Destiny: Infernal [DISCONTINUED]

by Lord Joyde

Original HIATUS Action Drama Fantasy Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Grimdark Magic Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Have you ever felt like you are the greatest outcast ever to exist?

As if someone, something out there, made you from the ground up in order to create the Ultimate Social Exile?

I have.

Too talented to be part of normal society.

Too dumb to be part of abnormal society.

This, is me. I am Alice Pendragon, a semi-insane, incredibly anti-social, nine year old noble girl in a world which seems to despise her.

School finally ended, summer's first day arrived... I should be happy, right?

And yet here I am, going back home just in time for my Fathers very own funeral.


And the dream which I'm about to have isn't going to help my sanity.

At all.

IMPORTANT: This story, like my EUPHORIA, will have highly erotic content. (No, there won't be any little girls having sex. The world in general will be sexually free.) Lemons will be made, but only later on in the story when the MC is older.

IMPORTANT X2: This story will need a cover picture! Any takers, please send me a PM if you're willing and able.

IMPORTANT X3: My stories are not rated 18. They are RATED MATURE ADULT. If you can't handle adult things, don't read the story. That said, if you've ever watched Family Guy and weren't offended by it, then you're probably mature enough for my stories.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. The Red World ago
2. Coincidence? I think not! ago
3. Oh mayor, major! ago
4. Of Healing Baths And Creepy Poles ago
5. Pilfered Treasures ago
6. Pulse And Pain ago
7. A Noble's Maddening Duty ago
8. Cata-combed ago
10. Introductory Class ago
11. Tailored Heresy ago
12. Dummy Impact ago
13. Ca-Ca-CASPER! ago
14. A Game Of Marden ago
15. Magia Insanium ago
16. Bully For You, Alice! ago
17. Scars and Thiveves ago
18. Ignave Profugo ago
19. Blaze And Raze ago
20. Second Lesson ago
21. Of Blood And Horror ago
22. Atrocious Homecoming ago
23. Regional Planning ago
24. Unwanted Truths ago
25. Here's How To Plan A Carnival! ago
26. Terrific Victory ago
27. Anguish ago
28. Death Priest or Necromancer? ago
29. Comprehension And Madness ago
30. Chaos-In-The-Mirror ago
31. Chaotic Lies ago
32. White And Gold ago
"Well Shit." ago
33. Fire Upon Flames ago
34. Of Intrigue And The Intrigued ago
35. Shopping Uniformity ago
36. Instinctive Action ago
37. Thought-less or full? ago
38. Glory Of The Light ago
39. A Duel or Duet? ago
"Sorry everyone, but I quit." ago
"For those who wanted to know where I'll write next." ago

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Mad Fax

Okay so where do I even begin?

Err, okay overral score is 4.5 'cause the author has no actual release dates and the story updates are completely based on his level of motivation.

Style is nice and memorable and I love the line breaks. You might not though but the story is good enough for them to be ignored.

Story is great. The characters are varied and go beyond anything I thought would be added to the story when I fight followed it a month ago. There seems to be no end to the authors creativity! Also, I like that he does not use overused named like Durandal or whatever else.

Grammar is alright. The author seems to have this post first, edit mistakes later policy which I personally dont like but nobody else seems to care so I guess this is okay? It should only affect people that are reading the instant a chapter is uploaded.

The MC is a little girl who is very sexually confused due to the actions of those around her. She is incredibly realistic IMO. Basically, she is everything the author says she is on the front page and MORE.

--- DO NOT READ VIKKUTORIA'S REVIEW. The author hates her and with good reason. While she didn't really spoil much of the story, she seems to have destroyed the authors original plotline completely with her review. :/

Also, while it says that you need to read Euphoria to understand the story... this really isn't the case, so don't be put off by it.


Great if you enjoy binge reading insanity.

Compelling characters, storyline and plot twists that have become a rope with infrequent knots that throw you off because they aren't what you expect.

Bloodthirsty insane characters done well are a hard thing to find but there's at least... twelve? Lost count at some point...

Recommend this wholeheartedly.

Warning, contains insanity.

The review I mean... not the story.

Well the story does have insanity but that's is both the point I'm trying not to make while praising it simultaneously...

The insanity warning should have gone first....


Hello there !

Really good story so far. However, I'm sorry for not giving you 5 stars, but I usually judge more on what I don't like than what I like in a story. It's usually much more useful for the autors

Overall, I'd say that the harshest thing I can say about it as of chapter 36 is that I still don't know where you are trying to go with your story. It kinda feel like some slice of life story, but with a bit a slaughter, a pinch of sensless violence and a slight aftertaste of gore. So far the only focus of this story has been the evolution of alice, with maybe a little danger comming from the elves. It kinda feel pointless sometimes.

EDIT : this story is apparently not as fast paced as the autor made it to be at first. Chapter 36 is still the prologue so the thing about the story is to be expected. I'll put more than 3 stars in the futur if I like how the story evolves.

Character wise... yeah I love all of them, but I want more Casper :D

Style and grammar are both quite nice. If anything I'd say that there are some typos that could be easily eliminated with something like grammarly. Also at some points I had some trouble following the dialogues, you might want to work on that if someone else points it out.


EDIT : ok so apparently you already use grammarly. I kinda feel stupid now x). Also the thing about dialogues is supposed to be that way ? I don't really know why you'd do that, but we'll see.

Well, thanks a lot for this story, and keep it up ! Don't hesitate to PM me if you need help with something.



Seriously, there's just something about the MC that drives me insane.

The way characters interact is incredibly real for a fantasy novel. Unlike many others, this world has both innocent and corrupeted. In many novels I read lately, authors seem to choose how their world will work since the beginning. Basically if it has a dark, gritty plot then pretty much all characters will be twisted, calculated fucks but this is different. There are both good and bad in this, which is fucking awesome.

Not gonna lie, the MC awesome power is one of the few reason I read this :P

The only reason I gave this 4.5 is because of the slow update speed. Seriously, I'm fucking hooked, can't you write faster?


This is what happens when you piss Joyde off :)

So, as much as I can tell, this story has been forced into existence by one of Euphoria's latest reviews, right?

The one about a guy who could handle the gore, the sexiness and killing but drew the line at rape? What a bloody hypocrite. (EDIT: The review seems to have been removed before I write this so I will not divulge the name of the reviewer as he seems to have been flamed by Joyde's fans)

Anyhow, after deciding to give this story a quick read, a single thing popped into my eye as soon as I read the summary.


That name is something Joyde has used before... and its about a female character who is:

A) a lesbian (who has a good chance to become a futanari)

B) Arbitrary to a fault (she couldn't give less of a shit about Justice)

C) Worships her mother, though that does not seem to be the case here. (Though there was a mention of a goddess she apparently worshipped zealously, which is probably the same thing)

And D) has to continuously devour the life-force of other people in order to sustain her permanently dying body. Which is also the case in this story.

... I mean, I guess it isn't copying or stealing if the author basically repeats his own plotline, but... I'm kinda sorta maybe a little bit dissapointed as an older fan.

That said, anyone new to Joyde's work will most likely adore the story if you are into PSYCHOPATHIC LITTLE GIRLS WHO MAY OR MAY NOT BECOME RAPISTS.

In other words; if you didn't like Joyde's Euphoria because the character was apparently way too mysoginistic (lolk), then you will absolutely adore this story.

However, this is all based upon what I know of the previous girl that Joyde named "Alice". (In case you are wondering, she is more of a McGee than Wonderland)

Now then, onto the story review.


Ahem. Not much else to say here. The style of the authors writing is decently enjoyable, especially if you can handle randomness.

The Grammar seems to have taken a blow here though... there are more mistakes than Joyde usually does... but that's probably because he likes writing chapters during the very early hours in the morning. Skipping College classes is never a good idea!

The Story.. well er, there is only 2 chapters as of right now so I'm just gonna grade it per what I know from beforehand. A story which I throughoutly enjoyed.

Get yourselves ready for men being butchered, cleaved in half, women flayed alive, adult perverts who like to abduct little girls end up being futanari raped to death... yeah, gonna stop there.

The Character is, once again, rated from what I know from before. She is the manifestation of what Joyde believes to be the ultimate Femme Fatale, the very woman which The Feminist Movement seeks to create.

That's about all I had to say.

Just remember when you start reading, don't chuckle too hard, or you'll wake the ghosts! YANE.



It's a piece of sh*t. 5/5

Truly, you cannot find such garbage anywhere else. 

Review? If you aren't a crazy psycho you wont be able to read it anyway.

5/5 eternal pure madness.

Here are some random words for the 200 characters.