Techno Cultivator

by Noddy Sparks

Original HIATUS Action Sci-fi Male Lead Martial Arts Strong Lead Supernatural Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Follow James the morally twisted maintenance electrician as he's sucked into a new world narrowly escaping the nuclear holocaust of Earth. Here in this new world he chooses to grow stronger and develop his own mystical strength as he starts on the martial path leading to heights unknown. Contains dark humor and ethically compromised characters bordering on diabolically evil. There is no 'Hero'.

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Noddy Sparks

Noddy Sparks

3rd Anniversary
Word Count (15)
Top List #500
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Preface ago
Chapter 1: The Gateway ago
Chapter 2: Hello (New) World ago
Chapter 3: Elder Gau ago
Chapter 4: Mind Reading Monoliths? ago
Chapter 5: Into the Forest ago
Chapter 6: Harvy and the Demon Spawn ago
Chapter 7: Spirit Energy ago
Chapter 8: The Initial Lab ago
Chapter 9: First Lesson on Cultivating ago
Chapter 10: Harvy the Ghoul ago
Chapter 11: The True Spirit? ago
Chapter 12: First Blood ago
Chapter 13: Death Row ago
Chapter 14: More Than You Can Chew ago
Chapter 15: Breathing ago
Chapter 16: The Guild Hall ago
Chapter 17: Because we’re soulmates dummy! ago
Chapter 18: Fatty gets abducted ... again ago
Chapter 19: Release the Dragon! ago
Chapter 20: Goliath ago
Chapter 21: Wrath ago
Chapter 22: The School ago
Chapter 23: The Auction ago
Chapter 24: The Monk! ago
Chapter 25: War Council ago
Chapter 26: Battle of the Beasts ago
Chapter 27: The City of the future ago
Chapter 28: Trials and Tribulations ago
Chapter 29: Operation: Endless Forest ago
Chapter 30: The Quarry ago
Chapter 31: All Threats Must Die ago
Chapter 32: Meeting Artimus ago
Chapter 33: The Blink of an Eye ago
Chapter 34: Mysterious Challenger ago
Chapter 35: Auction Day ago
Chapter 36: Spirit Aura ago
Chapter 37: Forging 101 ago
Chapter 38: Pinocchio becomes a real boy. ago
Chapter 39: Merging Spirit Realms ago
Chapter 40: Off to the Capital ago
Chapter 41: The Dragon Vault ago
Chapter 42: Beginnings of a Conspiracy ago
Chapter 43: Master? ago
Chapter 44: War of the Worlds ago
Chapter 45: The Arena Upset ago
Chapter 46: Possessed ago
Chapter 47: The Gears of War (END) ago

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Zombie Unicorne
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Great story but with some problems that need to be addressed.

First off, this story is truly great so do try it out, you won't regret it. It has things to offer that no other Xiaixia/Wuxia story on this site, has done before, so do check it out.

The story is kinda a anti cliche and gives out silent jabs at overly used tropes. All the characters aren't losers(except for one but that character is also used as anti-trope). They are all capable and had many life experience, and you would never find any loser here that seems to be really popular for some reason. You won't see some antisocial lone loser going out into the world to become some harem overpowered self insert MC, but a group of people working together for the benefit of each other....or mostly to benefit only themselves.

The characters are all truly unique but let's start with the main cast, there is James, a narcissistic petty prideful asshole, Skay, a crazy psychopathic mad scientist, Jessy a sexually active nympho and Fatty, a fat crazy conspiracy theorist and more but those are the main ones. They have all the potential to be truly great and how they interact with each other would be all kind of interesting. But the problem is that they get sidetracked hard! They seem like they are just there to be there. We just get hint here there of what they are doing and have done and making a impression that they are just mindless robots. They rarely interact with each other and as a result, there is no chemistry whatsoever. This could be explained of James lack of interest of others, other than himself since, the story is being told in his POV but it's rather jarring nonetheless. Put more interaction between the characters in future chapters, because they are so disjointed and some chapters for some of the other character's POV to see what they all think about all this and their compatriots. 

For the premise and setting, is my favorite part of his story. They really don't carter to losers and that's my favorite part. All weeaboo anime knowledge are useless and a drive to succeed isn't enough unlike most summoned story out there. It's all about social skills, connection, and experience, not in the norm for any antisocial loser and wish fulfillment stories. the world works its hardest to be uncompromising for any losers. To get ahead, you need connection and friends and very unlike for any wuxia where one MC character gets ahead all on his own, occasionally bieng tutored by some master but generally gets OP all in his lonesome. Great work on that for being unique.

I also like the sci-fi part of the story even though, sometimes it doesn't make much sense but the Story has a good way of saying "This is how it works, don't know why but it's just is, let's move on" but more subtle. But going back on the sci-fi, hope to see more contrast with the advance science with the medieval setting. 

Main problem for me would be the pace, the story just move too fast, I know that everything is double the time of earth when talking about minutes, hour, days, months and years but how the narratives is being written is screwing the story's pace big time. Slow down and fit in some more details and speaking of...

The style has problems as well. As a Wuxia and sci-di it's rather necessary to outright 'tell' the aspect of the world and go all info dump on your ass but the problem is that it also translate to whole narrative of the story. Every time, a character has to do the most minimal task like walking somewhere, rather than describing, it's more like telling it. Limit the 'tell' and info dumping when it's necessary and use some 'show' more instead.

All in all, a solid story. I recommend it heartedly. I gave it 5 star of overall for my personal enjoyment despite knowing some cons but that's my bias.

pls, keep on going.

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Show, don't tell, please.

Writing this review after reading chapter 5. I like the story concept. Wuxia/Xianxia anything excites me, though there is a pretty major flaw that makes it difficult to continue reading.

Besides the occasional badly structured sentence, it can all pretty much be boiled down to the phrase "Show, don't tell."

For example, those "Little did X know" moments where you tell us something that would be better off being revealed at a later point. Preferably when the MC learns of such. I feel that it only serves to destroy any tension that you manage to build. Perhaps you were using it because you found it difficult to insert such information into the story in a natural manner, but I assure you that it will help the story's quality if you do.

For reference, I'll refer to Royal Road's Spectral Regalia. I personally love this story, but the author frequently does this for the first 30 or so chapters. Having the uncertainty of the MC's fate be unsubtlely destroyed by the author's inadvertent assurance that he will make it out alive and prosper is quite dissatisfying.

Really, it's everywhere. *SPOILERS* You remember the golden weed bug scene, right? Kept flying into his mouth, mmkay? It's very clear that you try to play it up for laughs, but the way you tell it makes it feel very much glossed over. At least for the first few moments of his peril, take us through it step by step, like you had right before that point. Let us feel the uncomfortable wind, the nipple rubbing, and the swallowing of the hairy wart bug the moment he tries to voice his disapproval.


Last but not least, the characters. Most importantly, the MC. Please stop telling us just how much of a pokerface our stony rascalion MC is in unfamiliar situations. It isn't weird at all for a person to put on a face that contradicts their true personality. It's completely okay to let us know his facial expressions (as they happen), but I ask that you would show us his stoic rascalion personality rather than telling us about it every chapter.

I wouldn't have written this if I didn't care, so I hope that you'll take my critique under consideration even if you don't change anything.

  • Overall Score

wow one of the best fictions i have read on the net.

This is by far one of the best fictions i have ever read. I dislike Xianxia stories because there all a arragant dick . you pissed me off i going to go hide in my basement do some pushups come out and make you my prison bird.

The author did stick to those basics.. yet the story was told in a whole new way that was interesting.. his worldbuild was amazing his characters our amazing.. I would never want to meet his mc. but i did enjoy reading about him. Everything i hate about Xianxia was in this story.. yet i enjoyed this story.

I love castle building and empire building this story had that big time.. i love smart mcs.. this story had that. 

I love technology in stories... so many stories fail to use technology. The only thing i did not give 5 stars was for grammar. that is because i dont know how to grade that. when i am so bad at it myself.

  • Overall Score

hahaha nice seeing this in RRL..good work man!now i can check both sites for updates

  • Overall Score

This story has flaws. I will be the first to admit that. The main character is a Gary-Sue, but it's still great to read.

Compared to most of the stuff on this site, it's AA tier. Not quite AAA, but close.

Very science-based. If you don't have at least a high-school education, you're going to miss a lot of the subtle things, but they are not mandatory to enjoying the story.

As mentioned in the synopsis, the main character could be optimistically referred to as a mercenary, but he's more of a villain.

You should read it.

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Ruffed on many edges... ( review written as of chapter 5 )

It has a few glaring plotholes, which I pointed out in the comments, as well as some unnoticeable plotholes, that still are plotholes.

The style is about average, not that bad

The characters do seem alive, but their personality some times doesn't match...

And I don't mean about the girl that swears a lot,

I'm talking about the clan leader.

But besides that, ignorance is a bliss so I will leave unsaid the plotholes, and if you want to see them, read my comments on chapter 2, and chapter 5

Last but not least, the author also forgot to put the warning tag: profanity

Honestly they ideas are kinda new and refreshing, so if you ignore some parts you will most probably be fine.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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This story is a hilarious mix between sci-fi and xianxia that manages to draw the reader in with it's quirky humor and worldbuilding. I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a great read.

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Feels like author will write himself into a corner.

Decent story but serious lack of proper characerization for pretty much every character, we don't figure out how they think/why they do the things they do. Characters are simply labelled with a character trait without much reasoning as to why they are like that. The other major problem is the plot, the issue as is the case with most fantasy stories with technology that gets introduced into it is a lack of proper pacing where the main character becomes too powerful, too quickly thereby restricting the growth of the MC without creating ridiculous circumstances so the enemy can be on equal ground. Lastly although this is a xianxia action based story it reads much more like a slice of life/town building story with very little actual conflict and what we do get is either extremely simplified or completely glossed over (as is the case with the only major fight we've gotten so far) where we only see the planning for the fight. the beginning and the end result, we don't read about any of the actual fighting.


So my suggestions would be to work on better fleshing out your characters, take your time with pacing out your story and redo the tags you use to describe your story.

  • Overall Score

I have no clue why you wrote the main female lead like this

So her major cultivaton is sex um why was she not at hjer job in your own wors " trades person who made a living off hard work and hand tools." She worked at a lab and even if she was a janotory your telling me that what she new about the most? how to get sex? There was nothing eles she understood that could also have been used i really didnt like this point and hell im a guy yet i felt you stuck her in the role of the bimbo and i dont get why 

  • Overall Score

read for the fifth time, still waiting

Reviewed at: Chapter 47: The Gears of War (END)


thank you very much for the story, i like it very much

and hope you may find some time to continue writing

have fun