The Orphan Fox

by Ancient Sage

Arin, an 8 years old boy, grew up as an orphan in Switzerland. Thanks to the Orphanage he lives in he could count as a lucky child. Sadly his legs were weak which could already be called completely crippled. Understanding his situation he still tries to do his best and uses his hands to craft all kinds of different objects. One day, just as he was about to join the other kids in a game in the garden, an event occurs that send him and the other on a Trip, none of them would easily forget.

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Ancient Sage

Ancient Sage

Word Count (14)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Clash of Dimensions ago
Chapter 1: Rude Awakening ago
Chapter 1.5: Fate of a Crystal ago
Chapter 2: That Boy sure is running! ago
Chapter 3: Accepting what you are. ago
Chapter 4: First Combat and a Floating Flower ago
Chapter 4.5: A Dragons Duty ago
Chapter 5: New Space and artificial Sun ago
Chapter 5.5: True Nightmare ago
Chapter 6: Learning the Basics ago
Chapter 7: True Race and Mana-Explosion ago
Chapter 8: Sword,Staff and Magic ago
Chapter 9: Handling Weapons ago
Chapter 10: Formation and new Form ago
Chapter 11: First Blood and Kings Rise ago
Chapter 12: Sharpening a Diamond, Accidentally! ago
Chapter 13: Land ahead! ago
Chapter 13.5: Seven Kids VS. Another World ago
Chapter 14: Arrival at the Mountains ago
Chapter 15: Maids and Mother ago
Chapter 16: Golden Light and Family ago
Chapter 17: Back to school ago
Chapter 18: Training and Communication ago
Chapter 19: First Mana-Collapse ago
Chapter 19.5: Life of the Taboo ago
Chapter 20: No Color / No Aura ago
Chapter 21: New state of Mind ago
Chapter 21.5: Weeding out Evil ago
Chapter 22: Moon-Light Blessing ago
Chapter 23: Apologies, Games & Pizza ago
Chapter 24: Denied and Granted Wishes ago
Chapter 25: Nightmares and Queens Rise ago
Chapter 26: Flow of time and Surprise ago
Chapter 27: Surprise (2) ago
Chapter 28: Anna's Surprise (Part 1/2) ago
Chapter 28: Anna's Surprise (Part 2/2) ago
Chapter 28: Bonus ago
Chapter 29: Gifts of all kinds. ago
Chapter 30: Weapons and Braids ago
Chapter 31: Dress up and Family ago
Chapter 32: Meeting the Extinct ago
Chapter 33: History and Curse of the Forgotten (Part 1) ago
Chapter 34: History and Forgotten Curse (Part 2) ago
Chapter 35: Purified Chaos ago
Chapter 36: Plans for tomorrow. ago
Chapter 37: Golems, Domains and Letters. ago
Chapter 38: A free day in the Forest ago
Chapter 39: Prepare and Remember... ago
Chapter 40: Cloudy Waves ago
Chapter 41: Morning History ago
Chapter 42: Rise and Shine ago
Chapter 43: Ship's Arrival ago
Chapter 44: Of a Sage and Roots ago
Chapter 45: Meeting Face to 'Face' ago
Chapter 46: The Truth behind impossibility ago
Chapter 47: Blue colored Past ago
Chapter 48: Consequences… ago
Chapter 49: Crevice of Dreams ago
Chapter 50: Morning-Lunch? ago
Chapter 51: Doused Hearts ago
Chapter 52: Ice(-cream) and Fire ago
Fragment 1 ago
Fragment 2 (And important announcement!) ago
Chapter 53: Earth, Water & Fire ago
Chapter 54: Shadow of Fear ago
Chapter 55: Ray of Light ago
Chapter 56: Facing Fears ago
Chapter 57: Nightmare and First Visit ago
An Important Announcement ago

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Could use work but good start

The story and everything is good I enjoy it. The only real problem I can find is a few plot holes, bad grammar/spelling, and a few things to clear up.

for the grammar/spelling the problems make it kind of hard to read or understand what you mean but that is easily fixable by finding a proofreader or just paying attention to spelling a little bit more. You could also try typing the chapters on google docs or Microsoft word first because both services offer spelling corrections.

Really the main other thing you could fix is the use of mp in the early chapters without explaining. You use the abbreviation mp multiple times without explaining it until around the 10th chapter. Which can be confusing because mp can stand for multiple things. So if you could just add in parentheses the words magical power or something similar that would help your story quite a bit.

But this is all just advice do what you think is best. Thanks for writing it. 


Great story. Grammar needs a little work. Everything else is great.


Nice pleasant stor I'm enjoying the read thankyou


Excellent novel!!!! And no harem

Wonderfully written well placed and with a nice side of fluffy scenes. Lots of grammar issues but the story overall is good. Mainly just want to say Absolutely no harem. It doesn't suit his personality. His more of a single partner type of a guy. Unless u Decide to put in a girls who is pushy, or simply can't take the hint that they aren't liked that way (who i find to be the most annoying) I don't think it would work out well. Plus 90 of books get ruined because they try to put in harem. So please don't since I really love ur book.instead what about giving those other kids partners in some of the side stories as they grow up if people don't think that there is not enough romance in the story later. So if u do romance later on for the main character make it a good strong woman who can really give him the support he needs rather than multiple people. Honestly he doesn't have to have a romantic interest just best friends who will support and grow with him. Any I'm done thank you for ur hard work and keep going!!!!!😁


My review is called "slow but steady" because the story progresses pretty slow, but because of the writing style and the characters, it's fun to read!


I really like how this author writes. Even though the story is quite slow, I am really enjoying it. That is because of your writing style: slow, but a nice fun read.



Your grammar is for a new author on RoyalRoadL truly on point. even if there are mistakes, you make the time to repair them if pointed out in the comments. All with all, very good without having a proofreader.


I really like the story. The Idea of a boy who is sucked into another dimension, but without staying a human is really fun to read(and that without getting a Re: Monster story!). I also really like how he was crippled at first, but how he now can go faster than most humans can see.


For me, is this where the author truly shines. The MC has a good personality for his age and form. Same goes for Uncle Black (I like that character so much!). The MC isn't progressing too fast nor too slow, but just at a nice reading speed.


Long story short: I really like your fiction and I can't wait to read more chapters!!! (The waiting torture has begon!)


Don't write too many chapters too fast, because stories tend to drop quality and/or go on a HIATUS then...



This review was written after chapter twelve.


Grammer was on point and was well done for an author on Royal Road. THe characters feel distinct with good personality thaat makes them feel alive and I like how the characters react to the problems they are forced to deal with. I enjoy the story and can't wait to see more of his adventures and the people we'll meet. Keep up the good work and know that you have another fan along for the ride.


Bad grammar and flow.

Very bad grammar and spelling.  Very hard to read because of this. 

No real character development at all.  MC is a one dimensional person. All he does is cry with the maturity level of an infant as opposed to the 8 year old orphan he is supposed to be.  The dragon and fox girl echo are nothing more than, oh I love and will protect you poor orphan you are now my family. 


The MC is op and there is nothing wrong with that but its delevered in a way that doesnt flow, more of like a writers fantasy given as an info dump. Lets train, boom super ability to train in anything so quick that it makes elder dragon go "damn you awesome"  Here is cliche evil chick with evil blood sacrifices, boom instant immunity after a quick cry.


I like the random dimensional portal idea but nothing else makes this worth reading.