Dragon Fragment

by Joshan

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Tragedy Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

An ordinary Earthly man falls unconscious and encounters a God-like Entity. He learns the origins of his existence and inconceivable revelations, and was given a unique choice that he could not pass. He paid the ultimate price to ensure his destiny and chose to be Reborn as a Creature to evolve Spiritually in a World with Unique Magic System and Elemental Affinities where his modern knowledge would prove most useful. But unimaginable hardships and tribulations awaited in his new World and other Realities where he would be fated to meet other creatures.

Re-writing early Volumes as of  Dec 2019.

Picture Credits: Nightshade by Ruth Thompson.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue Part 1 - The Meeting in the Void ago
Prologue Part 2 - The Inconceivable Revelations ago
Prologue Part 3 - The Close Encounter ago
Prologue Part 4 - James' Resolve and Goodbye ago
Prologue Part 5 - The two James' Rebirth and Personalities ago
v1c1 Forced Upbringing ago
v1c2 Forced Teachings ago
v1c3 Forced Training ago
Volume 1 Side Story part 1- The Soul Shards in other realities ago
Volume 1 Side Story part 2 - The Rat, The Wolf, And The Draconian Incarnations of James ago
Volume 1 Side Story part 3 - Forced Beginnings ago
Volume 1 Side Story part 4- Forced Familiar ago
v1c11 Forced Encounter [Reworking] ago
v1c12 Forced Eviction ago
v1c13 Forced Beginnings ago
v1c14 Forced Actions ago
v1c15 Forced Predation ago
v1c16 Forced Confrontation ago
v1c17 Forced Boundaries ago
v1c18 Forced Reflections ago
v1c19 Forced Subjugation ago
v1c20 Forced Benefactors ago
v1c21 Forced Cooperation ago
v2c1 Dragon Captivity ago
v2c2 Dragon Secrets ago
v2c3 Dragon Options ago
v2c4 Dragon Auction ago
v2c5 Dragon Buyer ago
v2c6 Dragon Act ago
v2c7 Dragon Motives ago
v2c8 Dragon Job ago
v2c9 Dragon Names ago
v2c10 Dragon Mischief ago
v2c11 Dragon Restrictions ago
v2c12 Dragon Core ago
v2c13 Dragon Companion ago
v2c14 Dragon Bodies ago
v2c15 Dragon Affinities ago
v2c16 Dragon Troubles ago
v2c17 Dragon Revelations ago
v2c18 Dragon Resolutions ago
v2c19 Dragon Residence ago
v2c20 Dragon Aptitudes ago
v2c21 Dragon Past ago
v3c1 Those who wait ago
v3c2 Those who Observe ago
v3c3 Those who Trespass ago
v3c4 Those who Assault ago
v3c5 Those who Suppress ago
v3c6 Those who Submit ago
v3c7 Those who Progress ago
v3c8 Those who Return ago
v3c9 Those who Ambush ago
v3c10 Those who Retaliate ago
v3c11 Those who Exceed ago
v3c12 Those who Inform ago
v3c13 Those who Value ago
v3c14 Those who Scheme ago
v3c15 Those who Benefit ago
v3c16 Those who Entrust ago
v3c17 Those who Debate ago
v3c18 Those who Appraise ago
v3c19 Those who Perform ago
v3c20 Those who Evolve ago
v3c21 Those who Reveal ago
v3c22 Those who Confess ago
v3c23 Those who Determine ago
v3c24 Those who Devour ago
v4c1 Troublesome Dragon Family ago
v4c2 Troublesome Prey Choice ago
v4c3 Troublesome Serpents ago
v4c4 Troublesome Partner ago
v4c5 Troublesome Request ago
v4c6 Troublesome Dream ago
v4c7 Troublesome Objectives ago
v4c8 Troublesome Challange ago
v4c9 Troublesome Resources ago
v4c10 Troublesome Makers ago
v4c11 Troublesome Intruders ago
v4c12 Troublesome Relatives ago
v4c13 Troublesome Wolves ago
v4c14 Troublesome Backgrounds ago
v4c15 Troublesome Alliance ago
v4c16 Troublesome Lessons ago
v4c17 Troublesome Return ago
v4c18 Troublesome Confrontation ago
v4c19 Troublesome Secrets ago
v4c20 Troublesome Town Visit ago
v4c21 Troublesome Clash ago
v4c22 Troublesome Break ago
v4c23 Troublesome Ending ago
v4c24 Troublesome Aftermath ago
v5c1 Beast Rescue ago
v5c2 Beast Arrival ago
v5c3 Beast Plans ago
v5c4 Beast Judgement ago
v5c5 Beast Troubles ago
v5c6 Beast Heritage ago
v5c7 Beast Life ago
v5c8 Beast Despair ago
v5c9 Beast Purpose ago
v5c10 Beast Cheat ago
v5c11 Beast Objective ago
v5c12 Beast Mistakes ago
v5c13 Beast Assembly ago
v5c14 Beast Confrontation ago
v5c15 Beast Position ago
v5c16 Beast Dispute ago
v5c17 Beast Overthrow ago
v5c18 Beast Invasion ago
v5c19 Beast Comeback ago
v5c20 Beast Fortress ago
v5c21 Beast Endgame ago
v5c22 Beast Resolutions ago
v5c23 Beast Undertakings ago
V5c24 Beast Emergence ago
v6c1 Meeting the Foxes ago
v6c2 Meeting the Unexpected ago
v6c3 Meeting the Volunteers ago
v6c4 Meeting the Prisoners ago
v6c5 Meeting the Demands ago
v6c6 Meeting the Bearer ago
v6c7 Meeting the Rascals ago
v6c8 Meeting the Conditions ago
v6c9 Meeting the Elders ago
v6c10 Meeting the Expectations ago
v6c11 Meeting the Developments ago
v6c12 Meeting the Obstacles ago
v6c12.1 Side Story - The Girl's Punishment & the Fox's reward ago
v6c12.2 Side Story - The satisfied Fox & the greedy Wolf ago
v6c13 Meeting the Quote ago
v6c14 Meeting the Bearer ago
v6c15 Meeting the Schedules ago
v6c16 Meeting the Reckoning ago
v6c17 Meeting a New Threat ago
v6c18 Meeting the Hurdles ago
v6c19 Meeting the Unforeseen ago
v6c20 Meeting the Qualifications ago
v6c21 Meeting the Aptitude ago
v6c22 Meeting the Disposition ago
v6c23 Meeting the Scouts ago
v6c24 Meeting the Conditions ago
v6c25 Meeting the Discontent ago

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This is a standard (with a twist) reincarnation into a dragon story without a "System" interface which was fine and there was no focus on skills/powers up to v2c8 anyway.  The characters were bland up to that point but it was relatively early still, the main problem here is how long winded everyone is.  A scene is never allowed to just play out in a natural fashion; everyone is constantly cramming lengthy analysis, facts, speculation and exposition into every errant thought and it becomes tiresome to the point of inducing paragraph skimming and skipping.  Not everything is bad though, the world held promise and dragons have the potential to be fun but it was truly an uphill battle to read and care about anything.


Having read further it does not improve and any sense of urgency and danger is quickly forgotten as the protagonist easily acquires the support of humans that go along with whatever he wants mostly.  That coupled with some convoluted time travel and multiple versions of the same MC meddling with things just reinforced my original assessment.  My suggestion to the author would be to learn to show not tell and to cut out the time travel BS as what’s the point of reading about a character’s road to power if you confirm right away that everything works out just fine for him via his OP future self?  Also when you have female characters reminisce nostalgically about “seminal fluids” running down their legs and other such things you come off as a creepy pervert.  Mentions of sex should be humorous or sexy, not (unintentionally?) gross.


Decent, but with flaws.

A decent read for me.

Just that the story moves like really slow, but that could also be a good part about this novel, with the huge amount of story potentional and time shenegians.

Althrough i like the sheer effort put in the universe-building(or is it multiverses?), also the massive amount of plot points. Its also good that the author does not hesitate to write weird and complex stuff.

On the other side, the story does get REALLY confusing at the start, it gets better but its still hard to follow.

Be warned, that the author has almost no limit for the weird kind of stuff he writes in the story, generally chapters where such content happens, are marked, but there are still expections, especially with the older chapters.

Not really much to say about the characters myself.


This story has a strong start in the first volume, but then becomes a slice of life in volume 2-4. In volume 5, things start to both heat up as an actual antagonist exists now.

The author did very well in the 'survival' aspect of a new dragon. This is probably one of the first few novels that I have read that has given a forced as a non-humanoid,  instead of an MC that can hide near humans with a humanoid 'dragonkin' form and almost never transforms into the dragon form with most other stories.

The biggest downside of this story is that there are many sudden jumps in logic or 'missed cutscenes', which are especially jarring when he has an adverse reaction to it, suddenly becoming really smart and revealing new plot when the narrator has not described it, leaving many open plotholes. The author also gets sidetracked a few times, which slows down the plot.

The first few chapters are not really that relevant, as Universe Building before world building is quite a heavy taste.


Good story presented badly

Read up to v4c3 so far.

tldr: Good story with many flaws. Its a bit different from others like it. I find it fresh. If you're considering reading it, please get past the prologue at least.

Writing this review mostly for the author.

Enjoyable story that explores the life of a dude as a dragon in a satisfying way. Side characters are interesting. Those that matter have depth. Immersive in a sastisfying way via character interactions and the general struggles of the protagonist.

Good protagonist - perfect blend of dragon and human that gives justice to both. Not portrayed as some genius, but also not stupid... unless he's half starved. Interesting to follow.

Also, the author has clearly taken feedback and done major revisions of the story cleaning up a massive portion of the early part. From the comments I can deduce the effect that has had.

Then, the thing I like most about this story because its done so well and is oh so rare. The, lets just say, traumatic themes. They are not glossed over. They affect the characters in deep ways that heal slowly. Its not trite, and that gives it all substance.

Yet the MC doesn't have strong morals as a dragon so the exploration feels very different to every other novel I've read. Its weird when the MCs hunger almost usurps his curiosity... weird but good.

Its a weird combo that's one of the most refreshing stories I've read.


It suffers from major problems that won't be easy to fix. I often find myself skimming. Cheifly

  • Explaining magic/etc is rushed. Often instead of watching someone learn about magic, you watch someone get a lecture about magic. Or internal thoughts to that effect. Please slow down and imply a good chunk of that information instead. 
  • Bad sense of timing. Most fights are interrupted for tangential internal thoughts. It'd be ok if it was a sentence or two between observations... but its paragraphs.
  • The ratio of thoughts/speculations to observations is out of wack.
  • Lack of planning into chapters. Some parts do seem well planned though. And the story as a whole seems well planned.

To sum up the problems in one sentence: author explains all his ideas about magic, physics, chemestry, meta-science, etc... but doesn't realise that his world and the characters within it are much more interesting than those other details could ever be.

Oh yeah, normally I'd rate something with flaws like this 2 or 2.5 stars. No, the extra star isn't pity. It counter balances. This could be really great... with a crap ton of work. But that's writing I guess.

Ok, that said, I'll go into more detail since this is such an oddly good and bad mix I feel compelled to.


It flows wrong because of the bad sense of timing and tendency to jump into exposition. Like stuffing too much between a question someone asked before the MC responds, or between actions in a fight. ie, 2-3 paragraphs are used when 3 sentences could have communicated most of what was important, immersively, without breaking flow. In some places I even forgot what the person had asked by the time the MC responds.

All of that can be implied or condensed so things flow.

Having said that, I do like the descriptions of environment. The observations. Some of the dialogue and some of the thoughts. Heck, the musings of the character are good too - they're just overwhelming in quantity.

Also the prologue is, frankly, much worse than the rest. Again, there are parts of it I really enjoyed... but in short: too much information with too many words before I cared about the MC enough to pay attention. I was looking forward to the fantasy but had to wade through meta-plot and multiple backstories (which are admittedly interesting, but again its too much before the story begins).

Having said that, the author really nails some things well. If you can get past the wordiness... most scenes are done well. Whether its pranks, the dragon trying not to starve or the little girl hanging from his snout... its satisfying.

Another thing the author does well is POVs. Its equally interesting no matter what the pov is. The switching complements the storytelling.


They're distinct. I guess 2D characters. The one area they could be improved is that they are defined firstly by magic affinities, secondly by occupation, third by the way their past effects them. That's decent, but noticably synthetic as its repeated. Add dispositions, habbits, or different reactions to the same kind of situations and these characters would quickly be, imo, 3D characters.

Dynamics between them is interesting too. And enough of them are likable. Rating characters 4/5 because I don't think they need much more to be great.


A complex and interesting setup. Yet I can't actually tell if there's anything more than an average story amidst all the details. I think there is, and am looking forward to seeing it, but not so far. I might edit this if it gets better. 


Needs work, but I'd ignore it in favour of bigger issues. Problems are: missing words, run on sentences and paragraphs that are too long (or is that a style issue... whatever).

Lets see...that covers it. I get the impression the author drowns in his own ideas. But whenever that's not happening, its naturally good.

Anway. Hope you keep writing. I'd love to see these characters slowly explore the world you've made. You've given the term "soul mate" a whole new depth.

Edit: No longer following. My reasoning is mostly personal.

I'm not going to unfollow it without telling the author why. So here's why:

Spoiler: Spoiler

Another RR story - Little outstanding elements

I will have to stop reading here and drop the story.  V2C2

The main reason is because of how early and quick the interaction with a sentient race happened. From there on was the generic and cliche of monster = slave and from there his life is not his. I started to quickly skim through these chapters and its just regular interactions that I have seen in other stories.

You had something going with the Mc struggling through the forest and learning by himself like how a dragon or beast does. By experience. Now he is surrounded and influenced by humans and other sentient beings that there will be less of those beastly encounters and he will become more "domesticated." With how tough his life was in the beginning I was hoping he would encounter these things by himself. It was so entertaining seeing a human in a dragon form surviving but now he is with humans and there are so many stories that have a beast interacting with sentient beings that we can somewhat predict what is going to happen next. The story has lost its uniqueness or there is a lot less ways to make this story fresh and unique to keep the readers attention.

Now that he is surrounded by sentient beings he will learn at a way quicker rate which is more generic, boring, etc. The story will move forward quicker and the plot will progress more but at the cost of the Mc learning by mistake and error.

Be well aware that my opinion stemmed from the fact that I have read a lot of novels in RR, Fanfiction, Xianxia, etc. Newer readers have a higher chance of enjoying this.



 I honestly just can't read this story. Theres far too many onomatapeias, or however you spell it, and each one in a seemimgly different color. It makes it incredibly distracting to read, especially to those with eye problems. Not only that, but the same noice could be repeates three times, and each time spelt slightly diiferently.


The MC himself... Well, let's just say I barely made it passed the prologue. 


This star could be so much better, but it's held back by it trying to be a TV show, written in book format. Atleast there aren't any lines of lyrics between each paragraph as background music.


I tried to start this, and trawled my way through the prologues, but the story wandered here and there reading more like a random collection of story ideas and by the time I got to the numbered chapters it was still multiple characters without context. Maybe the novel sorts itself out later but I've not the patience to read another dozen chapters until it does


At Last a non human protagonist without human form

This story is such a hidden gem, i mean at last we have a non human protagonist without the human form (we get to see the true perspective of a dragon and not it trying to live as something he isn't). This is pretty hard to make since you have to get in the position of a new existance and you can't just leave him in a forest forever and you manage to work it out in a nice way to create more interest in the story.

The introduction to the world and its misteries its done at a good pace without unnecesary info dumps and the characters have pretty defined personalities and experiences. I dont now much about grammar but reading i didn't feel any jarring words or mistakes so i take that point its good.

I definetly recommend you to read this story.

Lord Mandragon

i read this book back when it had about 20 chapters, but couldnt find it again. but i found it once again and its just as good as i remember it. and it is more than 1000 pages long!!! so ill be reading this for a while. hooray!!!!! good character development, awesome story plot, not many stories use ACTUAL MATH, and there's some nice erotica for those days your GF cant come over.


so many POV. its like telling the readers that the MC is not important. so many useless chapters. you need to highlight your story. the MC is smart. why did you make him a retard all of the sudden?  he easily got captured while peeking on a wagon? really? retardation at its best. you could have made the MC live in the forest while making him stronger. the MC is a fucking dragon ..