Song of the Phoenix

Song of the Phoenix

by Queendrops

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

She was the eldest daughter of the Huang’s general household, Huang Baihe. Known for being the infamous good-for-nothing useless trash. She was looked down upon by everyone and ultimately died pitifully by the hands of her fiancé.

She was the 25th century most deadliest assassin – quick, precise and efficient. After coming in contact with a mysterious artifact during her last mission, she crossed over to a strange new world and unwittingly reincarnated into the body of Huang Baihe.

When her eyes reopened, they were deadly cold and fierce. Who still dares to act so presumptuously around her? If she wants you dead, Death would only ask who and when. Only that overbearing, domineering man continues to pester her — arrogant, bold, and shameless! He was the epitome of death, hovering over her like a second layer of skin.

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Well Written. Standard Story with Interesting MC

(Until Chapter 15) Standard female assassin from technological, non-cultivation world finds mystic artifact and dies. Then is reincarnated into noble daughter that was both a talentless "waste" and was murdered by relatives. Mystic artifact has a mythic, and snarkily sarcastic, creature sealed into it that needs her help to be free and will help her cultivate. So far this is a standard story that has been done before... 

The MC wakes up to her own funeral and by imitating a vengeful ghost tricks the so-called mourners (conspirators, largely) into giving her enough money and jewels to finance her escape. Priceless! She cunningly procures a body to burn along with some of her loot -- an intelligent MC, cunning and ruthless instead of just lucky. At this I wanted to keep reading...

The grammar and prose style are very goood. Recommended.


(Have read to Chapter 34) So I loved this from the very start. Strong female character who is a little on the crazy side is my cup of tea. Not only that but she is not completely bad shit crazy and she has a reason for her maddness. It seems she is not just seemingly evil and has such a dark view on the world for no reason. I got worried when a man who had 'obvious love interest' written all over him but there was no need to worry. I love that she does not suddenly change who she is just because her environement changed. I just hope she continues to grow as a character and learns that perhaps attachment and love is not a weakeness. I feel the 'obvious love interest' and her would make a deadly pairing as well as an interesting one. They seem so toxic for each other but somehow, they compliment each other and have so much potiental to grow together, to learn.