Chapter 449: [ Incubus ]

In this world, there might be someone who could control two conflicting energies out there. However, the power they would be able to showcase would be quite weak and inferior compared to other people. In addition, cultivating them together would be hundred times harder than normal—because you need to reach the balance of things!

Thus, people choose to cultivate one element or multiple elements but those can integrate other elements, or complement them—though, a perfect balance wouldn’t be achieved.

One element while the others are only for support or complementary!

But now, Allen’s power of fire and power of ice… they are both extremely powerful that it left the winged tiger king aghast!

How did he do it?

In his entire life, he had never seen this kind of realm in achieving conflicting natures. It’s as if, one was asking to let their bodies explode from eating more than they can chew!

Besides… Hanjin’s brows furrowed and confusion colors his face. He had finally noticed something wrong.

Allen’s aura, why is it so chaotic?!

Beast, Dragon, Monster, God, Demon and… Human…!

It was a mishmash of bloodlines that can make one wonders how it was possible!

A hybrid…

A monster of different taste—now, the winged tiger king understand the reason why despite being a human, Allen was hailed as a Monster King!

Because, among monster kings, he was the real monster!!

If he wasn’t a monster with these kinds of merged bloodlines, then what is he?


In the history of Celestial Realm, there was once a God that has this kind of physique. The demi-God Chaos Emperor—possessing the Bloodline of a Monster, Demon, and God, he was one of those who had reached the summit of the God Continent, feared as a war god but was hunted by the Monster Kings due to his arrogance, wanting to conquer the entire God Continent.

Since then, no one had appeared similar to him.

And now… the youth in front of him, isn’t a Celestial World’s native, that he was certain! The aura, the smell, the soul, all was foreign to him.


Thinking of this, the winged tiger king couldn’t help but let out a low growl and its pair of eyes narrowed into a slit. Just how many secrets did Allen have?

Aside from this, whether it was his abilities as a peak lesser deity when he was certainly young judging from his bone age, his identity as a Monster King when he was just a human, his auras from different powerful races and now his conflicting elements—at the moment, he continued to reveal layer after layer of astonishment.

The winged tiger king suddenly discovered that with his dozen of hundred years of life, it was still unable to understand the youth in front of it.

Aside from Chaos Emperor, that freak, he had never heard of this kind of existence before. Actually possessing more than three physiques and more so, all were active bloodlines, not artificial but, all natural!

Since ancient times, monster race, human race, god race, and demon race—all of them were fighting for hegemony and yet—all of their essence and aura was actually amalgamate together in one single body…?

This is really mysterious!

However, no matter how mysterious, how unfathomable the situation was, it was useless to worry about it.

Although the winged tiger king has many doubts there’s only one thing that it was certain! Allen was a person who did not adhere to common sense.

—This was one of winged tiger king’s impressions of him after all this time!

Ruins and rubble surrounded Allen, and the snow fluttered down from above.

The cold wind whimpered as it blew past.

Allen lifted his head up to look into the sky; no, he stared directly at the winged tiger king suspended in the sky.

“Was that all? Although, it was indeed quite hot. But you won’t be able to kill me with just that!” His eyes glittered with an unprecedented glow. It was the glow of self-confidence, as well as a virtually imperceptible look of disdain.

Before he wasn’t afraid of fire since he had the body of a Dragon. He has some resistance to the fire but now, after the legendary Firebird, Bennu had assimilated into his body, even measly fire like that wouldn’t be able to hurt him anymore!

It can even be said that in the fire, he was the most comfortable!

It was his domain!

“Now, it’s my turn!” Allen’s draconic eyes changed and his eyes revolved. When it stopped, it was still blood red in color but there was now three tomoes around each of his pupils.

Due to the assimilation of the Firebird and Ice Queen, some of Allen’s abilities had unexpectedly increased as well!

One of them was his Sharingan!

In his eyes, the entire world moved in somewhat slow motion.

He slowly lifted his hand and took his ‘face’ off, revealing his demonic appearance. Coupled with his blood red eyes, he looked truly evil.

However, when the winged tiger king’s eyes met his head-on.

All of a sudden, as if the fiery sun had died down and fell from the sky, the temperature dropped all at once.

At this moment, Allen’s real appearance had shown itself to the world again. He was a peerless vision that surpassed even the ‘Monster King of Demonic Eye’.

His was a comeliness that could never be reached by human beings, and two horns curved out gently from both sides of his head like an accursed demon. At his back was a pair of black angelic wings. They looked so realistic it could not possibly have been artificially created.

For the first time, the winged tiger king felt what it was like to be splashed with ice-cold water from the top of its head and felt it pour down. The feeling of the kind of chill that pierced through the heart.

Just right now!

Although Allen’s face seemed to be smiling for some reason, it couldn’t see a hint of warmth in that pair of beautiful eyes.

That shallow gaze was like the ripples of blue waves in winter, beautiful yet cold.

It was like stars that were composed of layers of ice crystals, with a beauty surpassing those of mined pearls. Only, for no reason at all, it gave people the impression of cold air being released.

At the same time, Allen’s surroundings seemed to have condensed into a lump of ice, emitting cold air, freezing the ground and boulder.

Anyone who saw him at this very moment, the winged tiger king was certain that they will surely shift their eyes away in fear.

This demon had an aura that aroused fear in everybody. It made people unable to speak or move, making them break out in cold sweat from head to toe and giving birth to fear that came from the heart –though, if this cold gaze warmed up, the tiger king was certain that it would also attract butterflies and bees in an instant.

This person is very dangerous!

This was the impression that winged tiger king had when Allen activated his demon trigger!

No, he was equally stunning!

The two impressions flooded on the Monster King’s mind. It had almost made the terrifying the Monster King turned gay!

Fortunately, the winged tiger king was higher in terms of level and rank that it had managed to resist the charm emitting from Allen.

Incubus!! The Winged Tiger King cursed inwardly!

The Winged Tiger King was already a Monster King for a very long time already—probably over hundred years since it was crowned. Thus, it had also heard about a legendary race called Incubus; an extinct ancient race which was similar to a demon race called succubus.

They are a race that gives encompassing love to all creatures; men, women, animals, monsters and many more. They didn’t discriminate anyone and that one of the greatest characteristics of theirs was their extremely high charm and beautiful demonic appearance that even affected the same gender!

There was even a rumor that Asmodeus was actually a half Incubus due to his parental lineage.

However, Incubus was born rarely.

Succubus always birthed women, thus becoming another Succubus. The incubus race slowly declined and then disappeared, leaving only the infamous Demon Princes of Lust; Asmodeus as the sole living, Incubus.

Then, was the Monster King in front it, another Incubus…?

The corner of Allen’s lips perked up, accidentally revealing a demonic, charming image. "What? Is there a flower on this king's face?"

That one sentence abruptly interrupted the winged tiger king’s train of thoughts. Recollecting itself, its eyes once again met with Allen’s pair of level, rippleless eyes. As if the Demonic Tiger was hit on target by an ice arrow, its five viscera and six bowels trembled with chills.

“You really hide well…” The Demonic Tiger calmed itself down and snorted. “I just wonder, what are you?”

“Now, you’re insulting me aren’t you?” Bullshit! Disbelief was written in Allen’s eyes.

“Hmph, you’re indeed a little bit stronger than I imagined you to be… But, it’s only a little.” The Demonic Tiger turned up its nose, and its face had a look of disdain.

“Is that so? However, who could say? Who is stronger, you or me, no one knows actually. The only thing that could prove it is the result—who survives in the end!” Allen sized up the beast in front of him, his tone carrying a touch of ridicule.

A glimmer appeared in the depths of his blood-like mysterious eyes, carrying a hint of bewitchment.

"Too bad, when the result is out, you won’t be able to be astonished…" Even his tone was very alluring.

At that moment, countless grey clouds appeared in the sky above the two. The clouds then turned darker, and a violent wind that appeared out of nowhere started to wreck the whole of Battlefield to shreds, like a Demon Claw.


The sound of thunder suddenly exploded in the clouds and numerous hurricanes that looked like giant dragons appeared, absorbing the water in the clouds.

Seeing all of this sudden change, the winged tiger king stood there blankly and looked at Allen with widened eyes, as if it was looking at a monster.

“Unbelievable.” The Demonic Tiger King muttered softly to himself. “It was not just ice and fire… he was actually a god—a Demon God of Storm!”

Intense rumbling sounds immediately filled the sky. Deafening thunder rang out, reverberating out in all directions, covering everything for hundreds of kilometers in all directions, shaking the land.

The lightning seemed to be furious as if it had been feeling Allen’s fury and anger, enraged for their master’s pain, the thunderclouds was filled with an awe-inspiring desire to crush the enemy out of existence.

The sound of thunder reverberated around in the air; as it did; immense black clouds filled the sky, covering everything. Layer upon layer rose up, emanating shocking sounds of thunder. Lightning twisted and crackled amidst the layers of clouds. The sight of it was astonishing.

Allen looked up at the thunderclouds filling the skies, and the countless bands of silver and golden lightning, twisting about like snakes. As the ear-splitting thunder sounded out, he coolly said, “Now, it’s my turn! Be careful, old man!”

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