A Vorrgistadt Shard - The Shattered Oracle

by SovereignofAshes

Original HIATUS Action Drama Fantasy Female Lead Grimdark Magic Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Before the deciever — Zerranistra — released the dark ones.
Before the Great Cataclysm tore the world asunder.
Before the fall of the Hoelatha Empire sent the world into barbarity.

There was a time where hope still flourished, and the end times were only distant storms on the horizon.
When great oracles pierced through time and space to uncover the hidden secrets of the world.
When artificers of renown created enchanted weapons and tools that gave every person in the world the power of magic.

This is when that time ended.
This is the story of Maenthrai, the last oracle and daughter of a monster.
This is the story of Merithault, a powerful oracle who would become the greatest threat that the world of Aelth Myrris has ever seen.
This is the origins of the blood curse that would lead to countless deaths at the hand of a lich-queen.
This is where everything with the world went wrong.

This is where the story of the Vorrgistadt Saga starts.

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