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Due to my memory lapse:

drachenstadt -> dragon falls

during the period of sam training I will try and focus on the "sci-fi" side of things which I have neglected.

withought further ado, please enjoy!

Chapter 17
-3 months after Colony 7 landed-
The systems hummed to life as a generator activated. A short man wearing a lab coat walked through a hallway made of white painted metal. Every few feet a window was placed allowing the scientists to view the outside world. This ‘scientist’ in particular was not interested in the biology or even the magic of the world. Instead he was here simply as a mediator. He was here to learn the cultures so that the scientists wouldn't anger the locals. He was a diplomat of sorts. After finishing his short walk through the hallway he walked to what first appeared as a metal wall with a straight crack through the middle. But that would be wrong, instead it was an advanced sliding door. This was proven when the door opened almost instantly opened with a fwoosh noise.

The man walked through the door casually, into a much wider area that had several tables and benches throughout the area. This was colony 7’s mess hall. Unlike the previous area he was at, the gardens, the mess hall actually had people in it. Some of them were playing a card game that had cool holograms that showed monsters fighting. Others were playing some type of 3 dimensional chess. He didn't pay much attention to them though. Instead, he went to a specific bench that had a older lady sitting at. She was scrolling through some type device that displayed words using the same technology of the cards.

“You know that you have an office right?” He said with a wry smile.

“Oh I know, but it always feels more alive in here then in the dreary office where no one goes.” The lady responds.

The man take a seat at the bench. The bench although looking like metal, was actually made of a different material that made benches like this easier to produce and more comfortable to sit on. A true work of engineering genius.

Taking out a small flash drive like device, similar to what the lady was holding, the man says to her, “I have my report ma’am, when your ready of course.”

“Thank you Steven, I will read it as soon as I am finished with this. You know how much I hate being unable to finish something I started.” The lady smiled as she took the device from his hand.

“Absolutely ma’am.” Steven said while walking off.

Steven had just finished his report on his findings. he was currently working on the common interactions people in the elven kingdom do. He was, after all, their head sociology scientist.

Currently, Colony 7 was in a neutral zone in between the country of the elves and the country of the therianthropy. Because of this, it was important for the people living in C7 to learn of the social interactions both countries have so they don't accidentally insult them. C7 was intended to try and ease the tension between the local “super powers” and their own forces. While it is completely impossible for the locals to destroy the “ao dovish”*, they didn't want to start a conflict because of the unique ‘magic’ that was on the planet. The people of this planet had a unique evolutionary trait that let them use magic. The ao dovish want desperately to learn of how this is possible. Due to conflicts in belief between the hawks and doves, a small conflict arose in the ao dovish and several issues arose during negotiations. After several months of this, negotiations broke down, and now the doves are trying to alleviate the problem before a conflict broke out.

-at dragon falls city-
Sam was trying his best to shoot the bow but had little luck in the endeavor. Every arrow let loose from his bow string could only be called ‘inaccurate’ but he pressed on training. Eventually he noticed an increase in power. This was his second time feeling this small but noticeable power flowing through him. Quickly he checked his stats using menu.

[Name: Sam Baker]-
[Race: Therianthropy (Wolf type)]-
{Racial characteristic: enhanced senses, +5 str +5 agi}
[domain: earth]-
[Aleignment: ao dag gar]-
[Level: 7M(12/49)]-
{Class characteristics:+5 dex +5 agi, all precision damage is multiplied by x(1.5+(0.5*level)) current bonus = 2}
{Subclass characteristics: sniper damage doubled. cannot be marked while aiming. after training, it becomes possible to make bullets on the field.}
[Trades: survivalism +5 wis +5 end, botany +5 wis +5 int , forward preparation +5 int +5 dex, revolutionist +5 con +5 luck.]
{Stat Points unallocated:10}
{HP:160/130} {MP:0/0} {SP:100/160}
{STR:17} {INT:20} {WIS:20}
{CON:15} {END:15} {AGI:30}
{DEX:22} {LUCK:15}
{body:clean white tunic}
{legs:leather pants}
{feet:enchanted wooden shoes of comfort}
[inventory: lion kingdom badge]
[skills: collection, steady shot, blessing:eyes, Tracking:Ears-High, Tracking:Nose-High, Tracking:Eyes-Medium]

Dam made a satisfied smile looking at his increase in strength and dexterity. Unlike what he expected, learning the bow gave him strength and dexterity instead of agility and dexterity. But he was by no means surprised. Drawing the bow string requires great strength, and fiddling with the arrow between his hands and fingers helped his dexterity. Maybe if he ran around with the bow drawn it would improve his agility. After pondering this Louis shouted out behind him.

“What are you doing! Get back to shooting!”

Letting out a dry laugh he continued his tedious training.

A note from Whitewolfhgth

Ao dovish* is the official name of the "sci-fi" government or faction. Any alien would be apart of this faction

thank you for reading!

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