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Thea didn’t know what sort of face she should be making for Simon as they said their goodbyes.

“I mean… I would go, but… Other- Denise just thinks… since we found each other, there’s no reason to tempt fate by going out in the world. Yea, the journey is just to Donnyton, but she was explaining about Raid Bosses, and how they are known to congregate around Donnyton and Franksburg…” Simon said to her, his tone clearly indicating his lukewarm belief in the subject matter.

But still, he looked at the ground, his eyes red. Thea sighed inwardly. She knew of Simon’s fear. Out of them all, he was probably the one with the weakest nerve. The violence of the System left the deepest scars on Simon. Their fights so far had allowed him to stay at the back, but the violence in that final clash appeared to have come just a little too close to his physical body.

Or at least, that was what Thea assumed. Simon seemed to be going along with his mother’s arguments too easily. But she supposed that it was his mother…

Thea blanked for a second, remembering the death of her parents, before a nudge of Chrysanthemum’s snout woke her up. Absently, she reached over and rubbed her companion’s head to show her appreciation, and turned back to face Simon’s words.

“ you think he’s mad at me? He just grunted and nodded when I told him I wouldn’t be coming. We had a little… talk, so I think it’s fine, but….” Simon glanced over towards Randidly.

‘Randidly’. It was weird calling him that, Thea reflected, turning to gaze at the man called the Ghosthound. Mostly because the name was so fucking ridiculous, especially when paired with something like Ghosthound. She had thought that it was a moniker they had come up with for him, but everyone she talked to, even the burly and brusque men from Dozer’s squad, insisted that was his real name.

Those were men that Thea had a barely concealed admiration for; the toughest, hardiest, most stoic-in-the-face-of-danger sort of people she had ever met. Dozer was not an easy leader to follow, and they did so without complaint. Her eyes slid from the Ghosthound to the Squad, as they expertly packed up camp and prepared to leave, while Dozer and Decklan talked to Randidly.

They seemed so far away. It almost didn’t seem real to Thea that she would be accompanying them to Donnyton. Which, in her mind, was also a place of legends. The birth of the human resistance. The city which had Squads throughout the entire Zone, apparently, hunting and patrolling for Raid Bosses. A city where she could use her Stone of Fate, and take a step forward.

But the direction she wanted to step in…

Thea snapped back again, realizing that Simon was waiting for an answer. Slightly annoyed by his pouty look, Thea said. “Honestly Simon… he probably doesn’t feel much. Maybe he’s a bit sad you won’t be coming but… they are all focused in on the Raid Dungeon. He’s probably working on preparing for that constantly. Instead of trying to distract him, maybe help?”

Simon opened his mouth, looked hurt, then rethought that, and closed it. Then he walked away, muttering to himself.

Well, didn’t matter to Thea. Shrugging, she walked over to the group. A few guards from Star Crossing were there as well, to make the trip, and several merchants, who would be joining them. After Randidly, Dozer, and Decklan noticed her arrival with Chrysanthemum, they gestured sharply, and the whole group walked towards the South side of the Village.

Rather than a portal, this was more truly a teleportation rune, that could transport everyone and thing in an area between the two runes. However, there was a high contribution point cost associated with it, so it wasn’t feasible quite yet for most people to use it. However, for those people interested in joining them in the instant travel down to Donnyton, there was plenty of room for them to join on the rune without crowding.

Five other Squads, lead by the infamous duo of Kayle and Paolo, strolled over to join the increasingly large caravan that was shifting supplies and carts onto the rune. It was a lowered, circular area, crisscrossed with dim black metal bands. As she stepped onto it, Thea tapped one with her foot, but no noise was produced.

Scratching her head, she bent closer.

“Better not touch. Strong magic. System magic.” A grunt sounded from behind her, and Thea did her best not to fall forward, and then turned to face the speaker. It was Egger, the man who was Dozer’s second in the Squad. He was a mid 30s man who was balding enough to not be able to grow hair, but grew enough hair for his unshaven beard to merge cleanly with the scattering of hairs on his head, giving his head a strange appearance.

“Oh, yea, sure,” Thea said quickly, her heart beating rapidly, looking away from the man. Although he wasn’t attractive at all, and didn’t seem to give her more than the same matter of fact glance that he gave everything else, there was something… oddly compelling about him.

Thea guessed that it was the strange certainty he had in his voice. Just the way he became after commanding the Squad behind Dozer for several months. She wondered whether she would ever sound like that, if she would get her own Squad. Did Donnyton let foreign Classers get Squads? She should ask.

“Um-” Thea began, but she was interrupted by Egger, who was scanning Chrysanthemum.

“The beast strong?”

There was a sharp pang of annoyance in Thea’s heart at that, but she stuffed it down. He didn’t mean anything by it, this was just a man who had fought at the front lines against monsters for most of his time. It made sense that it would make him rather insensitive as to a Soul Bonded creature. “...she, she’s female. And yes, she is.”

Grunting, Egger turned and walked away. Thea opened her mouth to call out to him and ask him...something, but nothing came out. What would she even say anyways…? Although they had monsters in common, beyond that…

Thea looked around for Randidly. Of them all, at least he would talk with her, explain some things. But he was guiding Neveah, who seemed to have grown further, and was having difficulty moving without using her Earth Magic, which would of course damage the portal.

Turning, Thea figured she could go talk with a merchant she knew or something, but found a figure there behind her, watching her closely. The man had his reddish brown hair up in a ponytail. His face was sharp like a hatchet, with a large, thin nose. A dagger danced across his fingers, the pommel seeming to flash with color. The Killer of Donnyton, Decklan.

“...Decklan, yes?” Thea asked slowly, looking around as covertly as she could. No one was especially near her. Why had this man come here?

Not that she feared that he would attack her randomly. They were on the same side. But it was just… strange. She felt like a bunch of people were coming out of the woodwork to talk with her, and she had no idea why. Well, sometimes talk. Decklan appeared content to nod and continue to study her.

“You know…” Decklan began, his eyes glittering, catching the light of the metal bars underneath them as they activated. “If you continue to follow the Ghosthound, you will at some point be forced to forsake everything else. That’s his path. Is your resolve enough, I wonder…?”

The world flashed white, and Thea felt her stomach lurch as the very world shifted around her, even as her body tried to remain still. Strange forces grabbed at her, pulling, while others wound themselves around her, pressing her more firmly down to the ground, keeping her from being ripped to pieces by the conflict between them. Her vision was completely nonexistent due to the light, but it strangely swam, distorted by waves of force.

Then she was still, and blinked, slightly bewildered. Birds chirped around her, and there was the persistent sound of hammers and beaten metal. There was a thump.

As her eyes adjusted, Thea looked around. Decklan was gone. In front of them there was a series of wall-less warehouses, where dozens of men moved weapons and bars of metal, sparing the new arrivals a glance before they returned to their hurried labor.

A weathered looking man with sharp eyes and close cropped grey hair walked over to the group from the warehouse. His wiry chest was bare, and his skin somehow caught the sun, glowing a soft golden color. Thea blinked.

No, his skin wasn’t catching the light… the man was literally emitting a dim glow. Just… standing in the sun.

“Ghosthound?” The man asked, his tone clipped.

Dozer glanced around, then shrugged. “Here, but apparently already gone elsewhere.”

The man snorted, and turned to regard the carts that were brought here. “His loss. His gift will have to wait. Those of you who don’t really know… this is Donnyton’s Industrial District. Welcome.”

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Spoiler :


Hexwolfx: 1.The folk hero l path, 150 pp, it unlocks when a large % of a person’s nationality(nations before the system don't count) pass along stories of a person in legendary fights for that person On(ex lv 1 fighting Of Lv.20 raid boss),or doing great things few can do(ex cure a whole village). The person gains 10 strength and 5 control every 50 pp at completion they gain +3 stats to any stat of chose and fate sight(skill lets a person see how much of impact there actions have had on a person higher lvs can let them see possibility of what the actions will lead to in the future). At completion "It says you have completed the folk hero l path you have been bouth the spark and truth of a your peoples short history you walk a path few can live up to. Now will live to others aspirations or forge anew mythos of truth.

Faruel: Congratulations! You have completed the Sound of Silence Path! This path represents those who need no words because they understand the true power behind them. As you walk this path society and others may shun you, forcing you to be an outcast of the highest degree but those who show no hesitation in seeking power will be rewarded. you sense the origin of language and the power within. +2 to all stats. Willpower +15. Wisdom +15. You have learned the skill “Words of Power Lvl 1” or “Silence Sphere Lvl 1” (depending on your final choice)

its a 300 point path with a choice between empowering you words or silencing others given upon completion as well as +1 Willpower or Wisdom (alternating each time) per 10 points

Requirements: 1) turning off the systems translation function. 2) listen and comprehend the truth and meaning behind the words of at least three unknown languages over a month-long period while remaining completely silent.

“Words of Power Lvl 1” {Ancient} you words become runic enforcing you will upon the universe. - mana cost and effects based on the statement and image or intent supporting it. eg. 'freeze' could lock a target in place but cost a lot but 'i beseech the elements of ice to freeze my enemy in place' would achieve the same result with less mana ps. must be spoken at a volume where it can be heard to work (imagine someone with eighth-grade syndrome but actually causing effects if they have the mana to support it)

“Silence Sphere Lvl 1” {Ancient} your disdain for the origin of language bind any and all forms of communication. - a sphere emanates from the user silencing any selected targets covered. cost per second increases as the size increases. can be used as a burst to disrupt spells or as a field to inhibit teamwork.



Flammenwerfer: Name: The Hungry God I (Extending)

Unlocked by: "Devouring the strength of your foes until they are but husks, while you are never satisfied, endlessly wanting more." (Through any means, steal a stat from another to add to your own). The stats required for each extension are multiplied by 5 each time, starting at 1 to unlock it. The path begins at 25pp, but this amount is also multiplied by two for each extension.

Rewards: No stat increases at all. At the end of each extension, there is a possible 'reward' to choose or to keep extending the path, like Path of Carnage. However, the reward would actually decrease the stats of control, willpower, intelligence, and wisdom. There will always be a 'Stat Steal' type skill at the end of each extension regardless of whether you choose the reward or not. The Stat Steal skill received will correspond to the lowest stat the user has at the time. There may also be access to another Path if certain rewards are chosen.

Example of possible reward skill:

- Dexterity Steal ®: Take the dexterity of an opponent for yourself, permanently decreasing their dexterity stat to increase yours. The opponent must be subdued and unable to resist, with a lower willpower than yours. Must maintain physical contact to use. Your opponent will lose 5 dexterity for each successful use, while you gain 1. Your opponent will also lose health while the skill is in use, but will not die before it finishes.

Note: There would be a type of skill like this for every possible stat.

Choice: Choosing the reward or extending the path. The reward will always decrease stats, with much larger decreases as the path extends. The incentive for continuing is the Stat Steal skills that are rewarded at the end of each path extension.

Extension completion message example:

Congratulations! You have completed the Path of The Hungry God II. Your journey has led you to do what you deem necessary to gain power. In the face of that, no path is undesirable, no action too gruesome or vile. As you steal the strength from your foes, all that concerns you is your benefit, your own strength. You have arrived at a crossroads; to your right is a table covered in delicacies such that your mouth waters in anticipation, to your left is only starvation, and ahead of you the path stretches onward into the horizon. Shall you eat of the table and satisfy your desires? Shall you resign to starvation, and never sate yourself? Shall you continue on the path, and endlessly search for more? You have encountered an Extending Path! Shall you continue, or receive your current reward?

You have recieved Dexterity Steal ®

You have passed the Dinner of Desire. The rewards for choosing the Dinner of Desire: -4 control, -6 wis, -5 int, -5 will.

You have passed the Path of Desire. Yours is not one to succumb to desire.


Dat_Karma:1. Lost Light - 20PP

2. Become blind and without a skill that lets a person "see"

3. +1 to Perception to every 2PP added

4. Choice - n/a

5. Congratulations! You have completed the Lost Light Path! +5 to Perception, +2 to Willpower. You have learned the active skill Echolocation lvl 1.

You may have lost the light but it does not deter you.



1. Blindman's Tale - 50PP; seen as 0/??

2. Possess the Lost Light Path, choosing this path would remove the Second Sight Path

3. +1 to Perception and Reaction to every 1PP added

4. Choice - n/a

5. Congratulations! You have completed the Blindman's Tale Path! +1 to Perception and Reaction per level. You have learned the active skills Crypsis lvl 1 and Dark Mire lvl 1.

The light has forsaken you, therefore, you have forsaken the light. The darkness becomes your friend as you move towards a new path.



1. Second Sight - 40PP; seen as 0/??

2. Possess the Lost Light Path, choosing this path will remove the Blindman's Tale Path and recover's your sight once.

3. +1 to Perception and Willpower to every 2PP added

4. Choice - n/a

5. Congratulations! You have completed the Second Sight Path! +15 to Perception and Willpower. You have learned the active skills Farsight lvl 1, Blinding Light lvl 1 and the passive skill Night Vision.

The light returns to you. Embracing it, you forge onwards on your path.


Herolaubet: Name: (Insert Animal Species) Packmaster I

0/50 PP

How to unlock: Befriend a pack animal and have it recognize you as his pack leader without any assitance from skills and the System. The species of animal befriended will determine the full name of the path. So, someone that befriends a wolf is a Wolf Packmaster, a Hyena, a Hyena Packmaster, so on, so forth. Also noteworthy is that Pack here is used liberally and many species that are not technically a pack, but hunt and live together and are capable of recognizing an individual as a leader can be used to unlock this skill.

At every 10 PP, gets +1 Perception, +1 Willpower.

There is no choice after the path has been unlocked. The choice here is basically the animal species befriended, which on later paths, determines certain characteristics.


Congratulations! You have completed the (Insert Animal Species) Packmaster I Path! This is not a path that you choose alone, for the ones who recognize as their leader have chosen you just as much. As you walk this path, you and your pack become closer as one single entity. They protect and nurture you as much as you for them. You walk together, proud and strong. You have learned the skill "Packmaster Lvl 1".

Packmaster ©: You and your packmates can feel the presence of each other from a certain distance and can understand eachother's emotions and thoughts easier than others. When fighting together, every packmate recieves a small boost to Willpower, Endurance, Vitality and Reaction and group tactics are more easily executed due to increased synergy. The power and maximum distance of the connection increases with Skill LvL. Attributes boost increases with Skill LvL.

Hikari no SoraTongueath of the Runic Body 0/250 pp

  • Obtained by experimenting how runes can be applied to the body of a person who has an aether well (someone like randidly)

  • bonus: +1 control, int, vit and res for every 10pp.

  • No choices needed (yet)


You have begun the path of understanding runes. Although the path is far from the end, you have gained significant knowledge of it.

Knowledge of the runes, fused with your unique view of aether, a glimpse of runic application none other has ever seen opens up to you. You have learned "Runic tatoo enchantnent."

"Runic Tatoo Enchantment - enchant a single part of the body with runic power providing increase on one chosen stat on that particular part for the duration of the skill. Duration and stat bonus increases per lvl.

Examples of skill use:

Elaborate: Name: Sage I

PP cost: 500

Unlock: Do 1000 hours of Village-related paperwork.

Reward: +1 Int, +1 Wis, +1 Foc, +1 Per, +1 Wil, per 50 PP spent

On Completion: gain the ability to issue Quests to fellow Villagers. Extends the scope of what a Village Guide is allowed to tell the user; this information is safeguarded, however. User gets an "allowance" of SP to spend on Quest Rewards, but can add more from personal supply.

Description: Your path is the path of the village. You help it, and help its villagers. You keep track of paths traveled. You dispense advice, easing the paths of others. And as you move forward, you grow increasingly adept at helping others help themselves.

Notification: You have completed the Sage I path! You gain +1 Mdef/level. You gain the Questgiver Skill!

Questgiver(Un): You can formulate and give Quests. You will gain 50 SP per week, to be used only on Quest Rewards. Consult with your local Village Guide to increase your alotment. You may also use your own personal SP supply.

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