Of The Nine

Of The Nine

by Riptide

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content


The entire Hyperion Empire, ruled by the Granitas Imperial Family, celebrates as all nine of the bloodline Houses have given birth to children. In a world where bloodlines place some mortals above the rest, the Hyperion Empire has cause to rejoice.

Maximus Soltain the Second, or Max, is just one child born in the celebrated new generation. He hails from the Soltain House, which has ruled over the land east of the Elotl Mountains long before the empire was even founded. 

Max must discover for himself where he belongs in a world where ability and personal strength reign supreme. 

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Table of Contents
40 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Welcome to the World ago
Not a Chapter: Basic Information ago
Chapter 2: Mother's Side ago
Chapter 3: Cause for Celebration ago
Chapter 4: Life Goes On ago
Chapter 5: Unexpected Events ago
Chapter 6: A Nostalgic Feeling ago
Chapter 7: Restrained Emotions ago
Chapter 8: Starting Somewhere ago
Chapter 9: Testing Ones Capabilities ago
Chapter 10: Children's Aspirations ago
Chapter 11: Building Character ago
Chapter 12: Punishment Fits the Crime ago
Chapter 13: Planning Accordingly ago
Chapter 14: A Life Changing Experience ago
Chapter 15: A Powerful Surprise ago
Chapter 16: Newfound Resolution ago
Interlude: The Way of the World ago
Chapter 17: Steps of the Sun ago
Chapter 18: Familial Loyalty ago
Chapter 19: Preparing for Departure ago
Chapter 20: Travel Awareness ago
Chapter 21: Abrupt Reunion ago
Chapter 22: Educational Orientation ago
Chapter 23: A Memorable Introduction ago
Chapter 24: Breaking Into Routine ago
Chapter 25: Magic Theory ago
Chapter 26: The Humane Society ago
Chapter 27: Kindred Secrets ago
Chapter 28: False Reasoning ago
Chapter 29: Recognizing One's Limits ago
Chapter 30: Club Gala ago
Chapter 31: Disciplinary Review ago
Chapter 32: A Direct Insult ago
Chapter 33: Interesting Revelations ago
Chapter 34: To Forgive ago
Back to School: Hiatus ago
Rehashing ago
Chapter 35 ago

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Stunning story with great potential. A must read!

I read the wole story in a day, and then re-read my favorite chapters the day after. It should be enough to show that this story deserved to be read.

The universe is really well build. We are (for now) concentrating on the Hyperion empire and its bloodlines families, and their power but it's mentionned that other bloodlines exists and that the universe can be expanded in the future. The Bloodlines are all different and have their own way, and it makes for a complex (on the positive side) an interesting universe. I advise to often look to the "Basic informations" chapter to better associate the family with their power so to better recall them.

The MCs are "geniuses", but they are also children, whith flaws and room to grow. The personality of Arthur would be better suited to the usual OP MC, but it's not his role (and he is too lazy for that ^^), and we don't want the "usual" MC! Max has the most flawed personality, but he is evolving along the story and trying to correct his shortcomings, and that's what we want to see in a story! We want a MC who is not perfect, but strives to progress. And I love Kana (but who doesn't? ^^)

(little spoiler)I'm a little surprised that Max early prodigious success with magic isn't showed after, when he is training. But maybe it's just kind of "buried" in him, waiting for him to awaken his potential.(end little spoiler)

Once in the University there is a whole lot of people and names coming around, but it was to be expected and it's not too bad (It's even easier if you associate them with their family and power. Easier to remember a werewolf instead of random character). I'm a little surprised by the Humanse Society though. I thought that their ideas would have been seen as "dangerous" by the teachers (at least some) and the headmistress and that they would have taken measures... but let's wait and see! ;-)

All in all, this story is amazingly good and I sincerely think that it belongs in the top10 of RRL


I've binged this book to the most recent chapter and don't understand Mals complaints. The characters seem fine to me and we all read differently but two of his points don't resonate with me.

I give style five stars always because I don't know what that is.

The story category is a solid 90%. There are parts where the author could've done better. My example is the MCs strength growth. MCs growth is too vague for me. Put more details on what exactly is improving him. 

Grammar is great. Top 1% on RR.

Characters are a doozy. I think there well fleshed out and my small issue with them are there's too many names for me to remember. Not to where it drops quality of the book, but some characters just don't feel important to me. Example is the aaruss emperor. I don't know if you have him as an antagonist, but you had him in the prologue and then never talked about him again. But I'm giving leeway, MC is 10 years old so I'm not going to complain about lack of antagonist. Overall, 90-95%.

That's my review, the rest will be just cross-examining the other guy cause 40% feels wrong to me. *Spoilers*

Prodigy son point- MC hasn't even compared to other kids his age  aside from other 2 friends. He's 10 now, have you seen Naruto? Itachi didn't prove his prodigeness till he was the same age. Author said all 3 characters were prodigies, so your point comparing Mc to arthur seems moot.

Sophia point- I thought Jacob was the overprotective one? Being a caring mother and being overprotective are two different things. She also believed in the kids, another point to caring mother. I'll admit the whole rescue at the perfect time was convenient, but I don't get how that made her characters personality "forced"

Glossed over training- This is an issue with the story over character, but MCs been doing a lot of training already. Were two different people, but I'm fine with just seeing the fruits of his training when he fights bad guys.

Unfial Bond?- Unfial basically means no loyalty to family and you just talk about Kana. Your complaint is she kicks them awake like it's a major break in personality and not something my sister did to me when I was a kid. Then you say, "they have never met her". That just makes no sense. Did you forget kana was their friend? 

Ok that's it. I have no problems with Mal and hope he accepts that I don't agree with him. I cringed when a new book on Royalroad got stuck with a 40% characters score it didn't deserve. 

Really good book. Looking forward to more.


It's one of my favorite stories on this site. It has it's own magic system, a large world that screams "more to come" w/o even talking about most of the kingdoms so far, characters who aren't copy pasted troupes & have depth, w/ the cherry on top being the "potential" the story still expand upon.

The only thing I find myself disliking about this story would be how many tables I break when I realize there's no more chapters to read. The author also has a crippling addiction to a chronic disease known as, "Time-Skip-Idis", so fingers crossed the ratio of 6 time skips every 30 chapters doesn't stand true. Or was it 7?

In all honesty though idk how this story isn't more popular. Feels like front page material. Though I suppose I am 100% biased. ^_^


This story is a well written story with a great fantasy world. Keeps me entertained every chapter and just feels new. Biggest complaint would be how the magic academy is seen as something worthless and small to the main characters compare to something big and new to explore and conquer.


Amazing can’t stop reading

Love the character interactions especially kana and max’s With all their misunderstanding.


Good enough. Not the greatest you'll see but worth following.


I'll start saying that I love the idea of a story revolving around families or clans, for example any person who has read or watched Game of Thrones knows this detail gives a certain interesting something to the story. The Lannister, the Corleone, the Septim, the Uchiha and other dynasties bring with them this sense of belonging for the characters that I very much welcome.


I see people complaining this and that about the main protagonist, there is some to say about Max but I think this issue comes mostly from him being arrogant and for some readers that's bad but bad enough to just bail on the story completely appearently, and I gotta say he does come off as petty sometimes yes, but you know? I like that, I like that so much, I'm thankful he is somewhat different from the perfect MC even though he is pretty blessed as he is, and I'm very very thankful he is like that and not something like Forgotten Conqueror's protagonist (circumstances completely unrelated), that I can see a character, a kid with so much power and powerful people around him to be proud, to realize he is superior and adquire bad traits like arrogance in the way, but this obviously for his character's development sake, you gotta be clueless if you think he is not gonna get a bit humbled eventually... I don't think Max is a bad character and I hope to see where he ends up.


Now I have some words about the characters and their development, and don't ask me how I would do it myself if I were the one to write them because I'm clueless, but I can give away my sincere opinion as a reader about what are some mistakes in my opinion as in Arthur taking a bit to actually have dialogue, this grows into me thinking that whole underage period could have used some extra attention in general. Sometimes the developments can come off as forced but I can think in only one that I found considerable enough that being between chapter 14-15 I think?

Well regardless this story is thought and assambled well enough for it to be very readable. The interactions are good and can be satisfying, the development lacks a bit as I've already said, and about any kind of plot, it's there but it's still in the process of coming together, I'm content to see where this goes overall. 


Just make sure you give it a try, judge for yourself and if you're lucky you'll have another story worthy of bookmarking.


Great story so far. Can't wait to read more..


Overall "Of The Nine" is impressive. But I gotta say right now Arthur is my favorite character. Smart and OP but not the main character. He could be the main character if Max died.

Style is nice, reading is easy and flows well.

Story is really good. Nobles in a fantasy have always been interesting to me as long as the plot is decent. It can go anywhere.

Grammar is nice.

Characters are nice. I like Kana and Arthur just as much as Max.



A pretty good story

I just read all the chapters out, and its pretty good.


There were a few things that I didn't like, but overall a good story.

The characters felt a little forced, which kept me from being totally immersed in the story.  They kept breaking character, or their personalities flipped, or something.  I'll give a few examples along within my impressions from the story.




CH 4 -Max is able to mimic light flares at a very young age.  Quote "crazy magic prodigal son".  However all that happens is the parents put a bracelet on him to keep him from killing himself.  Nothing ever comes from this revelation, the sleepy Arthur seems to be better at magic than him later on.  Not stonger, but better.  I don't understand why this was brought up.  The actual mechanics of casting or using magic isn't explained so it felt out of place.  Maybe needs to be delved into that it is actually his blood line magic, if thats what it is.


When Sophia shows up right in the nick of time to save the kids, it felt wrong.  Actually her even letting them do this mission seemed out of place with how protective she has been show as.  Maybe if she was hiding after having followed them would fit better.  And showing up as soon as Max 'awakened'.


As Max awoke his 2nd bloodline magic, he is filled with newfound determination.  But his self training to become strong enough to protect his friends is very much glossed over. 

We pretty much have a few wrap up sentences for this.  Honestly, I feel like the few chapters between this and getting to the academy would have been better spent on him pushing himslef to improve.

 His bond is totally unfilial, Kana shows up and kicks him and his cousin and both their bonds are 'loving' to her. They have never met her.  Doesn't make sense, in that situation I would expect them to attack her fo that.  Even though you seem to be building her towards being a social butterfly type.  She's a bully when she meets up with the boys?  Feels uncharacteristic of her.


It feels like this story is roughly plotted out and characters are forced to make actions to fit the story, instead of their actions meeting up with their personalities.  

Anyhow, thanks for sharing the story.  I look forward to reading more of your work.



Bad author and waste of time story

This author comes,writes a few chapters and then leaves for a whole year wfter barely introducing the story.That would beokay except he again comes back and repeats the above sequence by rewriting the same story and again leaving it at barely beginning