Skyfire Magus

Skyfire Magus

by beddedOtaku

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity



Lynne Hyorn, seventeen years old laziness-personified, manages to enter one of the four prestigious Academies for the Arts of Magic, Skyfire Academy for Magical Arts. However, unlike others, the reason he enrolled was not to pursue Magic, but rather because his father promised him hefty allowance if he manages to enter. His temporary tranquility soon comes to an end, though, as his father is drafted for war and his home is confiscated shortly after, leaving him to sleep on the streets. With no other choice, he decides to finally dedicate himself for the first time in his life, rising up from being just a lowly, Unranked Mage, to the ultimate guardian of the Academy: Skyfire Magus

A coming-of-age story set in a world of Magic follows young Lynne through the perils of strength, dedication, and world where fist isn't always the answer to every question. 

 ~If you find any mistakes, please do comment on them or send me a message. Even though I proofread my chapters, mistakes stay from time to time.~

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Word Count (19)
4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
0.1 - Prologue ago
0.2 - Homeless and Peniless ago
0.3 - Murderer in the Academy ago
0.4 - Traitor in the Midst (I) ago
0.5 - Traitor in the Midst (II) ago
0.6 - Secrets of the Stones ago
0.7 - Soulmates ago
0.8 - Seven Days of Joy and Pain ago
0.9 - Wolf In Fool's Cloth ago
1.0 - Kingly Ring ago
1.1 - Secrets of the Palace ago
1.2 - Paths of Magus ago
1.3 - The Traitor Is... Lynne? ago
1.4 - Celestial Void Dagger ago
1.5 - Wanton Massacre ago
1.6 - As The Wheel Turns ago
1.7 - One Month of Progress ago
1.8 - The End of an Era ago
1.9 - Phenomenon of Sacrifice ago
2.0 - Withered Willow Island ago
2.1 - Rotten Brat and Damned Monkey ago
2.2 - Leaving the Island ago
2.3 - Creature of the Night ago
2.4 - Beyond Shameless ago
2.5 - Imperial Magus Sect ago
2.6 - The Truth Behind the Fall ago
2.7 - Dao Magus ago
2.8 - Sky-high Arrogance and Shamelessness ago
2.9 - Serpentine Water ago
3.0 - How Shameless Fight ago
3.1 - Nameless Lady With a Name ago
3.2 - Spellweaving Celestial ago
3.3 - Dual Origin Paths ago
3.4 - Continental Shifts ago
3.5 - Knowledge ago
3.6 - The Boy of Many Faces ago
3.7 - Departure ago
3.8 - Blood Fiend ago
3.9 - Alchemy Genius ago
4.0 - Ice Phoenix ago
4.1 - Divine Continent ago
4.2 - Greed ago
4.3 - Mountains to Climb ago
4.4 - Looting the Treasures ago
4.5 - Insane and Idiotic ago
4.6 - Soul Weapon ago
4.7 - Divine Soulstone Chakrams ago
4.8 - Gift of Infinity ago
4.9 - Making Friends ago
5.0 - Origin Laws ago
5.1 - The Fourth One ago
5.2 - Goddess of War ago
5.3 - Ancient City of Rolus ago
5.4 - The Gate Opens ago
5.5 - 7 Worlds of Flames ago
5.6 - Garden of Flames ago
5.7 - Expedition of Chaos ago
5.8 - For Those That Fell ago
5.9 - Hearts of the Broken ago
6.0 - Blood Count ago
6.1 - Mountain Ice Lotus ago
6.2 - The Goodbyes ago
6.3 - The Ways of a Scoundrel ago
6.4 - Caught ago
6.5 - Hand of God ago
6.6 - Master Archmage ago
6.7 - Battling a Fire Fiend ago
6.8 - The Weakness ago
6.9 - New Soul Weapon ago
7.0 - Emperor's Heritage ago
7.1 - Favor Repaid ago
7.2 - Holy Paradise ago
7.3 - Confessions ago
7.4 - Holy Inferno (I) ago
7.5 - Holy Inferno (II) ago
7.6 - Holy Inferno (III) ago
7.7 - Holy Inferno (IV) ago
7.8 - Skyfire Magus (I) ago
7.9 - Skyfire Magus (II) ago
8.0 - Lynne Hyorn ago
8.1 - Primordial God Luna ago
8.2 - A New Beginning ago
8.3 - Enceinte Murderer ago
8.4 - Olden Ways ago
8.5 - Small Girl and a Big Man ago
8.6 - Storm's Prelude ago
8.7 - A Soldier in War ago
8.8 - A Crazy Plan and a Crazy Woman ago
8.9 - Fen'er ago
9.0 - Lords of Zen ago
9.1 - The Weight of a Heart ago
9.2 - The Growth ago
9. 3 - Either or Both ago
9.4 - False Gods ago
9.5 - The Eve of the Battle ago
9.6 - In the Skies ago
9.7 - Soul Divine ago
9.8 - Unchained ago
9.9 - Unbound ago
10.0 - Unforgotten ago
10.1 - Her Heart ago
10.2 - Back on the Road ago
10.3 - Not So Useless One ago
10.4 - The Gates of Choice ago
10.5 - The Source ago
10.6 - Him and Her ago
10.7 - Leaving ago
10.8 - Eastern Wastelands ago
10.9 - The Ways of the Two ago
11.0 - Submerged in Darkness ago
11.1 - Primordial Gods ago
11.2 - New Band of Followers ago
11.3 - Winds of North and East ago
11.4 - A Sinner ago
11.5 - Calm and Quiet ago
11.6 - Eastern Frontier ago
11.7 - Ordained by Flames ago
11.8 - Magnet to Weird ago
11.9 - Empyrean Child ago
12.0 - Travelogue ago
12.1 - Preparations ago
12.2 - Slaying Gods (I) ago
12.3 - Slaying Gods (II) ago
12.4 - Slaying Gods (III) ago
12.5 - Bitter Absolution ago
12.6 - So Long ago
12.7 - To Build a Kingdom ago
12.8 - Diverging ago
12.9 - Across the Realm ago
13.0 - Essence of Flames ago
13.1 - The Tower ago
13.2 - Adventures of the Prince ago
13.3 - Hyorn Clan ago
13.4 - Y'se Iylox ago
13.5 - Histories ago
13.6 - Worldly Matters ago
13.7 - In Woman's Embrace ago
13.8 - Nature's Grace ago
13.9 - Median Hyorn ago
14.0 - Mirrored ago
14.1 - The Silent Ploy ago
14.2 - Death and Him ago
14.3 - Declaration of War ago
14.4 - Young and Old ago
14.5 - Planned Future ago
14.6 - Engagement Party ago
14.7 - Where No Magic Flows ago
14.8 - Behind the Frontlines ago
14.9 - To Hold a Still Beating Heart ago
15.0 - Hearts for a Heart ago
15.1 - Requiem for the Dead ago
15.2 - When Kings Rise ago
15.3 - The King and The Prince ago
15.4 - Long Have You Fought, Now Rest ago
15.5 - Come Hell or Winter ago
15.6 - Skyfire Paradise ago
15.7 - Heart's Albatross ago
15.8 - To Move On From Tragedy ago
15.9 - World's Undertones ago
16.0 - Passage of Time ago
16.1 - A Year Later ago
16.2 - Kingdom's Pillars ago
16.3 - Folktales of the Desert ago
16.4 - Beyond Gods and Men ago
16.5 - Heart's Sincerity ago
16.6 - While the Flames Fume ago
16.7 - Master and Friend ago
16.8 - For the Woman's Love ago
16.9 - Dented and Broken ago
17.0 - Rebirth of Darkness ago
17.1 - From Dead to Dark ago
17.2 - Imbecile ago
17.3 - Warrior's Heart ago
17.4 - Tears, Gore and War ago
17.5 - Ebb and Flow ago
17.6 - A God, a Dragon and a Boy ago
17.7 - Grace of the Sky ago
17.8 - A God Against A Dragon ago
17.9 - Twists and Turns of Life ago
18.0 - The Future to Behold ago
18.1 - Weight of the Soil ago
18.2 - An Enigma ago
18.3 - This Is How I Die ago
18.4 - Toast to the Homecoming ago
18.5 - Divine Realm ago
18.6 - A Kingdom Needs A King ago
18.7 - Devil's Ways ago
18.8 - Will Divine ago
18.9 - Godly Ways ago
19.0 - Heart, Mind and Soul Divine ago
19.1 - When the Bells Toll ago
19.2 - Han Clan ago
19.3 - Clan's Fall (I) ago
19.4 - Clan's Fall (II) ago
19.5 - Only, and Only... ago
19.6 - Chiaroscuro ago
19.7 - War Drivel ago
19.8 - From Darkness, a Light ago
19.9 - Thusly Sky Quaked ago
20.0 - Desolate Heart of War ago
20.1 - Endless Songs of War ago
20.2 - Echoes of Hearts ago
20.3 - Divine and Primordial ago
20.4 - Skyfire and Hellfire ago
20.5 - Wherefore Have We Sinned ago
20.6 - Absolution ago
20.7 - Divine Cycles ago
20.8 - Beyond the Dividing Line ago
20.9 - Bitter Fall ago
21.0 - Paradise In Flames ago
21.1 - Absolution of Flames ago
21.2 - Deaf Victory ago
21.3 - Profane Rue ago
21.4 - Then... There Was Silence ago
21.5 - Sixty-second Cycle ago
21.6 - Descent ago
21.7 - Behind the Curtains ago
21.8 - Homeward ago
21.9 - Entombed in Memories ago
22.0 - Moving Forward ago
22.1 - Another Life ago
22.2 - Epilogue [END] ago
22.3 - Afterword ago

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Decent read until......

Normally im just your longtime lurker, but i created this account to write this Rewiew.


First of, i really loved this story up to some point, but the current arc ruined everything for me, i did read till the current chapter but however the author is going to round this up, im dropping it now. 

My main language isnt english, so please bear with me on that point. Everything im going to write is my personal opinion, so it doesnt mean the later chapters are unlikable to anyone. Just know that the latest arc feels totally like netorare (or NTR, google it if you dont know what it is) involving MCs lover/fiancee and good friend. Beware, i wont go into detail later but there will still be minor spoilers.



Cant complain, some missing words, but overall pretty good. Did read far worse here on RR.



So, we had some creepy pictures in the earlier chapters, but they disappear rather quickly down the story, so nothing much to complain here, either.



So i did read up until the current chapter, 20.4. It was a nice journey, with a rather unique main character. You wont find anything to abnormal, just your typical Xianxia MC becoming stronger and stronger as he beats enemies after enemies. But this isnt a bad thing, because its written really well and if you r into the genre, you will like this one. 

Now, why would i rate it 0.5 stars the, you may ask? Because of the last few chapters i read in one go before writing this rewiew. Just remember this is my personal opinion and insign into the story - and may contain minor spoilers: 

So we have our MC, doing his thing in the "mortal realm", who decides "fuck it all, im going to another realm", a divine realm to be exact (no spoiler, its literally the 18.5 chapter name). Because hes a good guy *cough* he leaves his financee and good friend behind because they are just to weak and would probably just get themself killed. At this point everyone thinks - even he himself - that he will come back, after finishing his thing. 

Now we have the Financee (not married yet to MC), who is DEEPLY in love with him as he is with her. Thing is first thing she does is marrying that other, male friend of them both to make him king (Lynee founds it at some point in the story). People may think the marriage is nesessary, or the mortals living in said kingdom would be angry or something (thats what the story tries to tell you), but i call bullshit. MC isnt even gone a few days and she has a wedding with his good friend. Worse, in another chapter they eat breakfast still half naked, MC isnt even gone for half a year, and his financee who loves him soooooo deeply probably fucked his good friend. (even if they didnt, the interaction between the two is to much to not call it NTR). 

TBH these two little chapters destroyed the whole story for me, of course i dont like the current arc that much either. MCs goes on a suicidal mission and leaves everyone whos dear to him behind, but i dont want to spoiler to much. 


Nothing much to say, all characters are somewhat fleshed out and you can mostly follow their thoughts. MC is mostly likeable, but will sometimes getting on your nerves, but nothing serious. Direct followers are decent too, they have their own stories to tell and arent a burden for the most part. 


TL;DR: Decent/good read up to 18.5, then stuff happens which destroyed the story for me.

Luke Scheffe

Okay just to start, the entire damn thing is justified alignment, which is a horrible choice for a story.

Second, the main character is a sociopath with no emotional attachments whatsoever.

Third, the Author added pictures at seemingly random points in the middle of chapters.

Fourth, the main character is completely obsessed with 'Coins.' Yup, he doesn't care what kind, all that matters is immediate expenditure. 

Fifth, the MC has no real interest in learning beyond 'nothing better to do' after being ousted from his house with nothing to his name after his father is sent on a suicide mission

Sixth, He couldn't give a damn if the entire world was destroyed, as long as he gets coins and older women

Seventh, despite his apparent laziness and uselessness, he somehow 'solves' a murder in about 15 minutes with no help from others. I say 'solves' because, despite the fact that he concludes that the victim was under the effect of 11 different poisons(which is ridiculous, any competent person would never mix multiple poisons as they would be too likely to conflict with each other) upon realizing that the vic has a coal allergy, it is immediately obvious that it was from an allergic reaction to coal, despite the fact that the death didn't resemble any sort of allergic reaction I've heard of(he started bleeding from the eyes, ears, and mouth simultaneously, apparently 10+ minutes after exposure, no other symptoms beyond death) and the MC concludes that the smell around the victims body that he thought he recognized was obviously coal dust, even though he probably wouldn't know what coal smells like if it hit him in the nuts.

Eighth, when he is rewarded for 'solving' this, he is given a house and 100 gold, despite the people rewarding repeatedly thinking of him as being shameless. He didn't do anything to deserve more than 10 gold coins reward, no house, as I would estimate that that is about a weeks pay for the teacher, which is about how long he would be recovering without Lynne's intervention, as the security burst in not even two seconds later.

Ninth, he then goes off to work for the kingdom that just killed his father, and they're eager to recruit the untrained, lazy, self-righteous slob who has likely spent more time in a whore house than his own bed. 

Tenth, he has no emotions towards killing someone first time, and no reaction towards a dead body or blood, even though how sheltered he was should've left him with little to no contact with either


I'll admit that I didn't read that much (stopped at chapter 5), but that just goes to show what I think of it.


Unlike most stories on RR, the grammar in this one is actually decent. It's readable and while there are some mistakes, they're small. (even though they're kinda weird like forgetting to use 'the' and 'a/an' when needed)


I'm not sure if the author keeps using those drawings in later chapters, but he really shouldn't... Like, no offense, but they don't add anything to the story and they're honestly pretty amateurish. The writing style is also kind of strange, but that might be a mix of the grammar mistakes and the whimsical story.


Having read till chapter 5, I can't really talk about the story as a whole, but the story till chapter 5 is whimsical and cliché on top of being pretty badly told. The events in the story are random and there's no real prologue telling you anything about the world or a decent introduction to what you're getting into. This all makes it seem like an abrupt start and makes everything that follows seem nonsensical.


This is honestly my biggest problem with this story. You read that the main character is pretty much a lazy philanderer that is good for nothing, but somehow not even 5 chapters later he turns out to be a genius. Now, if there was a decent prologue portraying the character and his past then maybe the author could make this more believable, but no. The character, supposedly due to his philandering ways (literally explained as: he goes out and interacts a lot with people so he can detect lies and 'he read some detective novels'), is a master detective and a genius that can pretty much skip the first year of the prodigious magic academy. This of crouse all while being described as a lazy good-for-nothing rich boy that was sheltered by his dad. There's also not a single shred of emotion in the character, making him totally unreletable. My dad's probably dead? Well, that's a bit sad, guess I'll have to become a mage to get money, I mean, he paid my tuition so it'd be a waste not to... That's really the emotional depth you wanted to give your character?



Just another lower mid-range RR story that shouldn't be as popular as it is. The sad thing is: I actually understand why it's popular. I also had a phase where every xianxia novel with it's shitty story and overpowered main character made me think: damn this story is great, but now that that phase's passed I can honestly say this: most of those stories are shit. Anyways I guess I recommend this if you finished every other actually decent story on RR and don't know what to do with your life. Even then I'd rather point out that if you use kindle and go on amazon, you can download lots of free kindle books that are 10 times better.

Anthony Fowler


In my opinion, if you take out the final parts of this story and end with the main character fulfilling his dream, you have a great story. Lynne is a wonderfully fun character with great development, albeit slightly filled with mysteries. He has a plethora of great supporting characters and well-defined interactions (for the most part(spoiler section)). The story starts well, reaches a great climax and then just keeps going, and going. If you want to know if I'd recommend it I would but with a slight warning that the later chapters will be slightly disappointing. This review will be spoiler intensive so I suggest you don't read past the spoiler line.


Lynne is a great character that you get to watch grow up through this journey. He is witty, funny, arrogant, and slightly misaligned. He has no scruples about telling it to people straight and although slightly lazy, he puts an effort in when it matters.
Side characters are fleshed out well, even if they can't stay with the main character. There aren't really any main bad guys that pervade the story until the final arc. Even the villains throughout don't really have much to them which is a shortcoming.


Skyfire Magus starts as a fun story with some plot development (tragedy) and the main character is kind of just winging it. The story starts really picking up when a much larger world opens up for the main character. It's fun, silly, and sometimes serious, until the final arc. Overall the story ends up mediocre with some situations ending unexpectedly and abruptly.


The writing has some flair that makes this story unique and some great fight scenes. While nothing is groundbreaking it is really fun and well done.


Nothing you don't normally see in web novels, but better than most.



Spoiler: Spoiler



Can't read it anymore T.T

  1. A 0-Spoiler Review

I know my writing is far from acceptable and I'm skipping English classes for five months, yet, I usually spend 3-5h a day reading all those JP/KR/CN crap searching for good works like everyone here, ok?

Right to the point.

#1 Style - Too much description, your dense text takes too much energy on things and looks that doesn't add nothing to your story. However, original CN novels follows the same pattern, therefore I'm just taking one star from you. 

Want to know why CN novels are so dense? It's because of their workaholic cuture and inhuman contracts, those poor souls have to bleed for a good payment and 8/10 times their stories ends so twisted that you can't believe it's the same one you once liked.

#2 Story - Everything is meaningless, you know your MC will end up OP, thus you created an huge handicap, fair enough, but it feels like the story got too greedy. There's just too much death for a stupid power building, the supposed threat always follows a senseless development and mythical beings just pop everywhere like pokemon to give more power/befriend/serve your MC.

And a critical failure: If you give any serious thought, your plot keeps destroying everything the MC desires while forcing a destiny upon him, so, what will happen after the end? The question quickly turns into expectations and I already got disappointed.

#3 - Grammar, mine is worse. Nothing to tell.

#4 - Characters, what a sick world. Sapient beings doing evil without proper reasons since ancient times, high segregation and stressful life... It's another common flaw on CN novels, and another star died. However, you did it really, really bad. Your characters are all marked to a miserable life/death without family, achievements or anything that matters, I even doubt they are human beings and I can't understand how they chose to follow an excuse of MC, at least you should put some effort and give more options.

Like... “Holy Crap! This MC is a bastard and don't see me as his friend, let's leave him alone and take care of our business somewhere.”

Maybe... “Again? Another battle and more blood on my hands? I'm tired, I'm going home.”

Even... “Nope! Not teaming up with you, weirdo.”

Your MC isn't almighty, people can ignore him too. Now, let's discuss how the mess started, why so many gods, demons and etcetera are so bloodthirsty?  I need a reason to understand violence, without a clear intent the act of aggression will only cost a precious time and dedication, even if a person can follow such path, a safer alternative have its place, but not on your world, sometimes your characters seems to be waiting the MC to have a proper existence and, as soon as MC leaves, they return to a mob state.

Also, why there's no onr else fighting your villains?

Better to stop here, it's getting late.


The story doesn't really make sense. In particularly the characters who make little sense throughout the story. MC and his friends just don't behave in a believeably consistent manner. MC personality majorly shifts with no reason or buildup at the start of the story.

Spoiler: Spoiler




My disturbed about your story

Currently i'm on chapter 13.  I found some disturbed from your story. 

1. How come lazy , greedy youngster become sharp detective in his second day he go to school.  

2. About his bottle up for 17 years lazziness and then bamm author made him prodigy about mana and magic.


3. When he beheaded some viscount, this is his first time he killed someone right?  how come he done have any remourse ?  It is too  unnatural.


4. After he knew about his father imposible mission, he done do anything and even think anything about his father , after that.  What he do later just meditation and foila like commander median is not his father.


For point 1 and 2 before, we need more deep background story or deep reason about his lazziness and after he become penniless.  The "greedy for gold" reason on your story is not deep enough.  Who is he acctually ?  It said he never study magic again after its bored him.  So what is this bottle up for 17 years refer to ? Energy bottle up because cripple ? Or what ? He is just lazy.  So from where his energy came from ?  What reason of his prodiginess ? Some deus ex machina ? Or awwakening from his ancestor ? 


And for point 3 and 4, what is his moral nature ? He is greedy , its obvious, but how come he dont feel anything about killing a man for a first time and about his father , how come he dont feel anything ?


I still give 3 star because i still want to read more.

Update review

After 2 more chapter (14 and 15), the king action is unnatural too, he give lynn treasure like he know that lynn is protagonist of this story.  For record , this is the first time the king knew Lynn.

And we dont know the reason 2 kingdom attack our protagonist kingdom.

The weird thing is why after betrayel of current king, 2 kingdom attack this country , if i'm the current king, i wont do that betrayel before the problem with 2 other kingdom solved.  Stupid me as king after got my throne then need to defend from 2 super kingdom.


Txs in advance and no offense.  Sorry about my grammar.


I think i'm done.  Sorry. Hope you give more reason for each scene ( cause & effect) and more deep in character building


Humurous but bad story telling

I am not sure why this story has such a high rating (even for royal road).

The writing is decent and the writer has the potential to be a decent author but he doesn't seem to be putting much thought into the story itself. He created a decent enough magic system but the flow of the story is whimsical at best and idiotic at worst.

I get that this was supposed to be a xianxia and maybe not be a completely serious novel. But the glaring plotholes and the idiocy of the characters are too much even for a xianxia. I think the author just writes without having any concrete idea of where the story is headed. The story as of now is a jumble of random events which are illogical even within themselves.

I hope the author invests more time in structuring and developing a credible plotline in his future works.

Note to author: I do not dislike the type of characters you introduced. The problem is that their behavior is too erratic and doesn't seem to come under a wholesome personality (They just do whatever you think is going to be funny at that moment). And the reactions of people to the MC are unreasonable and illogical.


Xianxia Through and Through

If you like Xianxia novels, you'll like this. It uses many of the cliches, phrases and character templates the genre is known for. The main character is about as shameless as you can get, but at least he's consistent and smart about it.

As another reviewer mentioned, there are a lot of text walls and the occasional typo (missing letters, etc.) but they rarely change the meaning of the sentence because the rest of the grammar is on point. 


Incredibly Well Written Xianxia/Fantasy Hybrid

The story is extremely fun to read. It invokes emotion when needed at times, and you as a reader tend to find yourself getting chills as you progress into intense moments of the story. The main character isn't overpowered, but for how long he has been involved in the magical arts he is the definition of overpowered. 

Cross a xianxia (cultivation, cliches, stereotypes) with a fantasy world (magic, beasts) and you basically have this story. As the others have said, the main character is the most shameless person you will ever encounter on this site. It really amazes me just how bad it is (in a good way). Often times he simply stuns his opponents due to his actions, and avoids life or death situations that way. 

The mc is maniupulative, and calculating, yet he also has a sense of justice to his name. He refuses to end up like ***** (spoiler), and strives to stay pure and gain strength to do as he pleases (Get gold, drink booze, screw women).

The magic aspect of the story is handled well. Despite the mc's godly talents, he is still held back by certain factors which you'll just have to read to find out. The more you read the more infatuated with the story you become. There are minor grammatical mistakes but everyone has those. You'll learn to ignore them entirely due to how much you simply enjoy reading the story. 

I 100% recommend reading it and giving it a try. The first few chapters are going to be rocky as you get used to the mc's personality, but things will get better and funnier from there.