【Birth By Baptism】Chapter Four | Learning 「Nature」 Magic…


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【Chapter Four – Learning 「Nature」 Magic…】


My third birthday is right around the corner, but somehow it feels like a huge milestone for me. It’s not like I’ve done anything special, but I will begin to learn magic next week. I hope my teacher is nice… maybe she’ll be young and attractive too.

I’m not really into the whole teacher-student fantasy though.

Not to mention I’m only 3 years old.

That’s more than likely going to be a problem if I attempt to realize a romance.

My crib was upgraded to a bed a while back, I think it’s about time considering how much I’ve grown. There’s no mirrors in the church so I can only judge how I look based off the water in the baptism pool, but it’s enough. I’m about 95 cm tall with short, dark brown hair, and an average looking face that’s a bit chubby. I’m young, it can’t be helped if it is so. My eyes are something between emerald and sapphire, which seems to be a rare color. Nobody gives it much thought in the church though, as if it’s to be expected due to my blessing.

That said, thanks to the exercise I’ve been putting in daily I can tell I’m beginning to develop some muscle. It’s nothing to be excited about, but it’s promising so I’ll keep at it.

Outside of minor things, my studies haven’t progressed at all over the last few months… I asked Selethain-sama if she could teach me how to read the magic incantations but, 「Why would I do that? Ask your teacher if you want to know so badly, not that I expect them to be able to read it either ha ha ha.」 was her response.

Apparently she thinks it’s too much effort to teach it to me, but I can understand it’s not a reasonable request to ask one person to teach you a whole language. Because of that, I’ve been scanning through them and looking at the names and effects. I will ask my teacher if she can teach me any of the ones that look useful.

Rei’el has been warning me to be careful what I say to the teacher though, he doesn’t want me to accidentally reveal my intentions to them. If the teacher is affiliated with the church, she’ll probably be suspicious of why I want to learn ice and illusion magic.

I tried to get some more information about her from Godric-san, but he’s not talking. I don’t think it’s because he wants to hide it from me though, he probably doesn’t know much about her either.

Nonetheless, I am excited and a little anxious to meet her in a couple of days. I was surprised to learn the teaching will begin the day after my birthday, but Selethain-sama told me it was normal to start as soon as one becomes this age.

I’d like to know how age is related to magic abilities, but Selethain-sama won’t tell me anything about it. I’m not sure why that is, but I guess there are some things that are better for humans not to know. I intend to find out from someone at Eldeora though.

Lately Selethain-sama has been able to talk with me more frequently, but she mostly goes off on rants about how useless nature magic is.

Seriously, I wish there was an off-switch for her when I’m reading books.

Right now I’m sitting in the chapel area of the building, I’ve been allowed to roam freely around the church as long as I don’t go outside or into the office of Godric-san. It’s not a very big place, but it’s much better than being locked in that small room all day.

Rei’el walks in and sits down on a pew next to me.

「Still looking through those spell books?」

「Even if I can’t read the spell incantations, I’d like to know what variety of spells there are after all.」

「I’m sorry I can’t teach you early, if you were already three I would have done it myself, but a teacher is better after all.」

「Rei’el, do you know why you need to be three to use magic well?」

I’ve been calling Rei’el without honorific lately by his request. He still calls me with one, I told him there’s no need but he refused.

「Hmm… it’s something to do with your ability to harness magic power, I think. I only know it because I’ve always been told young people cannot use mana well.」

Those words are a little abstract, but it can’t be helped that the people here don’t have an understanding that goes beyond 『It just works when it does.』

I intend to test various things with magic as I get older, maybe I can shed some light on how these things work with my 『future』 knowledge. So far, I’ve been imagining it’s something like a battery. As you grow older the capacity increases and you can use the power once the battery is fully developed. Of course, this is baseless speculation. Rei’el told me that the ability for magic varies greatly between persons and races. Something to learn more about at another time.

Rei’el gives me a pat on the shoulder and heads out into the church yard, probably to cut some firewood or the like.

Juna-san can be seen peaking in from the backroom of the church, watching him head outside through the front door.

I’ve noticed that Juna-san is interested in Rei’el, but I wonder if he’s noticed yet. She’s a nice woman, I’d like to see them get along if the feelings are mutual.

I thought about telling him that, but I realized selfishly that it will complicate our trip in the future. It’s better if he finds out organically, or not at all. I’m sorry Rei’el, I’ll apologize for it at some point…

As the day is beginning to wind down, I head back to my room and throw myself on to my bed. I miss the beds in my old world— this one is a cloth thrown over some straw and it’s about as comfortable as one would imagine it to be. Sometimes I find small bugs that look like beetles in it, which I immediately crush. Gross.

I’m going to try to get some sleep for my birthday, I know I won’t be able to sleep in anticipation tomorrow night after all.


My birthday goes normally, there’s no real celebration this year besides some unusual fruits I haven’t seen before. They look something like a banana but the color is bright red and tastes like watermelon…

Besides the odd fruit, the day went pretty normally. I spent it getting excited for my magic teacher coming, and was unable to sleep as I had expected.

It’s now very early in the morning, the light just now beginning to flood through my window as I lay in my bed.

You should have gotten some sleep you know, today is going to be tiring.

I don’t think it will be all that bad. I’m pretty sure my teacher is only stopping by to meet me and the real lessons begin tomorrow. Also, since when have you been so caring?

Caring? The reason you should have gotten rest is so I can fully enjoy the spectacle of you meeting your 「teacher」 today. Unfortunately for you, today is the day I get my revenge for how you’ve disregarded me the past few years.

Uh-huh, suuuuree it is shadow-chaaaaan~

It’s my not-so-secret pleasure as of late to tease Selethain-sama

Grrr… You wouldn’t be making those jokes if I was at full power! I could kill you instantly you know? Force you into servitude, slowly turn you into a demon, various other things!

Who’s the one who’s being mean now? All I have done is called you affectionately after all, giving you a special nickname to increase our… bond…

I’m stifling laughter right now, but of course Selethain-sama doesn’t miss a beat.

We’ll see who’s laughing after today!

With that foreboding phrase, the voice of Selethain-sama disappears from my conscious. I have no idea what she’s planning, but considering her dependency on me, it can’t be too bad. She likes to pretend that she’s this really dangerous figure, but in reality I think she’s just frustrated to be in the state she’s in.


Anyways, I’ve realized she’s got a lot of bark but probably no bite. She doesn’t like to be teased, but secretly I think that she doesn’t mind having someone who talks to her normally. Gods are used to being worshiped, despised, or only talked to by other gods after all. Selethain-sama surely isn’t the social type outside of our conversations from what I can tell.

Then again, she keeps a certain silver-haired girl as company, so she might be more talkative than I think. Speaking of which, if she finds me annoying, how does she deal with her?

I tried asking about Nova-san but Selethain-sama wouldn’t reveal anything to me about it. I’ll have to ask the girl directly if I ever see her again. I doubt she’s at Eldeora anymore after all that happened, so it’s pretty unlikely however.

I should have tried to rest a bit, I’m already feeling the fatigue set in. I remember I used to stay up all night, sometimes days at a time when I was in my old world… Even thought I know that, I still don’t know why or what I was doing at the time.

Being three years old has it’s limits, but it’s better than a year ago even. I hope my new teacher is a lovely Onee-san who knows a lot about magic. In the worst case, she’s a dog from the church who has come to control my learning. Surprisingly if the other party is a dog-demihuman, that might be more offensive than I thought. I’ll have to keep it in mind to watch my words around all these different types of people.

In fact, I don’t actually know if there is dog-types in this world. I keep forgetting to bring up the subject with Rei’el. I’ll talk to him about it later if I have time.

Alright I’m getting very tired… I’m sure someone will come wake me up when my teacher gets here anyways right?

A little sleep wouldn’t hurt…



Huh… I can’t see anything.

Something smells really nice though, like a faint flowery scent.


I’m being hugged in my bed.

Juna-san hasn’t done this in over a year when she could hold me in her arms. I wonder if Godric-san was hard on her today or something?

My magic teacher is supposed to be here today though? How long have I been asleep?

I push against the embrace a little.

Ooooo so soft…

Who’s holding me right now..? This is not Juna-san.

「Uhm… hello? I can’t breathe.」

「Hmmm? Oh sorry, Alastor-kuuun~」

That voice…

No. No. No.

It couldn’t be…

The figure that was hugging me— released me and stood up in front of me.

Holding her fingers in a 「V」 shape over her eyes, tongue held at the side of her mouth.

Long silver hair flowing from her head, rolling down her shoulders…

That pose, that beautiful face…

「Ja-junnng! It’s you new sensei, Nova-chan desu~!」

「Oh, what the hell! Selethain-sama, what is this exactly!?」

Oops, I’m speaking aloud.

HAHAHAHA, serves you right! Don’t worry, I’m sure Nova can teach you allllll kinds of things.

Since when are you the perverted grandma character!

But it’s too late, Selethain-sama has disappeared, the sounds of her overflowing laughter echo in my mind for a few moments. This, of course, means leaving me with Nova… who’s currently drooling and looking at me with carnivorous eyes.

「I’m only three you know, do you mind not looking at me like that.」

「Buuuut, buuuut you’re so caaauutteee~!」

Nova leaps onto me again and holds me tight, my face is currently lost between two large mountains.

「Aw, I wish I could have been reincarnated too! We could have met as kids and slowly grown closer… ahhhh…」

Don’t say something so scary Nova.

Additionally, I wish you’d stop talking with such a dreamy voice as if imagining our childhood years together.

Also please let me go I can’t breathe.

Nova gets off me and sits on the edge of the bed.

「So are you going to explain why you’re here? Where’s my teacher Opella-sensei?」

Nova looks at me with a mischievous face.

「Opella-sensei? But of course, I am Opella-sensei!」

「There’s no way you met with Godric-san and he thought you’d be a good teacher!」

「Awww how mean~! Even though you’re just a kid now, you’re still mean to Nova.」

She’s doing her 「Sob, Sob」 thing…

「Alright, I’m sorry. Can you please explain how this came to be.」

「Anything for you~ But it’s pretty simple! Selethain-sama told me to come here and be your teacher of course!」

「I’m not going to ask how she managed to do that, but what about Opella-sensei?」

「Hmm~ She’s not going to be able to teach for awhile~」

Nova’s face goes to the psychotic, sadistic one for just a second before she readjusts…

「You didn’t.」

「But— but, I had to~! Otherwise we would have not been together! Don’t be mad at Nova!」

What are you Nova, a textbook Yandere?

(EDN: A 「Yandere」 is an archetype that relates to someone who is crazy about someone, in a violent and literal manner.)

Alright, calm down me.

Nova-san was just doing as ordered, the one I need to direct this anger at is Selethain-sama.

That damned goddess, doing whatever the hell she wants to prove a point. I’ve misjudged her.

「Please take care of me from now on, Alastor-kuun~」


At that moment, Rei’el comes into the room and greets Nova-san.

After introductions were over, Nova-san was ushered out by Rei’el. She was only supposed to introduce herself today anyways.

You’re a godsend Rei’el.

「I didn’t expect your teacher to be such a beautiful young girl! I’m a little jealous Alastor-san.」

「I know how it looks, but trust me she’s more trouble than you think.」

After that, I explain to Rei’el that she’s the aforementioned Nova-san that I had met at Eldeora. When he starts putting the pieces together, Rei’el has a difficult expression.

「I…I see… So she’s the servant of that goddess that lives in your shadow then…」

「That’s the short version, yes. Anyways, it looks like I won’t be learning nature magic after all.」

「Rather, you’ll be learning shadow magic… is that it?」

「If I had to guess, Selethain-sama has been planning this for some time, Inari-sama and her don’t get along that well apparently.」

「What if Godric-san asks you to show him your progress?」

「I’m sorry Rei’el, but I’m going to have to ask you to teach me whatever nature magic you know for that reason…」

「Of course! That’s how it has to be huh.」

Rei’el looks a bit happy about being able to teach me. Maybe it’s because I have tried to talk to him about topics that are too scientific for him to understand. It might have been a bit much to tell him about cars and planes… He probably thinks I’m way smarter than him.

「Anyways, I might have only woke up a little while ago, but I need to sleep so that I don’t ruin my schedule… Also Nova-san has the tendency to drain my energy.」

「Right, I’ll let you get some sleep then.」

「Thanks for rushing her off after seeing my expression, I don’t know how much pampering I can handle from her… Do you think you could be around for the lessons in the future as well? It will probably discourage her from… well, being herself.」

「Although I can’t promise always, I will stay around when I can.」

「Thanks Rei’el. You’re really saving me.」

Rei’el gives me a wry smile and leaves the room.

Selethain-sama, can you hear me?

「Selethain-sama」 is it? Seems like your teacher has already begun to evoke some respect out of you.

I’m not in the mood for that right now, why did you have Nova-san come here? Did you order her to hurt Opella-sensei?

I can’t say I like your attitude, this should remind you of our positions a little. I don’t need your disapproving evaluation of my actions, this is what’s best for you too.

Eh? How is this good for me? Because she can teach me illusion magic? At the cost of hurting an innocent person… I would gladly learn the 「worthless」 nature magic instead.

Oh, would you relax? Humans are such an ungrateful kind. Your precious Opella-sensei isn’t in a life threatening state, all I told Nova to do was give her a little traumatic dream.

Traumatic dream? Care to elaborate?

I don’t, but I’ll tell you anyway. She might have had a prophetic dream —due to some illusion magic— that put her under a certain impression.

Certain impression?

Perhaps she thinks you’re actually a demon in disguise that intends to kill her.

Alright, well at least all it ended up to be was nightmare. Somehow I imagine it’s worse than that, but at least she wasn’t physically harmed.

I hate to admit it, but maybe this isn’t all that bad..? Nova did get into Eldeora in the past after all… She knows illusion magic too…

I’ll have you know that I disapprove of what you’ve done.

Disapprove of it if you want, but you can’t deny it raises your chances of getting into Eldeora. Hurry up and learn my school of magic alongside illusion, we need to wipe away the stain of nature proficiency as soon as possible.

More like it makes you more powerful, right?

That’s a side-effect, sure. A most pleasing side-effect I must say.

And what’s your plan when Inari-sama learns about this?

Pfff, she doesn’t know anything. As far as she’s concerned, Nova would be a normal teacher. She doesn’t know Nova serves me after all, or that I’m even involved.

So? When I tell her, what then?

An empty threat, you don’t have any way to talk to her— and she’s not going to come to you for years. If you make it into Eldeora off the back of my magic you’ll owe me anyways. It’s not even like she’s that powerful either, when I’m back to 100%, a fight with her would be one-sided.

I don’t know enough about magic and goddesses to say anything to that. If I had to guess though, shadow is probably more offensive based than nature magic…

And what about when Godric-san finds out that I’m learning the wrong magic?

He won’t. You’re not going to tell him or you won’t learn any magic, that I will make sure of. Nova has brilliantly convinced him that he’s Opella-sensei with illusion magic as well.

She’s thought this all through huh. I guess all I can do is accept my fate…

Some part of me thinks shadow magic is a more interesting type of magic anyways… but I’m not going to tell Selethain-sama that.





Oh… I vaguely hear the voice of an angel… has heaven finally deemed it my time? May I ascend to the heaven of… flowers…


Wait. Was there a lot of flowers in heaven?


I awaken with a start, going from a lying position to a sitting position in an instant. I feel the impact of two airbags on my face.

「Mmmm! So early in the morning too~」

I pull back my face and the reality which I’ve already understood appears before me.

Nova-san is currently straddling me, but being as I am a small child, it’s more like everything below my waist is currently pinned down. Naturally, the flowery image in my head was from Nova’s scent.

I look at Nova-san with an expression of minor disgust.


「『Geh?』 How rude!」

Nova-san puffs out her cheeks dramatically while crossing her arms.

「What do you expect when waking me up like this? Why are you here anyways, it should only be…」

I look at the window and light is already pouring into my room.

I must have overslept… that’s unusual. Well, when Nova-san is around, my energy is depleted at twice the normal rate.

「I’m here to teach you magic of course!」


I can only look at Nova-san, who’d rather fool around than get anything actually done, as an unreliable source of teaching.

I’m sure her lessons will be as dubious as her personality.

「Before that though, I really should get something for breakfast.」

「Ohhh, I thought you might say that! So I made you some cookies, see?」

Nova-san pulls out a small cloth bag from a location only someone with her 『figure』 could store something.

She hands me the small bag and I untie it, inside are several small cookies that appear to be made from oats… with some suspiciously glowing black specks inside.

「Well~? Are you going to try them?」

「Nova-san, although I’m sure—」


Nova-san interrupts me as such.

「…Nova-sensei, although I’m sure these are great, may I ask what you made them from?」

She seems pleased to have 『-sensei』 tacked onto her name, I imagine I’m the only one who would ever address her this way.

「Well~ The main ingredient is of course, Sensei’s love!」

「Apart from ingredients which cannot be tasted or are otherwise unreal, please.」

「Boooo. Let’s see… I used some wild oats…」

「Yes I can see that.」

「Hmmm… a little sugar.」


「…Crushed devil snail powder…」

「Wait! Stop! Right there!」

「It’s a perfectly normal and tasty ingredient you know! Go on, try it!」

『Crushed devil snail powder!』 Who in their right mind would ever attempt to cook with something from a creature called 『Devil Snail?』

「Suddenly I am not hungry, and therefore I will have to pass on these delicious looking cookies!」

「Whaaaaat!? Just try it Alastor-kun! I made them special, just for you!」

It took me about an hour to convince her I really wasn’t hungry. This, of course, was a lie.

As a side note, I learned that devil snails are a species of 1 meter long snails who typically live in deep, humid caves. They are known to excrete a substance which contains alcohol.

It seems that the next several years are going to be quite an adventure.


A few months have passed, and unexpectedly things are progressing smoothly. Nova was pretty troublesome in the first week, but when Rei’el wasn’t around, Selethain-sama started stepping in to keep her in line.

I didn’t expect that, but it seems Selethain-sama is pretty serious about getting me into Eldeora as well, so I won’t complain.

I’ve only been learning the basic concepts of magic, and so I haven’t actually cast any spells yet. That said, I’ve learned a good amount of how magic is structured in this world.

The first thing to understand was the types of magic. There’s a lot of them, but it’s roughly something like this:

Elemental Types: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind

Their corresponding sub-magics—

Fringe Elemental Types: Solar, Ice, Nature, Lightning

Although they’re called sub-types or 「Fringe,」 they don’t seem to be any less powerful than the other 4 elemental types. They’re simply called as such because they’re related to the main 4 types. Apparently someone who is good at Fire magic has a good chance of being good at Solar magic and so on. The reverse also appears to be true.

Then are the various non-elemental types of magic:

Dark: Shadow, Illusion, Blood

Light: Holy, Light, Creation

Internal: Mind, Sensing, Trick

External: Spacial, Ritual, Conjuring

Those are the basics, with all of those types able to be broken down even further. There’s also a system of classes associated with magics, relating to the 「strength」 of a spell.

This works in a Class I to Class X system, which I had already heard about to some extent, but I don’t know how they are classified exactly. It seems safe to assume the more impact a spell has, the more mana it requires, and the higher the skill needed to cast, the more advanced the class.

Nova went into light detail on each type of magic and what they’re used for as well, but it was pretty much what I had guessed by the names. It is interesting to note that many classes can do the same things as each other, but in different ways. Holy and Nature can both heal injuries for example, but the method is different.

I’ve also learned that magic is usually cast through an incantation, but even that isn’t always the case. Once you have become accustomed to a spell, it can be shortened to only a keyword or phrase, or in the case of complete mastery— silently activated.

This has obvious benefits, however it’s apparently very difficult to trim down the incantation even to a keyword or phrase. Nova-sensei told me she’s able to cast a couple spells silently, but yet she chooses to say a phrase with them anyways.

She told me this was to hide her skill, but in reality I learned it’s only because she wants to name the spells herself.

For example, she showed me an illusion spell called 「Mirage,」 which creates the illusion of something in the distance.

When casting, she said 「Kawaii vacation!」 with a small twirl.

(EDN: 「kawaii」 is 「Cute」 in Japanese)

Naturally, that’s not the correct phrase, and wouldn’t fool anyone who heard her say it.

Outside my window appeared a beautiful scene of gentle waves crashing against pure white sand. It’s impressive magic either way, although it’s practical use seems to be… lacking.

Not as lacking as Nova-sensei’s common sense though.

She usually shows up at around noon, leaving a couple hours after, almost every day. It made me wonder where she lives, but all she said when I asked was 「Hmmm… I wonder?」 with a pondering face.

I’ve decided to neither look into, or think about it beyond that.


「Soooo, with that, you’ve learned most of the basic theory of how magic is seen in the world! Next, we’re gonna move onto how to cast magic!」

Finally, the day has come… hopefully. Honestly though, I’m afraid that Nova-sensei is going to give me a description like, 「You just kinda feel the magic, and then it goes bang! tehee~」

「Nova-sensei, does that mean you’re going to teach me actual magic from now on?」

「That’s right, Alastor-kyuun~」


「Can you not 『Geh』 whenever I say something! How rude!」

I’m sorry Nova-sensei, the way you talk really is too much for a normal person like myself.

「Moving on, the first spell you will learn should be something simple… Hmm, how about  『Ember?』」

「『Ember?』 aren’t you going to teach me something from the Shadow or Illusion schools?」

「Ohoohohoho, it’s much too early for you to learn that magic. Pffff.」

Somehow the look she’s giving me right now kinda pisses me off.

「Alright then, 『Ember』 it is.」

「Good, good, so! The easiest way to think of 『Ember』 is to visualize a campfire which has run out of fuel. It’s also important to think about the heat and smell though!」

「So I need to think about it as if it were in front of me?」

「That’s right! Magic is all about willing what you want to happen into existence. For example, I pictured you many times saying 『I love you Nova-sensei!』 and that’s why you tell me that every day!」

No, Nova-sensei, that’s definitely not something that I say to you. I’ve never said that to you.

It seems like she’s willed that fantasy into reality in her own mind though, so it’s probably best to pretend I didn’t hear it.

But still, willing something into existence… I can see how that makes sense.

「Okay! Let’s give it a go Alastor-kun! I’ll show you first, then you try!」

Nova opens her hand in front of me, and a small glowing ball about the size of a marble appears.

It’s not much huh? Not even as dangerous as a lit candle…

I close my eyes and hold out my hand.

Imagine a small piece of coal, which has been ignited and burns slowly on the inside…The smell, the color of the light leaking from it, the faint heat coming off of it…

「The faint heat of warmth, the child of flame — Ember.」

I speak the incantation and open my eyes.

There in the middle of my outstretched hand, floating about an inch from my palm is a small, glowing light.

And then I pass out.


I wake up to see Nova laying her head on my bed as she sits on the floor. She must have been worried and fell asleep watching over me, huh?

She can be a little cute now and then.

Although the drooling and giggling can go away, thanks.

I think about shaking her awake to stop her behavior, but I don’t.

「I guess I should be grateful to her, huh?」

I said this aloud to no one in particular, but there’s always someone listening…

That’s right, imbecile!

Oh, it’s you huh.

Don’t 「Oh, it’s you huh」 me! Hahahaha, what a laugh though. You use possibly the weakest spell in existence, and immediately pass out from mana exhaustion! Hahahahahaha!

Is that what happened? Although I’d guessed as much… Is it abnormal for someone to pass out when they cast their first spell?

Get a little drowsy perhaps, but to think you’d lose consciousness! Bahahaha!

Alright, alright, you’ve had your laugh. But I did do it though right? I cast 「Ember」 successfully?

Hmph. Yes, you did cast it. It was pitiful, but you did cast it.

Why was it such a huge drain on me? Do I have so little mana?

Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that. Nova told you, hasn’t she? Nature and fire aren’t exactly the most complimentary magics. Since you’re naturally proficient in nature magic, fire magics will require more effort from you.

So then why not go with a beginner nature spell?

Do you need to ask me that?

…I think I understand the theory behind how magic works, but I don’t understand why people can’t just cast anything… For example, if I had the mana, couldn’t I cast a high class magic spell by imagining it?

It’s a little difficult to explain, but it doesn’t work that way. Visualization is of course, important, but there are other factors involved as well.

What do you mean?

Let me ask you this, can you imagine a great bolt of lightning hitting something?


Easy enough, but can you imagine what it would feel like to control a bolt of lightning?

Feel like… to control it?

Exactly, if you can’t imagine controlling the flow of mana properly, the spell won’t work. Even if it did create a bolt of lightning, it might be weak, or even hit you rather than your target.

But I didn’t do anything like controlling the mana when I cast 「Ember?」

Sure you did, you imagined it appearing in the palm of your hand right? Just like Nova showed you. It was easy to understand, and because you didn’t realize, you cast it in your hand as well, as though you had to.

So what you’re saying is that I could have cast 「Ember」 anywhere, without putting my hand out?

That’s right, magic isn’t limited by the world, only by the user. By thinking it would appear in your hand, you had already controlled it. But now that you know otherwise, you will need to focus more deeply to ensure your mind doesn’t wander. You may find it harder than you think to imagine it only appearing in your hand from now on, without picturing it burning you clothes or being in the wrong place.

I see…

You also copied the design of Nova’s 「Ember.」 The shape, the size, the color. All of these things must be pictured for a spell to work.

It is more complex than I had thought… so by allowing me to be ignorant of the possibilities, I was able to control the mana without noticing it.

That’s right, idiot. I look forward to your mistakes in the future.

I was going to thank her for the information, but I changed my mind.

I close my eyes and lay in bed, listening to Nova mumble in her sleep.

Magic, huh? It seems like it might be difficult from here on out, but I hope that I am able to grasp this power.

With a hint of excitement towards the future, I go back to sleep.


— End of【Chapter Four  – Learning 「Nature」 Magic…】—


A note from Soraniki


Wow, amazing chapter amiright. Almost as amazing as my improper use, of commas. Wouldn,t you, say,?,


I'll try not to let this project have too many delays in the future, thank you if you're still reading it, or have read through it to here. I really appreciate it.



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