Dragon Road: How I Rise in My New Life

by Serapheid

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Harem High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Unbeknownst to most life in the vast universe, there exists worlds with life that nestle within cracks in the void of the physical plane of existence.


Whether these worlds are the realms of the afterlife is unknown, but what is clear is that sometimes…


some things…


physical or not…


real or not…


tend to slip into the cracks…


This is my story...

Of how I died filled with regret, but was given a chance to live my new life (though not the way I expected) hoping to gain what I desire the most.






and most important of all... Family.



* Arc 1: An End and A Beginning

* Arc 2: Journey to the New World

* Arc 3: The All-Treasure Pavillion


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Arc 1 – Prologue: Voice and Awakening ago
Arc 1 – Chapter 1: Birth and Rising ago
Arc 1 – Chapter 2: That Which Lies in the Dark ago
Arc 1 – Chapter 3: At the Edge of Death ago
Arc 1 – Chapter 4: The Pain of Bitterness ago
Arc 1 – Chapter 5: Life with Death ago
Arc 1 – Chapter 6: Knowledge and Gain ago
Arc 1 – Chapter 7: Advent of Gods ago
Arc 1 – Chapter 8: Growth, Life, and Lessons ago
Arc 1 – Chapter 9: True Fight ago
Arc 1 – Chapter 10: To Slay a King ago
Arc 1 – Epilogue: Father and Son ago
Side Story 1: Life and Undeath, A Father’s Pride ago
Volume 2 – Prologue: The First Step ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 1: Journey to the Northwest ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 2: Between Monsters and Men ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 3: Hand of Courage ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 4: Beaten Yet Unbroken ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 5: Orgo, Town of Dreams and Cruel Reality ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 6: The Meaning of Adventure ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 7: A Team's Strength ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 8: The End of Reason ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 9: A Clash of Kings ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 10: Truth and Lies ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 11: Orgo, Town of Dreams ago
Side Story: Scarred by Despair, Tempered by Hope ago
Hospitalized ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 12: Darkness Unbound ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 13: Fatal Absurdity ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 14: Immeasurable Disaster ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 15: Hidden Card ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 16: To Slay A God ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 17: Mass Destruction ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 18: Power Without Measure ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 19: Grand Destroyer ago
Volume 2 – Chapter 20: The Road That Lies Ahead ago
Volume 2 – Epilogue: A Night to Remember and The Road Once More ago
Story Progression and Future Plans ago
Arc 3 – Prologue: Ominous Tidings ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 1: Lonely Road ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 2: Ambush ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 3: Coincidence or Fate ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 4: Sullen City ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 5: The Treasures of the Pavilion ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 6: What Lies Behind Closed Doors ago
Arc 3 - Chapter 7: The Truth of Dragons ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 8: Obscene Faith ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 9: The Madness of Faith ago
Not a Chapter - Q & A Session ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 10: A Blade in the Dark ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 11: Rage and Blood ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 12: Blood and Fire ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 13: Dragon’s Madlust (18+) ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 14: One with the Valna (18+) ago
Announcement and News ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 15: Nest of Devils ago
News Update and Progress ago
News, Return, and Plans ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 16: A Murder of Crows ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 17: The Black Bird of the Serpent ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 18: Do Dragons Dream of Goats? ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 19: Where Even Death Fears to Tread ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 20: Children of Dawn ago
Arc 3 – Chapter 21: He Who Holds the Throne of Death ago

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Potentially good but disappointingly bad

When I started reading this story, I actually liked it. The author has expressed time and again that he's heavily inspired by the things he's read and that is pretty apparent. But just because something isn't new, it doesn't mean it can't be enjoyable. I especially like the effort put into the world building. The details and the unique spin he put into it really gets the imagination working. I would also say that the author has a good idea of when to place emotional hooks for maximum effect. The characters are likeable. You could even argue too much so. You don’t see many flaws and so many of them just feel like plot devices.

But then I started to see the glaring issues. Mainly, the pacing of events, which is way too fast. You can see how excited the author is to get from one event to another. It's hard to get a grasp of how long something is supposed to go on because of a lack of exposition and a reliance on time skips. And before we have a good idea of a certain place or situation, the story has moved on to the next stage. Then there's the tendency to rely on deus ex machinas. Not long after an ability/item is introduced, we get another and another and another. Before he's fleshed out much about the last thing, he's already pulling out a new one. It doesn't help that there is usually little to no build up and we rarely see the main character struggle long enough to justify a new mechanic coming in. It's a waste of potential character development. At this point, the story devolves from what could've been interesting potential to a run-of-the-mill power fantasy.

Lastly, things escalate way too quickly. We barely have an idea of what is "normal" in this world before the author brings out all sorts of irregularities. By the end of Volume 2, the main character has come up against a god incarnate and has revealed his own abilities that far exceed that. For these kinds of stories, the level of power steadily rises as time and conflict goes on. What the hell would the main character be fighting in the upcoming volumes?

All in all, I hope that the author can turn these around. But I doubt it since he chose to write in the style of a generic fantasy light novel. It’ll have its niche audience and unless he’s aiming for bigger things, that might be enough. I might just have been expecting too much since I've grown out of stories like this.


Pretty good lighthearted read with a few issues

Overall the story is pretty basic, but enjoyable. The spelling and grammar is good. It's a pretty good read if you've got time to kill, and like OP main characters.


All that being said, the author seems to be improving, with less issues appearing in arc 3.


--below be spoilers--

Sorry for the lack of structure in the review, but below I'll write some of the thoughts and issues I think the author could work with.

Developments that feel like afterthoughs - As an example of this, when the mc is beaten down, suddently he has a full dragon transformation that was not mentioned before. He also has a lot of OP weapons, however they were mentioned breifly before, and therefor doesnt feel as forced when revealed. It's understandable to want to keep secret hidden cards up your sleves in fights, however it's not motivated why the reader would be unaware. In a few instances in the story there are mentions like "but I also learnt THIS in my time in the cave", or "oh, and before he left, he gave me this healing water". This should be mentioned as it happens, or it feels like forced plot-convenience when it happens.

Extreme characters - Overall the characters in the story are decent, albit somewhat one-dimensional, which can be fine for a lighthearted op adventure story. However, Glenn... The initial interaction with glenn is handeled well, and is entertaining, but the character development for Glenn.. takes a strange turn. He's shown to have a super-awesome past with very important parents, and  with just a couple of weeks training from the MC, becomes semi-op himself, with some sort of split-personality gimmic. This part is the only part of the story which I outright consider 'bad', as it's a very sudden change of tone in the story, and feels very out of place. There's an attempt to explain reason that this is realistic by mentioning that he had rigorous training from the adventure guild and from the MC, however the extreme personallity-change and increase in power still does not feel reasonable. It creates an annoying bump in the reading flow in an otherwise enjoyable chapter.

The dialogue in a few occations feels forced, in the way that it doesnt feel like something the characters should realistically say, instead they just say it for the viewers sake. For example:

"“Oho… it seems she’s passed the second test. If she had failed, I’d be hearing crunching and tearing noises by now. Splendid. It seems I’ll soon have more experimental samples to conduct tests with if she passes the last test… "

Why would the character say "if she had failed, id be hearing crunshing"? There's no other person in the room he's talking to, and even with his established mad personality, the dialogue feels forced. The character is explaining to the reader what's happening, instead of having a realistic dialogue. 

Another issue that can be seen in the  dialogue example is that the characters are occationally somewhat one-dimensional and stereotypical. That can be fine, cliché characters can still be enjoyable, however simplifying the dialogue to "ill soon have more experimental samples" sounds unneccesarily simplistic. The story could benefit from having more fleshed out characters to create more interesting interactions. 

To give examples, here's some of the cliché personalities included in the story: skilled friendly merchant dwarf, seemingly innocent succubus demon, retired op adventurer boss, generic bandit team, evil greedy politician mislead by demon.


Concerning adult themes in the story

I dislike the harem / romance aspect of the story, but wont decrease the storys score based on that since it's simply a matter of taste. I actually lol'd at the mc's ... 'anatomy' when it was described. I would have given +0.5 stars if she 'nope'd out of there when she saw it.

I do wonder however about the MCs clothing. Is he naked when he's 'born'? I'd assume so. Is he naked after his full transformation? How did his storage ring stay on? Did he re-dress after he fought the avatar? How does his clothing work with his wings? His modesty, and general cleaniness & toiletry is mostly ignored in the story, which I think is a pretty good choice.


Dragon Road: How I rise in my new life 

Reviewed at: News Update and Progress

I love the story you have made and I hope you dont stop I'm on arc 2 right and lovering every part of it.

Thank you for the great story 


Beautifully Developing

Some stories, one is able to connect to in a way. That feeling when you read a story and crave more. When your heart aches whenever something bad happens. That rush of energy one gets when the main character is about to do something badass. 

Having such feelings is honestly rare in stories on this site, but this is one of them. With the first arc starting off a little bumpy, I got worried. It seemed weird at first, and the type of story where the MC is thrown into a fantasy world as a humanoid isn't anything new. I could just imagine a little Agumon running around in the beginning of the arc. It was honestly just a joke in my opinion. 

However, things progressed and got better. He met the man he was proud to call @&#($% (spoiler), and you could feel your heart ache just as the main character's did when tragedy befell him. And I'm sure just about every reader's hearts jumped a bit at the fight against the king. 

The story is magnificently contrsucted to add both seriousness and comedy. This plays into the current state of the story (V2C8 currently) where the MC shows his absolutely badass side, yet the author manages to add some comedy with Glenn and his... changes.

I rarely ever put 5 stars on a story, but 4.5 stars is also rare. This story is NOT awe inspiringly godlike. It has minor flaws, but as you read you can see the author growing. It will most certainly reach that 5 star rank sooner or later, and I am excited for when that day comes. 


If it feels like a slice of life fantasy...

It probably is one. Armed with poor spacing, a easily exaggerated skeletal side character and a humanoid dragon MC? it has its making to be catagorized under  the slice of life genre. 

If you dont care for well spaced chapters, and like slice of life dragonoid characters read this... if not dont. The spacing and lack of seriousness makes this story something that I wont be reading.


The first volume was a pretty good read, and the author intends to continue.  The character, and their actions were written well enough to tug emotional strings.  The story has a plot.  It was pretty good.  There was one problem and its mostly a pet peve with me.  The paragraphs were way too short, read 5 sentances, scroll, read 5 sentaces, scroll, that just way too short.  It makes reading the story on a handheld annoying.  Other than that which is a pretty easy space delete button fix, it was a pretty fun and decent read.


Surprisingly well written

I have only read up to volume 2 prologue. Honestly, I'm amazed at how well done this story is. Overall, the author put a lot of thought into details. Not professional "carefully plan out every syllable" kind of detail, but enough that the world can be engrossing sometimes. I really liked his creation lore for example. A lot of people don't put a lot of thought into the background of how the laws of the world came to exist so it was really refreshing to hear one with a bit of effort put into it.

the story so far is nice and simple and gives the reader a chance to get into the swing of things. Later on, the author just starts to lay the ground work for a plot that potentially could extend for a long time if the author doesn't rush things. Funny thing though, I was using Siri voice over to listen to the story and sometimes Siri pronounces words oddly. For a couple chapters I thought that the name for the MC was really dumb. Eventually I got tired of hearing Siri saying 'Ca-moo' so I actually looked at the spelling of the MC's name and saw it was spelled Camus which is a vast improvement over Camoo if you ask me.

to get back on track, the authors style is nice to. It's got that immature comedic style of writing you tend to see a lot with people writing around here but it is not to the point of being annoying either. On top of that, there are moments when the author shines as well. At one point, I had an emotional moment. I didn't cry, I swear!... but I could have if I wasn't busy being manly.

The grammar is thoroughly satisfying. I'm not great at spotting grammar mistakes involving proper sentence structure, but spelling errors and proper conversational flow in dialogue or narration REALLY sticks out to me if it doesn't mesh well. I noticed the rare problem here or there, but nothing that would jar me out of enjoying the story like a poorly worded sentence unless that was how a character was actually talking.

character development seems like it's possibly going to get good. The very beginning was a bit cheesy at first, but it fleshed out really well once the ball got rolling. At first the MC seemed like it was going to be a sappy lame ass because it was standard "I feel like I accomplished nothing so I want super powers" kind of stuff. Then the author through in a harem ideology and I almost groaned internally, then he threw a curveball saying the character wanted a big family and that made me pause. I hardly ever see something like that. What I liked however, was that the author gave a totally legitimate reason for the MC to have a SLIGHT change in personality that totally makes sense and doesn't sound like a complete halfassed excuse. Not only that, but it's not a complete 180 flip on the character's original personality. So far, he has not gone from a timid blend into the background nobody to a complete murder spree apocalypse. This I find really nice.

Overall, The story tends to be light hearted and enjoyable but isn't afraid to get serious when the plot demands it. The character doesn't seem to be an emo dirtbag nor a whiney crybaby, but is instead developing several layers of delicious plot flesh. The author's writing style makes it easy to laugh and potentially can catch you off guard with serious moments when the plot demands it. Finally the author works his ass off to keep his spelling and writing clean of errors.

if the author can always stay consistent with writing, this will turn into a VERY good story.


One of the best stories I've seen here so far. That said, it is not without its flaws, but it's not a big deal so far. Or rather, the flaws seem to have stopped since volume 2 started. Right now, this story is awesome. I can't wait for more chapters to be released.


Okay, so, firstly, finally.  It has been a while since I read another fiction that can actually balance failure and victory.  Stuff like Savge Divinity is good, but the failure just overdoes everything else.  I mean, Rain's supposed to be a trained warrior who serves under the best general in the North, and yet he knows nothing about anything! 


Not everything should go horribly wrong, especially when the MC is supposed to actually be good at what he does.  I would liken it to steak, it should be a wonderful experience, but sometimes you put on the wrong seasoning or marinate, and other times you burn the steak to the point of it having more in common with post Episode III Anakin than a cow.


Also, the MC isn't OP perfect to the point of you simply yawning at the lack of actual effort.  To take an example from Arcane Emporer, he isn't Rainer, the unrealistically OP college student who somehow managed to work through the magical block his grandpa put on him for one reason or another.  I doubt he's the first person to think that resisting the Gods is a good idea, and I doubt he's the first one with the power to do so, so why don't said Gods know a thing or two about taking out these unruly youngsters? 


Not to say they're bad fictions, I read both of them, but come on?  I'm don't like getting stomped on by the fiction repeatedly, and you can ruin the effect of victory by having it too much, to the point where you're yelling at the fact that it took him so long, not smiling at how he managed to win.


Hollow victories, and a lack of perfection, can make a read decent.  This has both.  Sure the MC is OP, but who really cares?  Some fictions make having an OP MC give them their texture, but only if the goal doesn't revolve around a fear that really shouldn't exist.  I'm a fan of an MC who is capable of still being, sorta, human, not a God, a textbook monster, or a coward without factual explanation.


So, in summary, good job. 


Now keep writing, I need my fix.


This story really is a great read. The main character is really relatable and the author does a great job of making the story flow. It's sometimes tough to write about an OP character, but the author achieves it with flying colors.

- Hope to see this fiction as one of the top stories on this site!