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The first part of a 6k words chapter... which start off at 3k only in draft. 

Tilfa and Eadith had gone away earlier than he planned, maybe because they had enough with the situation he was in. They must have hated watching the other ladies fawning over him, but he was glad they took the {Recall} circle towards the kingdom's capital city as he suggested. Avnir can't risk another blunder even though he knew they were a lot stronger since their last defeat to the goblins.

Eadith's flowing body movement was something his old world martial artist has been practising until perfection as this world's martial art basics had been crippled because of the existence of monsters and the mana-driven skills itself. The art didn't develop well enough to reach what his pitiful, magic-less old world martial art practitioner had come up with. One of the best examples was the 540 kick variants which combined over the years of perfected movements and the practitioner's total body weight to produce one of the most devastating kick.

But like all martial art's fancy movements, not many could use it effectively in a real fight.

The two combined factors of muscle movements and body weight shifting were further synchronized with the mana flow of a skill would generate an even more destructive attack. It was ironic when he thought about it, the existence of mana driven Skills that had caused the declination of Martial Arts foundation development had become even more powerful because of the art. Eadith should already notice that every skill she had ever learned benefited from the body coordination, but there was something that she might have missed.

Avnir imagined that Eadith would be even more surprised while she sparred with others who were familiar to her because she was a lot faster and stronger now. He wanted to see that surprised face himself but he would miss that chance because he couldn't leave just yet.

His experiment with Eadith as the test subject seemed to have a good start as she had shown that not only spells but even player's original skills could be recreated in this world. She had to master this basic technique before the next experiment; to empower it with {Life Mana} and gain its unique {Martial Art} level passive skill.

And he really looked forward to that.

The other lady is also a great test subject. Tilfa's mana recreation of the 'synthetic setae' had turned her into a real-life ninja that could adhere herself to any surface while moving without making any noise at all. She could hang upside down with only one foot or run along on a vertical wall if she wanted to.

Only the sky was her next limit as to whether or not she able to use the air particles as her temporary foothold was up to her. Avnir had no idea how to do that and his only related experience was watching it a video made by other players. The famous recreation of the classic 'double jump' was astonishing, but it was just as ridiculous even in the realistic virtual world.

The ladies were also provided with some funds so that they didn't need to struggle while waiting for him. It was masked as their payment to investigate his father's whereabouts or Eadith wouldn't accept his parting gift. He devised this 'unofficial job request' as an excuse because he could still find the old man just as easy as walking around the city.


His next schedule was to meet the explorer group whom he wanted to 'pay' to escort Carla back home. He knew that she didn't need any but this was part of his plans. He distributed their payment after confirming their abilities, and the group left with Carla towards the {Recall} circle.

Carla returned to her hometown in a hurry after she heard about the plight of her mother, Liza, had suffered all these years. Being unaware of it made her felt guilty even more and she decided to make up for it, just like the last time she went home. As for Liza's unique quirk, Kayden was chosen as his escape goat, but that would depend on her, as he didn't want to force anything.

The big man's team was paid in advance to stay in the town for two weeks, nothing but to check on the inn daily while they were given free reign to explore the dungeon. Enough time for them to get used to their 'payments'.

[Giving them those things will make Kayden and the others in his team stand out later on instead of me,] he chuckled.

More evil plots started to emerge in his head, he was constructing a plan to dump all other future achievements to other people, and this idea originated from none other than Dorothy, the scheming succubus.

"Just make others do your dirty works," she said to him after he explained his situation, "my mother, the queen, did that all the time."

Dorothy was still in her egg form while her pendant core was kept secured by him which enabled him to exchange brief words with her. She never did this true body transformation because there was never a truly safe and quiet place for her to concentrate on 'regrowing'. She explained that she needed to be in her true self before she could start her own plans. This egg would collect {Life Force} channelled through the pendant to support its growth while the pendant would protect him from the dream invasion.

They both get something out of this.

Upon his request, Dorothy had written a letter to the other girls stating her departure before she curled and turned into a human-shaped eggshell. Thank God he didn't have to see she forced her true self out of her...self? Her bloated stomach was huge! It's a scary reminder how the other women would look like if they ever get pregnant.

Adorable, but scary.

Anyway, she told them in the letter how she found someone very important to her. Much more than a friend but not really a lover. She wanted to stay with that man but she found it hard to say goodbye to the others, face to face.

The silver tongue wasn't lying and it wasn't the truth either.

On the other issue, he couldn't let Antrose burn down now as his dungeon and family was in the city. He had a plan involved in moving both the dungeon and his family somewhere else if the undead {Soul Fire} got too hot for him to handle but that was the last resort.


Moreover, for him to leave in order to find that specific place without worrying, first, he needed to empower the girls so they could defend themselves without relying on magic items too much.

He began by measuring their abilities. They are gathered in the secret training hall for this and the {Status Crystal} will prove to be very useful because it allows an accurate measurement other than the ambiguous system announcement.

Sasha's magnitude was meagre, only 2.1, similar to Jay who was at 2.6 mags while the former had two magic systems, {Earth Magic} and {White Magic}. Sasha had a minor affinity to the earth element, the reason she was able to gain the system without much trouble.

Jay had the better magnitude but she only able to learn {White Magic} because she didn't have any affinity for the elements like most humans. Avnir thought that she should focus on this magic system because it was the most flexible system once she had learned all the spell she needed. She might even able to use {Teleport} if she reached level 18 in ranged {Mana Moulding}.

That should be her ultimate goal but there already a lot of useful spells she could use at level 9.

His childhood friend was discouraged when it was her turn to be measured. Yala was far behind at 1.7 mags, but Avnir knew she had an exceptional talent in {Dual Wield} which he would make sure not to waste.

"You should train using twin swords during your free time, Yala," Avnir patted her head, "I know you will do great, that is your speciality."

Her face brightened up with a big smile, "I'll practice hard, for you," she clenched her fists, determined.

Sometimes he forgot how young they all are, and asking a girl to learn the sword at this age might be too much for some. Avnir didn't know if a man like him had appeared before, but the older, wiser women knew that he already grew beyond his age, that was why they could agree with him about most of the things.

Kalia understood that she couldn't directly participate in this gathering but she was here to show her support to Yala. She reassured Yala with a light squeeze on the daughter's shoulder and her nod when their eyes met.

Maybe after seeing the situation surrounding him, Yala's determination had been renewed as she decided to put in more effort so she could become more of use to him. He didn't need her to be stronger but nonetheless, it was a decision which worth a kiss on her forehead which made her squirm in delight.

If her effort alone isn't enough, maybe a {Blood Ritual} will be. Yala is already proven to be resistant to the detrimental blood crave but that will be up to her. He will help her if she shall ask of him.

The next one to be measured was Nerina, and the family's shadow had once again agreed to train Nerina but in a slightly different path, this time and her soon to be level 9 {Mana Moulding} would be enough for her advanced {Shadow Magic} training. Her magnitude count is also above the average with 3.2 mags, as he already knows.

Nerina had become close to Avnir because they both had a similar origin, they were both orphaned and volunteered. It was the source of strong emotions which formed a unique bond. Avnir could feel that she was a strong-willed woman who could stand on her own even with her small stature as she nodded to him.

Nerina already knows what she needed to do.


Maya looked at her skills display projecting from the small crystal that Avnir had used to measure the others' abilities. The last four women had their own highlights, but her own was out of the norm. Maya was a {Water Magic} prodigy who had earned level 5 in {Mana Molding} by the special training provided by the church, and she was also already one step into {Ice Magic} and {Blood Magic}.

Both are rare and powerful magic systems.

"As I have guessed, you have all three of the magic systems, but you control over the two is instinctive, and that is very dangerous," he explained, "even I might have some trouble."

Maya body shook. She understood his implication because she might injure him if she didn't do anything about it. That was the last thing she ever wanted to happen, she wouldn't be able to forgive herself.

"Then, what should I do?" Maya implored, her hands gripped his arm.

"Don't worry," Avnir held and patted her hand, "after this, I'll teach you the magic systems' concepts and spells, that alone should reign some control over the abilities. Just promise me to try to take control of your emotions."

Maya nods, "Okay, I'll try."

Her magnitude in {Water Magic} was 8.3 high because of the {Water Affinity} but her {Fire Magic} suffered into the negative while she had a basic 3.8 magnitude in general. The water-based spells might be less harmful than the fire-based, but she could always drown her opponents or knock them back to a hard surface, gravely injuring them in that way.


Next, it was the little princess's turn and Avnir coughed when he saw the display of Felicia's magnitude, "9.6...that is unbelievable," he mumbled.

The display still shocked him even he already know she was an OP character. He lost to a little girl and was reminded how pitiful he felt when his was originally measure with on 1.5 mags. The memory was horrible even when others thought nothing of it.

"It's okay, you are a lot better in each and other ways," Felicia soothed, it was his turn to be consoled, by a little girl, nonetheless. It didn't make him feel any better at all.

Some part of him didn't want to train her, Avnir shook his head, "I'm fine, just a little shocked, that's all."

Felicia's extreme magnitude meant that she could excel in any magic systems she chose to focus on and Isabella was just a tad lower than the little girl at 7.5 after he measured her before in private. Both of them had an enormous resource for magic related information from the family, but it seemed anymore {Mana Moulding} advancement for them would be very difficult without his guidance.

Tonight they were gathered for that purpose which broke into three parts, and one was the distribution of skill or spell crystals he had made using the {Elemental Forge}. Access to the unique invocation was a jackpot, and who would have known the chain of event let him to this wonderful ability to make material from the elements.

It only cost him mana but he imagined the invocation would only be useful if one already know what to make out of it...because, without the knowledge from the game, he wouldn't be able to make use of its full potential.

The {Knowledge Crystal} was one of them. Created from rare earth elements, these crystals were a huge thing within the game. It was only reconstructible after a few gaming years while it was already known as a rare item found in the most dangerous dungeons for the longest time.

It could hold a skill or a spell much like scrolls but one only need to break it to learn the ability embedded inside the finger-sized crystals. It made learning much easier than the old method of basic repetition using a skill or spell embedded into weapon or scrolls to get the respective abilities. It saved the time spent in training for the skills and brain power to learn every nook and cranny of the spells.

Any abilities granted by the crystals came with the knowledge and understanding of it, making it a very sought after item. There are limits of what level of ability can be stored in the crystals but for normal abilities(skills and spells), only a low-quality crystal is enough.

He still needed samples of the high-quality {Knowledge Crystal} to recreate one, but that was for the future. It was, of course, really lucrative if he wanted to profit from it and the knowledgeable girls accepted them with big round eyes which hinted the others how valuable it was.

However, the other two reasons were more mind-boggling, and their magic common sense might break. Nerina had already been through this, so she wasn't as shocked as others when he revealed it the last time. He imagined that his method would be a norm in the future. Men would try to steal the woman's heart by advancing their level, or women tricking those men to advance their own {Mana Moulding} level for free.

Avnir chuckled, "because of your magnitude, Felicia, it will be hard for me to push your moulding to level 9, but still doable, and I can guarantee Isabella will at least achieve level 15," he explained.

Felicia respond was similar to Isabella who her alone thought she would only become an observer for this meeting, and she had become flabbergasted hearing those words. Her mouth opened and closed a few times without being able to say anything and it took her awhile to realize what that meant to her. Avnir recalled that she had been stuck at level 14 for more than a decade. It's horrible to him when he first heard about that.

"I can...I can finally use Lightning Magic!?" she stuttered her thought out loud.

"Yes, you can Matriarch," Avnir kept his act even though he was already the family Arcana and empowering the family was also one of his 'job'. His light bow to her had also pricked her unique appetite.

"Avnir is a monster," Sasha teased, "I never heard of pushing other's Mana Molding level and to think you can do to that extent...," her words trailed off, "skill crystals are one thing, granted by your class, but the years and years of training skipped, it's unbelievable."

"I strongly recommend self-training after taking this shortcut," Avnir replied, "it helps you build the stable foundation for a smooth spell casting."

All of them nodded thoughtfully, everybody understood why he had suggested that. Much like the crystals, this method only opened the door for them, and without further training, they still could fail to call forth the spell at the critical moment.

"We can provide a mana moulding training service to help the struggling female magi as a side business," Nerina coiled her arm around his, "I've already trained a few of them and many will come for it from all over the kingdom."

"Yes, good job on bringing that up," Nerina's face lit up when he praised her, and the others showed a tinge of jealousy on their expressions.

"Maybe I can help with that too," expressed Jay, she was desperate for a praise.

"I'm sure you can," she startled when Avnir pulled her hand and kissed her cheek. Her face lit up in red, teasing her like this was fun.

"Well, that's not fair," Maya complained, "I want a kiss on the cheek too."

Avnir was sure she was talking for all of their behalfs, she was all fine until someone wanted to force something upon her. The scar of her past would need time to be healed, Avnir sighed, "okay, come here girls."

He was a little overwhelmed when the girls gathered around him offering their cheek at him but dutifully done his duty to all of them. Even Mollie came asking for a quick peck on the cheek which earned her a reprimand from Tiara, the mother acolyte was just jealous.

After blushing faces somewhat cooled down, it was time to get on with the schedule. "Now, we'll start with the easier one before Felicia and the Matriarch's turn."

The girls exclaimed in excitement. A few rounds of {Mana Moulding} later had left all of them a disbelieving expression on their faces.

Avnir then explained to them how to train on their own by using the mana tendrils trick which once more earned him a lot of love and this time it was his cheek was swarmed with kisses. He went through the demonstration process of training using heavy objects and the increase of range for them all over again which also proved his learning technique to them. It was fun to see the realization on their faces all while he was overjoyed as his magnitude had increased to another level.

He had breached 4 mags after training them.

"The last thing I want to express to everyone here is spell casting training," Avnir said to them, "and this is something I learned from swordmasters."



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