Into the Black

by Mirikon

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Sci-fi Gender Bender Harem LitRPG Non-Human lead Strong Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The first truly immersive Virtual Reality system has just been announced. Made by NERV, the EVA-series immersion pods promise a Better Than Life experience, unlike anything that's been seen before. Gone are clunky goggles and wired controls. Now you simply lie down, and the machine does all the work.


Following up on their previous hit games, NERV has created the first true VRMMORPG, a sci-fi offering called Dreams Amongst the Stars. Because of the impressive display he made during the closed Beta of the game, one player has been offered a contract as a paid streamer, and the chance to play the game on the highest difficulty possible. Watch as he forges his own path, into the black.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Dramatis Personae (Not a chapter) (SPOILERS!) ago
Book I Prologue - Dying Light ago
Chapter 1 - Abandon Ship ago
Chapter 2 - Interview ago
Chapter 3 - Enter the Game ago
Chapter 4 - Choose Your Path ago
Chapter 5 - Game Start ago
Chapter 6 - Learning Your Place ago
Chapter 7 - The Escape, Part I ago
Chapter 8 - The Escape, Part II ago
Chapter 9 - The Ship ago
Chapter 10 - The Girl ago
Book I Epilogue - Patch Notes ago
Book II Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 11 - Special Delivery ago
Chapter 12 - Auction Night on Choson Ring ago
Chapter 13 - Rules of Acquisition ago
Chapter 14 - Mindy Lou's Brew ago
Chapter 15 - Public Relations ago
Chapter 16 - Dark Net Connection ago
Chapter 17 - Getting Out of Dodge ago
Chapter 18 - Navy Problems ago
Chapter 19 - Settling In ago
Chapter 20 - Those Who Follow ago
Book II Epilogue - Patch Notes 2.X ago
Book III Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 21 - Close Quarters ago
Chapter 22 - Fleet Base Bagthara ago
Chapter 23 - Decisions and Retail Therapy ago
Chapter 24 - 'Black Don' Ramirez ago
Chapter 25 - Todea ago
Chapter 26 - Smuggler's Reach ago
Chapter 27 - Poker Night Denied ago
Chapter 28 - Red Orchids Return ago
Chapter 29 - Aggressive Negotiations ago
Chapter 30 - Through the Gate ago
Book III Epilogue - Patch Notes 3.X ago
Book IV Prologue - CNN (Confederate News Network) Broadcast ago
Chapter 31 - Local Color ago
Chapter 32 - Sand in My... ago
Chapter 33 - Smuggler's Blues ago
Chapter 34 - The Missing Harvester ago
Chapter 35 - The Sietch ago
Chapter 36 - Honor(less) Fight ago
Chapter 37 - Tradition ago
Chapter 38 - Return to keen-Arra ago
Chapter 39 - Ambushed ago
Chapter 40 - Ever Onward ago
Book IV Epilogue - Patch Notes 4.X ago
Book V Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 41 - Quarantine Zone ago
Chapter 42 - Charybdis Station ago
Chapter 43 - The Heist, Pt 1 ago
Chapter 44 - The Heist, Pt 2 ago
Chapter 45 - Return to Charybdis ago
Chapter 46 - The Shipyard ago
Chapter 47 - Shadowdancer ago
Chapter 48 - The Market ago
Chapter 49 - Evacuation ago
Chapter 50 - Exterminatus ago
Book V Epilogue - Patch Notes 5.X ago
Book VI Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 51 - Concerted Chaos ago
Chapter 52 - Tarpit ago
Chapter 53 - Valkyries' Test ago
Chapter 54 - Spoils ago
Chapter 55 - Dimiya ago
Chapter 56 - Night on the Town ago
Chapter 57 - Upgrades ago
Chapter 58 The Arena ago
Chapter 59 - Preparations ago
Chapter 60 - Sands of the Arena ago
Epilogue - Patch Notes 6.X ago
Book VII Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 61 - The Fall of Askao VII ago
Chapter 62 - Business Ventures ago
Chapter 63 - The Black Star Fleet ago
Chapter 64 - Return to Choson Ring ago
Chapter 65 - Fallout ago
Chapter 66 - Interlude ago
Chapter 67 - Loyalists ago
Chapter 68 - Family Reunion ago
Chapter 69 - Death's Shadow ago
Not a chapter. ago
Chapter 70 - The Battle of Edena ago
Book VII Epilogue - Patch Notes 7.X ago
Book VIII Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 71 - Convoy Duty ago
Chapter 72 - Cantina ago
Chapter 73 - Black Star Marines ago
Chapter 74 - Raxicore Base ago
Chapter 75 - Yamato ago
Chapter 76 - Slave Ranch ago
Chapter 77 - Bagthera Falls ago
Chapter 78 - Interlude From the Home Front ago
Chapter 79 - Defectors ago
Chapter 80 - Preparations ago
Book VIII Epilogue - Patch Notes 8.X ago
Book IX Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 81 - Event Quest ago
Chapter 82 - Ceti Alpha 5 ago
Chapter 83 - Inverse Process ago
Chapter 84 - Stalking Horses ago
Chapter 85 - Mars Attacked ago
Chapter 86 - Ceres Shipyards ago
Chapter 87 - Ravished Venus ago
Chapter 88 - The Battle for Earth ago
Chapter 89 - The Eye of the Storm ago
Chapter 90 - Destroyer of Worlds ago
Book IX Epilogue - Patch Notes 9.X ago
Book X Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 91 - Complications ago
Chapter 92 - Rite of Luwreni ago
Chapter 93 - Return to Dimiya ago
Chapter 94 - Future Plans ago
Chapter 95 - Tracking the Rats ago
Chapter 96 - Assault on Booty Bay ago
Chapter 97 - An Example ago
Chapter 98 - Preparing the Expedition ago
Chapter 99 - Scouting Mission ago
Chapter 100 - Spatium Incognita ago
Epilogue - Patch Notes 10.X ago
Book XI Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 101 - Nuevo Edo ago
Chapter 102 - Meeting the Locals ago
Chapter 103 - Trade Deals ago
Chapter 104 - Demons! ago
Chapter 105 - Interrogating the 'Demons' ago
Chapter 106 - Public Exposure ago
Chapter 107 - Amazonian Assault ago
Chapter 108 - Destroyer of Worlds (Again) ago
Chapter 109 - End of an Era ago
Chapter 110 - Politics ago
Book XI Epilogue - Patch Notes 11.X ago
Book XII Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 111 - The Return ago
Chapter 112 - The Scout ago
Chapter 113 - Concern ago
Chapter 114 - Preparation ago
Chapter 115 - Contact ago
Chapter 116 - Variant Hunt ago
Chapter 117 - Pack Tactics ago
Chapter 118 - Victory ago
Chapter 119 - Butcher's Bill ago
Chapter 120 - Heroes ago
Book XII Epilogue - Patch Notes 12.X ago
Book XIII Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 121 - Funerals ago
Chapter 122 - Recruits ago
Chapter 123 - Back Channels ago
Chapter 124 - Concerns ago
Chapter 125 - 'Pirates' ago
Chapter 126 - Public Relations (Retaliations?) ago
Chapter 127 - Discovery ago
Chapter 128 - Confrontation ago
Chapter 129 - Resolution ago
Chapter 130 - Dungeon ago
Book XIII Epilogue - Patch Notes 13.X ago
Book XIV Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 131 - Sand, Again ago
Chapter 132 - Should Have Known Better ago
Chapter 133 - Settling Accounts ago
Chapter 134 - Dusting Off ago
Chapter 135 - Choices ago
Chapter 136 - Catching Up ago
Chapter 137 - Design Theory ago
Chapter 138 - Liasons ago
Chapter 139 - Hunting Practice ago
Chapter 140 - Shadowdancing ago
Book XIV Epilogue - Patch Notes 14.X ago
Book XV Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 141 - Maneuvers ago
Chapter 142 - Business Meeting ago
Chapter 143 - Tietera Run ago
Chapter 144 – Ambush at Zanchul Station ago
Chapter 145 - Interrogation ago
Chapter 146 - Battlecruiser ago
Chapter 147 - Infiltration ago
Chapter 148 - Weapons Free ago
Chapter 149 - Cassandra ago
Chapter 150 - Shockwaves ago
Book XV Epilogue - Patch Notes 15.X ago
Book XVI Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 151 - Fortress ago
Chapter 152 - Recruitment ago
Chapter 153 - Pilot and Mechanic ago
Chapter 154 - Hacker ago
Chapter 155 - Spy ago
Chapter 156 - Marine ago
Chapter 157 - Special Delivery ago
Chapter 158 - Gathering ago
Chapter 159 - Unknown ago
Chapter 160 - Landfall ago
Book XVI Epilogue - Patch Notes 16.X ago
Book XVII Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 161 - Into the Unknown ago
Chapter 162 - Outpost ago
Chapter 163 - Xenolinguistics ago
Chapter 164 - Contact ago
Chapter 165 - Reinforced ago
Chapter 166 - Testing ago
Chapter 167 - Emperor's Shadow ago
Chapter 168 - Meanwhile ago
Chapter 169 - Announcement ago
Chapter 170 - Heartseeker ago
Book XVII Epilogue - Patch Notes 17.X ago
Book XVIII Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 171 - Dinner Plans ago
Chapter 172 - Golden Throne ago
Chapter 173 - Succession ago
Chapter 174 - Networking ago
Chapter 175 - Butterflies ago
Chapter 176 - Guilds ago
Chapter 177 - Negotiations ago
Chapter 178 - Spy Games ago
Chapter 179 - Raiders ago
Chapter 180 - Technicalities ago
Book XVIII Epilogue - Patch Notes 18.X ago
Book XIX Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 181 - Delegation ago
Chapter 182 - Negotiations ago
Chapter 183 - Playing Hooky ago
Chapter 184 - Convoy Duty ago
Chapter 185 - Raiders ago
Chapter 186 - Before the Storm ago
Chapter 187 - The Storm Breaks ago
Chapter 188 - Last Stand ago
Chapter 189 - Delaying Action ago
Chapter 190 - Aftermath ago
Book XIX Epilogue - Patch Notes 19.X ago
Book XX Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 191 - Gathering the Fleet ago
Chapter 192 - Reconnaissance ago
Chapter 193 - Planning the Attack ago
Chapter 194 - Into Their Teeth ago
Chapter 195 - Coldana Besieged ago
Chapter 196 - Striking Force ago
Chapter 197 - Silent Running ago
Chapter 198 - Time on Target ago
Chapter 199 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 200 - Survivors ago
Book XX Epilogue - Patch Notes 20.X ago
Book XXI Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 201 - Researcher ago
Chapter 202 - Legitimate Businessman ago
Chapter 203 - Rest and Relaxation ago
Chapter 204 - Protest ago
Chapter 205 - Build Plan ago
Chapter 206 - Chain of Command ago
Chapter 207 - Guild Meeting ago
Chapter 208 - Admiralty Meeting ago
Chapter 209 - Closed Session ago
Chapter 210 - Starhunters ago
Book XXI Epilogue - Patch Notes 21.X ago
Book XXII Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 211 - Surprise Recuitment ago
Chapter 212 - Discovery ago
Chapter 213 - Scrappy ago
Chapter 214 - Space Hulk ago
Chapter 215 - Mystery ago
Chapter 216 - Contact ago
Chapter 217 - The Core ago
Chapter 218 - Fallback ago
Chapter 219 - Evacuation ago
Chapter 220 - After Action ago
Book XXII Epilogue - Patch Notes 22.X ago
Book XXIII Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 221 - Science Briefing ago
Chapter 222 - Below ago
Chapter 223 - Accident ago
Chapter 224 - Contact ago
Chapter 225 - Traders and Tradecraft ago
Chapter 226 - Bad Meeting ago
Chapter 227 - Negotiations ago
Chapter 228 - Visitation ago
Chapter 229 - Rupture ago
Chapter 230 - Starlight ago
Book XXIII Epilogue - Patch Notes 23.X ago
Book XXIV Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 231 - Upgraded ago
Chapter 232 - Radiance ago
Chapter 233 - Images ago
Chapter 234 - Control ago
Chapter 235 - Training ago
Chapter 236 - Lessons Learned ago
Chapter 237 - Ihm Arrogance ago
Chapter 238 - Pride ago
Chapter 239 - Spreading Darkness ago
Chapter 240 - Looking for Answers ago
Book XXIV Epilogue - Patch Notes 24.X ago
Book XXV Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 241 - Testing ago
Chapter 242 - Refugees ago
Chapter 243 - Planning ago
Chapter 244 - Preparedness ago
Chapter 245 - Looking for Answers ago
Chapter 246 - Investigation ago
Chapter 247 - Outbreak ago
Chapter 248 - Grim Tidings ago
Chapter 249 - Dead World ago
Chapter 250 - Command Decisions ago
Book XXV Epilogue - Patch Notes 25.X ago
Book XXVI Prologue - Trade Chat ago
Chapter 251 - Aftershock ago
Chapter 252 - Corporate Security ago
Chapter 253 - Scrimmage ago
Chapter 254 - Interrogation ago
Chapter 255 - Order of Battle ago
Chapter 256 - Corporate War ago
Chapter 257 - Maccara ago
Chapter 258 - Headquarters ago
Chapter 259 - Back in the Game ago
Not a chapter ago
Chapter 260 - Settlement ago
Book XXVI Epilogue - Patch Notes 26.X ago
Book XXVII Prologue - Trade Chat ago

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Where to be begin?  This story was so far beyond my expectations it's insane. Strokes of genius abound. I didn't think it was possible to find a space opera story I love more than Kurtherian gambit but here we are. This is a dark story filled with sex, violence and a character who operates in the grey side of morality. This is the kind of escapism that you never want to end. For as long as the author is writing this tale, I will be reading it and then I will go to the beginning and do it all over again, it's really that good

  • Overall Score

What i love is that this is a very rare Sci-fi,gender bending,vrmmo story. Fantasy storys along this line are a dime a dozen.

What i dislike is pretty much everything else... the gender bending is so non existant that it mights as well have never have been included in the fist place. The character himself is a total Mary Sue, nothing really goes wrong and the character just smashes through any problems with his overwelming awesomness. There really is no character development at all, as women are just his toy's and men die horrible deaths.

It's an interesting story, so dont get me wrong.. but overall i feel the author needs to scale back on the how good the MC is. Afterall he's supposed be playing in nightmare difficulty wich should have a metric ton of nerfs instead of buffs.

  • Overall Score

a Nice refreshing story occuring in space with not too much drama, a harem of lovlies, spacebabes all of them, and a nice hint of empire/economy building.

The MC is not a perfect hero, has slaves in his harem no less but remains a likeable person(depends on perspective). He also has a space fleet(who would not want one?), a planet, a shameless playboy persona that everyone dreams they could have. I could go futher but will move on...

Gramar is good, noticed very little if any issues, nice plot, a lot of potential for the future.

The setting is not too dark, even if slaves are included, the MC also actually gets the girl(s). Royalty at that!!!!(laughing).

All round a great story. Would recommend this to others.


Great work, please keep it up.

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More Plot Armor that a Xianxia novel

 This novel starts badly, totally ripping off the prologue of Vikken's "Universe Online". Almost identical Beta, conversation with manager, and an offer to "a special start" Then the MC gets an absurd amount of points to customize his character and starts a supposedly "nightmare mode" where he gets two weeks to train his skills as a genetic experiment of the most stupid military ever.

He then proceeds to escape, win a ship, rescue a princess, and get away. Oh, and he tells everybody she's on board through the game forums.

At this point I wasn't able to stand the stupidity of the MC and the plot holes so I stopped reading

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Start is good rest is in my opinion not very good.

Been a while since I've done a review.

But this one deserves it.
The start of the story was promising, the world building something I enjoyed immensely. I even liked the random parts where they players talk "out of the game".

Sadly as seems with his other stories, he simply wants his harems and his dominance over female characters, in addition, everyone who is not MC becomes dull uninteresting side characters that are only there to satisfy the author's sex lust. All side characters become: yes chars and have no feeling behind them.

Thus I have to say the first chapters are good rest is garbage.

  • Overall Score

Read it before reading too many reviews

Reviewed at: Chapter 228 - Visitation
Spoiler: Spoiler


Spoiler: Spoiler


I fail to understand why people would dislike this book so much. It's well written. Stories there. Characters are consistent and if you're getting indignant because of the lemon, begone from this story prudes. The only power trip here is the main character being smart in building his empire (he wouldn't survive a squad of Marines busting his ass) combined with a little bit of luck necessary for someone to make it in just about any novel (it's called having a plot, John doe's life would be hell'a boring). So hey, keep going author, there are people out there who don't write many reviews, but for you sake I'll do it! 

TKage N. Lee
  • Overall Score

I've been constantly skipping 'Into the Black' because of the title didn't appeal to me but damn am I find it a good read!

  • Overall Score

Having read and re-read the chapters posted so far, I can honestly say I enjoy this series. Sure, there are things wrong with it as the other reviews point out. But, this is a story set in a fantasy/space game. Realism is for reality.

I came here to be entertained by a decent or hopefully good story. I believe this story fullfills that. Might not be for everyone, but if you don't like it write a better story in whatever way want.


I will most likely buy these when I get the chance.

  • Overall Score

Definetly an upgrade from RULES-FREE VRMMO LIFE, worldbuilding is better, sex scenes are less cringey and main character isn't as stupidly written as Zayn.

But still this one has most of the same errors, that made me quit halfway through (130 chapters). 

1. It is the same power trip as above mentioned book, and surprisingly when in rules free vrmmo MC was op because of his unconventional choice of skills, here MC is OP because he gets extra points for chosing hardest dificulty, which was advertised like he would spawn in the middle of the battlefield during mortar barrage, and what he actually got was a lab with incompetent staff that taught him how to fuck (sic!).

2. Every character apart from MC is written like it is an episodic one. I don't know if it is because he gets new companions faster than the pacing should allow, or because this story is supposed to be about MC and not side characters. But taking his princess companion as an example, she is with him since first chapters of the story, and aside from the basic information, I don't know anything about her really. And same goes for his other companions and allies.

3. MC is the biggest problem, same as in "rules free vrmmo". I guess it is because author wants to create godlike character, but he is unable to because of readers. So he creates this one, with unfair amount of starting points and with disadvantages that he would easily overcome after week of gametime, and after another week he is almost godlike. Month later he is most powerfull being in the game, and from there the story loses all of the appeal. I guess if the premise of the story would be that MC is a "god" from the start, would make it easier to create world and story around him than making jump from 1 to 1000000 in few months, making the rest of the world feel silly.



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Squandered Opportunities

This review may contain minor spoilers, you have been warned.


I made it to chapter 30 before I decided to stop reading. The premise of this story wasn’t bad but not original.  I like that you used a science fiction setting instead of a fantasy based setting. However, everything prior to character creation was only adequate. It was neither compelling nor interesting. However, it wasn’t long enough to complain about. I also don’t see how knowing the main character is wheel chair bound or the rest of the back story presented, is important/relevant to the rest of the story. In short, everything before character creation needs some TLC.

The supporting characters are as flat as can be. Apart from their name, gender, race and status—I don’t know anything about them as individuals. There are two exceptions to this rule. I know that the elfish one was a virgin. I also know more about the princess however; even her character isn’t fleshed out that well. These facts, along with their slavery status are all the facts, I as a reader know about the supporting characters. They also lack individual personalities and all sound the same in the dialog. They lack any quarks that make your characters, individually unique or interesting.

The main character (I forget his name) comes across as slightly impersonal/uncaring who is out on a joyride. I really like the premise for the main character’s avatar and think his build has a lot of potential. However, your MC also comes across a flat and kind of numb. This guy is trapped in a wheel chair for the rest of his life and probably can’t even feel is lower ‘member’ even if he can get an erection. He then is sent into a virtual world where he can walk/run/fight and fuck again. Think about how amazing that would be to experience if you were in that situation. Now look at your main characters reaction. I’m paraphrasing here but it went something along the lines of “Oh yeah, I didn’t have any problems walking or moving about in the game” Where is the emotion? Where is the joy of being able to walk again, even if it is only a video game? This is only one example and there are ton of other ones I could have used. Your main character downplaying events like this and completely failing to react to events, that a real live person would have some type of emotinal reaction towards, is what killed my interest in your story. In 30 chapters I have only seen the MC be depicted as being natural, kinda serious and pissed. Real people have far more emotional depth then what I have seen from you characters.