The Simulations

The Simulations

by Planner

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

After ascending from his last life to become a Champion our hero has his memories locked. He is told that he must compete in competitive simulations against other Champions in order to earn enough to continue to simulate his consciousness. The competitive simulations have a variety of scenario genres, and may or may not have a game interface.

The first competitive simulation our hero faces is from the Summoned Hero/Traveller to a New World genre, and is set as Fantasy Realistic - no game interface. He must ensure that the person he chose in the simulation's setup survives the end of the world in order to win.

Author's note: I'm committing to one arc of four books. The arc has its own complete storyline. And each book has its own individual storyline as well. Each book also has 60 chapters, for a total commitment of 240 chapters. I'm aiming for a release schedule of a chapter every 23 hours.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Wake Up ago
Chapter 2 - Powers ago
Chapter 3 - Setting ago
Chapter 4 - Choosing his People ago
Chapter 5 - Error in Transfer ago
Chapter 6 - Shelter ago
Chapter 7 - Tomb ago
Chapter 8 - Dithering ago
Chapter 9 - Rush ago
Chapter 10 - Ice Spiders ago
Chapter 11 - Chantelle ago
Chapter 12 - Forest Keepers ago
Chapter 13 - Tease ago
Chapter 14 - Treaty ago
Chapter 15 - Computer ago
Chapter 16 - An Attack ago
Chapter 17 - Augmented Reality ago
Chapter 18 - Energy ago
Chapter 19 - Fortification ago
Chapter 20 - Mana Crystals ago
Chapter 21 - Complete AI ago
Chapter 22 - Winter Army ago
Chapter 23 - Slaughter ago
Chapter 24 - Retreat ago
Chapter 25 - Cleanup ago
Chapter 26 - Guests ago
Chapter 27 - Negotiation ago
Chapter 28 - Winter Priest Army ago
Chapter 29 - Fight ago
Chapter 30 - Dislike ago
Chapter 31 - Out of the frying pan... ago
Chapter 32 - ... And into the fire ago
Chapter 33 - New Ears ago
Chapter 34 - Miracle Healing ago
Chapter 35 - New Weapons ago
Chapter 36 - Testing ago
Chapter 37 - Escape ago
Chapter 38 - Village ago
Chapter 39 - Not a Puppet ago
Chapter 40 - Heart of the Forest ago
Chapter 41 - Forest Keeper Portal ago
Chapter 42 - Sleep ago
Chapter 43 - Threat ago
Chapter 44 - The End? ago
Chapter 45 - Limbo ago
Chapter 46 - Presence ago
Chapter 47 - Mobile Presence ago
Chapter 48 - Cage ago
Chapter 49 - Choice ago
Chapter 50 - Ice Golems ago
Chapter 51 - Shop ago
Chapter 52 - True Pocket Dimension ago
Chapter 53 - Infiltration ago
Chapter 54 - Winter God ago
Chapter 55 - Superior ago
Chapter 56 - Winter Realm ago
Chapter 57 - Father ago
Chapter 58 - Re-infiltration ago
Chapter 59 - Food ago
Chapter 60 - Summer ago
Chapter 61 - Floor planning ago
Chapter 62 - System ago
Chapter 63 - Magic ago
Chapter 64 - Details ago
Chapter 65 - Errands ago
Chapter 66 - Major Species ago
Chapter 67 - Desieged ago
Chapter 68 - Message ago
Chapter 69 - Dream ago
Chapter 70 - Project Talk ago
Chapter 71 - Music and Healing ago
Chapter 72 - Forest Keeper Floor ago
Chapter 73 - Calm ago
Chapter 74 - Spar ago
Chapter 75 - The Instructor ago
Chapter 76 - Talk ago
Chapter 77 - Quests ago
Chapter 78 - Beginning Economy ago
Chapter 79 - Fortress Shop ago
Chapter 80 - Bag of Holding ago
Chapter 81 - Inventory ago
Chapter 82 - Mountain Keepers ago
Chapter 83 - Leprechauns ago
Chapter 84 - Grief ago
Chapter 85 - A New Heart ago
Chapter 86 - Berries ago
Chapter 87 - Outsider Host ago
Chapter 88 - Another people ago
Chapter 89 - Leprechaun Emigration ago
Chapter 90 - Warning ago
Chapter 91 - Unheeded ago
Chapter 92 - One of Us ago
Chapter 93 - Healing and Conversion ago
Chapter 94 - Recruitment ago
Chapter 95 - Time ago
Chapter 96 - Reasons ago
Chapter 97 - Leaders ago
Chapter 98 - Fair Quests ago
Chapter 99 - Translation ago
Chapter 100 - Of Arrows ago
Chapter 101 - Archery ago
Chapter 102 - Armour ago
Chapter 103 - Jobs ago
Chapter 104 - Turrets ago
Chapter 105 - Bunker ago
Chapter 106 - Purpose ago
Chapter 107 - New Life ago
Chapter 108 - Devourers ago
Chapter 109 - Ice Cats ago
Chapter 110 - Hard Sell ago
Chapter 111 - Not Dead ago
Chapter 112 - Sniper ago
Chapter 113 - Counter-Sniper ago
Chapter 114 - Teleporting ago
Chapter 115 - Bear Down ago
Chapter 116 - Tank ago
Chapter 117 - Teamwork ago
Chapter 118 - Berserk ago
Chapter 119 - Exit ago
Chapter 120 - Cleanup ago
Chapter 121 - A New Beginning ago
Chapter 122 - Update ago
Chapter 123 - Untrained ago
Chapter 124 - Mal'Thorn ago
Chapter 125 - Citizens ago
Chapter 126 - Digital Attacks ago
Chapter 127 - Elric ago
Chapter 128 - Neutral God? ago
Chapter 129 - Reparations ago
Chapter 130 - Transportation ago
Chapter 131 - Repercussions ago
Chapter 132 - Passive ago
Chapter 133 - Nightmare ago
Chapter 134 - Interrogation ago
Chapter 135 - Rehabilitation ago
Chapter 136 - Conflict ago
Chapter 137 - Note ago

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A seemingly base-building centred story turns into an action packed (kind of) OP-MC novel, with a side of romance - all while flowing pretty much perfectly and without annoying plot holes.

The building and developing is very well described and comprehensible, although I personally would have liked a little more focus on him coding his programs. On another note, I really enjoy the fact that you set up rules for your world and seem to actively try and have your MC work around them using knowledge/inspiration from this world.

The characters are solid and consistent, and I very much like the MCs personality, but I find Chantelle to be kind of... lacking. She is just so one dimensional in her (inter)actions, and I feel like some more focus would have done her good - especially in the earlier chapters.

The grammar and spelling are pretty much perfect, I have only found a handful of errors in over 500 pages so that should speak for itself.

I am looking forward to seeing this story grow further, and I hope that you will continue it for a while. Cheers, drizz.


Base building and action in a SF/Fantasy hybrid

This novel brings a lot of concepts together: a universe dominated by AI hungry for processing cycles, a litrpg fantasy world that is the playground for earning said cycles through a hunger games style bid for followers that rewards interesting actions over easy ones, and a MC who's first instinct is to turtle up and build a fortress. Eventually, a very complex fortress with many amneties and filled with people of various species.

Of course, this novel would be terribly boring if the MC could have his way. Fortunately, the world doesn't let him turtle. Not only is the world ending in god driven heat death, the followers of that god are also actively murdering and pillaging everything in their path. Plus the MC's growth/actions result in ever increasing objective difficulty. A balanced OP'ness in a way.

My only complaint: Chantelle needs better integration into this story. I think some more POV sequences from her would help with this. As it is, I feel like she just fades into the background.

BTW: if you liked the Black Coven series by E. William Brown then you should definitely try this.


for base building/epic fight fan,this is for you

and also there will be some "bring science to the medieval " moment here ,right now there are not much chapter so I will review it again 

edit:the first 4 chapter is a bit wall of text for information,but after that the story begin,and I think the first 12 chapter maybe just about how he survive in nature before get in contact with other civilization 

edit:after chapter 15,We're coming out of the setup and into the response (first quarter of the book released).

By this point you should have somewhat an idea as to how the story is working,and btw he may need a editor a bit so he can forcus in writing more

 edit:at chapter 19,here come the base building that you guy want here ,and will be more and begin to the town stage at later chapter

edit:cool,look like the author do make a more detail of the people here (small spoiler: he humanising what used to be the faceless citizens of the Winter God's city,and not everyone who not locked up over there was inherently evil,even some winter priests are not evil),this from chapter Chapter 51 

edit:damn,that a lot of heat up and cliff hanger here (from chapter 29 to 56 here),but at least it cooled down now (and in that part,that one hell of pain and fight he have to go though here,not sure it is equal to or more pressure than the mc in arcade emperor here)

edit:onward the chapter 61,finally the fight settle down and the base/town building finally go back now


Unique litrpg with base building elements

It is rare to find something unique in the litrpg genre, it is getting pretty bloated.

This one manages it though. It steps away from the usual system of levels and statistics, placing the MC in a very powerful starting position in return for setting a nearly impossible goal.

The base building starts interesting, and actually manages to get better as he begins to form the core of a game System, with himself as the originator. This leads to a lot of unique events, such as designing quests and rewards.

About the only downside to this story is the shallow nature of a few of the core characters. One of the two primary characters, Chantelle, comes off a bit two dimentional, turning up to drop exposition about her abilities or to sleep with the main character then shuffled off out of the way. There is little character depth or growth there, which is dissapointing.

Other characters also seem to be very similar in personality. Even vastly different races and species seem to share very similar behaviors, modified exclusively by their biological needs.

Still, these are very minor issues in an otherwise near perfect tale. And the issues are lessened under the assumption that this is just the first of many 'scenarios' the character will face.

Highly recommended.


Do you like Base building? what about good fights?

if you said yes to ether one or nether one you should give this story a try, we need to make sure the MC lives and we need YYYYYOOOOOUUUUUU!!!!!


But really its a pretty good story and you should give it a try.


Reasonably balanced and well thought out story. Good ideas.

Gotta say, I really like this story. It has a good balance between an intelligent MC and an overpowered one. So far, the MC has dominated conflict, but I doubt that will last very long.

It will be tricky for the author to avoid exponential growth, and the MC becoming overpowered. However, there are already things in place that the author can draw upon to limit that.

This looks like a fairly well thought out story, with a minimum of grammatical flaws or plot holes.

Haven't really seen anyone other than the MC yet, but so far everyone acts consistent with their motivations. (Except chapter 13, that came out of nowhere.)

Please keep writing!



The mc have power who seem nerferd from the start but with is smart he is able to find way to become strong.

Frankly for those who want a story with a op mc from the start this might not be for you but if you like story like artos imperium(on royal road) or the DANIEL BLACK series where the mc is smart and don't just go like a xanxia mc but his style badass  then this story is for you.

As of ch 19 you can say that the story really began around ch 11 since it where he meet an important character. Is power show is true might by ch18. The story is a little slow but the pacing is logical and it far better than most story i read on RR

The mc even though smart know few thing in the new world and is a huamn so he make mistake but he learn from them and become better each time


This seems to draw heavy inspriation from The Daniel Black series. Now, that certainly isn't a bad thing, but while I like that series I don't think that does a particularly good job of characterization, and this does it worse.


For example 

Spoiler: Spoiler

Another issue that I had is that after the MC starts going into serious base-building mode, it doesn't really feel earned. There is no real struggle. He just creates a big bad base with a lot of techno-mumble jumbo that honestly bored me to tears. I struggled to visualize what your base actually looked like because of all that extra AI technical mess. I mean, I still am not sure why an AI gives the MC basically unlimited powers. I probably skimmed over the explanation, but that just doesn't make a lot of sense.

You do a good job of the main character earning what he created in the beginning when he had yet to get his final power. He struggled, he failed, he had to try again to find new solutions, he experimented, and what he created wasn't super OP.

Daniel Black is a super OP character, but even that story shows a plausible progression. He slowly improves his craft, going from underground tunnels, to town tower and walls, and finally a base that slowly builds up over time. You seem to go from crappy hole in the ground to super base with nothing in between. 

In conclusion:

I think this story has some serious potential. The beginning chapters are legimitely good, but then you rush it and try to put all of the stuff you liked about Daniel Black, the awesome base-building, ally gathering, and weathering the apolcolpyse and its enemies; and sacrifice plausible progression and characterizaiton.

Nothing feels earned and none of the characters feel like actual people. I can't get excited about how the MC builds an awesome base filled with allies because I just don't buy it. I can't care about the characers because your characters don't have the motivations, goals, emotions and reactions of actual people. They are plot devices instead of actual characters.

You need to at least do one of the two well. Daniel Black does the base building well, but does a rather poor job of characterization due to the power fantasy harem nature of it all, but I was still entertained by the story.

I love the whole base-building genre and think this story does have a lot of potential. Just make sure that things feel earned and that the characters feel like actual people.