Flight of Icarus

by DarkSun

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Male Lead Secret Identity Slice of Life Strong Lead Virtual Reality

Most stories are about accidental heroes, people who save the world without even meaning to, but not this one. There was once a person with a name Kirin. He was tired of people looking at him with admiration and trying to win his favour. He hated them for making him act nicely all the time and testing his patience every day. So, when he finally got the newly come out game called Regal Dream, he entered without a dream to become the strongest of them all. He didn't want a legend shared with many. He wanted one of his own.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
0. Prologue ago
1. Night of Serenity ago
2. Leave Your Consience Behind ago
3. Dreams and Nightmares ago
4. Secrets of Our Own ago
Secret Hideout ago
5. Emotions Run Wild ago
6. Life of a Kid ago
7. Easier Path ago
8. Play Time's Over ago
9. Hate Me, Love Me ago
2.0 ago
2.1 Unexpected Orders ago
2.2 Inside ago
2.3 Hidden Away ago
2.4 Phantasm ago
2.5 Decision ago
2.6 Loathed Beauty ago
2.7 Conspiracy ago
2.8 Nothing to Do ago
2.9 Wishes ago
3.0 ago
3.1 Black Magic ago
3.2 Encounter ago
3.3 Run ago
3.4 Close Your Eyes ago
3.5 Your Own Path ago
3.6 Rabbit Hole ago
3.7 No Strings Attached ago
3.8 Slippery Slope ago
Characters... ago
3.9 Stars Fall ago
4.0 ago
4.1 Request ago
4.2 Difference ago
4.3 Tales of Betrayal ago
4.4 Gold Mine ago
4.5 Take a Risk ago
4.6 Music to My Ears ago
4.7 Set an Example ago
4.8 Night Out ago
4.9 A Play ago
5.0 ago
5.1 Happy ago
5.2 Hunt ago
5.3 Meditation ago
5.4 Hunt ago
5.5 Sacrifice ago
5.6 Stranger ago
5.7 All Out ago
5.8 Behind The Scenes ago
5.9 Masked ago
6.0 ago
6.1 Power Struggle ago
6.2 Walk on Air ago
6.3 Infidel ago
6.4 Duo ago
6.5 Games ago
6.6 Connections ago
6.7 Struggle ago
6.8 Angel ago
6.9 Lost ago
7.0 ago
7.1 Creature of The Night ago
7.2 Not Afraid ago
7.3 Tools ago
7.4 Lesson ago
7.5 Closing Doors ago
7.6 Ride ago
7.7 Master ago
7.8 Betrayal ago
7.9 Exploration ago
8.0 ago
8.1 Mountain Valley ago
8.2 Second-in-Command ago
8.3 Frozen ago
8.4 Windy ago
8.5 Human Interactions ago
8.6 Ghosts ago
8.7 Chasing Dreams ago
8.8 Advance ago
8.9 Beginnings and Ends ago
9.0 ago
9.1 Wake-up Call ago
9.2 Saviour ago
9.3 Losing It ago
9.4 Afterbattle ago
9.5 Back ago
9.6 Enemies ago
9.7 Loyalty ago
9.8 Hope ago
9.9 Innocence ago
Afterword ago
Update 7/23/2016 ago

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How to create a modern-day Supervillain

How cool would it be to become an assassin, killing anyone you want, hiding your identity and living a double life? But what horrors must one have gone through to lead this 2-faced life? ‘Flights of Icarus’ tells that story, and throws in buckets of fun doing it too. This is a story about assassinations, deception and the darkness in our hearts.


‘Flights of Icarus’ starts out as a tale chronicling the development of a master assassin. He fights, he snipes, he hides in the shadow. He murders in cold blood. Eventually, the story gets darker and more mysterious. The MC Ace starts to act absurdly and in utterly unpredictable ways. More and more, the story leads you to wonder, to doubt yourself, to doubt the author even. Even then there is consistency in the inconsistency. The tale comes together and you blown away by how multi-faceted, deep, and well-woven the main character is. The story is like a puzzle that fits and a lesson in human psychology. Think ‘Inception’. Is the top still spinning? Really cool.


The story is not without it’s flaws. I can’t say I know the author’s planned direction, so these are my 2 cents worth, at risk of being an armchair critic. They deal mainly with the issue of focus.

First, any story needs progression, climax and a good ending. Pushing the story too far leads to a loss of direction. I would personally encourage changes that move the MC forward, each volume resolving one of Ace’s of his inner demons and leaving a happy ending???. (Idk,I’m not the author haha ). That said, Darksun’s really good at showing subtle changes in Ace’s motivations and character through his decisions, reactions and actions.

Second, recent chapters seem to introduce new characters rather more haphazardly. The story focus is given to them and we are led to think they are central, after which they aren’t seen again. This detracts from the strength of the story, which is (imo) Ace’s crazy, his development and motivation. Again, I see it as a matter of focus.


Everything said, this comes as a well recommended read! Darksun has woven an engrossing story that is equal parts witty, deep, and well-written. Worth checking out!

  • Overall Score

Should Allow comments in the posts

So far (as of chapter 7). There are too many unanswered questions. The main and most painful of them all is 'why is Paradox of such vital importance to the family?' and 'Is Paradox's parents' paranoia well founded, do they have very important jobs in the real world?' 


There is no explanation whatsoever about the MC's aim of having to deal with a paranoid and twitchy parents of Paradox, namely, Melinda and Cole. Either it was subtly put or the author didn't bother putting it in. And since the large part of the first arc after becoming an assassin is based around Paradox's party, the whole arc is like a thorn at my backside. Not knowing ANYTHING about why the MC instigated his, almost, leech like grip on this eccentric party and borderline sociopathic or psychopathic parents. 


They could be of no importance BUT that is not referred, since Paradox's party is 'led' to meet the MC, almost by design. There is no way they are insignificant. Still, the psychopathic behavior exhibited by the Parents and Monthu are more than simply over-protective. It leaves a very DARK stain in the story.


Be advised, the author did say it has the psychological factor in the story. Another note is that the author SHOULD have also added mature tag. The gore/psycho-related imagery in the story could be very offensive for some people, so the Mature Tag is a MUST.

Futhark the Elder
  • Overall Score

Several laudatory reviews led me to begin reading Flight of Icarus. By the end of the first paragraph, I wondered what those reviewers had been smoking.

Still, Aunt Maud always used to say one shouldn't jump to conclusions because they would trundle up to you of their own accord. So I persevered for a few chapters, until eventually the imbalance between effort and reward became too much.

I cannot believe that the author is a native English speaker: "Ace lied down on the rags and studied the ceiling. 'What's going on with me lately? Twice tonight had I thrash talked about different classes and to people who wanted to teach me non the less. Do I have death wish?' "

More generally, the author's clumsiness of expression causes constant aesthetic pain: "The old assassin made himself some tea and looked at the clinging door". Hmmm.

The best advice I can give the author is to run, don't walk, to the nearest used book store and buy Williams's Towards Clarity and Grace, the best guide to writing I know.

Problems with expressing oneself in a foreign language can always be overlooked if the story itself is good. The obstacle here is that the main character is a dickhead. I very soon lost all interest in his fate. That means the story failed. Some elements of the plot were interesting, but the direction in which the protagonist developed his character was psychopathic in a childishly egotistical and therefore uninteresting way. I am left wondering about those enthusiastic reviews ... could they really have been reading the same story?

  • Overall Score

I find the story intriguing and very well written and can say proudly that this is one of my favorite fictions. The main is angry yet kind, sad but happy, murderious  yet gentle, he is very contradicting in the best possible way and is developed very well. One possible improvement I can suggest is to do side story's on Ace's companions and their reactions to his actions, with their feelings and thoughts on the events that happened and what they are going to do now. Will they follow and chase for an explanation or will they move on and forget. 

  • Overall Score


As the tittle says, thanks for this story. It has really been an wonderful adventure tor read this story, that brings one a lot of different emotions, like joy, anger sadness, pity, understanding, frustration and many more. Thanks once again! :D 


P.S. Now I´m going in denial about the story is finished for a couple of days like I always do after finishing one. :p D.S 

  • Overall Score
the main character for this is really interesting and the plot seems to take a different path than most other's.
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A finely written story, where you can't foresee what the MC thinks and how he will act. But nonetheless it is extremely catching and well thought of. The Mc is every bit the crazy, perfectly sane person this story needs. Also it is an original path the MC takes, i dare to say this is an unicat. An Unicat that really deserves more than it has till now. Regards, Dolphin
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Beautifully Written: Long Live Ace

Overview: I’ll be honest, I binge read this in the span of a week and now I feel compelled to give a review. The first day I started reading Flight of Icarus lead me on a 8 hour reading session leading so far into the night that it became day (5 am). As much as it may amuse you to read about my reading habits, I’ll get on with my impression of DarkSun’s work.

The story itself is expansive across nine volumes with ten chapters each, leading to a world rich in character and setting. Each chapter is also averages above 7k words by my estimate so you’re in for a good read if you want to kill some time. If I had to note flaws, it would be in minor grammatical errors and the presentation of musical pieces. More details are below.

P.s. Nothing I review will ever get 5/5 marks. There’s always room for improvement.


Overall: 4.5/5

I liked it. If you need more than that, I don’t know what to say to you.

Style: 4.5/5

It flows well and doesn’t get in the way of reading or character development. One thing that did feel off to me was the parts with the music. It simply dragged on too long for my tastes and I felt myself skimming over them in the latter volumes.

Story: 4/5

It is simply expansive, the work that DarkSun has put into Flight of Icarus, but sometimes less is more. Some parts are rough around the edges and I felt a little bored at points due to the length, but despite that, it rich and still well developed. I do not regret spending the time to sit down and enjoy this at all.

Grammar: 4.5/5

A few minor mistakes here and there with misused words or incorrect spellings, but they only occur a handful of times per chapter, if at all. Keep in mind that each chapter averages above 7k words by my estimate. It is easily understandable and will only bother the strictest of grammar nazis.

Character: 5/5

I know what I said about not giving anything a 5/5, but this is an exception. The characters come to life as you read, each emotion becoming your own, their thoughts yours to bear. The sheer complexity of bringing characters such as Ace, Monthu, and L to life (among others) is simply staggering. Intentional or not, the slight disjoint within Ace’s character bring to light the turmoil beneath the surface and only serves to enhance the experience. Additionally, their plights bring to life the frailty of people all the more.


All in all, Flight of Icarus is far above most on RRL in terms of quality, content, and character. With some editing and minor PR, I believe that this would make for a commercially available book you might find on shelves in any fantasy section.

If you’re wondering whether or not I recommend this book, the answer is yes. It may not be for everybody, but I urge you to give it a try regardless.

  • Overall Score

Its really long for a story that is just for fun.

Reviewed at: 4.1 Request

The story has solid grammar, the social interactions are interesting, and the novel is long enough to ensure plenty of reading. The books strongest point though is the unique situations that can be quite engaging. 

That all said there are two major issues with this work that have me costantly questioning its quality.

Firstly the environment, it feels like the author wanted the game world to be like real life but just couldnt figure out the proper catalyst and as a result its just waky. Why are players so afraid of death, why can quests take months, why are broken abilities like stealing all of a person's inventory or permanently stealing control of a person's characther allowed, how is spawn camping possible, what is the value of money and favor. 

Secondly, the main characther. This seems to be a point of contention as those who seem to have anything in common with him say hes highly realistic. The trouble is the author does a horrible job of conveying his mentality and nature to those who have nothing in common with him. As a result, if your not someone who had serious emotional trauma at a young age the characther is likely going to seem completely inconsistent, illogical, and unengaging. 

These two points become increasingly problmatic given the length of the plot. They just prevent you from really caring about what is going on from arc to arc.

My suggestion would have been to spend alot more time in the beginning introducing the world and the mc even if the more subtle aspects were left to introduce later.

  • Overall Score
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Overall, the story is fine. The problem is simply one of consistency, especially with the characters. People frequently change from being one sort of person to an entirely different sort with no warning, explanation or even acknowledgement of the change. Once it happens, its simply assumed that they were always that way. This creates plot holes of various sizes throughout that part of the series which I read (up to chapter 43) and prevented me from developing any sort of attachment to the characters or the worlds they lived in. (This is in addition to the normal plot holes that the poorly built world has inherently).


Each individual chapter is fine really, but the whole is less than the sum of its parts as the randomly shifting narrative and inconsistent characters continuously highlight the author's lack of interest in continuity, his own characters, his own story and any sort of long-term, cohesive narrative. Its fairly clear that sufficient thought was never put into where this series was going or who its characters would be and I'm no longer willing to try to connect with characters who cease to exist only to be replaced by vaguely similar doppelgangers.


To put it another way, the author can't decide if he's writing Lord of the Flies, Puck's (or Loki-wannabe-of-your-choice's) Adventures in a VRMMO or  Angst Ridden Teen Novel #3, and it shows.