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“What do you plan to do with him?” Lucretia asked Randidly. He didn’t turn to look at her, just so he didn’t see her face.

Not that you could even see inside the Soulspace, not really, but Lucretia’s amusement was clear, just from her tone. And how could she not be? It seemed that somehow, Randidly had triggered the use of one of her Skills that allowed her to manipulate a target, give them three gifts, and then consume them.

It seemed like their strange parasitic partnership wasn’t as one sided as he thought.

And he didn’t know whether it was the Skill, or his desperation, but he could feel the glimmering of ideas on how another person’s Soul would be useful, to test out his theories. But he forced that part of himself down and away, suppressing those instincts. Holy Christ, but he wasn’t just going to become her, sacrificing other people, just because there a bump in the road.

So Randidly said nothing, and just began to focus his attention inward, focusing on his Path Menu. He finally had enough to finish the Adept (+1) Path.

Randidly had gained 6 Levels in Mana Shield, 12 Levels of Aether Manipulation and Breath of the Spear Phantom, 21 Lvls in Aether Detection, 11 Levels in Superiority and Mental Strength, an astounding 26 Lvls in Living Aether, 5 in Grace and Cooking, 17 Lvls in the Golden Roots of Yggdrasil, 15 Lvls in Root Manipulation, 7 Lvls in Spearing Roots, 4 in Flexibility of the White Hunters and Anguish, 10 Lvls of Soul Bond, 8 in Spear Mastery, and 7 in Mana Engraving.

With this PP, Randidly finished the Adept (+1) Path, or at least tried to. Part way there, the notification for his Soul Skill popped up.

The world of your soul skill turns! The denizens of your inner world evolve. A strange peace descends to the world. After the great mecha of the Spriggits battled against the Monster King and its mount, leaving both heavily wounded, none dared reignite the flames of war. And those that remained continued to throw dirt on the slowly dwindling ash.

The Weavers broker an uneasy peace, and as part of that, individuals from the Monster Kingdom spread out into the outer lands, some disguised, but some traveling openly. The three religions of the world struggle to understand these new interlopers, and how they fit into the Progenitor’s plan.

In the dark volcano where he was born, the Monster King nurses his wounds and wonders the same thing.

The Spriggit economy has transitioned smoothly into industry, after the war ended, and new inventions seem to come out everyday. More and more peoples flock to their capital, seeking their wealth.

A young Spriggit thief touched by the Progenitor, bearing his weapon, asks the sky why she was chosen. The heavens remain silent.

It has been six cycles since this world’s creation. Would you like to add anything to the world? (Warning, the added qualities will be taken from a skill. A single skill level will be consumed in the taking. Other side-effects are unknown).

Randidly considered interfering more directly with the world, but the System seemed inefficient. Besides, he felt a certain amount of responsibility towards these people, but he didn’t think anything would be gained my actually… governing, or guiding, or whatever…

Scratching his cheek, Randidly couldn’t help but remember how useful that emperor of the Earth Golems had been, when he needed a warrior. If he could find a way to repeat that… but it also relied heavily on Lucretia’s skills at that time…

And that thought brought him right back, and he grimaced.

Well, for now, best to leave things as they were. They would develop naturally, which was best for everyone. Instead, focus on the task at hand. Randidly needed to strengthen himself as much as possible, because after the Assessment ended, both Thea and the winner of the tactics Assessment would undergo System related processes that he would love to glimpse.

It was somewhat a surprise that when Randidly added more PP to his Path, he was stopped again, this time by a branching path.

Congratulations! Branching Path! This Adept Path is a condensed and purified version, as you never bothered to walk the Path of a Journeyman. You Path led you far beyond the normal trappings of civilization, and out there, there are no tiers, only survival, and the struggle against the world around you. As such, you never had the opportunity to choose your focus moving forward.

Now you understand that with your increased proficiency, you may choose one area with which to apply your abundant experience, focusing and refining it further. Please either select one of the following, or create your own focus. Warning, efficacy of the self-made focuses might be less than the precreated one.

Health, Attack, Defense, Blocking, Dodging, Movement, Mana Usage, Stamina Usage, Mana Recovery, Stamina Recovery, Physical, Mental.

Tilting his head to the side, Randidly considered the very short list. He had the option to create his own, but… they wouldn’t be as effective as those listed… So this was just another way to specialize the character…? He supposed those people who got to the level where they could do the Journeyman Path wouldn’t usually have many other options for advancement, which meant that this sort of boost could really help them reach the next level, or address their weaknesses…

It also made him regret slightly that he hadn’t waited another tier. But he simply didn’t have time.

Just as Randidly was about to select Mana Usage, he hesitated, biting his lip. Because…

Instead, he opened up the self made option and said, “Recovery.”

He already had a lot of Skills relating to the subject, and his Attribute totals were now nearing ridiculous levels, where the people with Levels could only barely keep up with him. Therefore giving him more tools to leverage that high amount of Health, Mana, and Stamina was exactly the way to increase his lead on his enemies.

It might be a little general of a category, but… Attack and Defense were included as options, so…

Recovery selected…. Calculating….Success!

Initiating “Recovery” as focus… High Synergy detected…

High Synergy detected…

Perfect Synergy detected…

Low Synergy detected…

High Synergy detected…

Medium Synergy detected…

Congratulations! Due to the rampant Synergy between your Skills and your focus of “Recovery”, some Skills can be consolidated together. These Skills will retain their efficacy as one Skill, and the performance and growth of the newly acquired Skill will be greatly increased.

Would you like to continue? Warning, this transformation will require some of your vital energy, and if your energy is insufficient, injury or death my result.

Randidly could barely resist rolling his eyes, looking at the notifications. Of all his problems, Aether was not one of them…

This was actually a difficult decision. For although Randidly liked that this would increase the performance and growth, he didn’t like that when it stated “Consolidated”, it seemed like he would lose skills, in order to make better Skills. Some part of him simply didn’t like that he would be losing Skills, which were his access to PP, in order for more utility…

But Randidly supposed that was exactly what he was doing anyway by creating a Class for himself. It was time to cash in all of the investments he had made, and make a big purchase. He selected yes.

Consolidating… the Skills Meditation, Mental Strength, Mental Fortitude, and Weeping Cloud have been consolidated… Creating new Skill… based on other available themes, the Skill “the Glittering Leaves of Yggdrasil (A)” has been created! Based on the average level of your Skills, the Skill level has been set at 99.

Glittering Leaves of Yggdrasil: Under the leaves of Yggdrasil, you find peace and eternity. The strength and resilience of your mentality increase with Skill Level. Your passive Mana Regeneration increases with Skill level. Your resistance to Status effects increases with Skill level. Some of the benefits of this Skill will be obtained by friendly parties while they stand near you. This effect increases with Skill Level.

You have abundant vital energy remaining! The effects spread.

Consolidating… the Skills Bacterial Regeneration, Second Wind, and Living Blood have been consolidated… Creating new Skill… based on other available themes, the Skill “the Emerald Sap of Yggdrasil (A)” Has been created! Based on average level of your Skills, the Skill level has been set at 94.

Emerald Sap of Yggdrasil: Through your veins flowed the blood before blood; the sap of the entity that holds the world aloft. The efficacy of your recovery has increased across the board. Your body is constantly reinforced and reinvigorated from the inside. Stamina regeneration has greatly increased, and will increase with Skill level. Health regeneration has greatly increased, and will increase with Skill level. Your blood has become a weapon, that will deal significant damage when spilled upon enemies. This effect increases with Skill Level. Your blood has been a powerful reagent, which may cause strange reactions in other materials. This effect increases with Skill level.

You have abundant vital energy remaining! Growing Synergy detected! The effects spread.

Consolidating… the Skills Physical Fitness, Running, Sprinting, Haste, Empower, Mana Strengthening, Grace, and Flexibility of the White Hunters have been consolidated... Creating new Skill… based on other available themes, the Skill “the Yyrwood Flesh of Yggdrasil (A)” has been created! Based on average level of your skills, the Skill level has been set at 101.

Yyrwood Flesh of Yggdrasil: Your body is no longer simply flesh, but you are the substance of life and the line between existence and nonexistence. Yours is a body that would make a world feel safe, should it rest on your back. An active and passive skill. Passively, your physical performance if vastly increased, both in strength, speed, and defensive capabilities. This effect increases with Skill level. Your body’s ability to bend and twist has been stretched to almost impossible levels. The effect increase with Skill level. As an active, double the bonuses associated with this Skill. The percentage increase will vastly increase with Skill level.

You have abundant vital energy remaining! Cascading Synergy detected! The effects spread.

Consolidating… the Skills Battle Intent, Struggle, Weather Affinity, and Superiority have been consolidated… Creating new Skill… based on other available themes, the Skill “the Indomitable Spirit of Yggdrasil (L)” has been created! Based on the average level of your skills, the Skill level has been set at 91.

Indomitable Spirit of Yggdrasil: Your mind is incomparably clear, and your wisdom and experience becomes a tangible weapon with which to strike your enemies. They may not bow before you, but time will take them, as it has all others. You simply continue on your path. Efficacy of images greatly increases. Effect increases with Skill level. Allies will be filled with hope and confidence in your presence, while enemies experience despair. Effect increases with Skill level. You have developed an intimate understanding of the natural world. Effect increases with Skill level.


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