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A few minutes later... - Sorcierre (Academy Main Grounds) - Alice's Point Of View...

Walking out into the courtyard, still shaken by my otherworldly experience with the headmaster, I found myself somewhat emotionlessly staring at the ground. Lost in my empty mind as I was, I did not manage to notice the small crowd of people gathering around me."... young miss Pendragon? Are you alright?"

An elderly voice echoed in my ears as the familiar figure of Archbishop Delathar formed itself before me. For a sizable man, he seemed to be invisible for a brief moment there. Or however long I was staring at the ground, anyways.

After a long pause, I let out a sigh, shook my head and placed a hand onto my forehead."No. No really... but when exactly have I ever been alright." The old man seemed to be taken aback from my reply but before he could make a proper rebuttal, I continued."Anyhow, good evening to you, Archbishop. I was told that you were looking for me earlier today."

He steeled himself, the small crowd of children my age which centered itself around him continuing to stare at me with inquisitive and yet, damming glances."Ah, yes. I was hoping to take you and the other students who possess the holy attribute out of your classes today in order to find out which divine being you are blessed by."

"I am... blessed?" My voice came out dry and hoarse, almost as if his words were insulting. I shook my head and broke out of my self-imposed stupor."Y-yes. As you may know, holy magic is drawn directly from the Gods. Of course, as you can already cast multiple holy spells, you probably already know which of the divines is your patron, or are your patrons. I merely need to know which divine being you pray to when you cast holy spells... its just a paperwork thing." He waved it off like what he said just now didn't have any meaning.

"P... pray?... to a god?" I tilted my head in confusion, much to the Archbishops dismay."Yes?..."

Shrugging at the equally confused man, I replied after a thought or two."Archbishop, the only divine that I've ever prayed to is Lady Vytar, however I cannot say that I have ever actively prayed to anyone during casting."

A blink and another escaped the man before he managed to utter."W-what?!... but how do you cast holy spells then, young lady?..."

I closed my eyes for the briefest moment. How do I cast holy spells?"Well, I imagine the light weaving itself into our world and embrace it as a temporary avatar of its power, exchanging magic for the ability to channel its glory into our world?"

He seemed to be taken aback and one of the boys behind him suddenly perked up at my answer."H-hey teacher, isn't this what we learned about earlier today? The Heresy of the Light and the like?"

The... heresy of the Light?.. what the hell?

Taking notice of my confused face, the Archbishop offered a somber nod before placing both hands onto my shoulders."Young Alice, I need you to answer this question as truthfully as you can. This... light, which you call upon, what exactly would you describe it as?"

Tilting my head in confusion again, I felt myself descend into deep thought once more.

The light?

What do I see it as?

... a force of perfection.

An endless well of Order.

The everlasting glory, power, truth...


A blast of realization struck me just now and I fell to my knees in reality as the world shook around me."What I see the light as?..." I heard myself mutter out.

And then, I let out a smile.


The Light.

The Perfection of Order.

The power.. that I had been subconsciously calling out to for all this time.


It was God, all along!

A terrible sense of elation filled my heart and soul and all the horrors I had experienced mere minutes ago were washed away like small stones in a rushing spring of euphoria. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of inner peace, I rose back up and offered the crowd a rather bright, beaming smile."The Light? I don't know what it is or what I see it as, Archbishop. That said, it seems that I have to thank you for making me think of it. Somehow, I feel... purified."

Yet despite my current elation, the Archbishop and my would-be classmates all recoiled in unison, bearing looks of pure fear and disgust. His hands dropped off of my shoulders and his face twisted in sadness and despair."I... I see... Young Alice, I am very, very sorry, but for the safety of the other children and their education... I must expel you from my class."

"Hmm? Oh, okay." Just like that, I agreed to his words and promptly turned around."Well, goodbye then! I hope you guys and girls have a great time."

"W-wha-.. is that really Alice, as in Alice Pendragon? The emo banshee in the corner?!... Oh... Is this one of the dangers of Holy Magic that you taught us, sir? The so-called *blinded by the Light*, event?" Harnedy, the big-boned mayor's daughter from my class spoke with fear lacing her tone, her inquisitive glance being replaced by horror, much like my own was a few moments ago.

Since I was suddenly feeling so light, so clean, so... happy?!

Yeah.. this is, happiness!"Indeed... remember children, that being blessed by the divine magics is not always a boon. If a person possesses too much natural attribute for holy magic, their very minds are twisted and reformed to fit the persona of the Light. The gods, bless their souls, are conduits which process The Light and allow us mortals to safely use it in their name. However, this means that only the truly pious can wield this magic safely."

It feels good.

Great, actually."... for the Light is an overwhelmingly powerful force of Order, as young Alice described it. It will overwhelm mortal minds as easily as the Lords of Shadow do from the Void, even if its intentions are the purest of heart. This can create fanaticism and zealotry that is no better than tyranny. A paladin who uses the Light directly is only required to believe that what he does is right in order for it to answer his or her call. For instance, the paladin may believe that murdering a thousand children in order to save one from disease is the correct way to do things... and holy power will heed his call."

Anyways, since I was feeling swell, I decidedly ignored the crowd and walked away. Someone else was apparently looking for me today~."Those afflicted walk the path between Heroism and Mania... quite sadly, they are the good guys version of the so-called *Avatars Of Chaos*."

A blink and a momentary stop from me as I heard the Archbishop say that."I-is Alice going to be okay?"

I did not need to look at the bishop to know that he was shaking his head in negative."No.. and if she is to be believed, I do not think that she has ever truly been okay in the first place..."

Never truly been okay? Well, maybe not up till now~.

Now, though?


Anyways, I continued on forward, almost as if my path was already set in stone by some otherworldly force."Mistress!" A voice called out from behind me as my maid Faervel, rushed to hug me. Her hands coiled themselves around me in a very tight hug and I found it difficult to breathe."F-Faervel! I can't breathe!"

"Oh dear Lady Vytar! I was so worried for you when I felt that blast of pure light that I must've used more strength that I intended." The woman quickly undid her hold on me and then guided me towards a more private location."Milady.. what happened to you? Are you okay? Did... did one of the divines attack you just now?"

I tilted my head in confusion."Umm, no? The Archbishop asked me how do I use holy magic and stuff... when I thought about it, I started to feel really, really good, thats all."

The magnificent woman swallowed down hard and seemed to adopt a rather terrified expression. Her gaze wandered all around me before those beautiful orbs settled onto my pockets and her panicked frown turned into a flash of hope."Milady! Here, use this, please!"

"Huh?" She reached into my pocket and dragged out an amulet."Huh? Was this amulet always quite so... splendorous?" Indeed, what was formerly just a simple accessory with a gemstone in the middle was now seemingly created out of pure Gold, with an amazing green diamond centered inside of a circle of seemingly natural wood as living vines grew in between the golden chain."T-this is... I- I see.. so the situation has gone from bad to worse." Faervel muttered out in seeming realization.

She shook her head out of her stupor."Mistress, please take his amulet and offer a prayer to the Lady Vytar, if you would."

I took the amulet into my hands and offered her a questioning gaze."... why, though?"

She swallowed down hard, seemingly choosing every syllable with great care."B-because you have not prayed to the Lady in a while and she would be v-very h-happy if you did so?"

Ah. That makes sense."Okay!"

Then I focused onto the amulet again and opened my mouth... however..."Um... I... seem to have forgotten the prayer?"

As if all her fears were realized all at once, Faervel adopted a look of absolute terror for the briefest moment, before forcing herself to smile once again."I-I see... w-well, would you r-repeat after me t-then?"

"Okay!" I repeated, more joyously than I ever have before. With a nod from Faervel, we began."O great Lady Vytar, we thank you for the healing rain that washes the curving hills of the brightest green. We thank you for the beams of sunlight that fall softly upon the faces of children. We thank you for the butterflies and all the beautiful flowers, birds and fish, stars and trees, all of these resplendent beings which you created for us. We pray that all of your children witness these in wonder, and that the joy of these follows them through their lives now and forever, and ever, Mystra."

Mystra. The ancient elven name for Vytar, incorporated into regular prayers as a finisher.

Speaking about finishing things, the second that prayer was done, my chest glowed a golden green light and I felt my elation breaking, my sudden, UNNATURAL HAPPINESS, dying out as quickly as it came. I fell to my knees once more as cold sweat dropped past my brow.

SO! THAT TRAITOROUS BITCH SEEMS TO STILL HAVE HER USES!... That said, I did not expect your father to blind you quite as much, dear daughter.

The voice of Chaos thundered across my mind in toneless shapes and I felt myself nodding."T-thank you, Faervel... and thank you, Lady Vytar. I... I don't know what possessed me just now." I shook my head, my usual paranoia and grumpiness seemingly returning to where they belong.

It was not just your personality, milady.

Both me and your father were unable to contact you ever since you delved into the deep end.

Ah."W-well, at least you are alright now, mistress."


Not completely.

I felt myself clutching my own chest. The sheer euphoria, the bliss, the ... the perfection...

I can still feel it rushing through my veins. Just deep enough inside to not make me completely insane.

But something has changed.

I am different.

I am no longer alone.

He is here now.

He. Is. Here. Now.

Yes... it is far too early for you, but what is done is done. Order... God... your Father, has now completed his synchronization with you and you may now become able to call upon his power directly. Though, like all eldritch powers, there are consequences to doing so.

Blinded by the light.

Made insane by the void.

In the end... us mortals have sincerely drawn the short end of the stick."No. I'm still under its influence. Hopefully, I will learn to use it without damming myself one day."

"N-no! Mistress, you must never use it again! The Light is not a power that mortals can handle, it will devour you whole!" She screamed out in horror, but to her surprise, I shook my head in negative."I've used it before. In my exorcisms, I channeled the light out into the world and not through myself."

I did as I explained and gathered light magic into my palms, filling the spell with the intent of purification as I have done before. And the spell worked perfectly."W-what... it does not affect you like this?" I shook my head in negative."No, so long as I channel the light out of myself, it will not affect me."

"Child. The Light's power has not been fully cleansed from your body... I require you to go to a place of my power, my star... there I shall purify you of its insanity, completely." A new voice whispered into my mind. Soothing, beautiful...

"Vytar..." I suddenly exclaimed, much to the surprise of my perfect companion. My mind twisted alongside my expression."... No."

"W-what?! N-no?! I offer thee salvation and you refuse it?!" She screamed, yet not in outrage but in horror. As beautiful as her voice may be, she was... annoying, somehow."I do not want to be *purified*, by you or anyone else. The Light may be dangerous milady, but it is my benefactor and nothing you do will change that. If the Viper of Eden wants to tear into my body with his fangs... then, so be it."

"T-..the viper... of Eden?.. wh-.. Is this the name of the new deity whose relics you have been gifted?" A nod was Faervel's answer as her confusion continued."But what does it have to do with The Light?"

I beamed my perfect companion a dreadful smile."My dear, the Viper of Eden IS, The Light."

The orb of holy energy in my palm surged forward, becoming much grander and more splendorous than ever before. This... this was no longer a *greater exorcism*. No, this was more akin to a divine exorcism now. The power of holy magic is called forth through prayer and just now, I had invoked the Viper during my casting of the spell...

If merely invoking its title is enough to empower the spell this much then... what would a prayer do?...

Possibly nothing at all.

I mean, how exactly does one even pray to God? To the Viper?

All the prayers of the divines originated from a singular being chosen by their divine being in order to preach its prayer to the people of the world... and if God never chooses anyone to do this...

Then, I suppose I'll just have to make one of my own.

After all, God cares not for what or who serves God...

Only, that you do.

The surging sphere of light was now enormous, just about the same size as the ball of preternatural fire that I created by using the knowledge and understanding granted to me by Chaos. I raised my right hand high and let the power gathered free. It rose to the skies and penetrated the clouds, seemingly evaporating them in an instant and covered all there is around us in the pale light of the sun."W-wh... h-how?... How can a mere mortal be able to channel so much power?" Faervel asked me in a tone of utter astonishment.

I beamed her a smile."Mortal?... Well, I'm not so sure about that one anymore."

She appeared far too mesmerized with the glowing light to reply.

So... I joined her in gazing at its magnificence.

We stayed there, in silence and contemplation until the light died out and finally noticed that there was a crowd of people all around us. They too, were gazing at the sky, enchanted, their daily lives seemingly unimportant and forgotten.

It was beautiful.

It was terrifying.


I felt myself laughing.

So long as I feel that what I do is right, eh?...


This power...

I could get used to this.

Just have to remember that its not mine, but Gods.


Fathers, power.

One of the people attracted to the beam of the light seemed to be none other than my current coachman, Rethrill."Uveane, snap out of it!"

My dark elven coachman shook his head."W-what?! I-Iu uh-..."

"It does not matter. Anyways, since you are here, I take it that my carriage also nearby?" He offered a rather slow nod."Y-yes, I-.. its over t-there." He pointed towards the left, where a multitude of carriages were parked, the horses waiting patiently."Good. We shall go inside. When you are done being mesmerized by a sunbeam, please drive me to the Academy Training Grounds."

Why the training grounds, you may be asking? Well, I figure that if I'm going to find any sort of martial instructor, its going to be there.

Faervel and I entered the carriage and I promptly laid my head on her lap, her generous rack providing me with quite the bit of eye-candy. Thankfully, the golden-haired elf... being, did not seem to mind at all and even started patting my head. It felt... surprisingly good, for some unknown reason.

Sleep took hold over me soon after and I was sent to float in an endless, peaceful abyss of slumber.

Aaah... if only every day could be like this.

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