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The Following Morning - The Courtroom - Alice's Point Of View...

"Uu.. ughn..." I woke up feeling extremely tired, still sitting on my throne.

My fist had apparently dug its way into my cheek, forming a crimson outline as I apparently fell asleep here.

My bones and skin, my flesh and nails, everything hurts so much.

And yet, I didn't have the will to scream.


Something struck the ground as I unconsciously let go of Luctus, causing the poleaxe to drop unceremoniously on the floor and my pain to double...

Still, I did not scream.

Instead, I merely shrugged it off and leaped off the throne in order to pick it up.

After doing so, I noticed I was still dressed in my comatose clothing which actually reeked horrendously now that I finally noted its existence. Or, maybe thats just me who is reeking and not the clothing.

Looking around the dark courtroom revealed candles unlit for months, torches withered from age, walls thick with dust and ash which most likely came in through the window from mothers explosive little ploy.

I walked towards the giant wooden door which was the only way out of this somber place, other than the window.

Opening it revealed an entirely difference scene, as maids and butlers and servants alike rushed to do their respective works, yet noone bothered to do something in the throneroom.

How odd.

"Mistress!" The same maid who was sent here by the king and most likely has been taking care of me for the last couple months approached me with worry in her eyes."You are finally awake!"

"I would have woken earlier if any of you actually woke me up..." I pointed out with a blank stare, causing her to let out a merry laugh."I don't think that would have been a good idea. The best medicine for a comatose person is a restful sleep, as they say."

A nod was her reply before she continued."In any case, we have prepared a warm bath for you milady, enriched with exotic extracts and healing salves provided by the Queen herself on the Kings behest. Also, though it is not exactly hygenic to eat while bathing, I have prepared a feast for you and placed it all on a table we brought into the bathing room."

Another nod as I finally gave her a proper reply as I followed her to the bathing room."Good work... err, sorry but could you tell me your name again? I seem to have forgotten it."

She beamed me a bright smile."You haven't milady, I merely never properly introduced myself. My name is Francesca, his lordship the Kings personal maid."

"Personal maid? Hmm, must be fun." She choked on my not-so-silent jab before turning around in semi annoyance."You'd think so, wouldn't you?"

I blinked at her response."Too old?"

"Too old." She replied with a blank stare.

Now, I promptly burst out laughing cheerily. Apparently, uncle Rudolf no longer has it.

Some time later...

"Aaaaaaaaaaah..." Finally throwing off my comatose clothing, I slipped into what appeared to be a bath so thick in salves that the water itself was colored a rather bright shade of green.

Health and life poured into me with every second as my body shuddered from the raw effect of the bath.

My bones cracked themselves into their proper place, scratches wove themselves shut, cracks on my lips dissappearing as if they were never there.

Wonder how they got there in the first place?

I lightly tapped my jaw before running across it with my palm, feeling the broken uniformity left behind by my supposed tooth infection.

A turn to my right revealed all the wonderfull foodstuffs that the servants prepared for me, each meal accompanied by a bowl full of medentes, the herb used for cleaning teeth.

Apparently, it also has the properties required to heal them, though that may only be for young people like me whose teeth arent yet fully grown.

A small clank caused me to turn my head around to my left and I noticed that the black, menacing poleaxe I put up to lean on the front door had fallen in such a way that placed it next to me.

Now that, is really creepy."Are you a sentient weapon?"

I asked of the incredible weapon but, as one might expect, received no answer.

Managing to somehow bite down my curiosity and dread, I turned towards the table filled with food and felt my stomach churn, empty and devoid of sustenance.

Yet as soon as I tried to stand up from the bath, my legs gave away and I fell right back down, splashing liters of the healing waters onto the marble-gold floor of the room. Thankfully, it seems that there was more then enough bath water prepared as the giant tub refills nearly instantly.

Another clank resounds in the room as I turn back towards the axe with a glare."You obviously want my attention, yet give no answer when I question you..." I muttered out my thoughts aloud.

Another glare caused the axe to clank again, slamming itself into the ground almost as if pissed."What are you trying to tell me, damnit!?"

Suddenly, the axe rose into the air, floating like the Chaosborne Artifact it supposedly was... and then it unceremoniously dropped down onto the floor again, however...

It was pointing in a certain direction.

A single suit of armor stood at the entrace or perhaps I should say the exit from the bathing room. It had the distinctive shape of a woman wielding a spear and the figure it represented was very much known to me... after all, her name was Clausia. A warrior Queen who brought the unruly tribespeople of these lands together and formed the very first version of The Kingdom Of Clausia. My home, my history, my ancient Queen.

We were all taught about her and her achievments. Every child knows the story and how it goes.

A woman born to a warrior family, taught to live a warriors life. Yet during her teenage years, she fell in love with an elf, who taught her the ways of higher society and brought her home with him. Due to political infighting, the man died a horrible death and she was exiled from elven society. Having then returned to her home and reignited her lust for warfare, the woman used the incredible knowledge she had attained whilst living as an elf would and dominated warchiefs across the land, seducing, bribing and diplomatically building up her way to the formation of her very own kingdom.

She is said to never have had any children and that the people should elect who they want to rule them, provided that said would-be-rulers were taught and learned people like herself."Warfare and murder is something everyone and anyone can master at any age, but a shrewd and genius mind is something which can only be nourished during ones youth! So collect your shamans, your witches and your wisemen! Build a grand place of learning and education where the rulers of tomorrow will go to become worthy of my throne and your loyalty."

I repeated the final speech by heart, as I had to memorize it word by word in order to pass my history class.

The weapon clanked once again, as if impatient, causing me to break out of whatever possessed me and take another look at the statue. Finally, after several minutes of staring, I figured that since Clausia is holding that spear of hers so dearly, perhaps what my poleaxe wants from me is much the same?

I have been holding it nearly all the time ever since we were introduced.

Turning back around towards the weapon, I extended my hand in an effort to reach it... however, I didn't have to extend it far, for as soon as my thoughts turned towards that particular train of thought, the weapon flew into my hands, resting its shaft into my palm so easily one would have thought it was a feather.

Shocked, but not overly surprised, I promptly let go off the poleaxe whilst imaging it floating in front my hand.

True to my imagination, the weapon did just that."Okay, so you can respond to my thoughts but why exactly are you showing me this now?"

I asked, yet the answer did not come from the axe.

No, it came in the form of a whale's mating call.

Yup, from my hungry hungry stomach.

"Ahem." Caughing into my fist rather lamely, I focused onto the axe and then onto the table, imaging it slipping under a plate of food and bringing it to me, which it did without pause.

Moments after, I was shoving perfectly cut pheasant and chicken roast breast meats into my mouth while drinking gallons of milk and purified springwater.

The springwater was brought there most likely because of the natural mineral content within it. Something which I probably needed a lot of right now.

"Huh?" I promptly started blinking in confusion as I noticed that my hands no longer managed to find any food on the plate and, as I turned towards said plate, I found that there was no more food left on it.

The axe did not move a single inch since it brought me the plate and my stomach didn't appear to be filled.

In fact, I didn't feel like I ate anything yet...

Had I really devoured that whole plate of food so quickly I didn't even have the time to note all the things on it.

Apparently there was some kind of sauce covering the food but I didn't notice it at all.

Shrugging, I promptly reached for the bowl of medentes, figuring I might as well consume it now since it will help my teeth heal.

Grabbing a few of the steamed leaves, I nearly screamed out in horror as I witnessed them being... assimilated into me through my damn hands.

The leaves just... melted.

Into me.

Like they would if you put them on a slime...

Blinking in horror and confusion, I promptly slapped my hand onto the edges of my tub."OW!.. ok, at least I'm still perfectly physical..."

Deciding not to question it all that much anymore as this was most likely just another *gift* from Chaos, I continued eating and enjoying my bath.

Oh and sometime during my feast, a strange voice in my head echoed with the word Roman.

Who and what the hell is Roman?

Oh well, whatever it is..

Its most certainly not me!

.. right?

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Alright gonna stop here now, still havent figured out how to properly start this.

But thats fine, we can take this slow.

In any case, more MAYOR in the next chapter.

Anyways, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!


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