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Fantasy and Magic meets Science and Technology. In this epic story of brotherly love, friendship, struggle, and conspiracy, come join in on an adventure that will take you on the journey behind the legend of one of the most beloved stories ever told!

Rex is a talented young adult, prodigy, genius, and a charismatic young leader. His world is what you'd call peaceful until an accident changed his and his baby brother's life forever. Without money, in a body torn apart by the tragic accident, to save his brother in a coma, Rex jumps out of the frying pan and goes straight to the fire as the deal with a devil brought him into a world of war and tragedy, where people go looking for adventures but come out as warriors battling monsters and greedy foes. This is a story of triumph, adventure, trust, and deception in the Virtual World called Terroa, as seen from the eyes who created the legend behind the greatest villain ever known —The Destroyer.

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The Destroyer

Top List #300
6th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Volume 1 Siva andThe Legend of The Destroyer ago
Chapter 1: 16 Months After Release ago
Chapter 2: After the Sunset ago
Chapter 3: 20 Months After Release ago
Chapter 4: Invitation ago
Chapter 5: Goldwyn City ago
Chapter 6: A Game of Wills ago
Chapter 7: Family and Power ago
Chapter 8: Game Start ago
Chapter 9: Updating Position ago
Chapter 10: Different Than Expected ago
Chapter 11: Clemente's Demise ago
Chapter 12: I am... ago
Chapter 13: Rumors and Legends ago
Chapter 14: Making Legends 101 ago
Chapter 15: That Short Encounter ago
Chapter 16: Progress ago
Chapter 17: Rex in the Real World ago
Chapter 18: Violence is the Best Medicine ago
Chapter 19: Each Day ago
Chapter 20: Problem Solved ago
Chapter 21: The First Meeting (1) ago
Chapter 22: The First Meeting (2) ago
Chapter 23: Search thy Quest ago
Chapter 24: Ranked Missions ago
Chapter 25: That Dreaded Laugh ago
Chapter 26: Best Time of their Careers ago
Chapter 27: That’s Not A Monster ago
Chapter 28: Sorry, I Can't Help It ago
Chapter 29: B-Ranked Virus ago
Chapter 30: Siva’s Roar ago
Chapter 31: The Reaping ago
Chapter 32: Janus ago
Author's Notes, PLEASE READ!!! ago
Chapter 01 The Witch of Aarun ago
Chapter 02: Moving ago
Chapter 03: Tower of Sol ago
Chapter 04 War ago
Chapter 05 The Two Powers ago
Chapter 06 It Begins ago
Chapter 07 Commander Elsass ago
Chapter 08 Four Sided Back Stroke ago
Chapter 09 Fast Domino ago
Chapter 10 Something Beyond Normal ago
Chapter 11 Incomplete Monster ago
Chapter 12 Pink! ago
Chapter 13 Intervention ago
Chapter 14 Clash with the Titans ago
Chapter 15 One Punch Execution ago
Chapter 16 Insignificant ago
Chapter 17 The Killing Zone ago
Chapter 18 Undead Alive ago
Chapter 19 The Destroyer’s Might ago
Chapter 20 A Legend Begins ago
Chapter 21 Transcendence State ago
Chapter 22 Awakening ago
Chapter 23 Hail Thee The Coming God! ago
Chapter 24 The Haunting ago
Chapter 25 Friends ago
Chapter 26 The First Departure ago
A Few Words From Me, Author ago
Game World Help Guide ago
Copyright (c) 2013 by JE_Reddcliffe ago
Start of Siva Volume 3: Frozen Blue Heart ago
Chapter 02: Separation of (one sided) Lovers ago
Chapter 03: The Deadly Issue of Purity ago
Chapter 04: Master Siva ago
Chapter 05: A Lucky One's Luck ago
Chapter 06: Chasing Her ago
Chapter 07: That Unique Blend ago
Chapter 08: Madison Square Meeting ago
Chapter 09: Chasing Her 2 ago
Chapter 10: Damn Rex ago
Chapter 11: First Phase ago
Chapter 12: The Meaning of Siva ago
Chapter 11 Surprise Connections ago
Chapter 14: Spider Web of Emotions ago
Chapter 15: Incomplete Monster (2) ago
Chapter 16: What Category of Problem are You? ago
Chapter 17: The Gift of Spirit ago
Chapter 18: War Machine ago
Chapter 19: Bad Bloods Forming ago
Chapter 20: The Price of His Power ago
Chapter 21: Side B ago
Chapter 22: Gabriel The Conqueror ago
Chapter 23: The Reason for the Update ago
Chapter 24: Side B, The Memory (1) ago
Chapter 25: Side B, The Memory (2) ago
Chapter 26: Side B, The Memory (3) ago
Chapter 27: Side B, The Memory (4) ago
Chapter 28: The Sealed Sword ago
Chapter 29: At Which Fate Decides... ago
Volume 3 Chapter 30: Escape from… Brighton Forest? ago
Vol3 Chapter 31: Unexpected Event ago
Vol3 Chapter 32: Anger MAX!!! ago
Vol3 Chapter 33: The Devil Within ago
Vol 3 Chapter 34: Judge Siva ago
Vol3 Chapter 35: Parting ago
Vol3 Chapter 36: The Son of Mars ago
Vol3 Chapter 37: A Forgotten King ago
Vol3 Chapter 38: Duel Between Monsters ago
Vol3 Chapter 39: The Last Gladiator ago
Start of Volume 4 ago
Volume 4 Chapter 02: Stage One ago
Volume 4 Chapter 03: Escape Plan ago
Volume 4 Chapter 04: Capability ago
Volume 4 Chapter 05: Desperation ago
Volume 4 Chapter 06: Complete the Quest ago
Volume 4 Chapter 07: A Hectic Day ago
Volume 4 Chapter 08: The Competition ago
Volume 4 Chapter 9 Siva’s Delight ago
Volume 4 Chapter 10: The Horror of a Potato Peeler ago
Volume 4 Chapter 11 Surprise Connections ago
Volume 4 Chapter 12: The Purr ago
Volume 4 Chapter 13: Fragments ago
Volume 4 Chapter 14: Loni And The Night ago
Volume 4 Chapter 15: The Day's End ago
Volume 4 Chapter 16: That Night, Loire in Chaos ago
Volume 4 Chapter 17: That Night, Project Salvation ago
Volume 4 Chapter 18: That Night, Angry Forest Spirit ago
Volume 4 Chapter 19: That Night, The Morning After ago
Volume 4 Chapter 20: Fort Of No Return ago
Volume 4 Chapter 21: Northern Trouble ago
Volume 4 Chapter 22: Moving Forward ago
Volume 4 Chapter 23: Thor Agrees ago
Volume 4 Chapter 24: Yearning Hearts ago
Volume 4 Chapter 25: To North!! ago
Volume 4 Chapter 26: The Girl Named Samantha ago
Volume 4 Chapter 27: I Will Protect ago
Volume 4 Chapter 28: Déjà Vu ago
Volume 4 Chapter 29: That Lost Memory ago
Volume 4 Chapter 30: What Secrets Reveals ago
Volume 4 Chapter 31: Connection ago
Volume 4 Chapter 32: Dragona's Rulers ago
Volume 4 Chapter 33: City of Lights ago
Volume 4 Chapter 34: The North Pace ago
Volume 4 Chapter 35: Henna's Return ago
Volume 4 Chapter 36: Those At The Top ago
Volume 4 Chapter 37: The Darkest Dawn ago
Volume 4 Chapter 38: A Forgotten Name ago
Volume 4 Chapter 39: Hubert ago
Volume 4 Chapter 40: Power Overwhelming ago
Volume 4 Chapter 41: Where Fates Gather ago
Volume 4 Chapter 42: The Third God ago
Volume 4 Chapter 43: An Epilogue or Two ago
Start of Volume 5 ago
Volume 5 Chapter 02: From The Very Beginning ago
Volume 5 Chapter 3: Prince Volga ago
Volume 5 Chapter 04: The Captured Fairy ago
Volume 5 Chapter 05: Rogue of Malice ago
Volume 5 Chapter 06: The Box ago
Volume 5 Chapter 07: Rafaela Appears Again ago
Volume 5 Chapter 08: Rude (by Scion) ago
Volume 5 Chapter 09: Iron Volt ago
Volume 5 Chapter 10: Finding Providence ago
Volume 5 Chapter 11: Swords and Chairs ago
Volume 5 Chapter 12: Dissecting the Game ago
Volume 5 Chapter 13: Change ago
Volume 5 Chapter 14: Sage Warns the Sinners ago
Volume 5 Chapter 15: Kladis Makes His Move ago
Volume 5 Chapter 16: Project Salvation ago
Volume 5 Chapter 17: Northern Demons ago
Volume 5 Chapter 18: Demon Commander ago
Volume 5 Chapter 19: Colossal Horrors ago
Volume 5 Chapter 20: Tempest Storms ago
Volume 5 Chapter 21: Obsessions ago
Volume 5 Chapter 22: Is It Only Us? ago
Volume 5 Chapter 23: Knight’s Pledge ago
Volume 5 Chapter 24: Battle City ago
Volume 5 Chapter 25: Meeting A Literally Old Friend ago
Volume 5 Chapter 26: Fates Tied by Destinies ago
Volume 5 Chapter 27: Red-Eyed White Skull ago
Volume 5 Chapter 28: I Warned You ago
Volume 5 Chapter 29: Youth Conclave of Achievers ago
Volume 5 Chapter 30: Red Metal ago
Volume 5 Chapter 31: Grand Entrance ago
Volume 5 Chapter 32: Day Turns Into Night ago
Volume 5 Chapter 33: So We Are Here ago
Volume 5 Chapter 34: A Mortal Questions a God ago
Volume 5 Chapter 35: City-Wide Royal Rumble ago
Volume 5 Chapter 36: The Battle in the City ago
Volume 5 Chapter 37: Heller ago
Volume 5 Chapter 38: A Wizard Class ago
Volume 5 Chapter 39: To Represent My Name ago
Volume 5 Chapter 40: The Birth of Erebus ago
Volume 5 Chapter 41: Havoc ago
Volume 5 Chapter 42: Reaper Summoner ago
Volume 5 Chapter 42: Reaper Summoner ago
Volume 5 Chapter 43: Doom ago
Volume 5 Chapter 44: Nine Dragons Sakura Angel ago
Volume 5 Chapter 45: Longest 3 Minutes of a Lifetime ago
Volume 5 Chapter 46: Slave Acolytes ago
Volume 5 Chapter 47: Alexandria’s Crisis ago
Volume 5 Chapter 48: Harem King ago
Volume 5 Chapter 49: Finding Providence II ago
Volume 5 Chapter 50: Emergency ago
Volume 5 Chapter 51: Until I Kill Everyone ago
Volume 5 Chapter 52: Resplendent Edge ago
Volume 5 Chapter 53: Claws That Hides in the Dark ago
Volume 5 Chapter 54: The Wars In The Shadows ago
Volume 5 Chapter 55: A Daunting Task ago
Siva Chapter 201: One Name To Scare Them All ago
Siva Chapter 202: The Youngest Player Avatar ago
Siva Chapter 203: Neo ago
Siva Chapter 204: Wolf Shedding The Sheep’s Skin ago
Siva Chapter 205: The Plight of Scion ago
Siva Chapter 206: Hello Party ago
Siva Chapter 207: Conversation ago
Siva Chapter 208: Arrogances in Collision ago
Siva Chapter 209: Reappearance of the Riddlers ago
Siva Chapter 210: Heaven Piercing Wrath ago
Siva Chapter 211: Akhenaton’s Deterrence ago
Siva Chapter 212: Kladis Calls For War ago
Siva Chapter 213: Strong Arms ago
Siva Chapter 214: The Words of Donar ago
Siva Chapter 215: Open Channel Threat Exchange ago
Siva Chapter 216: Meteor ago
Siva Chapter 217: Quest Boss ago
Siva Chapter 218: When the Curtain Falls ago
Siva Chapter 219: Kladis ago
Siva Chapter 220: Stakes of the Duel ago
Siva Chapter 221: Duel and Provocation ago
Siva Chapter 222: First Minute Heavy Punches ago
Siva Chapter 223: Discovered ago
Siva Chapter 224: BOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!! ago
Siva Chapter 225: Somebody Save Me ago
Chapter 226 to 253 (end of Volume 5) ago
VOLUME 6 Chapter 254: Aftermath ago
Chapter 255: Short Relief From Pain ago
Chapter 256: The Generous ago
Chapter 257: BBB ago
Chapter 258: He’s Up To Something ago
Chapter 259: The Quest of Zola ago
Chapter 260: Humans of Jeremiah ago
Chapter 261: Zola’s Knighthood Plans ago
Chapter 262: Black Stuff ago
Chapter 263: Secrets of the House ago
Chapter 264: Everything Connects to Terroa ago
Chapter 265: A Taller and Hungrier Dinoking ago
Chapter 266: Martial Arts? ago
Chapter 267: Attempting Meditation ago
Chapter 268: Still Confused With Everything ago
Chapter 269: Celestine ago
Chapter 270: Of Earth and Terroa ago
Chapter 271: Elizabeth Éclair Kingsley ago
Chapter 272: Semi-Family Reunion ago
Chapter 273: The Grandest Mission in Terroa ago
Chapter 274: FlowerLord Explodes ago
Chapter 275: The Oracle’s Request ago
Chapter 276: Panorama’s Big Problem ago
Chapter 277: A Letter ago
Chapter 278: Four Days to Jeremiah ago
Chapter 279: Little Blacky ago
Chapter 280: Battlefield of Trades ago
Chapter 281: I’m no Devil ago
Chapter 282: Billion’s Mask ago
Chapter 283: The Makings of The Company ago
Chapter 284: Nine Islands Fortress ago
Chapter 285: Wear It ago
Chapter 286: Grand Patriarch Red Metal ago
Chapter 287: The Launch and The Duel ago
Chapter 288: Peekaboo!! ago
Chapter 289: Underdog ago
Chapter 290: Two Zero ago
Chapter 291: Siva’s...... Harem? ago
Chapter 292: Labrador ago
Chapter 293: Game of Thrones ago
Chapter 294: Siva and Gabriel (1) ago
Chapter 295: Siva and Gabriel (2) ago
Chapter 296: Inventory Plus Ultra ago
Chapter 297: Blessing and Irony ago
Chapter 298: Buying Time from a Devil ago
Chapter 299: Gambit ago
Chapter 300: Eosin Bozkovich ago
Chapter 301: The Gift ago
Chapter 302: Cortana ago
Chapter 303: My Own Terroa ago
Chapter 304: Dragon Blade ago
Chapter 305: The Tragedy of Sam ago
Chapter 306: UNICORN’s Plans ago
Chapter 307: Fate Dancers ago
Chapter 308: Master Armament ago
Chapter 309: End of Practice ago
Chapter 310: Triple Side Battle ago
Chapter 311: Cooldown ago
Chapter 312: Disaster ago
Chapter 313: The World Hates Him ago
Chapter 314: Rafaela Makes Contact ago
Chapter 315: Six Minutes More ago
Chapter 316: Dragon Cry ago
Chapter 317: Stubbornness and Pride ago
Chapter 318: At the Belly of the Beast ago
Chapter 319: Cortana Evolves ago
Chapter 320: Parasite Attack ago
Chapter 321: Last Minute Changes ago
Chapter 322: Luck: ONE, Plan: ZERO ago
Chapter 323: Parties Coming for the Treasure ago
Chapter 324: Asgard ago
Chapter 325: The Company As A Nation ago
Chapter 326: Elders of The Union ago
Chapter 327: Spying Alliance ago
Chapter 328: Towers ago
Chapter 329: Sir Knight Rex Kingsley ago
Chapter 330: A Prodigal God ago
Chapter 331: Trapped in Terroa ago
Chapter 332: Inserting a Coin ago
Chapter 333: Date ago
Chapter 334: Making Trouble ago
Chapter 335: Cortaderia Halma ago
Chapter 336: I Do Not Plan To Get Along ago
Chapter 337: Absolute Domain ago
Chapter 338: The Brazen Old Fox ago
Chapter 339: Magical Search ago
Chapter 340: Stormbringer ago
Chapter 341: A King’s Test ago
Chapter 342: Everyone’s Secrets ago
Chapter 343: Julia ago
Chapter 344: Zelga’s Coercion ago
Chapter 345: Harvesting Resources ago
Chapter 346: Morning Issues ago
Chapter 347: The Inquisitor ago
Chapter 348: Chase ago
Chapter 349: Henna’s Nightmare ago
Chapter 350: Man Hunt ago
Chapter 351: I Shall Return ago
Chapter 352: Pakwan ago
Chapter 353: It’s over 10,000!!! ago
Chapter 354: Open the Gates ago
Chapter 355: Encounter with The Naturals ago
Chapter 356: Heavenly Oath ago
Chapter 357: Scripted ago
Chapter 358: The Purpose of it All ago
Chapter 359: Sincerity ago
Chapter 360: A Kick Like a Gangster ago
Chapter 361: Memories of War ago
Chapter 362: Le Tour De Hive ago
Chapter 363: The Curtain Rises ago
Chapter 364: Ragnarok ago
Chapter 365: Advent of the Oracle ago
Chapter 366: Gaia ago
Chapter 367: Uproar!!! ago
Chapter 368: The Full Scope of The Game ago
Chapter 369: A Twisted Love ago
Chapter 370: Era of Gods ago
Chapter 371: Demons Attacking ago
Chapter 372: Chaos From Revelations ago
Chapter 373: A God Reborn ago
Chapter 374: Just One of Each ago
Chapter 375: The Union Strikes ago
Chapter 376: Forgotten Royalty ago
Chapter 377: Protector of the Stars ago
Chapter 378: Swarm ago
Chapter 379: Asgard Reinforcements ago
Chapter 380: Humanity in a Foreign Land ago
Chapter 381: Two War Councils ago
Chapter 382: Unbridled ago
Chapter 383: Clashing and Trashing ago
Chapter 384: Double-A Appears ago
Chapter 385: Second Brother? ago
Chapter 386: Her Glow in the Darkness ago
Chapter 387: Ambush!!! ago
Chapter 388: Blade Storm ago
Chapter 389: Kathleen Brew Learns a Lesson ago
Chapter 390: Mortal Weaknesses ago
Chapter 391: Next ago
Chapter 392: Kageyoshi ago
Chapter 393: Lightning Bomb ago
Chapter 394: A Stunning Defeat ago
Chapter 395: The Box ago
Chapter 396: Prince Antukin ago
Chapter 397: Cross My Hearts ago
Chapter 398: Call for Jeremiah ago
Chapter 399: Central Chamber ago
Chapter 400: A Useful Item ago
Chapter 401: Found You ago
Chapter 402: The Emperor of Flames ago
Chapter 403: Full Swing Battle ago
Chapter 404: Escalating the Scales ago
Chapter 405: This Is A Game ago
Chapter 406: Haven Declares ago
Chapter 407: Dáinsleif ago
Chapter 408: The Two Sides of Siva ago
Chapter 409: It’s All For Naught ago
Chapter 410: Rumours from the Past ago
Chapter 411: As Guardians ago
Chapter 412: Universe Races ago
Chapter 413: Zodiac Artifact ago
Chapter 414: Inception ago
Chapter 415: God, Save the Planet ago
START OF VOLUME 7 (Chapter 416: The Pioneers) ago
Chapter 417: My Fiancée ago
Chapter 418: 143 ago
Chapter 419: Meet the Parents ago
Chapter 420: To Be A God ago
Chapter 421: Granddaughter ago
Chapter 422: Bay Walk ago
Chapter 423: Dragon Ocean ago
Chapter 424: Invitation ago
Chapter 425: One Month Pregnant ago
Chapter 426: Calm Down, Little Loli, Calm Down ago
Chapter 427: Siva’s Second Unsealing ago
Chapter 428: Teleported Again ago
Chapter 429: I Know You ago
Chapter 430: Electra ago
Chapter 431: Prisoner of Fate ago
Chapter 432: Hohoho ago
Chapter 433: The Blood Dragon Church ago
Chapter 434: Yvalice of Promises ago
Chapter 435: At the Gathering ago
Chapter 436: That Long Ago? ago
Chapter 437: Assassination and Espionage ago
Chapter 438: Dragon Matriarch ago
Chapter 439: Make Me Proud ago
Chapter 440: Unraveling True History ago
Chapter 441: An Investigation ago
Chapter 442: Setting Up A Crime Scene ago
Chapter 443: Meeting Reunion ago
Chapter 444: Grave Digging ago
Chapter 445: Infiltrated!!! ago
Chapter 446: Gregory Once Again ago
Chapter 447: The Power of the Bloody Church ago
Chapter 448: Fear the Cardinal ago
Chapter 449: Plan B ago
Chapter 450: Changing the Tides ago
Chapter 451: Sandra’s Gambit ago
Chapter 452: Two Against One ago
Chapter 453: Battle Like A Maniac ago
Chapter 454: How Deep Their Spies Go ago
Chapter 455: Is War Upon Us? ago
Chapter 456: Another Unknown Event ago
Chapter 457: Movements ago
Chapter 458: The Mechromancer Project ago
Chapter 459: Dragona’s Secret ago
Chapter 460: Maria Under Siege ago
Chapter 461: The Longhorn Fires ago
Chapter 462: Showing Force ago
Chapter 463: Another Elder for the Day ago
Chapter 464: The Great Kyle ago
Chapter 465: From The Bottom Once Again ago
Chapter 466: Watch Closely ago
Chapter 467: Offer ago
Chapter 468: The Power of The Union ago
Chapter 469: Desperate Yet Wise Atropos ago
Chapter 470: Nine Months ago
Chapter 471: The Circumstances Leading to Providing Emails ago
Chapter 472: Balaam’s Prophecy ago
Chapter 473: Simple Plan ago
Chapter 474: The Nano-Cryo Preserver Appears ago
Chapter 475: Eros and his Harem Pagoda ago
Chapter 476: The Curious Case of Joana Cruz (1) ago
Chapter 477: The Curious Case of Joana Cruz (2) ago
Chapter 478: Making Buddies with the Execs ago
Chapter 479: Kidnapped! ago
Chapter 480: Jumping Off A Building ago
Chapter 481: Rex Kingsley Yuropean Shinigami ago
Chapter 482: The Underground People ago
Chapter 483: Mitra’s Wrath ago
Chapter 484: Pegasus Is Not Dead ago
Chapter 485: Amanda’s Determination ago
Chapter 486: Siva Must Be Punished ago
Chapter 487: Two Very Simple Tasks ago
Chapter 488: Preparing For War ago
Chapter 489: First In The Frontlines ago
Chapter 490: New Asgardians ago
Chapter 491: Siva’s Magic ago
Chapter 492: A Generous God ago
Chapter 493: Contract Signing ago
Chapter 494: The Center Of The Storm ago
Chapter 495: Order for a Certain Command ago
Chapter 496: Ma, I Caught Me A Big Fish!! ago
Chapter 497: The Fish Wants to be Fried ago
Chapter 498: Plight of The Legion ago
Chapter 499: 20 Minutes to Terrafirma ago
Chapter 500: I’m The King Of Asgard ago
Chapter 501: They Are All Loyal ago
Chapter 502: Meanwhile in Maria ago
Chapter 503: A Grey Coloured Lie ago
Chapter 504: The Surrounded Guest Palace ago
Chapter 505: Gathering of the Alliance (1) ago
Chapter 506: Gathering of the Alliance (2) ago
Chapter 507: Gathering of the Alliance (3) ago
Chapter 508: Enemy Of The Theocracy ago
Chapter 509: A God in Terroa ago
Chapter 510: The Cliff at the End ago
Chapter 511: Onward, Genoa ago
Chapter 512: Ares ago
Chapter 513: Dragon King’s Test ago
Chapter 514: Breakthrough ago
Chapter 515: Faction Gathering ago
Chapter 516: Prison Realm ago
Chapter 517: Absolute Suppression ago
Chapter 518: The Rankings Changes ago
Chapter 519: A Visitor Arrived ago
Chapter 520: I Am Sorry ago
Chapter 521: Benevolence ago
Chapter 522: The End of The Legion ago
Chapter 523: She’s A Demon! ago
Chapter 524: Amanda Snaps ago
Chapter 525: I’ve Decided ago
Chapter 526: The Controller ago
Chapter 527: For The Vessel (1) ago
Chapter 528: For The Vessel (2) ago
Chapter 529: Labrador Again ago
Chapter 530: Stealing Warships ago
Chapter 531: License to Kill ago
Chapter 532: Party Play ago
Chapter 533: The Conclave ago
Chapter 534: Vermillion Rockstar ago
Chapter 535: Queen ago
Chapter 536: The Sinister Old Men ago
Chapter 537: Chronos and Salvation ago
Chapter 538: Identities Unveiled ago
Chapter 539: Scouting and Reconnaissance ago
Chapter 540: The Military Recruitment List ago
Chapter 541: Dragon Meets Tiger ago
Chapter 542: Poker Game ago
Chapter 543: Everything’s Negotiable ago
Chapter 544: Stealing Rooms ago
Chapter 545: Skirmish ago
Chapter 546: Are You Worthy Of Respect? ago
Chapter 547: Mitra’s Trap ago
Chapter 548: Oh Shit ago
Chapter 549: Maggot ago
Chapter 550: Stay There And Die ago
Chapter 551: Lone Wolf Laying Traps ago
Chapter 552: Secret of Rex Kingsley ago
Chapter 553: Fell Gibson ago
Chapter 554: Attack ago
Chapter 555: Echelon In Trouble! ago
Chapter 556: Lies Over More Lies ago
Chapter 557: Turning The Tables Over ago
Chapter 558: From Neutral to Enemy ago
Chapter 559: Complete Fallout ago
Chapter 560: Brynhild Shows Her Fangs ago

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Book 1=Amazing, Book 2= WTF I want book 1 back, Book 3= its better than book 2

Okay the first volume of this series is amazing.... I love the concept, the plot, and how the MC grows.. A briliant college student who goes through a horible situation who learns to let the inner beast out in order to beat the "devil's"  demands....

There are some problems with grammar and such as well as a tendency to skip over plot points making the reader confused until said plot points are covered 3-4 chapters later.


Bad news though with the second volume... While the 2nd is filled with action, it is clear that the author lost track of the original plot. The MC gets sucked up into a war because of a B*tch who basically forced him to have sex in order to travel to another country for a quest.(That's literally prostitution).. Then when her airship gets called to battle she forces him to fight her war unwillingly... For such a smart MC in the first book how in the world does this even come about? He outright refused her but she kept going on and on until she got what she wanted. She uses her sex appeal to turn every male user into an idiot (i'm sorry but in a game I as I am a guy I could care less whether your a girl or not it is a game and not your real body) yet acts like she is head over heals for the MC??? I hate the character 100%...  Honestly I don't think any of your side characters have been all that likable, Many have been decent but she was just an idiotic add in... Your MC on the other hand was lovable and drove your story up until volume 2...

The MC in the war is basically attacked from all sides while he slaughters hundreds of users for no reason other than his own blood lust. He doesn't want to be there one bit and complains the two chapters leading up to his entrance onto the battlefield. But once he is down there hes like oh hey its my lucky day I get to kill people Kiwii!!! This is the same character who is manipulating nanobots in VR as well as designing essentially a weaker form of Ironman's foot and guntlet thrusters....


Book 3 is better somewhat then book 2 but with how much hatred and despise I obtained from the secound one I struggled to make my way through it...


Awesome stuff going on here

This is actually surprisingly good. A little vague at times and a little confusing but, i see no reason why this can’t get to the top 50. This is a great read that deserves a lot more attention, than it does now.




Promising at first, but...

This really seemed like a good start, despite the super unlikely scenarios.  Volume one was good. 4.5*


Then things happened, events were skipped, the MC's personality warped without reason, and the whole goal he was striving for was left by the wayside.  Sure he's still trying to get his brother saved, but his side of the bargain doesn't seem to have been brought up at all in the last 15 or so chapters before I stopped. Where's the consistency?  And what the hell happened to the neighbors?  They just dropped out of the story.


Volume two doesn't feel like the same story at all.  Almost like the author was too excited to write about this epic and convoluted war, so he/she just said "F**k it, I'll explain what happened later".


Virtual Reality without the Endless Grind. (100+ Chapters)

( Read up to volume four chapter 29)

When everything is lost. What would you do to keep what you  have left.  Would you sell yourself .. but even that might not be enough. What if the costs you everything you’re trying save while losing everything you gained.


A violent struggle for peace could leave ones characters and the world broken.


This is exceptional series with remarkable plot this that suck the audience into a new and painfully world.  There are a few noticeable faults, but that can ignore with such an addicting story. I highly recommend this series to the “general “fans of l virtual reality genre.


P.S Still trying to click for the next chapter, but I getting an 404 error on wattapad ?


The tone is properly done in this series, but there are some sections lacking.The emotions or the tone to the romance seems artificial.  The diction  is okay in the, but it would help if some of the character used different jargon. Sometimes it would be appropriate for the characters to explain themselves.


– The current format used on royal is messy as I first missed entire volume.




It’s not the “gamer” but something with plot that is exceptional done over 100 chapters and four volumes. It contains all the eight elements with good parameters. The themes such as   “Dealing with lost, “friendship”, “death”, “gaming vs reality”,”human expectational”, and “In  a Coma trapped in a game” . Though, the romance with nurse is subpar, but I already marked that done in style. They’re several plot twists that have the audience pressing next chapter even when there’s isn’t anymore yet.


– Extra Tags: Anti-hero, Sci-Fiction, Nano Technology

– Special note: No abuse of dividends the main characters not OP



Keep moving forward.



It’s hard to keep up with such detailed and complicated story, so I can see how the immersion breaks happen even with proofreading. A couple times every chapter, I see the wrong tense used in a few paragraphs. Sometimes, I see the wrong word, but that doesn’t happen often. Overall a good job done with grammar.



Overall the characters is done well , but some important characters are lacking depth. I find myself group the friends up into the “past friends” and “new friends”. I think it would help the story if they have something that distinguishes  their individual characters like a quirks.  They need to be more than their classes in the  game, so give them personalities by their actions, behaviors and motivations.


Onwards to some weird aspects.  At one point in the story as a reader I felt like the author blurs “dream fantasy” with “fantasy storytelling”. The introduction of the “slave” had me going wtf.  There wasn’t enough warning for me to believe this character development. I believe the audience can accept it, but It  would had been better to add  a few more lines somewhere for the audience to predict that direction before it happens. I would be careful on using women as a plot devices in this matter considering your goals on international publishing. So remember the women’s perspective.


Overall, there’s enough characters  with substance that have the audience crying for more. In fact, the main character has us looking for first aid kit as watch him barely survive the tragedy that is infolding on to his life.


+ Kudos on making the best background maid that I’ve ever seen written.

+Kudos to making the fun NPCs along the way.



There’s 15 chapters that aren’t listed on royalroad, but are instead on wattapad. So look for volume four (indicated inside the book). It had 29 chapters and it’s the most recently updated.



Volume 4



minor grammar mistakes when i read it, but the first volume was touched up upon since I read it in wattpad, great prologue, if that wouldn't get you hooked on a book then nothing will :P 


Hello J.E. ReddCliffe

Your story was amazingly told. I couldn't comprehend the excitement I felt when I was reading Siva.

The prologue you made was emotional and action pack. It told how terrifying Siva The Destroyer. A whole army of S-Class Users trying to challenge the great disaster was so amazing, especially the reason of his rampage was only because of his missing beloved brother. It really made me shiver in excitement. That prologue was really powerful that my expectation on how will you tell the story of the greatest villain kept me in the dining table to devour all words of your novel.

However I was disappointed with the development. It went too fast. I was expecting he would struggle a bit or face challenges using all his wits to overcome them. But you just told how powerful he was just because of the unique skill Killing Zone, that he got from distributing all of his status points only in a supposedly useless stat.

The volume two was okay. I like the build up of suspense by showing the readers what's happening in the war while Siva was still in Ship(maybe having an intense bed session for many hours). I really like the volume until Siva went to the war to kill many players. I'm not against with all these stories about overpowered main characters, but I felt no thrill in those kind of stories. Also I felt like all of his skills were shown right of the bat just to say he's really the destroyer.


And this is my another issue with this story, Siva really sounds like a self-proclaimer guy. I thought the title The Destroyer was created because he would destroy anything in his way for his goal, but he just told everyone he faced he's the destroyer. Just like when he jumped from the ship, he sounded so cheesy there, that i felt it's just for fan-service or spice to have a girl chasing the main character. Titles aren't meant to be nicknames that you can just tell someone to call you that. The crowd should decide it. Yes he lived up with the name, but the origin of the infamous title is important.


Even with these issues I gathered from reading this novel, it was still enjoyable read. The actions were written perfectly, and especially world building. There were some grammar errors but it wasn't that bad. Though I still find it annoying that you kept repeating the same fact about 90% realism means 90% pain. I noticed this when I re-read volume 2, 3 and 4.


I have read this elsewhere this story is amazing so I’m rating now whether you upload more or not


Interesting premise but as soon as he enters the game it becomes a disjointed mess. The game not being exactly like every other VRMMO what with starting at max level, having entirely gear based progression and no crafting is interesting but author doesn't seem to have thought through the implications of all of that. All the girls having a crush on him is kind of nice though a little weird.

Mainly this seems to be about reading about how awesome the MC is while constantly wondering about what kind of mysterious and awesome plan or motivations he has this time which can be nice but a little frustrating.


Definitely worth the read.

 This is a very well written FF he knows how to mix in action, character development, and world building while keeping up the readers interest. If I have one complaint (very minor because it is understandable) are the few grammar errors. A few times he mixed up (him, her, he, she) and it got a little confusing, but aside from that he certainly knows how to write a story and he does it well.


If anyone has read this and is still not sure about reading; please do this guy really deserves more views



Still one of the best :) a Rare find

Azumera’s Review

Volume 1:
The grammar is good despite the fact that it’s your second language. I’m from the same country as you and it is really a shock when I first notice it through reading your novel. There are plot twists here and their and it really make the story cool and somehow fun and enjoyable to read.


Volume 2:




I will go to wattp*d now to check your novel. Kudos to you! Thank you for writing this story.