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Until Death?




Court of Souls?

Agent of the Realm?

Law of Shadows




Some relationships are based on the more basic needs of the body.”



***World Assembly***




I sigh in relief when Illum’s force field picks us up and returns us to the floating island. Though, floating freely through the air – without the planks of a ship under my feet – it still disturbs me. At least we got away from the duellists without any further trouble. Janice still looks like she bit into a sour lemon, while Nova doesn’t seem to care.

“Nova. Later, we will have a private discussion about what happened down there. Right now I have to return to my flagship in order to issue some orders. In future, you will inform me of your plans. I also suggest preparing everything for a hasty departure. When the event ends, we have to make sure that we are gone quickly.” She crosses her arms in front of her chest. “We may still get into trouble because Illum is so slow. There is no way that you can outrun airships. It might be necessary to rely on our ability to fly higher than them.”

Nova makes a dismissive gesture. “Don’t worry about Illum. In fact, I would prefer it if there are none of your ships around if your predictions indeed turn out to be correct. Most of Illum’s new weaponry isn’t meant to discern between friend and foe.”

I turn and squint my eyes at Nova. “Don’t tell me that you built a nuke!”

She snorts and grins. “Hell no! Do you have any idea how complicated it is to isolate the needed isotopes? I am far away from having the necessary equipment.”

That doesn’t reassure me. Magic makes it possible to cause mass destruction in a number of ways. In most cases, detailed scientific knowledge isn’t even necessary. There is no way to tell what Nova is capable of with Illum’s power behind her. I cast a quick glance at the Sovereign, but she doesn’t seem to be concerned.

Janice nods slowly. “My ships are capable of diving beneath the waves of the ocean if you desire a confrontation. Will that be sufficient to escape whatever effects you intend to unleash in the case of a battle?”

Nova raises her eyebrows. “Diving? You really went all out on your fleet. Tell me, are those things also suitable for space?”

“I won’t tell you; unless you start sharing your plans,” Janice answers.

Nova doesn’t reply, so we remain silent until we land in front of Nova’s palace. Janice bids us farewell, promising Nova to return soon. Then she walks away with long and purposeful footsteps. The civilians part in front of her, sensing that something is afoot. Two of our guards hurry after the Sovereign in order to guard her.

Nova shrugs and enters the palace, ignoring me. On her way, she instructs one of the guards on the corridor that she doesn’t want to be disturbed.

I quickly follow in her wake to avoid the guard. She walks directly to her quarters and I hurry into her office before she can slam the door into my face.

That finally causes a reaction in the form of a raised eyebrow. “Is there more to discuss?” Nova asks and closes the door.

I turn around and nod. “Do you really think that you can keep pushing my buttons forever? Like down there in the arena? I have had enough.” I am done. The constant teasing and innuendos in front of everyone, just to cause attention, be it beneficial or not.

“Enough?” She purses her lips and touches her chin with her index finger. “What exactly do you mean with enough?”

“Your behaviour in the public and especially in front of my family is unacceptable. You also drove away my fiancée, even if she turned out to be a traitor. I wouldn’t have ended up in this situation if it weren’t for you. If everyone is going to think of me as your lover, then I may as well reap the benefits.” I try hard to focus my gaze on her eyes instead of her body.

For just a moment Nova looks genuinely surprised, but she regains her composure quickly. “That’s quite the surprise. How do you intend to align that with your noble ideals?”

I shrug and spread my hands in a theatrical manner. “You accused me several times of being a hypocrite. You are right, I am one. I only do things which suit my own ego.”

She hums and tilts her head, studying me in quiet contemplation while playing with a strand of her hair. She bites her lower lip and allows her eyes to wander from my face down to my groin. After a seemingly endless silence, she walks towards the stairway which leads to her private quarters.

“I get to be on top,” she proclaims imperiously.

Not that again. “That’s getting old. How about allowing me to set the pace for once? Doggy-style.”

“Certainly not! I hate that position, but I may allow you to do your duty while I lay down on my back. Given that you perform well.” She starts unbuttoning her dress while walking through a narrow corridor to her bedroom.

So it’s a duty now? Oh, how low have I fallen? I am the officer-boy-toy for an immortal entity which I can’t fathom. Then again, the Sovereign turned me into something similar. What will happen once I manage to make use of all the memories which are seeping through my subconsciousness? Will I change my personality and turn into something which the current me would abhor?

Nova allows her dress to flow down her perfect shape and gets rid of her black undergarments upon arriving at her bedchamber. She steps inside and throws herself naked onto the mattress. With one finger, she indicates for me to follow her.

Seeing that glorious body, I remember that my love life was on ice for weeks. It wasn’t that troublesome for my previous self, but now that I got all those memories and had a rather blunt introduction to sexual pleasures with Nova, I feel myself getting hard immediately.

I drop the jacket and my shirt onto the floor, then I kneel onto the bed while undoing my pants.

Crawling over her, I start by kissing her arm, then her neck. She sighs and smiles, but her tense muscles betray her, telling me that something is wrong. I try to loosen her up by trailing my kisses back down her chest, circling my tongue around her left nipple. That finally gets me a reaction. She grabs my head and shoves my head down to her nether regions.

Realizing that she needs a little warm up to get going, I get to work, using my tongue and my fingers at the same time. A cute little gasp escapes her when I push two fingers all the way inside her. It takes a while, but after a few minutes, she seems to be ready.

While she is gasping and trying to cope with her body’s reaction, I trail my kisses back up to her neck, fondling those gorgeous breasts of hers. Her personality might be troublesome, but that body of hers is a dream turned into reality.

I place my hands next to her shoulders and kiss her while positioning myself. Then I slowly push inside, groaning upon experiencing the wet and slippery sensation. Her moans spur me on, so I start moving. At first, we go at a slow pace, but the more we give in to the moment, the more speed we pick up.

Grinding our hips against each other, I lower my body onto hers, hugging her in a tight embrace. Nova hisses and captures my lips with hers. She places her hands on my shoulder blades and presses herself against me. Suddenly, her legs come up and close around me, hooking onto mine.

It’s as if she is trying to pull me into her, getting closer to the peak. A few times we just rock against each other, then she shudders and I feel her tighten around me, gasping, and moving her hips. The sudden change in pace sends both of us over the edge.

My whole body shudders as I lower one hand to her butt and press her against me in an attempt to stop her from escaping at the worst possible moment. That’s when she scratches my back. Strangely, the pain prolongs the height of my release.

But in the end, I drop onto her, trying to catch my breath. It takes both of us long moments to return to our senses.

“Phew! I would say that you did the job,” Nova mumbles, still pressing her soft chest against mine, not allowing me to move.

“Yes!” I squeak. “But I had something else in mind when I suggested this relationship! Please pull your fingernails out my back!”

“Oh, sorry.” She lets go of me.

I push myself up in order to create some distance. It hurts like hell. All I wanted was a good fuck and a better relationship with Nova in order to build up some trust.

She bites her lower lip, looking concerned. “Hm… That’s not good.”

“What?” I reach behind myself, trying to judge the damage, but Nova catches my hand and I notice that her fingertips are bloody.

“There is a lot of blood.” She slides out from under me and pushes me down onto my belly. Then she sits on top of me, straddling me between her thighs. “Ah, being on top is definitely more relaxing… ahem… Zane?”

“What?” I know that I am repeating myself, but the fact that it doesn’t stop hurting means that I didn’t get just a few minor scratches.

“I might have to cast a healing spell to repair this… or two… nay… three to make it quick...”

I decide to interrupt, “Just cast the spell, or I will cast a regeneration spell myself.” A universal regeneration spell might heal me, but certainly not as quickly as something which is deliberately aimed at the damage.

“No. That would take too long.”

“Why?” I ask.

“Because we have to take a shower.” Without further ado, she gets to work.

I bite my tongue to stop myself from saying something nasty. Finally, with most of the pain gone, I opt for something less offensive than I had in mind. “You mean that I have to go into the shower.”

She lowers herself onto me until I feel her chest touching my back. “Who says that I can’t join you? The night is still young and I know some spells which help with the male… endurance.”

And indeed – the night was young.




I open my eyes. The buzzing of insect wings woke me up. But the light is too bright. I swing my arm around, trying to get rid of the little pest.

Nova grumbles and squeezes her naked body against me. One of her legs is hooked around mine while she is using my shoulder as a pillow. Suddenly, I remember last night and that I am well and truly committed now. Even if there seems to be no real love in this relationship… though the sex is great… and painful. I really have to find a way to deal with those fingernails of hers.

“Wake up!” “It reeks of sex.” Two tiny voices.

“Can we get this done and find some food?” A third voice.

“Stop with the food!” “Yes, you will get fat.” The two voices again.

Fairies! I squint my eyes against the sunlight which is coming through the windows. How did they get in here? More importantly, why are they here?

Nova grumbles and waves her arm, trying to shoo the three fairies away. “Let me sleep, Willow. We had a very tiring night.”

Willow isn’t impressed. “No! You can’t sleep now. Something is afoot. There are a lot of people on the street. You have to get up and deal with this… this uprising!”


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