A Hero Past the 25th

by I'mFiction

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Grimdark Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Ever since she was a child, Itaka Izumi dreamed of being transported into a world of medieval fantasy, where to live her life as a brave hero by the sword. One day, by a miracle, Izumi actually gets her way. Only—she's a child no more.

Knight princess Yuliana escapes the Kingdom of Langoria, defying the king and the law, in an effort to save her world from a prophecy of doom. Caught in a bind, she is saved by a champion, one summoned from another world. But definitely not the kind of a champion she wanted.

By forces of circumstances, the two women end up journeying together through the deceitful world of Ortho, where the greatest threat is not always a wild beast, or a monster, but might as well be fellow man.

* * *

Thanks to the warm reception, there is also a SEQUEL!

It so happens there is also a second sequel.

And if that wasn't enough, there's even more these days.

I'm sure it will end somewhere, eventually! 

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This is good. Pretty much everything in this story is on a higher level than what you usually see as rated at 5 stars on RRL. Only downside is the relative shortness of the story, but I'm a sucker for extremely long series so that's that.

Note: As the author says, there is mature content. That said, it is not there for no reason, and adds to the story.


Finally a Heroine past her 38th

the review title describes the story more aptly than the book's title.

an isekai otaku girl forgoes her life and waits for her transmigration and to get chosen and be prepared she tries and learns variety of skills, techniques and knowledge on how to be a hero in medieval setting and she finally gets her wish fulfilled but it's a bit too late as she's already a kissless virgin sage in her mid life crisis.

the story is fun because of the interaction between characters and them acting their roles. it's more of konosuba in a different settings with real life drama.


Criminally overlooked

I'm not sure why this story has so little views, because it is absolutely amazing. I can only presume that it is because of the short amount of chapters, which is a non-issue. The chapters are all quite long and I've seen plenty of stories floating around 30-40 chapters that are shorter than this one.


It's hard to describe what about this story makes it so great. The author starts with the very tired trope of a summoned hero and makes it fresh. The dynamic between the small cast of characters is amazing. The dialogue and comedy elements of the story are handled especially smoothly. None of the stilted dialogue or flat jokes you see all over the place on RRL.



every aspect of this story is fantastic and the only improvement I could imagine would be a second volume.


amazing! i recommend this

Just wow! the unsuspecting title or modest description made me put this on the lower end of the readlist but 
the mc really contains a broad combination of characteristics which give combined with the engaging way the situations develop and you are introduced to the world and the characters... i just couldn't help myself but binge read this.
Even though the chapters number few, they are freaking long! 

and it has sequels *,,,* completed sequels  drool


Oi, why aren't more people reading this?

This is honestly a gem.

Style: The writing is really good, like seriously good.

Story: The story is pretty typical hero summoning, but there are twists that are quite interesting.

Grammar: Almost perfect.

Character: I really enjoy the characters, especially the main character. They motivations of each one are quite nice too, and everyone is engaging to read.


That was a great story that I hope to see more of. I love how Izumi makes constant videogame references though she didn't mention Dark Souls sadly. The group is pretty good together and each character has good development while also being intelligent and realistic.


This story is honestly kind of great and I am surprised by the lack of attention this seems to have.

While there does look to be a small number of chapters, There is actually more around 15-20 when you take into account the word count. I like gigantic chapters in stories. But it can have a downside as fewer people will probably comment on something near the start of the story because they will forget about it by the time they get near the end. 

I like all of the female characters we've come across so far. I like the female MC's personality and I find it interesting that it isn't just the MC being a High-School girl, But an almost 40-Year-Old. I do find it interesting listening to the MC's hardships and how she was seen as more of a handicapped human than anything, And I do kind of dislike that she was so obsessed with her idea of what her future entails that she is treated like she is at the same time. It makes me really wish she lived more of a secluded life and did the bare minimum to live with her also having more of a cold personality vibe to her. I still find myself enjoying her character though.

From what little is shown of it, I do think the world is kind of interesting. I like the Divine/God being and how things like Daemons are actually feared like they're an actual threat and not a pack of wolfs that are annoying. 

I do feel at least this volume ended a bit fast. But other than that, I really enjoy this story.

Omi Nya

Envious of the author's skills.

This deserves so much more. The story of a lonely nerdy weeb dreamer who got her wish to isekai finally granted. Only a bit late, per se. But she ended in a fantasy world as she desired.

Everything written here is great, both characters and plot. They are alive, well-written and fun. Highly recommended.

As a writer I wish that my story was written as well as this one. Now I at least know where to aim and what to strive for.