I walked back to the elevator from the board room. I was bored and cranky, and when I get cranky I eat so after talking to Tom I was going to do just that.

I punched the button to my floor waiting patiently inside when the elevator stopped and the doors opened.

Getting out I saw Juiz waiting for me

"Sir Thomas Johnson is here to see you and I have made a reservation for you at The Keene's Steakhouse as it was nearest to Metro General hospital."

"And set an appointment with Joseph Fox for today"

"Your psychologist sir?"

"Yes my psychologist, thanks Juiz"

"Oh it was nothing sir, just doing my job and while we're at it you should get on with you're paperwork if you want to get out for lunch." She said with a smile

"You're right Juiz" I said fist pumping the air "fighting"

She laughed "you're watching too many Korean Drama these days." Saying that she walked off.

I opened the door of my office and got in figuratively jumping into my pile of paperwork

Just then Tom knocked "you called sir?"

"Ah! Tom come in come in" I beckoned him

"Tell me Tom what exactly is your post here? " I asked him.

"I'm the GM sir,  is there a problem sir, I don't remember making any mistakes.
"Well Thomas ‘the General Manager' tell me who gave you the right to spout about the Yamamoto deal to any Tom Dick and Hardy (pun intended) you know."

"Well I'm sorry sir it wa…..was a slip of the tongue and I made sure Jasper kept mum on that topic."

"You are supposed to have a brain between your ears and a filter on your mouth, jus…just don't talk to anyone about this till we get the deal or else our enemy, Aurum could get the deal."

He bowed has head "I'm sorry for my mistake. I shall not repeat it again." Saying this he started to leave

I stopped him "wait, where is the report I needed?"

"I'm waiting for the IT team and HR team approval to finalise the report." He said

"Just get it done I don't have patience for your excuses. " I said back.

With that I dismissed him staying there for a few minutes, I followed him with my eyes as he walked to the elevator God I hate idiots and it seems my company is filled with them. Just moments after he walked into the elevator I get up

"Juiz I'm going out, hold the fort"

Saying that I walk into my elevator looking at my watch it was half past one by now.

I press the button to the ground floor and wait and I wait. Finally i reach the bottom most floor, the second basement reserved for board members.

I find my car parked there, 'thank you Mack' I think to to myself. 

I get in my GT350 and slowly get out of the building before speeding over from Harlem 125th Street through Manhattan to Midtown and finally parking near the restaurant.

I get out and lock the car. Getting into the Steakhouse I reached the reservation desk and the person there said "hello sir, do you have a reservation?"

"Yes" I replied "under the name of Alex D'Cruz"

"Ah yes sir i see your name here, the Maitre'D will show you to your table."

The Maitre'D smiled at me "right this way sir" he led me inside to a private booth . He left as I was sitting down. A few minutes later a waiter came to me giving me a menu l, I was so hungry that I ordered the first thing on the menu and a coke to drink.

Sadly or maybe happily I had ordered a jumbo steak. And it took quiet some to finish it but finish it I did, I was sitting there waiting for the waiter to bring me the bill when suddenly someone sat in front of me

I was going to look up when i heard the voice and I turned my head so fast I may get Whiplash.

"So…you're rich?" The voice asked

It was her, the same girl from this morning "YOU, now this is getting too much. Why in god's name are you following me. What secret agenda can you have!!."

She smiled "it's easy bub, you see I'm dead and you happen to be the only person who can see me."

"OK thank you for coming. We shall meet again but right now all you need is a padded room and a strait jacket. I'm calling 911."

I was about to call, when the waiter came in " are you alright sir I heard noises."

She looked at him and then said "go on ask him if he can see me, go on ask him".

I looked at him as if contemplating it but he seemed oblivious."

"Huh I'm really sorry I was just waiting for the bill if I could get that……."

He smiled "sure" saying that he went away

"Look what do you want?" I asked her

She laughed "haven't you seen the movies dude you help the ghost do her last wishes so she or he can pass on to whatever there is."

I clutched my hair "OHHHH I'm going crazy. I don't have time for this, look I don't have enough time to do what I want to do so how do you think I can help you, tell you what when I die look me up, it's not like you'll have to wait for a long time."

"Ah yes you're illness, sad that someone is taken in their prime, any way I'll have you help me no matter what."

I had enough, the waiter had come back with the bill, I paid for the food and ran out of the building not even looking back.

I got in my car and looked at my watch it showed 14:50. I sped towards the hospital.

'God who is she, is she really a ghost?' I thought

I sighed as I made my way to the hospital.

Running my hand through my hair I thought 'what has my life come to.'


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