The Void Wolf

by Monad

Original COMPLETED Action Fantasy Romance Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Harem Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A ritual, with the sole purpose of obtaining immortality, goes horribly wrong. What's left in its aftermath is a boy who receives an inheritance from the Void, a mysterious place that embodies darkness. With a newfound power, he is given a chance to carve his own way into the world.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue (Revised) ago
Chapter 1: Rebirth (Revised) ago
Chapter 2: A Quiet Village (Revised) ago
Chapter 3: A Timely Intervention (Revised) ago
Chapter 4: A Rough Start (Revised) ago
Chapter 5: Another Timely Intervention (Revised) ago
Chapter 6: A Short Break (Revised) ago
Chapter 7: The Very First Job (Revised) ago
Chapter 8: The First Hunt (Revised) ago
Chapter 9: Four Generations Of Grief (Revised) ago
Chapter 10: The Men In Red (Revised) ago
Chapter 11: The First Hunt Is The Hardest (Revised) ago
Chapter 12: The Brother (Revised) ago
Chapter 13: A Costly Mistake Pt.1 (Revised) ago
Chapter 14: A Costly Mistake Pt.2 (Revised) ago
Chapter 15: A Costly Mistake Pt.3 (Revised) ago
Chapter 16: As The Dust Settles (Revised) ago
Chapter 17: Love Makes You Do Crazy Things (Revised) ago
Chapter 18: A Prior Engagement (Revised) ago
Chapter 19: Setting The Stage (Revised) ago
Chapter 20: The Domino Effect (Revised) ago
Chapter 21: Big Brother's Watching Pt.1 ago
Chapter 22: Big Brother's Watching Pt.2 ago
Chapter 23: Avery Thynne's Epiphany ago
Chapter 24: Book Learning ago
Chapter 25: Eat While You Can (Revised) ago
Chapter 26: Because There Is A Long Road Ahead ago
Chapter 27: A Monster In The Depths Pt.1 ago
Chapter 28: A Monster In The Depths Pt.2 ago
Chapter 29: A Touching Reunion/ Brotherly Love ago
Chapter 30: An Introduction ago
Chapter 31: You've Got A Wedding To Get To ago
Chapter 32: The Red Moon And The Big Bad Wolf ago
Chapter 33: Alas For The Poor Sheep (Revised) ago
Chapter 34: Between Life And Death ago
Chapter 35: Shadows in The Distance ago
Chapter 36: They're Looking For You ago
Chapter 37: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Pt.1 ago
Chapter 38: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Pt.2 ago
Chapter 39: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Pt.3 ago
Chapter 40: All The King's Horses and All The King's Men ago
Chapter 41: Everything's Going To Be Just Fine ago
Chapter 42: Harper Doesn't Like The Snow ago
Chapter 43: Wings Made Of Wax/Too Close To The Sun ago
Chapter 44: Nothing Is Set In Stone ago
Glossary (Not A Chapter) ago
Chapter 45: Expect Visitors ago
Chapter 46: A Few Words ago
Chapter 47: A Series Of Friendly Questions ago
Chapter 48: Good Things Happen to Bad People ago
Chapter 49: An Ambush, Boredom, And Some Introspection ago
Chapter 50: One Thousand Years Too Soon ago
Chapter 51: A Helping Hand ago
Chapter 52: Your Inner Demons ago
Chapter 53: Harper's Big Day Pt.1 ago
Chapter 54: Harper's Big Day Pt.2 ago
Chapter 55: Harper's Big Day Pt.3 ago
Chapter 56: Leaving The Capital ago
Chapter 57: The Journey Forward ago
Chapter 58: The First Checkpoint ago
Chapter 59: Don't Believe Everything You Hear ago
Chapter 60: Look Toward The Sky ago
Chapter 61: A Private Dining Experience ago
Chapter 62: An Unwilling Pawn ago
Chapter 63: The Sword Saint, The Sword Of The East, The One With The Sword ago
Chapter 64: True Love, False Love ago
Chapter 65: A Team Building Exercise ago
Chapter 66: There Is An Order To These Things ago
Chapter 67: Avery's Guidance ago
Chapter 68: A Slap On The Wrist ago
Chapter 69: The Topic Of Discussion ago
Chapter 70: Concerning The Continent ago
Chapter 71: Praise The Keeper ago
Chapter 72: Three Is A Crowd ago
Chapter 73: Are You Not Entertained? ago
Chapter 74: Go Home Ira, You're Drunk ago
Chapter 75: Those Who Play In The Dark ago
Chapter 76: Ambition and Obsession ago
Chapter 77: A Humble Merchant ago
Chapter 78: Found You ago
Chapter 79: A Friendly Wager ago
Chapter 80: The Wolf And The Dragon ago
Chapter 81: Cool, Calm, Collected ago
Chapter 82: An Open-Minded Individual ago
Chapter 83: Mind Over Matter ago
Chapter 84: The Storm Wall ago
Chapter 85: The Blood Of A Dragon ago
Chapter 86: The Unexpected Inheritor ago
Chapter 87: Ira's New Abilities ago
Chapter 88: What's Done In The Dark... ago
Chapter 89: Raising Them Right ago
Chapter 90: Can You Hear The Trumpets? ago
Chapter 91: A Minor Injury ago
Chapter 92: Back To The Capital ago
Chapter 93: A Trusted Friend ago
Chapter 94: The Fire Inside Of A Furnace ago
Chapter 95: Thinking Of The Future ago
Chapter 96: What Is Reality Anyway? ago
Chapter 97: A Life Or Death Situation ago
Chapter 98: The Reunion ago
Chapter 99: Death Can Be Enlightening ago
Chapter 100: The First Trimester ago
Chapter 101: Who Said Lightning Never Strikes The Same Place Twice? ago
Chapter 102: Moment of Clarity ago
Chapter 103: A Growing Divide ago
Chapter 104: The Hope Of The Dark Elves ago
Chapter 105: If The Keeper Wills It ago
Chapter 106: The Little Wolf ago
Chapter 107: Even Gods Lie ago
Chapter 108: An Object Of Worship ago
Chapter 109: A City Of Believers ago
Chapter 110: Paternal Instincts ago
Chapter 111: Preparing For A Threat ago
Chapter 112: Struck By Lightning ago
Chapter 113: Old Memories ago
Chapter 114: Live By The Sword ago
Chapter 115: A Complicated Boy, A Simple Goal ago
Chapter 116: Love Struck ago
Chapter 117: For Better Or For Worse ago
Chapter 118: The Birth Of A Monster ago
Chapter 119: A Growing Girl ago
Chapter 120: For Every Moment Of Peace... ago
Chapter 121: ...There Is A Moment Of Conflict ago
Chapter 122: A Battle Plan ago
Chapter 123: Calm Before The Storm ago
Chapter 124: From The Inside Out ago
Chapter 125: To Break The Cycle Pt.1 ago
Chapter 126: To Break The Cycle Pt.2 ago
Chapter 127: To Break The Cycle Pt.3 ago
Chapter 128: It Has Been Broken ago
Chapter 129: A Protective Father ago
Chapter 130: Three To Go ago
Chapter 131: The One You've Been Waiting For ago
Chapter 132: Remnants Of The Past ago
Chapter 133: Hello, Siegfried ago
Chapter 134: Keep It Together, Ira ago
Chapter 135: A New Arrival ago
Chapter 136: To Disregard Reality ago
Chapter 137: Leave Me Alone ago
Chapter 138: I'll Huff, And I'll Puff, And I'll Blow Your House Down ago
Chapter 139: Friend Or Foe ago
Chapter 140: A Fair Offer ago
Chapter 141: Don't Push Your Luck ago
Chapter 142: A Step Closer ago
Chapter 143: No One Likes To Be Bothered During A Meal ago
Chapter 144: Gaining An Understanding ago
Chapter 145: A Worried Father ago
Chapter 146: You Remind Me Of Someone ago
Chapter 147: Chain Reaction ago
Chapter 148: A Mad Alchemist ago
Chapter 149: When Ira Arrives Everyone Has A Good Time ago
Chapter 150: Home Sweet Home ago
Chapter 151: Only Time Can Tell ago
Chapter 152: Pastries Come First ago
Chapter 153: World's Best Dad ago
Chapter 154: Some Heroes Don't Save People ago
Chapter 155: Uninvited Guests ago
Chapter 156: Ira The Teacher ago
Chapter 157: A Gift Is The Best Solution ago
Chapter 158: Consequences Unseen ago
Chapter 159: A Family Vacation ago
Chapter 160: You'll Die, But At Least You Have A Choice ago
Chapter 161: Let Them Come ago
Chapter 162: Their Idea Of Fun ago
Chapter 163: A Liar's Fate ago
Chapter 164: It's Settled ago
Chapter 165: Surprise, Surprise ago
Chapter 166: Ira's Own Journey ago
Chapter 167: As You Approach The Center ago
Chapter 168: Reality Separation ago
Chapter 169: A Magnetic Smile ago
Chapter 170: Errands To Run ago
Chapter 171: Aerial Bombardment ago
Chapter 172: Ignorance Is Truly Bliss ago
Chapter 173: There's A Wolf In The Water ago
Chapter 174: Divine Intervention ago
Chapter 175: Of Gods And Men ago
Chapter 176: Guardian Angel ago
Chapter 177: Ira's Way Of Helping ago
Chapter 178: Move Like Lightning ago
Chapter 179: Hit Like Thunder ago
Chapter 180: Life For A Child Prodigy ago
Chapter 181: Do As You Will ago
Chapter 182: The Little Swordsman ago
Chapter 183: Summary Of Three Years ago
Chapter 184: Ravi, Zeph, and Ryn ago
Chapter 185: The Little Instructor ago
Chapter 186: Setting The Bait ago
Chapter 187: Warning Signs ago
Chapter 188: How Much Is Too Much? ago
Chapter 189: Lead Astray ago
Chapter 190: They Came From The Sky ago
Chapter 191: I Smell War ago
Chapter 192: It's Drawing Near ago
Chapter 193: Not If We Get You First ago
Chapter 194: Ira Versus The World Pt.1 ago
Chapter 195: Ira Versus The World Pt.2 ago
Chapter 196: Ira Versus The World Pt.3 ago
Chapter 197: They Won't Expect It ago
Chapter 198: You'll Have To Speak Up ago
Chapter 199: So What If You're A God? ago
Chapter 200: Ira's Greeting ago
Chapter 201: The Brothers ago
Chapter 202: What Can And Can't Be Seen ago
Chapter 203: Testing The Enemy ago
Chapter 204: Not All Plans Work ago
Chapter 205: Prepare For It ago
Chapter 206: Flight Of The Valkyries ago
Chapter 207: And What Comes Tomorrow? ago
Chapter 208: Two Armies ago
Chapter 209: Fight Until Death ago
Chapter 210: We've Got You Now ago
Chapter 211: Just When Things Seem Bad... ago
Chapter 212: Might Makes Right ago
Chapter 213: Defend This Place ago
Chapter 214: Better Late Than Never ago
Chapter 215: How The Mighty Have Fallen ago
Chapter 216: A Divine Meal ago
Chapter 217: The Reconstruction Process ago
Chapter 218: To The Victor Goes The Spoils ago
Chapter 219: As For The Loser? ago
Chapter 220: Two Sides Of The Same Coin ago
Chapter 221: Quality Time ago
Chapter 222: Not One For Goodbyes ago
Chapter 223: Ascension ago
Chapter 224: An Appetite For Disaster ago
Chapter 225: Eat First, Ask Questions Later ago
Chapter 226: An Old Acquaintance ago
Chapter 227: The First And Last Flame ago
Chapter 228: A Hungry Little Flame ago
Chapter 229: A Grand Plan ago
Chapter 230: Hunt Your Hunters ago
Chapter 231: The Fight Continues ago
Chapter 232: Another City, Another Meal ago
Chapter 233: The Hunt Continues ago
Chapter 234: The Lone Wolf Was Meant To Be Alone ago
Chapter 235: 100 Versus 1 ago
Chapter 236: An Unexpected Occurrence ago
Chapter 237: Ira's Ire ago
Chapter 238: Meeting Your End ago
Chapter 239: Tooth And Nail ago
Chapter 240: Into The Abyss We Go ago
Chapter 241: The Final Enemy ago
Chapter 242: Here Lies Ira ago
Chapter 243: Reborn Again ago
Chapter 244: The True Gods ago
Chapter 245: Ira's Ark ago
Chapter 246: A Long Journey ago
Chapter 247: Curtain Call ago
Chapter 248: Epilogue (Final Chapter) ago
The Sequel Is Out! (Announcement) ago

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As the title of my review states, if you had to break down the story to its core 'Wish fulfillment OP MC' would be that core. 21 Chapters in and I'm finally giving up because I can't handle it anymore.

Style: I'm not an expert, so I can't really say anything other than 'it's okay'. There doesn't really seem to be anything wrong with the style, but it's not special in any sort of way either. It's okay.

Grammar: Like with every story (and likely this very review I'm writing) there are small mistakes. Unlike most stories here on RRL however, this story is actually readable from a grammar perspective. I've noticed a lot of budding writers on this site are actually using storywriting as a way to practice their English. That's probably a great way to learn English, but it's horrible for anybody trying to read the drivel that comes out of it. This author at the very least grasps English enough that he might as well be/ maybe is a native English speaker. Thank you for not burning my grammar-nazi eyes too much.

Story: By chapter 21 there isn't one. I've seen another review describe it as 'stuff happens' and totally agree with that. Stuff just happens and the author writes about it. Not in a way that makes said stuff seem like a logical course of action either. Avery falls in love with Ira? Sure, why not. Ira just straight up accepts to marry Avery? Sure, why not. Everybody likes Ira, besides the obviously 1-dimensional 'baddy/arrogant characters'? That's totally to be expected since he's a totally interesting and great guy. Totally not an obviously mentally ill psychopath.

Characters: Hahahahahaha. Hahahahahaha. Hahahahaha. No. There are no characters worth the category 'character' in this 'story'. Ira, the supposedly main character, is a blank slate. He just goes with the flow, smirks and is a psychopath. That's literally everything you know about him and those 3 things are the entirety of his persona. Avery? Supposedly a badass captain or something who never smiles, but of course melts for our OP MC. Wish fulfillment much? Besides liking the MC and being a good fit for him (not minding him being a psycho and being a bit of one herself) you don't get to know her that much. Then they get married and I'm supposed to give a shit... probably... Mary (or whatever village fangirl's name is) amounts to 'strong village girl who likes Ira', while the village guy (cared so little about him I even forgot his name) who had some nice potential for character growth just stays the same and amounts to 'cowardly village boy there to make MC look better'. Nice 3-dimensional side characters? check! (sarcasm)

In conclusion it just seems like the usual thing that happens with OP MC stories. They turn into wish fulfillment stories where the MC is a self insert for the author's power fantasies and of course he gets all the girls because the author wants to get all the girls too. No real character gets added to the main 'character' because he's just a self insert. The author doesn't need to justify anything because he knows how the character will act because it's how he'd act if he was the OP MC. That leaves you with a 1-dimensional character who can only be enjoyable if you get down to the author's level and self-insert yourself into him.

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I will preface this by admitting I didn't even make it past chapter 33.


The story power creep is beyond the definition of extreme. I applaud the author for not having worthless morality get in the way but I cannot take the story seriously when power is so disproportionate.

Grammar is acceptable, characters personalities are ok. I will update this review if I ever decide to try this again and find it less lacking.

  • Overall Score

MC is constatnly doing stupid things, like not looting the bandit fortress, sharing his information with virtual strangers, marrying into a clan he knows litertally nothing about to a woman he only recently met and getting virtually nothing out of it.

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Alright, so i had reviewed this story before completing it fully with 4 stars but now I'll have to change it a bit, I guess.

So it's an entertaining story for those who like op mc and just reading the first few chapters you know the mc's gonna be op. So if u like wishfullfillment reads then give it a try.

The story was great and interesing. Atleast for the first 100 chapters or so. After that? Idk, around 150 I was forcing myself a bit but it was still enjoyable. But then came the dumb mc arc at chap.170 and all my interest waned as I watched our mc make many dumb decisions. I really don't know what I feel about this now as I skimmed through dozens of chapters because I just wanted to get it over with, the last arc is interesting but felt rushed.

Grammar was fine, there were mistakes in the end but apart from that, the author fixed any mistakes pointed out to him.

Characters? Nice in the beginning, bland in later parts. The mc was alright, decently fleshed out I guess. Though there was a side character the author failed to handle properly n i.e Clark. I seriously hated how the author's only job for Clark was to mess up and be scorned by others. He had such a great potential as a character but the author failed to realise it and horribly too. Apart from that there were some bogus side characters like Amy and Aldis that I didn't like at all.

Overall it's a good read but falls in quality towards the ending.


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I ususally dont write reviews but because i fear that this story is going to be ruined for me i´ll do it.

Now the reason that i think that is simple, i enjoy the story a lot as you can see on the scores i gave. But the reason for the low character score is that i feel like the main character is a mess.

Spoiler: Spoiler


you cant explain the randomness of the character. with him being a battle freak or crazy.

He doesnt try to improve himself even though he meets more powerful being constantly.

why bother setting his character in the prologue if you shit on it the moment he is reborn.


sorry for this rent but i had to say it and i wouldnt bother writing it if i didnt like the premise of the story.

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 overall liking the story and where it's going it's drawn me in

could definitely be more polished, and needs to be proofread better but it's tolerable depending on who you are

author has a tendency to repeat things/descriptions just written in the next sentence or two, but say them in a slightly different way

you should always go for quality over quantity, no need to add fluff or repeat stuff readers already know

people will remember a very good short story before they remember a mediocre long one (if they even finish it)

also, bold authors notes in the middle of the chaps are annoying and bring me out of the story

make an asterisk or something and put them all at the end if you feel you need them

  • Overall Score           It could Have been better but He got too powerful too fast.         Like the story line and world though.

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Usually when a story is written, the MC is someone who has a purpose. Maybe they want world peace. Maybe they want to cement safety for their family. Maybe they're just trying to survive in a harsh, cruel world. 

Ira has none of those. His motivation is an unexplained desire to seize as much power as possible, despite already being grossly overpowered. He is given new and ridiculous abilities without having to work for them or sacrifice anything, and displays absolutely no traits of an actual human being. He goes from laughing during a battle to casually murdering innocents without any thought or plan. The only good character that I've seen insofar in Clark, a village boy that has PTSD and can't use a sword. However, Clark only exists to draw an early comparison between the super-cool OP Main Character and everyone else. 

The story, if it can be called that, is all but non-existant. It reads as though someone is recounting what happened in their day, but begins every sentence with "and then". "and then Ira beat someone in a duel" "and then Ira went and ate" "and then Ira threatened to kill someone like a psychopath for literally no reason". The only reason that the story isn't the worst part about this fiction is that the characters are worse. 

The grammar is bad, but not awful. Most of what an editor would do with this story, even the revised sections, is adding in dozens of missing commas and words. It's possible to understand what the author meant without having these, but whatever flow the writing could have had is ruined. 

This story isn't worth reading. Go and ask your 6-year-old cousin what they would do if they were a Super Sayian, you'll get roughly the same result.

  • Overall Score

This is pretty terrible. I forced myself through 32 chapters before finally giving up. The writing is just childish and it honestly disgusts me that so many people are giving it such a high score.

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Great, interesting read.

First of all, let me say that I was sad when I caught up with the latest release. This was one of the rare stories I planned to take my time with, as I enjoyed it so much, but ended up binge reading. 

There are a lot of conventional/standard plots and twists but, it is done in an entertaining way that makes you care about the MC (even though, really you shouldn't) and the characters.

Saying that, sub/support characters are a bit 1/2d and lifeless (more background characters( and even though the author tries to elicit 'care/a link' between the 'bad guys' there isn't enough history to elicit that emotion. 

Grammar is OK with a few, blunders/spelling mistakes but, at least to me, it didn't impact the story.

Well done author! please keep it up, I am interested to see where this goes.