Sorcery in Boston

by rubycona

Original COMPLETED Drama Fantasy Historical Psychological Female Lead Magic

The timid daughter of some of the greatest spellcasters ever to have lived has found herself in another world, courtesy of magic gone awry. In Boston, Massachusetts, in the year 1935, she finds some kind souls in a hard era. In the heart of the Great Depression, as war looms around the corner, she seeks to find her place, and must come to terms with both who she is and what she truly desires.


Author's Notes:

Release Note: I recently realized what the hold up is. My current mental state is not compatible with the planned ending. If I wrote the ending according to what currently feels right, it will be a wretched, cruel ending that feels monstrously unfair and invalidates the work of the various characters... because that's how my life feels at the moment. The planned ending is coming out hollow and awkward, no matter how I write it, and so I've been bashing my head. I will finish it, once I manage to either brute force something decent out, or once my head gets screwed on straight.

Audience: This story is not for young children - it contains some profanity, sexual content, violence, gore, and significant adult themes. Most of these are handled delicately enough not to upset teens or adults (hopefully), hence the lack of relevant tags, but it is nonetheless unsuitable for youth. It's fairly slow paced, and focused on the development of very human, very flawed individuals.

Length / Completion Estimates: The outline currently involves two books. Book 1 is expected to be done with Chapter 43. It'll probably be completely finished by sometime in March of this year. I expect to move on to the far-more-lighthearted Of Gods and Dungeons (currently in progress / on hiatus). Afterwards, I may decide to redo Book 1, or write Book 2, or actually start sharing the story most dear to me, that I've been working on for several years now.

Draft 1: Please be aware that this is first draft material. I do intend to come back to do a second draft after the story is complete. If anyone notices any issues whatsoever with the story, please let me know (pm, etc) so that I can improve the second draft.

Writer's Pledge: I've taken the Writer's Pledge, meaning I'm commiting to completing this story. I'm a proud member of WriTE, a group dedicated to finishing stories. It will be done!


Behind the Scenes notes:

This picture was commissioned from an inked artist by the name of DanP.

Up until the time of the protagonist's arrival, history has proceeded as before. Some places and characters have been borrowed from wikipedia entries of interesting figures from the time. I will make note in the chapter comments when such things come up. Naturally, I've taken a great deal of liberty with them.

In interest of respecting individuals, I've either attempted to portray them as accurately as possible, or modified them sufficiently enough that they're simply an inspiration, instead of a real portrayal. I've attempted to be as accurate to the era as possible, but I'm not a historian. If you're aware of inaccuracies, please, bring them to my attention so that I can correct them.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch. 1 - A New World ago
Ch. 2 - An Honest Day's Work ago
Ch. 3 - Settling In ago
Ch. 4 - Blood and Tears ago
Ch. 5 - The Sound of Music ago
Ch. 6 - Power ago
Ch. 7 - Friendship ago
Bonus Chapter - Fun and Learning ago
Bonus Chapter 2 - Fire and Ice ago
Ch. 8 - Time Marches On ago
Ch. 9 - Loss ago
Ch. 10 - Perspective ago
Ch. 11 - Anger ago
Ch. 12 - Professor ago
Ch. 13 - Impossible ago
Ch. 14 - Fox ago
Ch. 15 - Alone ago
Ch. 16 - Death ago
Bonus Chapter 3 - Ice and Fire ago
Ch. 17 - Hope ago
Ch. 18 - The Season of Giving ago
Ch. 19 - Pursuit ago
Ch. 20 - Desire ago
Bonus Chapter 4 - Need (NSFW) ago
Ch. 21 - Values ago
Ch. 22 - Choice ago
Ch. 23 - Heart ago
Ch. 24 - Awakening ago
Ch. 25 - Protect and Serve ago
Ch. 26 - Identity ago
Ch. 27 - Voice ago
Ch. 28 - Discovery ago
Ch. 29 - Truth ago
Ch. 30 - Tolerance ago
Ch. 31 - Military ago
Ch. 32 - Loyalty ago
Bonus - O'Brien's Perspective ago
Ch. 33 - Friend ago
Ch 34 - Burning ago
Ch. 35 - Threat ago
Ch. 36 - Invasion ago
Ch. 37 - Approach ago
Ch. 38 - Snap ago
Ch. 39 - Koryn ago
Ch. 40 - Portal ago
Ch. 41 - Broken ago
Ch. 42 - Allegiance ago
Ch. 43 - The End of the Beginning ago
End of Book 1 - Author's Note ago

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Man what a great premise. Drop a newbie wizard down in Boston during the Great Depression. Author makes out to seem like our wonderful 17 naive wizard woman is going to have a lot of great growth.

I'll be blunt I absolutely hate the MC.

She comes into the world with 17 years of magic experience learning at her mother’s knee how to properly wield her power in a political, social, and economical way. She constantly talks about how she remembers all the lessons. 

Our MC doesn't use a single one.

She is a fresh baby doe who goes into murderous rages if pushed too far, then forgives everyone ignoring the men she killed and heals up the guilty party. 

My issue overall is not that she is meek, but that she doesn't grow for shit. I thought there was supposed to be character growth, and I've been looking.

If you like weak, passive, and semi clever female leads this novel is for you.


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Power has a price. Someone has to pickup the tab.

In a twist on the normal out of this world plot, Aeras, a young mage of promise and power, is accidently flung into our world, into post Prohibition Boston, to be specific.  In a land of dirt and peasants, she is determined to make a place for herself, while doing what it takes to get home. She quickly attracts a group of followers, delighted by the magic she weilds, and worried about the naivety in which she weilds it, and willing to help her.  She could easily use her power to rule the land, using her newfound minions to make her way. If only she wasn't so NICE!

Sorcery in Boston is a well written story, tight prose that works to serve the character and the story with every line.  The characters have individual voice, and you can easily tell who is speaking without dialouge tags.  The out of this world storyline is personally a favorite of mine, but it is being well used in its inversion, and the narrator has noticed, but then ignored, many small clues and foreshadowing that serves us, the reader, quite well in anticipating the story. 

It is a joy to read, and I look forward to more. 

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A story full of depth and characterization

This work as of chapter 25 is one of the most outstanding works I have seen on this site with the sheer investment the author has shown for her worldbuilding given a highly developed and advanced magic system human characters each with distinct personalities ideals and character development.

The Historic setting has been well reaserched and kept up to the period showing deep cultural biases between Aera and those around her as she comes to grip with her situation, what she wants and her ideas on how to achive it. This combined with her dependence on her magic, heavy noblesse oblige bias towards the powerful, and lack of understanding of technology all come togetehr to really paint her as a flawed but relatable character.

This series doesn't shy away from issues such as morality culturally engrained biases among other things.

If you are looking for an engrossing read full of complexity I recomend this series but if you want a quick power fantasy then look elsewhere. 

This review probably doesn't do this series the full justice but it is the best I can come up with. Overall superiro to many of the top rated fictions here given RRL's score inflation so I am left with no choice but to 5 star everything.

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What is this story about? well, read the summary. [Minor Spoilers Ahead]

I love the original setting, a magic world mage going into the cusp of the great depression. It's something I would have never thought of, and I'm sure that when this story gets the recognition it deserves, It'll become a flagship for more ideas.

Pros [as of chapter 18]

The characters feel alive as if you were reading their thoughts and their actions that they take make sense. The problems that the cast face are complex and at the very heart also, emotional. 

I have not noticed a problem with style or grammar, as I had read through it with ease, as I'm not going to re-read for those, you'll have to take my rating on these departments with some salt.


Cons (Kind of)

It may feel frustrating when a character feels incomprehensible or naive, But I say it adds to the author breathing life into his characters, There were many a time when I thought "What the hell is she doing" "What the hell is she thinking" and "Why doesn't she try to learn a bit of the common sense of the people around her and try to learn more about them


 But when I think about, She's only human. (Insert Song)


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I'm not usually a fan of first-person stories, because I find authors use them as a crutch to hide amatuer writing. This is the not the case here, the first chapter is a solid introduction to the story. It's hard to judge the characters and plot based on the first chapter alone, but so far so good.

I'll update this review as the story advances.

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So after powering through this in a few days I must say it is some of the best writing I have found on RRL. I loved the concept and the story. Your writing forced me to feel plenty of emotion... including extreme loathing for your MC. I don't think I have encountered such a weak-willed charector in ages. With that said, it is done well. I love the story and look forward to more.

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The Pledge brough me here.. demm.. and it's on Hiatus >.< xD

Aya Revour
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Spoiler: Spoiler

 Spoiler is old review. 

 Sorcery in boston is better and better as it goes along, with characters making distinct impressions. Looking forward to more character development as the main character goes against more and more crap. Hopefully, hitler doesn't steal MURICA's nuclear weapons to crush her.



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Loved it, Hated it, Binged it.

 I've been completely sucked into your story, and read it start to end.  At several points I've been annoyed or frustrated at stupid things the characters did - like staying secret so long, or going to a known sleezy army man instead of just walking up to a recruiting office, soul gazing the recruiter, and going up the chain from there.


Despite that, I feel really attached to the characters and couldn't put this down.

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Entertaining, unique, catch-all MC

The Good- This combines two favorites of mine, historical fiction and transported to another world stories. The plot is a twist on an old favorite as well as being unique and well-written. The supporting cast has quite a bit of depth and "realness"to them.

The Bad- The more I read the more frustrated I was getting and I couldn't quite put my finger on why. Until I realized it was because the MC has every charater trait. Brave, cowardly, arrogant, humble, naive, worldly, rebellious, obedient, etc. Much of the story hinges on how the MC will act in a particular moment and what would happen next always felt like a coin-toss to me because of the omnicharacter of the MC. The more I read the more forced elements of the plot felt.