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Sometime later... - Alice's Bedroom - Alice's Point Of View...

 My hand reaches for a quill that had already been dipped in fine black ink, seemingly something dug out of the storerooms by the servants while I was sleeping on my throne. An uncertain final look around my room confirmed something that I had been wondering about for quite some time now.

Ever since my awakening really. From the moment I awoke, I realized that the many books I brought back with me from Sorciere were missing, yet I said nothing about it. More urgent matters required my attention, after all.

After what happened just moments ago with the kings maid unwillingly revealing her kleptomanic ways, I can only assume that she stole them long before I ever truly woke from my chaos-induced coma.

After all, magic tomes are quite costly on any kind of black market.*Munch munch munch*

Chewing loudly and quite rudely as there was nobody around me, I showed another patch of medentes into my mouth as I contemplated the beginning of my letter to the Headmaster of the Academy Of Advanced Magic. Truth be told, I wasn't even sure of the mans name...

Thankfully, this isn't the only letter my family exchanged with the man, as my father had been an apparent friend and supporter of the headmaster. The old man seems to be attempting some kind of intellectual revolution... to bring out all magical knowledge and amass as much of it as he can within a certain period of time before funding new, minor schools of magic across the continent.

Of course, in order to properly establish such buildings, he would need the approval of the lords who reign over them.

Now, contrary to popular belief, not a whole lot of nobles from any country practice magic. Most prefer more... physical pursuits. Be that gold, beauty, martial prowess or just raw, unconstrained hedonism depends upon the person.

Its like nobody ever told them that you could be more than one thing at any given time. Granted, nobody told me this either, I simply learned it via life experience."Hmm.. what to do, what to write..."

I should have asked the King to send this letter in my stead. Too bad I was in no condition to write or even think properly back then.

"Come to think of it..." I muttered out in uncertainty as I stared at my own arms. Just a day ago they were the living embodiment of my three month long starvation... now...

Now I think they actually have those things often reffered to as muscles. Something which I never had before...

"Dear headmaster Orrian Adhana..." I finally began writing the letter, my shattered mind still attempting to comprehend the physical changes to my body.

Or, perhaps more accurately, how exactly to explain them."OW! OW! OW! OW! attaaaa..." The ring on my left hand suddenly pulsed, white energy erupting outwards and slamming against my head like a pile of rocks.

Yet, instead of a plausibly predictable headache, I felt as if my mind was cleaned out... calm.



"Great. As if one sentient artefact wasn't enough... Are you telling me to use you to explain my physique?" The ring seemed to bloom in approval as I blinked in utter confusion."What makes you think people will buy that?"

The blooming light stopped and for an eternal moment, I received no reply... but then, blood burst out of my arm."AH!" I yelped in surprise but... not in pain.

Calming myself, I took a look at my hand to find that the blood hadn't actually covered anything other than my skin, eventually forming letters. Readable letters."Because it is the truth."

A blink. No make that several blinks, before the blood retreated back into my hand, healing any form of wound caused by the sudden eruption."Well thats... cool, I guess. Since you're the cause for my physique then that means you can affect my body directly, yeah?"

Another affirmative bloom, a sparking shine on the white diamonds surface."Then can you make it easier for us to communicate? To start with: bloom twice for no, once for yes."

The ring bloomed twice."No, huh? Well, I guess the yes and no thing will be enough for now."

It bloomed once.

With that, I returned to the letter."I, Alice Pendragon, High Lady Of The Kingdom Of Clausia and rightful regent of the lands belonging to the duchy of Axilar, as well as the northern Edge Lands, write to you in a time of desperation and need. As you may have been informed, ruin has come to my family and I am the only one left of my bloodline, which is sadly why this letter cannot reach you directly from either of my parents hands. Although I feel that even asking you for this is an insult to everyone you've denied access to the Academy beforehand, I must beg that you allow entrance into the Academy without fully paying for my classes. At the very least, not all of them upon entry as his majesty the King has confiscated my family fortune in order to fuel the War which I hope will aid in bringing him victory on the battlefield. Alas, this also leaves me in a rather dangerous posistion. Though my servants are well paid and the castle well stocked, I am sadly unable to pay the full price, or any price in all honesty, that my application to your esteemed Academy requires of me. However, should you accept my plea and allow me to repay you later on, I am willing to pay double the price of any class I take upon entry."

There... that should be okay.

Its .. nowhere near perfect, but I've never been that great at writing letters.

Honestly, this is maybe my fourth letter ever written. Come to think of it, the other three were never really answered but they were also sent to my parents so...

Shaking my head out of my stupor, I promptly slammed my family sigil onto the letter, a grand magma drake perched onto a ledge of black stone breathing fire into the skies and towards the blasted sun.

Hmm... something is strange.

The way that the dragons fire is reaching towards the sun makes it look like... the sun is...

Bleeding?"How interesting.. Why hadn't I ever noticed that before?"

Muttering out somewhat loudly to myself as I turned around to look at an actual, physical representation of my family banner, I find that seeing the bigger image only confirms what I just noticed."Maybe the sun has some kind of connection to Chaos?"

I mean, it wouldn't be too surprising. It is essentially a gigantic ball of fire.

And fire is pretty much the epitome of Chaos, yeah?

The Sun gives life to the world, yet is also fully capable of taking it at any given time. It merely chooses not to.

Or does it? Is the Sun a sentient thing?

Maybe its a gigantic eye of Chaos, made to watch over our world?

"AH!" A sudden, strange and convulted sound ruptures my mind, overriding any form of thought.

It thundered across the entirety of my mind and soul alike, eventually causing me to fall onto my knees in pain, yet as soon as my knees touched the ground, I understood its meaning.


That... meant... no.

A turn of my head forces me to look into a nearby mirror, allowing me to see my eyes suddenly starting to bleed, as if the blood vessels in them were torn apart.

The pain subsided and I instinctively rubbed my eyes, causing the blood to re-enter my body and my eyes to recover as soon as I closed them."Chaos..."

Well if this is its way of telling me no then... Excuse me if I'm just a little bit scared. Then again, maybe since Chaos is such an overpowering being in comparison to me... this could have very well been the least painful reply I could have received.

My ring bloomed twice."Guess not, h-huh?"

I shook my head out of my stupor, closed the letter and walked out of my room, more than a little bit shaken as I nearly failed to grasp Luctus with enough strength to rise the halberd off the slate floor.

 Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...


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