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Congratulations! You have received the class of Planting of the Forest of Enmity(+++++). You have gained the Skill Plant Control (Un) Lvl 1. You have received the skill Spray Holy Sap (Un) Lvl 1. You have received the skill Sharpness Lvl 1. You have received the skill Call Grove Defenders ® Lvl 1. You have received the skill Aura of Enmity Lvl 1. You have received the skill Earthquake (Un) Lvl 1.You may learn 10 additional skills to these and those you already possess. Skills may be forgotten to learn new skills. +12 Health per Level, +15 Mana Per Level, +14 Stamina per level. +5 Vit, Per, Resist, Int, or Control per level (these points may be distributed between 5).

Congratulations! You have gained the Invigorating Call (Humanity) (Un) Lvl 1.

Congratulations! You have gained the Four Shaded Domain (A) Lvl 1.

Congratulations! The Skill Plant Control has merged with Root Control, and become Plant Dominance ®. Skill level has been adjusted.

Congratulations! The Skill Aura of Enmity has merged with Cruel Indignation of Yggdrasil. Skill level has been adjusted.

Randidly laughed aloud, then frowned and tapped his chin. The bonuses themselves were wonderful; double digits in all three attributes would mean his survivability and burst power would increase by a whole order of magnitude, if he had access a bunch of levels. The 5 attribute was also the highest that Randidly had ever seen, and was only the base. Beyond that, he had earned 3 addition stat levels ups, and 1 to a P.Def, 1 to M. Supp, and 1 to Control. It was unfortunate that the points he had to distribute also included a P.Def and Control, and didn’t have any Strength or Agility, but…

But Randidly’s expression turned more grim as he looked at the remaining Skills portion of the Class. Only 10 Skills remaining…

It was true that at the moment, his Skills seemed to be more than enough, but would that case continue…? If he needed to make more Skills for whatever reason… or increase his Skill Sets-

Ah, but Skill sets only counted as one, didn’t they? That was some small comfort. Which eased the very uncomfortable restraints put on him by the System. But based upon what Lucretia and Neveah told him, the tightness was necessary, because it would provide a base that would allow his Class to grow high.

He hadn’t really thought about it overmuch, but what they hadn’t really considered was WHAT the Class was going into. During his time in Shal’s world, he was made aware that there was the 25 and 50 level tournaments, but beyond that 50… he wasn’t sure what happened to Classes. Based upon all reports, the leveling slowed to a crawl after 45. No one in Donnyton had reached 49 yet, let alone 50, although several would likely do just that within the next month.

Was there some sort of qualitative change to Classes…? Did it have to do with the Skills that were obtained every 10 levels…? And how high did the leveling system go? Was it capped at 50?

“Lucretia, is there a level cap?” Randidly said inwardly, concentrating on his Soulskill, sending his whisper throughout its air.

But there was no answer. Frowning, Randidly turned his attention to it, only to notice that something was occuring within the Soul Skill. Unlike its normal slow march of time, right now it was frozen, as his Class settled around him. It seemed some influence of the Class was sinking into it as he considered the issue.

Perhaps after whatever was occurring finished, he could figure this out. Honestly, Randidly chided himself for not thinking of this and asking sooner, but there were so many other things to give attention to…

For now, Randidly considered his new Skills. The merging of Root Control and Plant Control to create Plant Dominance was nice, and easy to understand. But the rest…

Spray Holy Sap (Un): As a Planting of the Forest of Enmity, you constantly produce an amount of sap. Once per day, you may spray this sap. This will either heal an ally, bind and enemy, or do a large amount of physical and mental damage to an enemy. Strength of Effect increases with Skill Level. Every 10 levels decrease the Cooldown of the Skill by an hour, to a minimum of 1 hour. (Synergy with Emerald Sap of Yggdrasil detected! Efficacy increased by the Skill level of Synergized Skill)

Sharpness: Spend a small amount of Mana to increase the sharpness of bladed weapons. Also increases the durability to a small degree. Efficacy increases with Skill level.

Call Grove Defenders ®: As a Planting of the Forest of Enmity, minions of Enmity flock to your standard. You may spend 1000 Mana to summon some of those minions to your side. For each summoning, a Statistic must be selected, to base their form upon. Their ability to fight increases with Skill level and as the chosen stat increases. Special characteristics of minions increase with Skill level and as the chosen stat increases.

Earthquake (Un): Create a localized earthquake in your surrounding area. Will destabilize terrain in your target area. Subterranean enemies will take increased damage. Effect increases with SKill level. Mana Cost decreases with Skill level.

Invigorating Call (Humanity) (Un): Shout, raising the spirits of all humans nearby. Heals them for a small amount, and doubles their regeneration for a short time. Efficacy increases with Skill level.

Four Shaded Domain (A): Call down the influence of the Four-Shaded Eternity, surrounding yourself with its power and influence. Within its area, receive small buffs to Wisdom, Focus, Strength, and Reaction, while opponents receive debuffs to the same. Size of change increases with Skill Level. Area of Effect increases with Skill Level.

The first four were clearly from his Skill, while the final two were likely from some of his bonuses. Randidly had truly obtained 6 Skills from his Class, but two were absorbed by greedy other Skills. At least Root Control had the decency of changing its Skill name, indicating that the combination had an effect…

As for the Skills themselves, they weren’t overwhelming, but Randidly could see their uses. The Sap undoubtedly had a powerful effect, not that he needed another strong finishing move, but it would work well as an emergency healing measure. After all, he no longer just needed to worry about himself. It remained to be seen whether a full party of 10 was necessary, but all the slots were being filled, just in case.

Randidly’s mouth narrowed into a thin line. After all, they couldn’t afford to fail.

Sharpness and Earthquake might not be impressive now, but Randidly suspected they were the type of thing that would grow to an unbelievable effect, if he worked at them both long enough. Of course, that was a matter of time, and honestly, that was the thing that he just hadn’t had after leaving the prison in Shal’s world…

Still, since he was going into a Raid Dungeon, there should be some time difference, and with that, he would have some time, but it wasn’t likely everything he needed…

More interesting to Randidly was Grove Defenders. It was another summoning type Skill, which he had tried before, but this was another one that appeared to make different types, depending on which stat he used. It would be interesting to experiment, and see all the types. And if they would get stronger both by his Stat and by him leveling the Skill… a lot of potential of growth for him there.

What was strange to Randidly about the final two Skills was the fact that there was only two of them. He frowned at the two of them. These were clearly from the first two influences. Another healing buff, made to help defend humanity, and then something relating to his Soulskill. Both useful, but… what about the other 3….?

The choice of buffs was somewhat strange, but Randidly supposed it was based on the races in his Soul Skill. Wisdom would be Weavers, Focus Spriggits, Reaction the Hunters, and the Golems were Strength. They would hold back his enemies, and boost him. Mostly that Strength buff was interesting to Randidly, but he suspected everything would be useful.

Just depended on how costly it was to maintain… well, Randidly supposed that it would work out, with his large growth rates of his attributes now.

The lack of any Skills, or bonuses whatsoever, to his Class based on the bonuses was annoying, but perhaps he had been hoping for too much. Like Lucretia always emphasized, a Class was a tower. The base was never supposed to be impressive, just sturdy. As it grew, only as it began to “tower” over the people below would it be clear how well designed it was.

Randidly looked at his hands. Hatred, tempered with Mercy, huh…

His hands tightened into fists. This was his path, then. It was only a matter of time before he walked farther down this path, and discovered the answers that he wanted. What were Classes…? Why did the System insist upon them…?

But what Randidly was amused by was that there was now a new function that displayed his growth rates. And when he looked at everything he had earned himself per level after all this time, he couldn’t help but smile.

Growth per Level: +5 (Vit, Per, Resist, Int, or Control), 3 free Stat, +1 M. Stat, 1 P.Def, 1 M. Supp, +1 Control, 20 health, 24 mana, +23 Stamina (+.5 regen per level) (+1 Health and Stamina Regen per level) +20 Progenitor’s influence


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