Even still, what he was most verse in was his Lightning ability that can empower him. Just calling the lightning elements in the surrounding can give him endless power!

Wooosh. The surrounding air suddenly surged, and the winged tiger king felt an incomparably overbearing aura charge over, causing chills all over its body.

Covered by dancing electric arcs, Allen’s eyes stared at the winged tiger king. His Sharingan gleamed in ferocity.

Everything around him seemed to slow down. Every movement, every miniature action of the Demonic Tiger’s face every single thing… Allen could see everything around him at the same time and it was crystal clear as if everything was moving in slow motion.

Nothing could escape from Allen’s attention. He knew all the action and movements that had occurred in his surrounding at any given time.

He could also hear his own heart palpitating. He could even sense his own blood circulating in his veins. He could sense every single movement that the winged tiger king was making, including its respiration.

With his boosted abilities, Allen was unable to speak at that moment though as if he, was an omnipotent deity as if he was in every single moment at the same time as if he was a gigantic pair of eyes able to observe every single thing in the universe at the same time… but eyes couldn’t speak.

Sharingan’s ability to perceive motion is really a cheat!

Allen closely staring at him didn’t bypass the winged tiger king’s attention and couldn’t help but shivered slightly. It’s as Allen can see everything of him as if it was naked and a blade was already lying on its neck. It would directly sever its throat in the next second, claiming its life.

“Don’t underestimate me, you human brat!!!!” the Demonic Tiger roared in anger and the pair of wings behind its back flapped wildly.

As it did so, a small wisp of a red colored tornado suddenly appeared in the air. Initially, the tornado was only two meters wide but a moment later; the tornado began to expand and turned into a huge tornado that was over a hundred feet wide.

In the space between the sky and the ground, the red tornado whizzed and whirled, constantly uprooting the burned huge trees on the ground. The ferocious wind quickly grounded the trees down, filling the air with sawdust.

“Get lost!!”

Just as the winged tiger king thought that it would be difficult for even Allen to escape this attack, a ripple containing a majestic underlying force surged explosively outward in the sky with Allen as the epicenter.

The invisible wave coming from Allen contained the coldness of ice.

Wherever the force passed, one could see that the tornado, which even a peak Lesser Deity had difficulty withstanding had abruptly frozen. Immediately, a muffled sound was emitted and they burst apart with a ‘bang’ in front of Allen.

Crumble and shatter!

Bloom wildly and scatter!!

The trembling of the air as well as the delicate crushing sounds was by no means unpleasant and was actually melodic like an elegant, awe-inspiring symphony.

“Bring me Destruction!!”

Within Allen’s explosive roar, a majestic aura similar to a roaring sea was released from his arm. Instantly, the surrounding space frantically surged as the air was tyrannically split open.


What happened next is hard to explain. For the winged tiger king, it was almost as if it could not make out what had happened at all.

That being said, however, it was not so much a matter of it not seeing his movements or techniques he was using. In fact, it was the complete opposite.

What it saw was burned right into its retina and very mind.

It was precisely for this reason that it was confused about what it saw.

Allen’s movements were exceedingly simple. It was a punch. That was all it was.

He used nothing but his own strength to deliver a punch to the incoming flame–wind tornado. Allen’s arms glowed brightly with a bluish white color and the electric sparks dance around it.

As a result, the raging tornado disappeared into thin air as if it was just an illusion!

Like a balloon popping or a candle in a birthday cake had all been blown out at once, the winged tiger king’s attack was blown away in an instant!

“What!!?” The winged tiger king exclaimed in terror. How is this possible…?!

Allen looked at the Demonic Tiger standing before him.

The monster king was as flustered as any normal human being facing an unexpected turn of events.

“Then, I’m ready over here. Let’s get started.”

Allen’s stance had his feet slightly spread out—it was a fighting stance.

Then, a ferocious grin appeared on his face and immediately after that Allen closed the distance between himself and the Demonic Tiger in an instant using the explosive power of his legs.

“Get Down!!” Booom! He followed it up with a bicycle kick downwards from above. His leg crackled in lightning sparks.

The attack had openings all over it, but it had great destructive power. Simple as it may seem, if done by a mighty being with incredible physical ability, it was an attack that could kill anything it hit.

Even a dragon would surely shriek in pain.

Taking it would be very dangerous.

The Winged Tiger King came to this conclusion in an instant, as it sensed the high-speed kick descending on it. A hard block would turn this into a contest of power –of course, it was never afraid of that kind of competition.

However, this was the biggest mistake.


Frail and weak as he may look, Allen was still a Dragon King!!

Confident with its defense, the winged tiger king covered itself with magic power, wanting to block and absorb Allen’s attack and then counter-attack when he was already close but, the moment Allen’s kick landed—the barrier it generated was instantly broken and the kick continued towards the winged tiger king’s head.

This kick caused the winged tiger king to vomit blood as he flew backward.

However, it had immediately managed to recover—Roarrrr!!!

The winged tiger king gritted its teeth and used its powers once again, letting out a sky-splitting roar. A threatening demonic force flooded out from its body as it shot towards Allen like a cannonball!

Following the tiger’s roar, its pair of eyes shone brightly. In the blink of an eye, a savage crimson flame violently surged forth from its body.

The crimson flame gradually spiraled upwards, finally forming an enormous pillar of deep crimson that shot towards the sky. It then flapped its wings and the twenty to thirty-foot pillar of crimson flame pushed outwards and rushes at Allen’s direction.

“As I said, that’s not enough!!” Allen lowered his head and indifferently swept over at the incoming flame pillar with a pair of eyes that were shrouded by the crimson flames and silvery white cold light. His faint voice was like a stifled thunder that sounded from the skyline.

Ignoring the incoming flame pillar. Even as they closed in on him, a massive rumbling could be heard from the sky as another lightning bolt descended from the sky.

It was not just a simple lightning bolt, because when it was about a dozen meter away from Allen, suddenly it broke apart. It transformed into a dozen or so smaller lightning bolts that fell like rain around Allen as if creating a barrier to protect him.


Projecting an image similar to the Catatumbo Lightning and Allen was the lightning rod attracting it!

As for the incoming flame pillar, although it slightly distorted the dark clouds above them, even still massive thunderbolts descended from the sky and attack the flame pillar, wanting to break apart!

However, as expected of an attack from an angry Monster King, it was not even stopped for a moment much less destroys it!

“Bastard!” Seeing this, Allen snorted. He then opened his mouth wide. Drawing back his head slightly, Mana then started to concentrate in his mouth and as he started to inhale, a magic circle appeared before it bearing a complex design.


Allen launched a giant ball of fire from his mouth. Unlike before, it wasn’t dyed azure anymore—akin to that of a Luan Eagle’s purifying fire but a deep crimson, Dragon-like breath.

The magic Allen used to make this fireball was so great that it scorched even the air. The air repeatedly shook and broke, forming distortions wherever it passed, much like glass being shattered!

Two glows rushed through the sky. The momentum of that Flame pillar was not very special and did not have many points which attracted one’s attention. On the other hand, Allen’s fire breath had a shocking aura, leaving behind a trace of vacuum wherever it passed.

A fire tail that was a couple of dozen feet long appeared to be like a comet that drew past the sky, carrying a frightening force that cracked the ground.

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