A note from cloaked poet

A poem for a friends birthday, the theme today is "purple"


A purple flower dances down from high
the treetops where it once did ever lie
A place full of flowers blocking the wide skies
Is this not a sight to ever come see

From hither to yonder i'd like to be
to sail among the celestial stars
to be where ever you have been and are
Is human experience so varied

This world is surely so ever scary
From the sight of a small cat so harry
To us giants who are becoming ware
None of us are alone, do not lone bear

This world is bright and colorful you see
Can we dance on the ever blue clad seas
The red hue of a falling fading sky
The orange of it glowing hot and by

We few stand, oh so high, by and by, i...
Wish you a happy day, what can I say?
But that I care about you, that I do
But who am I? Who are you, people, us two

In this ocean of memories, faintly
time passes by ever so daintily
We grow older by the passing second
Yet still, our friendships tug on our hearts firm

Grounding us in this moment known as now
Holding us still so we can wonder how
We met people we care of so very much
Sometimes our heart pulses and we can clutch

The sleeve of a friend nearby, smiles from high
Somewhere we cannot hold close to us still,
We can reach to friends through the window sils
When we feel oh so alone, it does show

That we aren't, that we aren't so few
Even if we leave, a small nights adieu
We can wait till the sun rises, so high
We can wait on the high rises, down low

No matter where you are though... you still shone

you're not alone...


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