“Oh, MASTER!” Nyna screamed as I bottomed out within her once again. After my ‘talk’ with the two new slaves, I had wasted little time sampling their delicious bodies. Nyna was straddling my lap, her breasts shaking as she bounced up and down upon my rod like the wanton slut I’d programmed her to be, at least temporarily. She shuddered, and her backed arched before she fell forward, clearly a bit spent, even as I released within her.


This was our second round, and it became clear that Nyna did not have the stamina that I had. But then, I had been undergoing very vigorous ‘exercise’ at the hands (and tongues, and… ahem) of five beautiful women for the last few weeks, doing my best to satisfy them all (a feat I am not ashamed to say that I would not have managed without the enhanced stats of this game body).


Pushing the spent knelfi girl off me, I looked down at Sana, who had spent all this time in ‘kitty’ mode, curled up and watching the two of us. She looked like she was in a bit of… well, let us just call it distress. And I guess I had no choice but to help her out with that distress, right? “Present.” A simple command, but the Stepford collar’s protocols told her what it meant, and made sure she complied.


Turning over, Sana gave off a loud “Nyan” as she stretched like a cat, and then turned away from me on all fours, arching her back to present her cute butt and sex to me. With a grin, I reached out and touched the wetness I knew would be there. I slipped a finger inside her, to a husky “Meow!”


It was almost four hours later when the dawn broke, but I’d only managed a quick nap in that time. I could sleep on the ride back to the capitol, of course. For now, I was content to have thoroughly educated the new slaves on what their duties would be. Nyna was shaping up nicely, having accepted her position, and seeing that sliver of hope that I might make her a captain if I ever have a second ship. It was a small hope, but it seemed to sustain her, which was enough for now.


Sana, on the other hand, was helpless in the state I had her locked in. I made her walk on all fours and act like a cat while we weren’t around others, but even when we had company, she could not speak unless spoken to, and I had implanted several commands to ensure obedience, if not loyalty. Inside her head, she was still mourning the loss of her ‘purity’. It seems she had always wanted her first time to go to someone she loved, or something like that. A hopeless romantic in the military. Those were rare finds, indeed.


At any rate, I let her stew in her own circumstances while we got to the Harvester. With the help of Shearah and Nyna, we were able to quickly get the Harvester up and running again, and we took it back to the position where it had been stolen from, and used the repaired communications to get a flyer out to pick up the Harvester. Once we had confirmed the Flyer had control of the Harvester, we got in the shuttle, and headed back to keen-Arra.



Possible Distress


SND-C4AWL3R Mobile Harvester TX-1138 has lost communication. Go to the Harvester’s last known location to determine the cause of the failure, and resolve the issue.




Find the Mobile Harvester.

Restore Communications.


Do not find the Harvester.


50000 Credits


Teach Sana Olona a Lesson


Sana Olona is the leader of a group of raiders that has been plaguing the smuggler harvesters for months now. She’s also been plaguing the ‘official’ harvesters, so they have a substantial bounty out on her, in addition to our payment.


Bonus: If you wish, a slave collar will be provided which you can use to capture Sana instead of kill her. If she is captured and enslaved, the Smuggler’s Alliance will be glad to discuss extra dispensation for the purchase or lease of the slave.




Kill or Capture Sana Olona.


Do not kill or capture Sana Olona.


200000 Credits + Bounty

Bonus: Negotiate with Alliance if Sana Olona is enslaved.


The quest rewards and the bounty totaled up to a really impressive 400000 Credits. After the split, that was still a healthy amount of coin (well, there weren’t any actual coins, but the idea’s the same). The Smuggler’s Alliance tried to negotiate with me to purchase or lease Sana’s ownership from me, but this time I had more than just the influence of the dragon tattoo keeping me from letting her go. If I allowed someone else to get their hands on her, they might be able to break the Mindbreaker’s conditioning, which would then allow her to tell them about what I did. And that would bring a whole host of problems my way.


Mindbreaker was my nuclear option, but anyone can tell you that nuclear options have big downsides. For me, the biggest downside was that I would have people from all over trying to hunt me down. Either they would be trying to kill me, or forcibly ‘employ’ me, or whatever fits their own interests, or they’d be looking for the specifics of how I made the power, and would attempt to recreate it. And they probably wouldn’t be as restrained as I was on using people as test subjects.


But honestly, like all mental Psy powers, the greatest strength of Mindbreaker was that it was subtle (well, right up until it slammed home), and worked best on people who either weren’t expecting it, or had no way to resist it. Rule of thumb was that mental powers more complicated than Mind Pulse were useless against those actively expecting them unless the difference in raw power was absolute. So the more people knew about Mindbreaker or my other mental powers, the harder my job would become.


Instead, I took on a couple more jobs, in addition to the gig we had heading towards Jagloth. In fact, once people heard that there was a ship braving the blockade, there were a few more jobs to go up. One paying gig is good. Two paying gigs going to the same place is better. And paying for food, fuel, maintenance, and the like is expensive. Especially since I may have got a bit rough with the ship at times when we were doing crazy maneuvers and the battles we’d faced. Plus, getting the paint and hull touched up after dealing with all this sand.


Courier Run to Jagloth


The kisArra Legitimate Businessmen’s Association needs someone to deliver packages to their associates on Jagloth. The naval blockade of the planet makes this a difficult task, but the pay reflects the difficulty.




Transport 4 standard sized crates marked ‘Machine Parts’ to Alok Paxisys in Jagloth City.


Fail to deliver the crates.

Open the crates.


2 million Credits


Arms Shipment to Jagloth


The Talsora Syndicate has recovered salvage from the three Imperial frigates that were destroyed during the Gateway Incursion. The contents of the armory on one of the frigates was recovered, and would be of great use to those on Jagloth combating the blockade.




Deliver 10 cases of Imperial Arms to the representative of the Freedom Fighters on Jagloth Station.


Fail to deliver the cases.


3 million Credits.


Combined with the spice hauling gig, that made the payoff of a run to Jagloth through the blockade a cool 10 million credits. Needless to say, everyone was quite excited by the thoughts of what they could do with their share of the money. Well, the free ones, at least. My pets seemed to be dreaming about what they could convince me to buy for them.


After taking the jobs, we set about the mundane business of purchasing food, drink, medical supplies, and so on for the journey ahead. I always insisted on having at least two months of emergency rations aboard the Raven at all times, and had started keeping another month’s worth in the shuttle, as well. Three months’ worth of rations was overkill, probably, but it would be a lifesaver if we were ever forced to go on a long run, or got shipwrecked someplace where there weren’t things we could eat. Topping those off took 2000 credits out of the Ship account. I also made good on my agreement with Kiki, and picked up some machine tools and more supplies for the fabber. That took 3000 credits out of the Black Star company accounts, but I thought it was well worth it.


Kiki was waiting for us at the ship when we returned. Raven had been keeping me updated about what was going on, and the Felisan had moved her personal gear into the Raven’s passenger berth, along with what appeared to be more than a few tools of her own. I expected she kept most of her gear and materials in a bracer or other storage device.


The Felisan took one look at Nyna and Sana, and sighed. “You went out hunting in the desert, and somehow managed to come back with not one, but two beautiful knelfi slavegirls? I really ought to stop being surprised, given what you’ve done so far.”


I laughed, and pointed to the two newcomers as I said, “Well, one was trying to kill me, and the other was a quest reward. Not my fault she didn’t read the termination clause of her contract with the smugglers.”


Kiki eyed me, and Nyna, before saying, “And they just gave a beauty like her to you as part of the reward?”


I nodded. “Oh, yes. I expect that it was a move designed to try and bind me closer to the Smugglers. Especially given how the laws regarding who can be enslaved work in the Confederacy. Reading into it, I’d say Nyna falls in a grey area, and this is like the ‘favor’ that they expect to be repaid later. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly planning on coming back to this sandpit again.”


Stepping up the ramp, I paused, looking over my shoulder at Kiki. “Also, I had Raven go in and rip out the code in her collar that would have made her spy on me and allowed the Smugglers to control her by remote if I turned against them. That collar now functions as a normal Stepford collar, without the back doors the Smugglers put into it.”


Kiki chuckled. “Well, that’s good. I would have had to find new living arrangements if you had let an obvious trojan horse onto your ship. What about the other one? She was trying to kill you, you said?”


“Oh, she’s a former CAF commando that got booted for not agreeing to be an officer’s fucktoy. Then she became a raider on this dustball. I beat her in a duel, and slapped the collar on her, so now she’s mine. The Stepford protocols are on, because she hasn’t quite accepted her new place in the grand scheme of things, and she’s too dangerous to let off a tight leash until then. Call her a long-term project.”


Kiki didn’t smile, but she nodded. The involuntary slavery thing didn’t sit completely right with her, it seemed, but this was a big universe, and even Nomads could only go so far in changing the rules it ran by.


I decided to get her mind off of things, and said, “So, you’ve been set up for a few days, and Raven tells me you’ve been having fun setting up your workshop. Got anything to show me yet?”


The Felisan immediately perked up as I mentioned her passion. “Yes! Jaynie said she wanted a new assault rifle for when she’s on missions, and needs to put the hurt on. Psyber weapons are good for extended missions, because you don’t haul as much ammo, but I showed her a trick for quickloading mags from your bracer to a rifle without dumping the old mags all over the place.” She held up a gun for me to inspect, and I’ll admit that I whistled at the stats on the thing.




Assault Rifle




100 – 150

Damage Type


This assault rifle is a man-portable work of art in the field of applied death dealing. A unique weapon created by the Weaponsmith Arv k’Tea, this assault rifle has been designed to accept rounds from most common assault rifles. Stats provided are for use with standard ammunition. Nonstandard rounds may have different effects. Custom ammunition can be made for this weapon.

Durability 60/60


+20 Physical Attack

Capable of Select, Burst, and Full Auto fire.

+5% Armor penetration.

30 Round Clips

Attachment: Underbarrel Grenade Launcher – This single-shot grenade launcher allows the wielder to fire grenades at targets without shifting weapons. The launcher must be reloaded after use.

Upgrade: Smartgun – A miniature camera mounted on the barrel works with onboard targeting software and a user’s HUD or similar to increase accuracy with this weapon by 25%.


I nodded to Jaynie, who was hopping with anticipation, and said, “Ok, fine. Go try her out. But no firing that thing inside my ship! The psyweapons can be set to not damage the hull. Kinetics can’t, and I don’t feel like having our doc patch up ricochet wounds. And I KNOW Raven doesn’t want you poking holes in her hull!”

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