Chapter 30 - Loose ends

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Surgit walked towards the altar of the old church after Alfred’s phantom had disappeared from sight. On top of an old marble platform, Surgit saw a golden chalice. He used his insight to inspect it and whispers were heard inside his head. Pthumeru Chalice: ritual chalice found in the church of the good chalice. ‘So this is what the old man spoke about.’ Surgit knew what to do next. He had to go to the dream and speak to Gehrman, if he was around, in order to know what to do with the item he had just found. A lamp had appeared in the church right after he had killed the blood starved beast with the help of Alfred. He inspected the church further and found a corpse in a corner, far behind the church’s altar. On inspecting its belongings, Surgit found ten antidote pills. ‘Thanks for nothing. This could’ve been useful before.’ He stored the pills in his pocket and headed to the lamp. He lit it and went to the hunter’s dream.

Back at the dream, Surgit decided to put some order in his belongings and think about what to do next. He got inside the workshop and sat down on a chair in front of a desk. Gehrman was sleeping opposite the fireplace and Surgit didn’t try to wake him up. He was planning on doing so once he organized himself. As of that moment, he managed to get his hands on the chalice that Gehrman had spoken of before. He still didn’t know what to do with it. All he knew was that it was useful. From the note he had seen in the dream and the conversation with Francis, the new hunter, Paleblood is the key to leaving Yharnam. He had to find a way to reach Byrgenwerth and Alfred may be able to help him regarding this matter. He seemed to have some knowledge regarding the healing church, he must have some information regarding the location of the greatest academy mankind had ever seen, or so the tales say. He inspected some of the books that were thrown in a disorderly manner on top of the desk. They were too old and none of them was legible anymore. Among the rubble, he managed to snatch an empty notebook. He fumbled in the drawers until he found some ink and a pen and started scribbling notes.

Since his arrival he had observed many events and heard many tales about Yharnam and blood healing. From the beasts he had to fight to the statues he had seen in Old and Central Yharnam, he knew that he had to take notes in order to keep track of all the information he was subjected to. He also knew that information was the key to survival in Yharnam. The more you know, the more chances you have of surviving. And so he wrote, about the people he met and the beasts he fought. He divided the information he had and organized them by columns. On the one regarding the people he met, he wrote.

Iosefka: a healing church doctor who helped me overcome many difficulties, especially at the beginning of my journey. She saved my life and the Karla’s too. I am eternally grateful for her assistance so far. I noticed a slight change in her attitude after I reached Oedon Chapel. She seems more willing to help the sick while she refused to let anyone in before. I’ll take it as a good sign and keep an eye out for any infected in need of treatment in the future.

Oedon chapel dweller: a creepy man who dwells inside the chapel. His voice suggests his sex but everything in his appearance shows that he’s far from human. He provides a safe place for people in need and even though I do not completely trust him, he hosted the old lady after all.

Old lady: ungrateful woman who seems to hate outsiders.

Alfred: a hunter who appears to derive from the healing church. His shawl shows that he belongs to the church. He’s kind and willing to share information with me despite the fact that I have nothing to give in return. Moreover, he helped me in the fight against the blood starved beast. He has my thanks and I will make sure to repay the debt one day.

Francis: the man who made my trip to Yharnam possible. He managed to become a hunter and has an agenda of his own. I’ll keep a close eye on him until I figure out his motives: Not a friend or a foe.

Karla: skilled fighter who doesn’t need blood ministration to overcome Yharnam’s atrocities. Although I won’t be sure about her chances against abominations like the cleric beast, I hope she’s doing alright by herself now, location: unknown.

Eileen: the crow lady, a hunter who appears to be ruthless and skilled. She killed Paul in one strike while Karla had almost died to him. I need to be on my guard against her, motives: unknown.

Once he was done writing down the information he had about the people he had met, Surgit moved to the items in his possession. He then classified them as key items to be stored in the dream for later use and consumables that he can keep in his possession when needed. He found the fire papers that Alfred had given before. He had completely forgotten about them. He also had an extra weapon that was useful as a way to immobilize fast enemies and finish them off before they could even move. The rifle spear had been useful against the werewolves and the beast patients. He had a torch too and some antidotes. While for key items, he had the church hunter badge that allowed him to get more weapons and consumables from the messengers in the fountain. He also had the beckoning bell and Pthumeru Chalice. After classifying his possessions, Surgit stood up, stored his notebook in a drawer among some old books and went to Gehrman. The old man opened his eyes as soon as Surgit stood in front of him.

  • “Aha, you’re back. Did you get the chalice?” he asked.
  • “Yes I did, I had to struggle to reach it, let alone get it from that terrible monster.” Surgit held the chalice in front of Gehrman as if he held a trophy.
  • “Very well, now you can perform a ritual at one of the altars outside in order to break the seal to the labyrinth. The doll will give you more guidelines on how to do so.”

By then, Surgit knew that Gehrman wasn’t the type of person to speak too much. He nodded to him and prepared himself to leave. Gehrman however went on.

  • “The healing church the blood ministers who belong to it were once guardians of the hunters. In the times of the hunter… Ludwig” Gehrman seemed to have difficulties remembering names. “They worked, and forged weapons in their unique workshop. Today, most ministers don’t recall the hunters. But they have much to offer you. And so, heed the message of your forebears. Ascend to Oedon chapel.”
  • “Huh? What does that even mean?” exclaimed Surgit.
  • “Ascend to Oedon chapel. From there, you will find the church workshop.”

Gehrman immediately fell asleep and left Surgit wondering again. It was as if Gehrman enjoyed puzzling him and leaving him with more questions than answers. Surgit exited the workshop and walked towards the doll. He asked her about the chalice’s function and she explained that he could use the sacrificial altars in order to access the sealed labyrinth of the Gods. The chalice was the most important component used in unsealing them. Surgit still needed to get his hands on ritual blood in order to do so. And he knew exactly where to go in order to find it. He had left a bowl full of it in the big church behind the clock tower in Old Yharnam. The doll explained then that what appeared to Surgit as giant tombstones behind the workshop were in fact the sacrificial altars. Each stone gave access to one part of the labyrinth. Unlocking the seal required a chalice and the one he held gave him access to the first level of the labyrinth alone. All he needed to do in order to get to the others was to finish each dungeon and slay its guardian who resided at the lower level of each labyrinth.

Surgit was curious about exploring the tombs of the Gods. He read about the tombs being the source of blood healing as scholars from Byrgenwerth had explored them before which led them to discover a holy medium that enabled blood ministration. Gehrman spoke about blood ministers being above Oedon chapel and he also wanted to go meet them. He still remembered the old man who allowed him to have another chance at life. He wondered if he could meet him there or if, along with the other ministers, they still lived there at all.

There was also the matter regarding Byrgenwerth. He was excited at the idea of leaving Yharnam and resuming his life, back at his native city. Paleblood was apparently the key to unlocking a passage out of Yharnam and resuming his normal life, away from beasts and from the sickness that haunted his life for years. He decided to go to Oedon chapel in order to check on the dweller in there and find Alfred. He could provide him with enough information regarding Byrgenwerth. He also had to visit Iosefka and check on her before he went on his way towards Byrgenwerth and the church workshop. The tombs of the Gods could wait until he managed to find a way towards Byrgenwerth. At that moment, he felt that he had so many places to go to, but he had to remain focused on his objective. Deriving from it could lead to complications and stretch his stay in Yharnam for longer than expected. He went towards the messenger and asked him to transport him towards Oedon chapel. The old lady still sat on her chair, frowning and talking under her nose. The dweller still asked Surgit to send sane people over if they ever needed as safe place to hide in.

Surgit looked around the chapel and found out that the door that had been previously locked inside the chapel was open. He made a mental note to come back and see what’s inside once he paid Alfred a visit. So he went out, in the direction of the church under which the hidden passage to Old Yharnam was. As soon as he stepped outside, he noticed that the streets had become darker. The sun had completely disappeared and the night sky covered the city with darkness. It was all for the best, Surgit preferred hunting in darkness. The beasts are unsuspecting of the shadows in which hunters lurk, waiting to strike their prey down. In the square outside the chapel, Surgit managed to easily dispose of two enemies. Tall pale men who wore long black coats and trousers. Their skin was so pale that he wondered if they ever had any blood in their system. In fact as he struck both of them down, only patches of red were mixed with white liquid. ‘What are these things made of I wonder?’ He moved on and reached the park in front of the church leading to Old Yharnam. Men beasts were patrolling the area. One of them, holding a pitchfork saw him first and came running at him. Surgit used his insight in order to check those enemies’ names. He was tired of calling them men beasts. Huntsmen – weak, said the voices in his head. ‘Yeah, you’re telling me! Too weak would be more appropriate’ he thought as he dodged an upcoming attack and beheaded his enemy. He took care of the rest of the huntsmen and their dogs and he climbed up the stairs leading to the church’s second floor in order to reach Alfred. The man was praying at altar in front of the strange statue when he heard Surgit’s footsteps. He stood up and faced him.

  • “Oh-hoh! Good to see you safe. That was an amusing fight back there. It was an honor providing you with assistance.”
  • “The honor was mine. Thank you very much for your help, I’ll be sure to repay you one day.”
  • “All in good times. Now let’s think up something to discuss. Just tell me what piques your interest.”
  • “In fact, I wanted to see you not only to thank you but to also ask you about Byrgenwerth. What do you know about it?” asked Surgit. To this question Alfred smiled and started talking in a slow and monotonous voice.
  • “Byrgenwerth is an old place of learning. The tomb of the gods, carved out below Yharnam, should be familiar to every hunter. Well, once a group of young Byrgenwerth scholars discovered a holy medium deep within the tomb. This led to the founding of the Healing Church, and the establishment of blood healing. In this sense, everything sacred in Yharnam can be traced back to Byrgenwerth. But today, the college lies deep within a tangled wood, abandoned and decrepit. And furthermore, the Healing Church has declared Byrgenwerth forbidden ground. It's unclear how many of its scholars remain alive... ...but only they know the password that allows passage through the gate.”
  • “Do you know why access to the woods was forbidden?” Surgit was left, once more, with more questions than answers.
  • “I’m but a simple hunter. I merely repeat the words that were delivered to us long ago by our masters. As to why it was declared forbidden ground, only church officials would know about it.”
  • “And do you know of anybody who can lead me to the forbidden woods? Or someone who knows of the password giving access to it?” Surgit was desperate.
  • “I’m afraid I don’t. But I encourage you to go to the Great Cathedral, you may find someone capable of giving you further guidance in this matter.”

Feeling that he could no longer get any additional information from him, Surgit thanked Alfred and took leave of him.

  • “Thank you Alfred, you’ve been of great help. Until I see you again, I wish you a fruitful hunt.”
  • “I bid you farewell. It has been a pleasure. May the good blood guide your way.”

Surgit walked back towards Oedon chapel, thinking about all the information he had just received. ‘What a funny prayer Alfred has… May the good blood guide your way. What’s good or bad blood in this place anyway?’

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