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Hey guys, I give to you the new chapter or should I say chapters of memoirs of a Withered flower

'Tick tock' the sound I always heard when I slipped into the fine line between reality and the illusionary world. 'So what does my dream -world have in store for me today.' I was suddenly transported to my office reading the paper I opened it seeing my face on it with the tag line "ANOTHER ELIGIBLE BACHELOR OFF THE MARKET"

the article was all talking about my engagement to Diana my ex fiancée 'yeah right like that's even possible she dumped me the moment she heard I was ill, didn't even ask me what I was suffering from. But man I must have loved her to still dream of her.' It was always between two dreams either this or me getting cured. But sadly both are impossible, marrying ex girlfriends and beating stage IV cancer.

Them suddenly all changed, I was back at West 45th Street looking into her eyes who was she, the girl I met today and why was she so shocked like she had seen a ghost. I seemed to be looking her in the eye, it was like I had known her all my life then all turned black all I could hear was a sound of church bells and choir songs the songs I had only heard in funerals.

'Ah! It seems I am going to see my funeral.' Light creeped around me, and I found myself at a cemetery I could see my friends and colleagues standing there dressed in black.

It was a small ceremony with the priest saying all the prayers and stuff I saw the coffin lowered and one by one they left never looking back the only person left was the girl ' who is this girl, do I know her?' She turned to where I was standing it almost felt like she could see me. She smiled and said

"Death becomes over rated after some time. You'll get used to it."

I jolted awake, what was that a dream? It was a wierd one first my funeral then that girl man I must have been too drunk ' Yeah! That must be it.' I stretched my body, yawning I looked at the bedside clock it showed 5'O clock i walked to the bathroom, brushed and went to the the kitchen, cucumber and tomato juice was my plan before going for my daily run. I don't know but running made me feel sober during a hangover. I took my mobile from the charger and my earphones drinking my juice I was about to walk out when I heard someone call "Hello?" I shockingly twisted my head here and there to see who was in my house and what I saw surprised me to my core and I did what any sane man would do

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" I screamed

the girl shushed me saying "stop screaming jeez!" 

"Who the hell are you and how did you get in?" I whispered she took a long breath and what she said next was something I was not expecting "so you really can see me?"

My eyes were twitching hardly, here was a girl who had broken into my apartment only to ask that?

"of course I can see you, I'm not blind" I exasperated, she sighed running her hands through her hair

"look I'm going right now, but I will be back and maybe we can sort things out."

I saw her walk out of the closed door like there was nothing there I stared at the door for quite some time walking to the door running my hands over them pushing my arms thinking they would pass through too.

I shook my head trying to make sense of what just happened finding no other option I ran back to my dresser wearing a pair of jogging shorts and my favourite Liverpool hoodie I walked out.

I pushed the ear buds in and started running for God knows how long, music blaring in my ears I ran all the way to Broadway. It took me about one hour but it was good to run

I was running back to my home when my mind began to wander off about that girl 'dude seriously stop thinking about her' I thought to myself she must have been a hallucination people don't walk through closed doors and she can't be a ghost like,  ghosts don't exist period. I pushed the girl far into a corner of my mind I got into the elevator got out on my floor fished into my pockets for my keys I was panting by now and really tired and just wanted to get a nice hot bath. Opening getting in and the closing the door I ran into the bath stripping myself of all my clothes I walk into the shower. Hot water cascaded over my body I washed myself with soap and scrubbed my body clean I stayed till I was squeaky clean.

I got out of the bath drying myself I got dressed in a crisp black shirt, a black pant, a black suit and a black tie.

To me everyday was a funeral. I walked to the nearest restaurant and had my breakfast,  bacon eggs and a glass of orange juice, 

'Should have learned cooking wouldn't have had to waste my time in restaurants.'

I looked at my watch it was seven by now 'shit, I have to run' I still had to get my car, I left it near the bar, I sighed I'll have to call the manager of the Rum House and it so happened that Roth was pissed at me, it maybe because I forgot to go for his birthday party, not my fault I couldn't get a time between work and hospital visits.

I took out my phone and called him it ringed for quiet some time 'Come on Mack stop ignoring me'

He picked up "what do you want Alex, I'm a bit busy right now"

I took a breath "sorry to call you so early Mack but could you have someone send my car to my office I left the keys with Jose he said he would leave it at your table. Please Mack it would be a great favour, please?"

I heard him sigh "Alright I'll have someone send it to you, but stop this drinking I know Diana left you but there is no meaning in killing yourself. "

I hated lying to Mack but I didn't want to burden him with my problems and he would make a fuss if he came to know about my cancer. I'd rather die alone rather than making someone worry about my life 24x7 and I was doing the same thing now, gosh I'm a hypocrite. "I'll try to stop my drinking Mack but it's hard to get over being dumped. "

"I know buddy but you have to move on you are one of the most eligible bachelor in New York I'm sure you will find Miss Right."

I smiled "yeah man well I'll see you we should hang out, you free on Saturday? " he laughed "yeah I'm free let's go watch a movie or something. " see ya mate" I cut the call. I dialed the number of my PA Juiz and called her

"Sir?" A female voice answered

"Hello Juiz could you send a car to pick me up I'm in front of my house I have some urgent paperwork to finish today."

"Sure sir I'll send James with a car and Sir just a reminder you have a board meeting today at eleven."  I groan on the inside 'ugh! A board meeting those old bastards are gonna talk the same idiotic nonsense again'

I take out my Skullcandys and listen to this awesome new band named DNCE. I play 'Almost' on replay by the time I finished listening the song for the tenth time a car stopped in front of me, the windows lowered and I saw James looking at me, James was a man of few words and more a man of action. The man had a square jaw and he was muscular blonde haired he was dressed in a white shirt and black suit with a red tie.

Shave his head get a bar code tattoo on the back of his head and I would call him Agent 47. He looked at me with a stare that meant 'Get in I don't have more time to waste.'

I smiled getting in, i took my earphones out of my ear put them back in their case and placed them in the backpack which was slung behind my back. I tried starting a conversation with James but all was in vain. Well i did say he wasn't a man of words. Maybe this is what PTSD does to you.

In about fifteen minutes we reached Park Avenue right in front of my office building Swords Tower main office of Swords Inc. The fruit of my blood sweat and tears.  I always stood still for a few minutes just revelling in its beauty.

I had so many plans I would get married to Diana have a kid teach him or her the family business,  oh well what can you do? I walked in the main receptionist ‘Amelia’ I guess looked at me and smiled, I waved walk in towards the elevator.

"Good Morning sir" a voice came from behind. I turned to see Jasper our HR Head. He was tall and muscular, not enough to call him bulky but still enough to say he works out. Blond haired blue eyed he would have made a killing as a model, but thank God he works for me cause he is damn good at his job.

"Ah! Jasper good morning, how are you looking? " I said smiling, I really liked the guy he had this calm aura about him.

He smiled back "I'm fine sir, so any headway on the Yamamoto deal?"  I was shocked to say the least 'how in blue hells does he know that?'

I coughed "h.. .how do you know about the business deal with Yamamoto Corp?. It's supposed to be a secret as this deal requires at most discretion. "

" well to answer your question I heard it from Tom, we were planning a safety drill for the employees when he mentioned a deal with Yamamoto that would change our company forever." He said with a lowered voice.

I coughed again "well try to keep this to yourself. We don't want this going all over the media." By this time the elevator opened and we got in. I pushed the button to the twentieth floor, "twelfth right Jasper?"

He looked at me "uh yes twelfth" I pressed the button and stayed there in about seconds we reached the twelfth floor, Jasper got off and smiled "Good day sir" he said

I smiled back at him "See you Jasper". And with that the door closed I waited another few seconds as the door opened to my floor. This whole floor was mine and mine alone. I had the best minds with me on this floor. Basically this was my playground.

"Good morning Mr. Alex, the report on the Mithril project from the weapons department is with me if you would sign it we could start on R&D."
I noticed a petite chestnut haired woman in her late forties looking at me.

This is Annabell Clint, my eyes and ears in all of my departments. To say her post was of CCO. Ivy league topper and work experience in some of the greatest places including NASA. I fought tooth and nail to get her here.

"Sure Ms. Clint I'll have it signed right now." I said taking out my pen and signing the document and handing it back to her

"Ok this project is very important Anna. Once done we may change the weapons industry forever. I want your at most attention on this, I hope I made myself clear?" I asked

"Crystal sir" she said smilingly and she turned walking back.

Suddenly I saw a Starbucks cup dangling in front of me  I grab it with two hands and turn my head
I see Jimmy Sinclair cheekily smiling at me. His closed eyes and smile reminds me of a fox

I sip the coffee from the cup, Jimmy always got me something to drink before laying whatever he had to say on me. "hmm mocha frappe, so Jimmy any good news?"

Jimmy a man of five foot six inches brown hair and green eyes looked into mine before laughing
"Oh you have no idea, remember the tech I wanted for the memory banks."
"Yes?" I replied
"Well I just got it from my associate in Anonymous. By tomorrow the Memory Banks Project can start."

"I still don't get why you had to ask Anonymous for your tech, I'm sure you could have had it bought from some other less illegal group." I asked him, this guy would surely get me arrested one of these days.

He laughed "Alex this is military grade tech. The supercomputer that I just bought would put Tianhe-2 crying on its knees."

I smiled "surely you joke Jimmy I know you are the best Computer expert Hacker extraordinaire and a tech whiz. But even I know that Tianhe-2 is the best out there."

"And that's where you are wrong my friend, just relax, sign your paperwork and leave the unimportant stuff to me." He said smiling as he walked away.

I sighed he may be the best IT engineer you may find on this planet but still that guy is crazy. I sigh again leaving these troublesome matters for another time. I drink my frappe to the last drop, seriously could this day get any weirder?

I looked around trying to find Juiz and I found her in my office arranging my paperwork.  I smiled, dear old Juiz always looking out for me. I coughed "Juiz, is everything set for the day?"

She turned smiling "yes sir, I have arranged all your paperwork for the day and shall I say you are lagging behind." I sighed 'the bane of every working man, "Paperwork", nobody warns you about it in college.'

"I'll get right on it, and what's on my planner today?"
"Well you have a board meeting as I said this morning and a doctor's appointment at three. Then a meeting with the Yamamotos at five."

"Yes by the way call Thomas Johnson to meet me, pronto."

She nodded "I'll contact his secretary right away and have him report to you right away."

I smiled "well, I should start, this paperwork won't finish by itself." Saying this I dug in.


A note from Abraham Livingstone

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