The Summoned - Complete

by Skada88

Original COMPLETED Fantasy Non-Human lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

In a world of magic, ruled by many warring races, the human kingdoms are being pushed to the brink of collapse. In a desperate bid to gain the strength to stand on an equal footing with the other nations, they perform a forbidden ritual to summon combat slaves from another dimension.

Unluckily for them, Mors Letus, recently named by their world's God of Death, was one of them. 

**** Warning ****

This is a re-release (The Summoned) of the first book I wrote in partnership with my brother (who later forced the story to be pulled (It was released on his account here)).

I have started writing my own version of the story (BOM: The Summoned) and will continue to primarily invest in that, though, now I have permission to re-release this one, I plan finish this as I have the drafts and it was close to the end of the first book.

Many characters/scenes and events match/Will match BOM: The Summoned, especially in future arc's (Past Flatner forest). If you don't like spoilers, don't want to get confused between the two stories or hate first attempts at writing (god awful grammar/sentence structure and storytelling), I would advise against reading.



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He who stares back from the abyss

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - A poisoned king ago
Chapter 1 - Summoning ago
Chapter 1.1 Draconic Demon ago
Chapter 1.2 - Awakening and Confusion ago
Chapter 1.3 - Vampire ago
Chapter 2 - The journey begins ago
Chapter 2.1 - Arrival ago
Chapter 3 - Slave ago
Chapter 3.1 - Taking Stock ago
Chapter 3.2 - The burden of a collar ago
Chapter 4 - Prelude to Blood ago
Chapter 4.1 First Blood ago
Chapter 5 - Status Stone ago
Chapter 5.1 - Self Proclaimed God ago
Chapter 6 - Basics of Evolution ago
Chapter 7 - Pathfinder ago
Chapter 8 - Flatner ago
Chapter 9 - Provocation ago
Chapter 10 - Beatdown ago
Chapter 11 - Epoch of the Demon ago
Chapter 12 - Soul Weapon ago
Chapter 12.1 - Measuring Strength ago
Chapter 12.2 - Tank ago
Chapter 12.3 - Birth of a Legend ago
Chapter 12.4 - Birth of a Legend Cont. ago
Chapter 13 - Drink by the camp fire ago
Chapter 13.1 - Gods, names and suprises ago
Chapter 13.2 - Son ago
Chapter 13.3 - Cards on the table ago
Chapter 14 - Prelude to demise ago
Chapter 14.1 - The Sun and Moon ago
Chapter 14.2 - Wedding ago
Chapter 14.3 - Toast ago
Chapter 15 - Unexpected Family ago
Chapter 15.1 - What it means to have Demonic Blood ago
Chapter 15.2 - What it means to have Draconic Blood ago
Chapter 16 - Start of the Pathfinder Trials ago
Chapter 16.1 Mission Briefing ago
Chapter 16.2 Mission Start ago
Chapter 17 - Journey ago
Chapter 17.1 - Full Party ago
Chapter 17.2 - Troubled Party ago
Chapter 17.3 - Pacifying a Demon ago
Chapter 18 - Exiting Flatner Forest ago
Chapter 18.1 - Knowingly walking into an ambush ago
Chapter 18.2 From bad to Worse ago
Chapter 18.3 - Despair ago
Chapter 18.4 - Hunt ago
Chapter 18.5 - Enter the Demon ago
Chapter 18.6 - Heartless ago
Chapter 18.7 - Challenge Accepted ago
Chapter 18.8 - Fateful decision ago
Chapter 18.9 - He who fights and runs away ago
Chapter 19 - Best laid plans ago
Chapter 20 - Fragmented Party ago
Chapter 21 - Prelude to civil war ago
Chapter 22 - Companion ago
Chapter 23 - Finding a disguise ago
Chapter 23.1 Entering Kanis ago
Chapter 23.2 - Bar Fight ago
Chapter 23.3 - Its a girl? ago
Chapter 23.4 - A demon companion ago
Chapter 24 - Sins of the past ago
Chapter 24.1 - Living weapon ago
Chapter 25 - Sound Transmission ago
Chapter 25.1 - Reunion with a demon ago
Chapter 25.2 - No rest for the wicked ago
Chapter 25.3 - Breaking Point ago
Chapter 25.4 - Divine intervention ago
Chapter 26 - Rise of a Demon Lord ago
Chapter 26.1 Rise of a Demon Lord ago
Chapter 26.2 - Rise of a Demon Lord ago
Chapter 26.3 - Rise of a Demon Lord ago
Chapter 26.4 - Rise of a Demon Lord ago
Chapter 26.5 - Rise of a Demon Lord ago
Chapter 26.6 - Rise of a Demon Lord ago
Chapter 26.7 - Rise of a Demon Lord ago
Chapter 26.8 - Rise of a Demon Lord ago
Chapter 26.9 - Rise of a Demon Lord ago
Chapter 26.10 - Rise of a Demon Lord ago
Chapter 26.11 - Rise of a Demon Lord ago
Chapter 27 - Fleeing Demoness ago
Chapter 28 - Seizing the Moment ago
Chapter 29 - Red Herrings ago
Chapter 29.1 Final Touches ago
Chapter 30 - Incursion ago
Chapter 30.1 Black Hearts ago
Chapter 30.2 - Gaining a Demon's interest ago
Chapter 30.3 - Change of Plans ago
Chapter 31 - Fortress Armoury ago
Chapter 31.1 - Demon's determination ago
Chapter 32 - City Lord ago
Chapter 32.1 Proposal ago
Chapter 32.2 - Always read the fine print ago
Epilogue ago
Book Two - The Summoned: Rise of the Demon Lord Announcement. ago

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Mature and edgy summoning story? Im in!

I hate writing reviews, (the second one in 2 weeks i did this damn😣). But I am willing to for this story because I want the author to keep writing and because he said he would off a new chap for an elaborated review😅(kekeke)

It’s a summoning story(duh!😛) but, and a big BUT, edgy and mature, so it is not your run of the mill summoning story with hero stuff, shining knights, harem and whatnott, it won’t fit everyone’s taste but it's for a mature audience so i think skada knew that already.

So basicaly you got a group of random souls thrown into a bady world, with all kind of races, that lives in somewhat harmony in their race hatred, somes more openly then others.

You can except the MC to have it with the most hated race that has ever set foot on this world yeh? Then the story is set😃.


The character development and interaction is amazing so far. I feel like I can understand his emotions even with my personal life being nothing like his.You a drawn into the big guy that has a soft spot. I really enjoy the amount of work put into describing the main character and his actions.

The supporting characters are awesome; they are not one dimensional even if somes have short screen time. I really enjoyed how some of them have added to the story.

Theres no biggie situation yet, but but as a mature somewhat believable story, there won't be any plot armor in here.


The setting is in depth and has plenty of room to introduce new concepts going forward. The mc isn’t OP “yet”. You always have to add yet with these stories. There seems to be plenty of lore and depth already and it'll push to something really epic in the coming chapters, there's promise to that with what we are already introduced by story wise.


The plot is following a somewhat predictably path, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A twist here or there is all it needs, no mystery novel please. I can hope for epicness, and that is what helps make fantasy stories good.


Just readed the 51 chapters in one sitting, truly epic, as for the grammar, well im french   who mostly read English novels since 10 years and i can say apart from tipo there and there, theres no big grammar issues.


Keep going! Oh and it seems it's a rewrite, was it really that advanced? Anyway this rewrite has some truly good quality and nice funny moments, haha ypu made my day man.



When the duchess with her lil girlie body kicks Mors in the head, then for good measure kicks 2 more times, haha, i imagined the scene and a i loled hard.

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Much improved but old habits die hard

I don't really care to rate but royalroad probably requires something.


1. So the good.

Your story is much improved. I mean very much improved.

Motives, reactions and interactions flow nearly seamlessly. At least for the middle and much of the early part of your book.

Artifacts are ingenious.

And most difficult, you still maintained the gems from the previous version.

Your characters are also very vivid and memorable.

2. The not so good.

You lapse back to old habits in the latter half of the book. Specifically, having your characters especially the main act uncharacteristically and illogically.

To be honest, it isn't so bad. I am only commenting because it's got worse and worse after you seemed to have overcome it.

For example, the first couple of chapters had a prince that felt 2d. But, he was followed by a more fleshed out and consistent mage.

However, in the later part, More who is supposedly intractable and indifferent, suddenly becomes forthcoming (extremely) for no reason. Drunk people are not capable of coherent strategy. Yet he is drunk enough to expose his inner heart and still scheme for information,  from his captain.

Most people would try to conceal important/dangerous/personal goals/info (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) if slips of the tongue occur while tipsy or slightly drunk.

3. The very good

I still appreciate and am very interested in how you develop your story. It is compelling and vivid.

Your Grammer is also excellent.




I suspect you have rough goal/expectations in mind for your story, which makes you violate character consistency in service of plot.


  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Very engaging story, but slow start

Overall I really liked the story.


Style: I found the style of the author very engaging and in generally above average from RR. 


Story: Creative, interesting and as previously stated, engaging story. I like the plot and I will continue to read the story whenever more chapters are posted. 


Grammar: I noticed many missing words, mispelled or wrong sentence structure in some parts of the story. Thankfully they aren't as distracting as they could be since there are relatively few taking note of the story length. I am harsh with my rating since I feel that with a couple of hours the story could be completely error free, which would greatly improve the story. 


Character: I like the story, the plot and the way the story is going, but I personally think that some decisions that the protagonist takes are odd that don't seem to follow his character, or maybe that I wouldn't expect him to make based on his precious actions and words. Nevertheless it's not that jarring so it may just  be my personal opinion. 


Good job, I really like your story and I wish you success with your writing. 

  • Overall Score

There are a number of grammer mistakes but outside of that the books awesome. 

The MC is not generic, hes strong whilst not being op, he has actual motivations which are clearly defined. 

The side characthers all have personality, even generic solider A has more depth then some major side characthers in other stories. 

Give it a read. 

Directing to the author. WRITE MORE YOU! Your work is brilliant.

  • Overall Score

Eeh, there are a lot of grammar issues in the first few chapters but it improves over time. I'm currently at chapter 18 and the only error which I remember from the last few parts is the repeat your/you're mix-up. So, not really important.

Badass and terribly op protagonist. This will make proper character development hard later on, but it's pretty fun to read at the moment.


It's annoying to review on mobile, so I'll stop here.

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This story is quality, fast updates and interesting ideas, at first the POV changes confused me but they become fewer later on, looking forward to the future of this fiction. Your missing out if you don't give it a go!

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

This is also a bit of a rant about how we the readers are just lucky that amazing people decide to make these story for use and for there own enjoyment, and that Authors shouldent be pressured into writing when they dont want to. :) Just my own view you all can have your own take on it. 


So far ive liked pretty much evry thing about this story altho i tend to not care if your consistent with your cheracters or any thing like that i just read and enjoy. And am happy as long as you are willing to share your awesome ideas and world with us.

Please keep writing this for as long as YOU the Author enjoys writing it. I feel like if the Author doesn't enjoy writing it or lose's motivation to make the story, and it becomes a struggle to do so, you should just take a break untill you either enjoy writing it or find some more motivation to continue the story so you enjoy it and its fun for you.

Have a good night/day/afternoon/evening

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the storyline was engaging and dark at times, following a range of well developed characters. i loved the concept of fighting bloodlines and of soul brothers. the summoning itself was interesting. despite this i found the summary to be misleading somewhat and wish that the auther uses the other summoned characters in the story again soon.

  • Overall Score

Ends on a cliffhanger.How is it expected for the reader to give review?

Writing okay with some grammar issues.Story is enjoyable in the way of typical reincarnation ones.

  • Overall Score

amazing intro & mazelike pov swaps

Reviewed at: Chapter 12.2 - Tank

The authors trademark amazing intro lead into way too many pov swaps.

dunno about other readers but by the gods wanton pov swapping makes me loose the will to continue reading.